You and I Need to Talk …

You and I Need to Talk …

I’m writing to you because you have distinguished yourself as one of my company’s closest and most loyal friends, and I need your help.

I need to hear from you as soon as possible — so I can better understand your views, goals, fears and hopes.

For all of us — and especially for many readers I’ve heard from lately — the world suddenly feels like a very dangerous place. For ourselves, our families and our wealth, the threat level is rising rapidly, day by day.

Everywhere we look, we see rising tensions between nations … new cold wars … savage shooting wars … more divisiveness in U.S. politics than at any time since the Civil War and now, even the constant threat of terrorism right here in America.

The investment picture is no less unsettling: The Trump rally has shown its first signs of cracking.  Public and private debt has never been greater.  Trade wars are heating up. Tension in the Middle East raises serious questions about oil. And now, the Fed has announced it will continue to raise interest rates throughout the year.

It’s enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your neck: The ominous feeling that the other shoe is about to drop … but not knowing what it will be or when it will happen.

My question for you is simply this: How can I best help you?

Next week — on Wednesday and Friday — I’m going to invite you to join me in two very special video briefings. There will be no promotion whatsoever. Nothing at all to buy. Just the help you need to keep your family safe and your wealth intact and growing.

But before I prepare for those briefings, I need to hear from you:

How do you feel about this alarming new environment? What worries you most right now? What are your greatest wealth-building challenges today? How can my team and I best help you?

Please give me your personal feedback now, while you’re thinking about it. Hearing from you now will go a long way towards helping me to help you in the most effective ways possible.

Good luck and God bless!


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Michael Boyle July 11, 2018

How do you rank Blue Cross as a medicare supplemental supplier?

Phillip Ray Almanza July 9, 2018

I understand that there are symbol’s in the Stock Market that can give you a heads-up
if the Market is Bearish and about to go down suddenly and maybe crash. What to you folk’s
look to see what direction the Stock market is heading for. One such symbol i have seen is the
symbol: VIX. Can you give the one’s you at Weiss are looking at and how to read them correctly ?
Thank You for your Great Help !!!

G E June 9, 2018

I viewed your presentation and thought your 67+% annual return much too good to be true. At that rate I could invest $100k and expect to receive ~$67k my first year. Turns out your 722% over 10-3/4 years works out to a compound annual return of about 19.6%. Still pretty good, but a far cry from the 67.2% “average” return advertised. Given the way returns are usually presented in the industry, don’t you think your presentation is misleading???

Betty Wallace June 6, 2018

I have been a life time member all the years with Larry Edelson until he died and I was a life member with all about the Tsunami problem which get closer and closer and still have all the books and papers.
also a life member with the gold. Still waiting for all this to happen, sooner rather than later I am sure.

So I do not understand the e-mails you are sending it all look just like what Larry did except of course the individual stocks to purchase on the way up, I of course is also interested in what to buy after the event has happened, that will not be very difficult since only about 5 stocks will be good enough at that time.
I was with your father back in the day for the monthly letter for many years, I am old now and doing what I can for my older children and their accounts at work. I think I am a member with Tony Sagami already, I am very confused of course. I have been member for many years and now I am assuming you want more money again and I have not really yet made any money from Larry’s stuff only paid for the 1 lifetime memberships and been waiting, I am always too early I guess. Betty

Cs June 4, 2018

I live in Sourhamerica and I am with a Canadian bank and if the bank fails what do I do with my ‘ polizas’ of the stocks I Bought if I cannot cash them?
Very worried! Where shall I keep my cash?
Thanks for caring

Frank Preece June 1, 2018

Mr. Weiss, Do you believe the American dollar will fail and disappear? Are There steps we can take to protect our selves? Thanks Frank Preece

Miroslav June 1, 2018

In Session #2 you have marked Pitfall #2- Buy & hold and it is not working any more in current market situation.
In spite of that it seems to me that Buy and hold strategy was pretty much applied for cryptocurrency portfolio.
Please comment/clarify.
Best regards, Miroslav

Jason Ford May 31, 2018

I like to have varied investments in my portfolio however the precious metals portion of my estate is concerning me. I have deposited a significant amount of metal with a company that “added 2 times the amount of metal I distributed’ to my accounts so when the value goes up I can benefit substantially. the problem is I’m paying over 11% on the “loan” and the value of the metal isn’t going up…yet. Extreme frustration!!! Recommendations???

James R. Pendleton May 31, 2018

About 4 yrs. ago I got out of the stock market, that tells you how smart I am. Now I am heavy In Silver.Jim PendleonJ

Maureen A Barry May 31, 2018

Martin, I hope you got the note from me aboutWednesday and the medical test I will be going thru on Wednesday! As for worrying in about our account let ne explain – My husband had the IRA account and did not want to handle it so I
took over! Do I worry about the market, you bet I do – So far I think I have made good choices and I do follow the market on the the TV. But I am really interested what your videos will say I wont be home Wed. afternoon. Kepping my fingers crossed that all will be okay tho!!!

I will keep in touch with you because I really think you are a very caring man with the help you are passing on


Bob Wortock May 31, 2018

Dr. Marten;

Will these comments be discussed ? Are the discussions on the 30th. & 31st. by you the same topic ?


Hello Martin,
The rundown given by MIKE Larson was excellent and detailed. What remains to be discussed is more about the timing of the downturn.

I have not yet received my entry email to attend your session on Thursday, May 31.


Robert Riggs May 31, 2018

Broker risk needs to be addressed. I had one of the few regular securities accts. when the MF Global bankruptcy scam broke, and lost much capital.
Yes, I eventually got reimbursed, but by then house prices in San Diego had doubled.
Since buying a house was my intended use, I thus lost half my capital, and could no longer buy.
Recently my feared reason for wanting to buy then was vindicated: my housemate (may have) burned the house down;
possibly due to drunken carelessness. (No one can know for sure, he died. I was asleep, then hospitalized, myself.)
Now I’m homeless as a result of broker Risk.
There are more MF Globals coming. ID them B4 it happens to more hapless victims.

Porfirio Cardenas, May 31, 2018 May 31, 2018

With the continuous U.S. dollar printing you mentioned, how long will it take before the dollar reaches just say 20% of its
current value? If you have been saving money for survival, where should it be placed to retain its value?

Dennis May 30, 2018

How to make my funds last

Patricia VASQUEZ May 30, 2018

Loosing what little I have left in the stock market. I’ve already lost enough in the stock market.

D'Ann May 30, 2018

I am concerned as my wealth grows that I need to be more aware of Social media protection and computer protection regarding my families protection as I have multiple children and grandchildren .

I don’t want to be paranoid but wise for sure!

John leighty May 30, 2018

I am wondering whether gold will ever go up- it seems to be bounded.

MJT May 30, 2018

The history of modern Republican administrations is they all look good in the early stages. Nixon, Reagan/Bush and Bush W all had there moments in the sun. Then, BOOM! 1974, 1990, 2008 came along and their terms ended with disasters. Stock market crash, Savings and Loan debacle and the Great Recession. I have no observations as to why this happens and what specific Republican policy is to blame, but I know that it did. My worry now is what will this Republican administration do to cause what I see as the inevitable disaster? It’s coming, we just don’t know why or when. MJT

Walt Oshinsky May 30, 2018

I have known for a long time that America is no longer a country – it’s a corporation. I also know that the New World Order is closer to being implemented than ever before and I have a very good idea when and how it will happen if “We the People” don’t stop it. I know the truth about 911, the Kennedy’s, Trump and all the “fake” school shootings. Most importantly, I know the Earth is not a “Spinning Ball”. because my own eyes, my brain and all my other senses tell me it’s not. Maybe more than anything else, I know God is REAL and our government is NOT. I am even aware that all professional sports and the stock market is fixed.

Just like most of the people who have already emailed you, I need help in becoming independent from depending on the government for anything and FAST. I think personally that our only chance is to expose Washington fro what it really is as soon as possible. (Note: Anyone reading my email, don’t dismiss the fact the the Earth is “flat” – water doesn’t curve. That’s why pilots say “we’ll be “leveling” off at 36,000 feet for the remaining of this flight, Polaris doesn’t mover, and ALL measurements of mountain elevations are the number of Feet Above SEA LEVEL. Think about it – we’ve been LIED to All our Lives about EVERYTHING!

Thomas B. Dickey May 30, 2018

If you have the time it may be beneficial to overview the various platforms or services currently offered by Weiss research. I am somewhat confused by the number of seemingly related services, e.g. Mampilly, Badiali, Planis, Crypto experts, etc. and therefore end up questioning best fit for my needs. Previously it was clear to me that I was benefitting from Larry’s and your own views and took advantage of your newsletters. I am not questioning the viability of your services or even the fees, however I need additional clarity in order to ascertain where best to connect. Perhaps this can be achieved on your site. I will take the time to review the Weiss research site, if it remains intact.

Thank you,

barbara Bianca May 29, 2018

Would you please advise at what time on Wednesday and Thursday ?
Do I just click on the email you send ?
Still inexperienced, but hoping !!..

Charles Beauchamp May 29, 2018

I’m simi retired. My main income sources are social security and what remains of two airline pensions taken over by PBGC. Thus
almost all my “secure” income comes through the government. Should the government not pay its
obligations I’m screwed. Your opinion? Any protective moves I can or should make?

Bob Wortock May 29, 2018

In the USA we have thrown God out of almost everything. Many still believe there is a God, but very few follow his teachings. We have murdered nearly 70 million pre-born children and sold their parts just in the USA. The churches are completely silent about this and what the Bible is teaching us. Only 2% of all Europeans only attend church. Evil and materialism is growing like poison mushrooms in Gods beautiful forest on earth. What do we expect ? Problems are mounting all over the world and the doom day clock is only minutes or even seconds from striking 12.

Robert Riggs reply_all Bob Wortock May 31, 2018

The “metoo” movement, in opposition to pervasive sexual harassment, and denouncing sexual objectification; is a major up-tick in national moral development. This is counter to the eschatological “morality ever downward” scenario depicted as a sign of the end-times. The discrediting of ISIS and defeat of its caliphate (esp. Dabiq) is an additional major counter-trend development in world morality.

Also, forget not, the USA is still abundantly populated with true born-again Christians, those ascribed by God to be ‘righteous’ (kind, altruistic, Golden-Rule driven ) — unlike Sodom and Gomorrah.

This is not to say man may not face major reckonings soon, over greed, bad stewardship, debt, hate leading to awful wars, and other sin. But The End may not quite be here yet.

Our biggest concern now should be ‘the Mark of the Beast’; all-electronic money, and with ‘loss-proof’ in-body ID.

Bob Wortock reply_all Bob Wortock May 29, 2018

The majority of my investments, which are many, have gone basically nowhere since 1/2/18. Our National Debt Obligation is somewhere near 200 Trillion dollars. If one took $100 bills and stacked them on top of each other to make a Trillion dollars , the pile of $100 would reach a height of 960 miles high. That is scary !

Nancy Cannon May 29, 2018

Please help seniors over 70 with limited resources know how to survive for ten years, where to live, what, if any, investments could help a rapidly dwindling small retirement fund, where and whether to work with physical limitations,. In my case, due to mold anaphylaxis and back surgery, how to move forward- now in California.Also who to trust online for investing- Yastine? Motley Fool,? Eckley? Etc. Never in market. Always a fan of yours. Nancy

Dirk May 29, 2018

wWHAT is a prudent mix between cash gold, gold miners, and blue chip equities?

Gary Finneyfrock May 29, 2018

Trump really is due to deregulating in the form of executive order. Anyone could have done the same thing. Problem with Trump is he does not understand the free market and the full potential of globalization

Alton Jones May 29, 2018

I am most concerned right now about retirement and quality of life throughout .

Mr. Diehl Sluss May 29, 2018

Just sorry that I can’t listen in on the 30th. I will listen in on the 31st. I will do my best to keep someone from torpedoing me.

Jacqui Thomas May 29, 2018

Mr. Weiss Thank you for asking, but at the moment My monthly income goes to paying bills, buying groceries and meds and other necessities. My intention is to watch tomorrow and Thurs if possible. But I am not sure how it will help me. Yours Sincerely

Alfred C Jacukiewicz May 29, 2018


Joseph Ecoppi May 29, 2018

Have Doctor’s appointments Wed & Thurs. Will miss it. Have been following you for over 25 yrs, I am up to date?

Huang chaoxing May 29, 2018

recent years china government continued to print many many RMB, and China industry is becoming worse , real estate industry is overplus ,my money in bank is devaluing. only way I can do is to buy crypto currency ,to protect my money,, your rating report had help me so much, thanks so much ,Doctor Martin.

Betty J. Starkey May 29, 2018

To introduce myself, I am a 79yr old widow with only about 8,000 dollars to invest. That is all I have to get me through whatever time I have left. I do have good health at the present for which I am most grateful. Right now I am keeping this amount in a checking/savings account with a very small interest rate. I know it isn’t good, but I don’t know what else to do with it; I am assuming that you have better ideas for where I should have it. Thank you,

Chris G May 29, 2018

My biggest concern is the potential for a significantly increased inflation rate like we had in the US in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. This will severely impact the value of many of my retirement investments.

Susan Neaves May 29, 2018

I am concerned about retirements savings, I have about $105,000 for that and about 10 more years to work. I’m also concerned about having enough money to live on in retirement. Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Jim Gallup May 29, 2018

I am most concerned about escalating global tensions and government debt. How will these situations affect my investments for retirement ? What options do you recommend to us at retirement age to provide moderate growth and protect our accounts against sharp declines ?

Ford May 29, 2018

I ask you, after the briffings on wednesday and friday, send me a link to the mail, for translation and better understanding. Because, i do not have sufficient knowledge of english. Thank you in advance

Bill Heid May 29, 2018

My biggest concern is the collapse of the entire international financial system.

Chuck Johnson May 29, 2018

My greatest concern is our currency. I know our currency is the World’s Reserve Currency, but there is a lot of pressure from all of the countries to change this fact. I understand that the World Bank and the IMF are planning to change the World’s Reserve Currency to a Special Drawing Rights currency. So…. In your opinion, how is the best way to protect my savings and retirement funds purchasing power if the above actually happens?

Robert Rudig May 29, 2018

Assuming Fed continues on current path and global central banks generally follow along, what bond investment vehicles and durations should be considered for a defensive position or should be avoided.

Jack May 29, 2018

I am concern about debit cards replacing fiat currency in the U.S. Already merchants such as Walmart are refusing to accept cash at many of their checkout registers. Many U.S. banks are limiting customers access to their money on deposit and there is a shortage of cash at these institutions. Cash is also being officially banned by many countries.

Ruth May 29, 2018

Physical safety is increasing and becoming more violent due to assistance + funding from GS and his orgs. I fear this for my children + grand-children.
According to Larry (incl. charts) Japan and Europe with “crash” and America will have funds from there being invested in America.
America’s economy will “crash” in 2020 therefore, but beforehand, will benefit from these in-coming investments.
However, we are being advised to sell NOW because of imminent downturn in our economy. Please clarify the situation for us. Thanks. R.

Shirley Jones May 28, 2018

I am not worried about our country as I am a Christian and and assured daily that God is in command of all that is happening!! We are being shown daily the corrupt individuals behind the scenes and I am grateful that Trump is such an energetic, American loving, God respecting man!! He is not perfect, but neither was David and God used him mightily!! I am proud that we are stopping the abortion murders in our country as I think that has caused us more trouble than we could ever imagine! I am so sorry that our European friends have not learned from our mistakes and just voted to allow abortions there. They will rue the day!!

When we get the 10 Commandments and Prayer to God back in our schools, one language recognized to unite us as a people and proper respect for our laws concerning immigrants and becoming citizens, we will have our country back on the right track to raise and encourage integrity and love in each citizen!!

Stephen Gilbert-Rivera May 28, 2018

Dear Martin; Thank you for always being genuinely concerned about our well being and for carefully following world events – more business leaders should follow your example. I just turned 60 and here are my concerns;

* If big financial institutions like JP Morgan and large banks adopt “their own version” of the (open source, free to implement) blockchain, what happens to our positions in BitCoin, Ethereum and other coins, what value would they hold then?

* Would we not have to invest in THEIR coins instead? Would this not put our wealth back under the control of these institutions again?

* Given that so many indicators are mirroring numbers seen just before the crash of 2008, can we now offer an educated projection of “when” this crash will occur, or is the current bull market a complete fantasy? Sure seems like it is completely disconnected from the grim reality of world events today.

* Could it get as bad as Greece and banks/the feds get to freeze our assets, pensions, medicare, and setup a draconian finance committee (like the junta in Puerto Rico) that will force the “taxpayers” to pay back this insane deficit? I have no confidence in any pension outside of the wealth I can generate before retirement (if that day ever arrives). I’m worried, my children are worried, the tax-base keeps shrinking and money has to come from somewhere to keep our social promises intact.

I am looking forward to your webcast and will be relaying your message to my children as well, thank you. 🙂

Shawn Sutton May 28, 2018

One last thing. Regarding your personal $100K investment, what is your total portfolio worth to date?

Lou Gardner May 28, 2018

Lou Gardner May 28 The major stock markets are a mess. Just a few heavily traded companies are keeping the markets up. We need people like Mr Weiss to tell it like it is.Keep up the good stock analysis. I follow you closely…Thanks for your wisdom.

Shawn Sutton May 28, 2018

The company I used to work for subscribed to the ITR Economics report for guidance on the economy. Going back at least 10 years, Alan and Brian Beaulieu have repeatedly said that the US economy will go into a major depression, not recession but DEPRESSION, sometime between 2026 and 2029, driven by government debt. The 100+ trillion dollar unfunded liability (all the entitlement programs, social security, medicare, medicaid, etc etc) will cause the US economy to crash, and thus will take the world economy down with us. Social security will not be solvent again until 2037 when the balance of baby boomers begin to pass and are taken off the rolls. What they have suggested is that you have all your debts paid off as inflation will really begin to take off as the government ramps up the printing presses to combat the depression.

This puts us within 8-12 years of everything going in the tank. I would like to be able to have everything paid off by then and also have a sufficient stockpile of assets such as cryptos, gold, and I hate to say it, food rations should it come to that. What I am looking for is true guidance on what will appreciate and depreciate during the coming depression so I can best prepare my family to come through the other side stronger. I realize social security will not be there for me when it is my turn to collect, although I will have paid several hundred thousand dollars into that ponzi scheme by the time I am ready so I am going to have to rely 100% on my own to be able to afford retirement for my wife and myself.

I know it has been mentioned that governments cannot shut cryptocurrencies down and that they are a hedge against inflation. However, I believe it would be very easy for a government to declare them illegal for citizens to own ( like gold in the past) or for them to block access to your funds. How can this be avoided?

Joan Puryear May 28, 2018

Our greatest challenge the last ten years has been the dropping to practically zero on bank and savings accounts.
At the same time, prices of everything we buy keep rising.
We retired in 1996, own our home. We do not spend money on travel and vacations. My husband is diabetic and
the cost of the many drugs our Dr. prescribes, with the escalating premiums on our health insurance leaves us
without the ability to save. I would very much appreciate your thoughts on any savings vehicle you consider
safe for us. My husband is 87 and in am 79. I have bought corporate bonds in the past and invest in dividend
paying stocks that have a good balance sheet. I currently hold a large position in Exxon Mobil.
Thank you for the opportunity to send my comment.

Cathleen May 28, 2018

Read fine print in Seattle tax bill passed Loopholes allow money raised to be spent elsewhere. very little money will be allocated as projected.

Carol Sobolewski May 28, 2018

I am concerned about the fake news on the economy, unemployment and all the political distractions that divert people from paying attention to the real issues of one’s wealth protection. I would like to know how to better protect my portfolio with the proper investments for a potential of a market correction and a bear market. My “broker” appears not to be interested in doing this – “what’s in the portfolio is good” (I have about $96,000 down from $100, 000 in last 6 months.) Also how to protect wealth from a Debt Jubilee. What about cash in the mattress?

Stanley Adams May 28, 2018

I live on the income only, from my portfolio. Have a major emphasis on dividend income, REIT’s, Energy MLP’s and Preferred Stock; but some investments for growth. Typically I stay invested during down cycles to continue my income stream, as long as my fundamentals are okay. I do not spend down capital.

What I fear most is one-day drops of 30% based on news no one saw coming, indicating there will be no short term bounce back. Next fear would be world wide financial catastrophe followed by world wide recession…but not enough to stay in gold for 25 years of no income, just to be “prepared”.

Sorry I will miss your presentations this week, we are moving our daughter to another state, will be on the road and working to load and unload belongings. Will be interested in your next presentation.

Magdalena E Theron May 28, 2018

I am mostly worried about Global Warming. Added to that, is the fact that the US is going backward daily in many other ways. Education is becoming a joke (I have two grandsons, one just finished school and the other just finished a four-year degree in Evolutionary Biology at UCSC; I was shocked to see the low standard of their work, and how easily they passed) and so is “healthcare” and other social benefits that are enjoyed by some oher countries, such as the Scandinavian countries.

It seems as if the general population in the country are pushed down by those in power. The only people that are benefitting from the current status quo, is the fortunate 1%, or maybe 5%. Capitalism and “Democracy” has become another form of feudalism. I don’t see any solution for us in the US, and in fact to the chaos in most countries, but worst of all is the fact that the world will, sooner than people realize, become unlivable for humans; a situation that is hastened by the current administration. All I can do, is to watch and wait, and be grateful for every day that I can still enjoy life.

Joseph B. Freiland May 28, 2018

My industrial manufacturing company which I co-founded 47 years ago has 90 employees and a strong balance sheet.

I have procrastinated since 2010 from expanding our 30,000 sq ft facility, preferring instead to invest in new technology machinery and equipment. As part of the opportunities now available, we decided to finally move ahead with our long anticipated facility expansion.

We approached our regional bank ($30 billion asset size) asking for a 15 or 20 year FIXED rate MORTGAGE. We never mentioned, nor did we want a “floating rate” MORTGAGE. We felt that with our strong balance sheet and excellent credit record we wouldn’t have a problem.

Our bank said that with the current uncertainty in the financial markets resulting in interest rate uncertainty, they would prefer to offer a TERM LOAN, with 5 year rate resets. Based on your knowledge of the industrial real estate Mortgage market is this the current thinking ……….. Or should I start shopping my mortgage request?

leonardo scarpati May 28, 2018

Martin I hope you print what I am going to write , I am an old man watching our new President ,I do not understand why he is doing the things he is doing ,he is a very rich man ,so I ask what does he wants? he did not serve his country ,now claims that he wants to make America great again , what kind of crack is this? I believe that he knows who put him as President of the USA, These people had been controlling the world for too many years ,they had been using the world countries as Economic SLAVES ,and had been using the United Nations and the USA to control the world ,and make money ,remember WW1-WW2-Viet-nan ,Korea,an many more countries that do not obey them ,I should say that these people sent their first man to control the USA Federal Government in 1885, and took control of the USA economy in 1913 ,with the Federal Reserve System ,today they control both political parties ( Republicans and Democrats) ,The Supreme Court of the USA, the Universities , The ARMED FORCES of the USA, the FBI the NSA the CIA the JUSTICE department and everything in the USA I tried to understand why the USA give Israel so many BILLIONS of dollars to maintain Military Superiority ,when they have 1000 ATOMIC BOMBS in ISRAEL guarded by USA Military soldiers

h yu May 28, 2018

financial wellbeing of my family is #1 issue……no war… refugee….united people in usa…..

BROOKE TRAUT May 28, 2018

Recently retired. I know I can’t rely on Social Security alone. I need to generate a second income or grow my investments.

James Baumbich May 28, 2018

Build the wall.
Cut gov,t spending and get rid of a lot of fat programs. Hard to do.
Continue to get conservative judges into office.
Get rid of Import bank.
Get gov,t /banks out of the way and lets have free markets.

Bob Brewer May 28, 2018

I’m a Libertarian, but Trump and the Republicans have already trashed their Party, and are in the process of trashing the Constitution. Their only accomplishments have been judges and a short term tax cut (not reform). I pray that they lose the House or Senate in Nov to stop his rolling ball of garbage. I think his effect on the economy long term will be a disaster, making my feeble retirement more difficult.

Jim G May 28, 2018

What worries me the most is not being able to identify the next market crash in time to respond.

I’ve already been waxed by the dot com crash and 2008. I don’t want to go thru that again!

Charlotte May 28, 2018

Thank you Dr. Weiss for asking. I have read all the heartfelt comments. I add only my understanding that all this is caused by worldwide loss of morality through ignorance or rejection of God’s revealed Truth and atheistic systems. Thus, the occult and secret sects have stepped up their plan for one world religion and one world government. This is where we are going.

You can help us with daily information on how to preserve our retirement savings so we can physically survive the coming inevitable consequences of man’s departure from Almighty Father God. The sins of the world, driven by human concupiscence, are the root cause of the natural disasters ( which are warnings.) Violence, genocides, massacres, wars, even economic collapse, and all human misery is also the consequence of sin.

So that we may survive to natural death, with the health and energy to encourage non-believers to conversion, I do ask for your economic advice, albeit only secondary to preparation through faith, love, sacrifice, and prayer. The only true refuge is with God.

Man’s “creations” will rust, burn, putrify, rot, etc. Only the God-created human soul with its merits, will endure forever.
Where will each endure, Heaven or Hell? That is the question.
Thank you for asking.

Brian Thelen May 28, 2018

What is a logical prediction for the impact on crypto currency if: Jim Rickards is correct and Trump re-attaches the dollar to gold at $10,000 per ounce?

William S. May 28, 2018

Our future is full of bright intelligent Americans. In the long term we will muddle through many will get seriously financially hurt.
What could lead us to a prosperous soft landing and future growth is not in the cards as the politicians will do only what will get
them re-elected. As re-election is their priority they have no clue what to do to prevent a financial disaster. For example the problems
with social security have been known for a long time, the national debt problem has been known for a long time, but for politicians
their main concern is just getting re-elected. Kick the can down the road.

Tiberiu Tulba May 28, 2018

Hi Martin,
I am from Romania, eastern Europe.
I m watching and waiting for your predictions about cryptocurrency . I started investing in the stock market last May, was good but this year I lost a lot of money.
I m not scared of a possible war, but I think next year will come a new crisis and I m curious how do you think the market will evolve.
When do you think the bitcoin will come back ?

Sherman Schueler May 28, 2018

My biggest fear is the battle between representative democracy and unbridled capitalism as promoted by Charles Kock and friends.

yvonne May 28, 2018

Dear Martin,
First thank you for you insite and advise.
As recommended I bought a few junior mining stocks. When the market collapses will these stock also loose Value or disappear.
Best regards and god bless

Dawid Cloete May 28, 2018

I am not a USA citizen but your work has give me a better view on investing.
I have tried investment funds , savings policies , stocks , cryptocurrencies.
I have subscribe to numerous advisory services to find something to grow my investments
( it does not matter how little ) with out set backs that wipes out ( 25% / 50% or even 80% )
of your investment.
Every time i find myself at the most hated point of investing ( Always a risk in investing )

The point of investing to me is : Earn money and grow it to be released from your slavery job in the future ,
to be able to provide for your family when you get fired , to pay for your child ‘s education , to pay off your mortgage
on your house , to clear the debt on your car , to take your family on a vacation
Not to : lose 50% and gain 10% (forward and backwards)

If you know of something that fits my description , let me know and I will be very great full

dean moon May 28, 2018

Truly, these are crazy economic times we live in —– the have’s are ok with an economic ship that has major leaks as long as they can put the squeeze on the sail and get out of it what they want . We will fix those big leaks some time they say,—you know ,—–pensions, car loans, student loans,—yes leaks like that—and let’s not forget to mention the whopper leaks in the cargo hold—-the national debt leak,, —-border and bond funds leaks ,–etc,etc.—as long as we can grind out our 3% or below—
speed in our economy growth. Even if we hear the botton crapping from time to time,— We can still stick it to the have nots —–Yes- yes, our homes are at nose bleed prices. So what, I’m not going to give up my coin worth because those in charge cannot color inside the lines.
Then there the have nots—— Man the torpetos —full steam ahead— take dead center aim— blow that bucket of rotted dollars (known as our economy) to the bottom of the sea. We will level the playing field at all costs—–open the borders men we need more help,—–I know we might have to work for a living and lose our meal ticket from the government,—but we will set our own standards and usher in the age of socialism –where (cough, cough) everyone has equal share (cough!)

Some where in the middle is most likely the answer . Maybe we should take a closer at look Japan .They have been rock skipping for years, which could
be our fate in this living generation now.

Pieter Lubbe May 28, 2018

Dr Martin I enjoy you colum and yes it is true the turmoil in the world are scary and interesting Living in South Africa don’t
Make it any easier I mostly invest in commodities in fear of what could happen to paper money I am not a bitcoin fan but don’t
Know if I should go that way Looking forward to your next presentation
Piet Lubbe

Volkmar May 27, 2018

I have been trying to establish a business in a dangerous downtown loaded with crime break and enters drug abuse of every kind lackluster police and a punitive city council who is fining people for the least infractions of any kind of code or bylaw .it might as well be sodom and gomarah .
I have heard that the government and banks work togther so if there is any kind of failure they have rights to anyones bank account . i am not sure if this is true but in this eviromnet anything goes .our system has become punitive explotive dangerous wasteful arrongant and mindless

Patty DeYoung May 27, 2018

Is it on for Weds & Thurs OR Weds & Frday??? Have seen it listed both ways. And, will these be replayed?

KeirH Greenwood May 27, 2018

I am so dumb about all of this . I woulg love to be able to win big in thr markei but how when you know know no more than I do. dunb is dumb as.

KeirH Greenwood May 27, 2018

I m Afraid I AM GOING TO LOSE WHAT MONEY I have, I just wish they wOULD Get beHind Trump him help him.I am 76 years old and I do not undersiand where our young people are coming from. I thinkk we have lrt disapline get away from us.

Mac Warren May 27, 2018

Biblical prophecy clearly indicates that, if the U.S. continues to exist as a functional nation, we will eventually be absorbed by the One World Government, which will rule the earth for seven or more years prior to its total destruction. What we don’t know is when the countdown will begin, or whether the U.S.. will survive until that moment.

John F. May 27, 2018

Hi, my name is John F., I have been a investor, buy and hold in one of the Big brokerages since 1985. I decided I would like to trade options and learn how this end of the market works, I read about people that make their first trade and pull down 1500 to 2000 dollars, I am happy for those people. The market doesn’t scare me as I have been in a lot of ups and downs. on my first options trade I made $140, I was happy, at least I didn’t lose. I just go with the flo and I enjoy reading Martain Weiss Ph.D. e-mails, since I am new to option trading I find him very helpful.

Eileen M Dupont May 27, 2018

Main concern is being financially unable to follow your protocols.

Bill D. May 27, 2018 May 27, 2018

What worries you most right now? That we are not making progress to abolish the Electoral College.

What are your greatest wealth-building challenges today? Probably my own sloth.

Steve Crair May 27, 2018

I will try my best to attend your briefings. Medical problems and work might interfere.

Nick Berchtold May 27, 2018

Here is a question….
As a retired laborer….
Asssuming I have a retirement fund, of $300000.00 what return over a 10 year period, on the average, could I expect on this $ and how could I organize to protect the equity and live on the dividends.
Thank you for you thoughts

Gary Miller May 27, 2018

Trump has never said how he will reduce THE 21 TRILLION Government Debt. Do you think he has a plan.

George Moe May 27, 2018

I am 91 and my biggest fear is inflation. We have been retired for 32.5 years and live on SS and my retirement. We had big losses when oil dropped but still have about $200,000 cash and investments. We plan to stay in our home which we still owe $70,000 with a 4% loan. Both of us still have good minds. I was a Civil engineer that worked designing and managing construction for pipelines with Texas Eastern. Was in management when I retired at 58.

Alex Sinclair May 27, 2018

China has expanded debt by close to $50 trillion in 10 years from around $10 trillion to $60 trillion out of global debt of some $250 trillion. I believe their debt is around 500% of GDP. Most of the government debt is by local levels of government that have borrowed through bonds, formed development corporations and borrowed, etc. Federal debt shows around 50% of GDP but it does not include corporate debt by state owned enterprises (not the above development corps). Total corporate debt is over 175% of GDP which is more than double the U S. P 2 P lending has exploded. Corporate and individual lending has exploded also; these do not show up in the official numbers. Consumer debt has also exploded. I did an analysis of global GDP growth from 2008 thru 2014 and when you took the increase in China’s GDP and added the increased imports to China from the rest of the world—-China was likely responsible for over 60% of the increase in global GDP for the period. In other words, China’s debt explosion has been the engine for global growth. Before 2008 China was getting around 80 cents of GDP per dollar of new debt but more recently they are getting less than 20 cents of new GDP per new dollar of debt–that cannot continue. If I am right they have sailed right past Japan as the most indebted country in the world.

Chris G May 27, 2018

My biggest concern is the ratio of dividend stocks vs Muni bonds vs alternatives in my portfolio that I should have in place prior to the coming down turn.

Bob Noonan May 27, 2018

Bob Noonan: Financial problems come and go. Markets collapse. And reinflate.
To me the greatest threat is an accidental nuclear war started by our President with North Korea. And if we manage to avoid it,
it is just a matter of time before ISIS or some other terrorist group will acquire a nuclear bomb. And, they will use it.

To me the only way out is a single world government. If we started today, it will be 10-20 years before it could be established.

Mark Hankinson May 27, 2018

Very concerned about My 95 year old Mom’s IRA & Annuity investments.


Please give us a briefing on the direction of gold. Thank you.

Stuart Houston May 27, 2018

ce every month or two I would like to invest 5K in an investment that has a 50-50 chance of increasing tenfold over five years.On

Lawnie D Rasmussen May 27, 2018

I am concerned about our ability to get through the rest of our life with the promised retirement we have earned. I already see erosion with our medical care and Rx’s cutting into our SSA and our military retirement . I see a lot of information in the marketplace but have a very hard time believing what is out there. My family has to live on what we have and what we have invested and we are unsure what direction we will go. Safety is the most important for us at this time.

Mark Duncan May 27, 2018

I have a very limited amount i can afford to invest. I already have a couple of subscriptions to financial organizations(Agora Financial, Wealth Daily, Banyan Hill). They tease me with good investments I can make as long as I give them more money. I need to know a couple of things that I can invest in to make some fast money and stop paying more to find a good investment. Thanks for listening

Mark manning May 27, 2018

What worries me most is if my investments from my newsletters (that I paid over $2,000 for) don’t work for me, you have the stories of what to buy and when, I question the when but I am patient and will give them a chance


What percentage of corporate tax cuts will benefit college funds, pension funds, and charitable funds?
What percentage of personal tax cuts will benefit these funds?
If the wealthy benefit from corporate tax cuts, do they need personal tax cuts as well?
What will be the effect of tax cuts on the national debt, and the debt on the economy?
How will rolling back Dodd-Frank, and sub-prime loans ( Businessweek,5/28 ) affect the economy?

Beverly May 27, 2018

Leon and I are on the same page

Rivka Labelle May 27, 2018

What worries me is the political infightings will continue to de- stabilize the market and jeopardize economic vi-abilities in retirement. Where you save for retirement in such times?

David Houck May 27, 2018

Dear Martin, First let me say that I was a fan of Larry Edelson and his wave theory all the way!
The MlP’s are losing market value but pay good dividends. Spectra Energy Partners (SEP)got taken over by Enbridge (ENB). When I read reports that Spectra shareholders were going to loose voting rights, I sold my shares. As the world socializes, private wealth deminishes. I love d to your Safe Money Report and Real Wealth Report. I don’t care for Banyon. I want to hear from you and Broderick. “Flight Capital “ is happening just as Larry said. I cried when I heard the sad news. Thanks for taking my feedback. Hope to hear from you. David

alberto barchilon May 27, 2018

i am worried about the possibility that the stocks will go down the drain. Should I sell?

Sandy May 27, 2018

Looking forward to hearing the investor concerns

john schroeder May 27, 2018

Thank you, Martin, for your concern. I’m OK. In cash silver & gold. I s there away to hedge during the coming blowoff? John .

Bob Marshall May 27, 2018

I certainly plan to listen.

JAMES W. May 27, 2018

Dr Weiss: Your articles have not talked much about the ongoing currency wars. Our national debt levels is sure to reduce our future buying power abroad. And with the volume of purchases from overseas, will that ultimately erode our competitive trading positions? Are companies that rely heavily on imports, like Apple, due for a huge collapse? Also, do you think the that the ongoing tensions between China and the US really about the Chinese attempt to undermine the petrodollar?

Thanks for your insights. Look forward to learning more from you.

Ford May 27, 2018

P.s. 1.a) In which currency is it better to have money other than dollars: pounds, francs, euros, crypto ..?

Jonathan Frank May 27, 2018

Need to protect against asset depletion like we were assaulted with in 2008 because we trusted a financial “advisor” who said it was only a glitch and would come back. Well it is now 2018, and it didn’t come back. We lost about 50%.

Ford May 27, 2018

1. Which part of the investment is now better to be converted into cash: 30% – 50% – 100% ?
2. The most predictably growing stocks in the current period ( up to 1 year) ?
a) stocks with the potential for significant growth in the period up 3 years ?
b) … + pay good dividents ?
3. Participaition in interesting IPO and ICO ?
4. Cripto and blockchane space…?
5. Legal marijuana…?

Tom Foster May 27, 2018

With the Ontario Provincial elections coming up in June, I am wondering what will happen to the Canadian markets depending on who wins.
Any suggestions?

Robert MacDonald May 27, 2018

I know a market correction is inevitable and many advisors expect the next one to be a big one – maybe 30%-40%. They also claim that we will be able to make as much profit in a down market as have been making in this bull market. What do I have to know and do in a bear market? Is the big play on options?

Is the next major major correction going to be one of catastrophic proportions – 30% – 50%?

My second concern is the future of the dollar. If the dollar loses its position as the SDR currency, how do we play our investments in the metals? Is there a strong reason for the U.S. to change to the gold standard as some advisors are suggesting?

John May 27, 2018

I would like to see the financials on Cryptos. Shouldn’t they report just like stocks? Or is that a no no in their Pump & Dump scams?

Marty Eisenberg May 27, 2018

I am a technician. My algorithms have worked well in the past. But we are in a new era of high noise to signal ratio. I can deal with normal market-driven volatility, but the constant stream of random twitters from the office of the POTUS and the market’s emotional reaction thereto is driving me nuts. I am being whipsawed out of good trades. To be more accurate, it is not I who am being driven nuts, for when it comes to trading, I am a coldly analytical man of Shibumi. It is my algorithms that are being driven nuts. If only the POTUS were banned from owning a Twitter account, my trading success would return to the good old days.

Jerry Lelchook May 27, 2018

No comment at this time.

Pam Brand May 27, 2018

Is gold ever going to have a bullish and strong up move again? If so, when and how high??

Gary J Croninf May 27, 2018

I don’t need any help. I am all set for whatever comes my way

Jose J. Muniz May 27, 2018

When the Dollar was backed by gold, the WS debt was also back by gold. Now the unrestrained growth of the debt is only backed by the US citizens. Thus, our irresponsible politicians can and will increase our debt as its fits their political convenience.

And I ask, Is this Constitutional?

Thanks for requesting our opinion.


Mr. David L Borchers (Ret) May 27, 2018

I would like to hear more about what the Global Elites are up to with wanting to change the World Currency from the USD to Chinese Yuan or some other type. If this is going to happen what action should one take to position for the change?

Andrew Kennedy May 27, 2018

When will this be – date and time ?
I am located in a time zone GMT- 7hrs

Jack McGrath May 27, 2018

Will be back in the States Tuesday.

John Hooft May 27, 2018

When the dollar colapse how you determine the value of the stocks that are traded on the us stock exchange

Klein Martin May 27, 2018

Hi Martin,
what concerns me most is the governments handling of the coming financial crisis.
Declaring State Bancruptcy at national level like Argentina did seems to be a rather honest solution.
But what will they do, if they want to avoid this and navigate with a toolbox of devices, that will disown middle class people via their bank accounts, stoch holdings, real estate with or without mortgages.
I hear that in Germany the Ministry of Finance has prepared such measures for different circumstances and that there is a recommendation among wealthy people, to set up a commercial company or a foundation to keep the money safer as compared to owning it as a private person.
What is Your opinion on this?
I will greatly appreciate Your thoughts.
I admire that You run Your business with such honesty and compassion.

God bless and good luck

Martin Klein
Psychiatrist of 74 yrs
Bern, Switzerland

John May 27, 2018

Hi, Appreciate your excellent work. Agree with Allen eg the lasy cyrpto offer was too costly and quick to end.

How about some thing for the retiring, small investor.


Grace May 27, 2018

Is it a good time to buy gold?
Will the market crash by the end of year? Where is the safe place to keep $?

Jo gardner May 27, 2018

I’m worried mostly about global warming, guns, banking and religion, domestic abuse and rising cost of living!

Allen Lipsey May 27, 2018

I am always in a panic mode because of the president forcing powerful countries to become our enemies.
The statistics do not add up because the large number on poor and unemployed people are not counted.
I have many offers to guide me to become wealthy but many do not deliver. Most of my IRA money is managed by good organizations but I am concerned that my money will not be protected. Although I am concerned my wife believes that “she” will be OK because she has a pension. I am left working alone to keep us afloat. I fear that the very rich get richer. I believe that the white male republican majority does not understand what they are doing. They must be under the spell of Ayn Rand.

Patty DeYoung May 27, 2018

Fear the Govt confiscation of our accts thru a bail-in scheme. And, converting us to some sort of crypto currency; thereby rendering cash as useless. Fear for our crumbling energy grid. With no electricity everything comes to a hault. Seriously, how does one prepare for something like that.

Robert Babcock May 27, 2018

Dr. ….. Just Omit the “4” in my email address if you’d like to contact me. Thank You !

Robert Babcock

Alice Hashim May 27, 2018

My concern is getting a good yield on investment to live on. Tax free or taxable.

Robert Babcock May 27, 2018

Hello Dr. Weiss,

Believe it or not, between Christmas and New Years, my portfolio went up $42-K and back down to where it was ?! End of the year complacency I guess ? The worst is daily seeing it on my personal Fidelity chart. Reminds me of the poor skier that crashed every weekend on ABC Sports and the announcer would chime in with “‘The agony of defeat” !?

Well Doc, I’m not defeated. However, I could use your HELP to make this years personal chart look better. I’m sure I can repeat the positive part again…. Perhaps with your Help !
Robert B.

F. R. Wiley May 27, 2018

There is a great deal of conflicting information out there regarding the coming “pull back or crash”. Many “gurus’ claim to know the safe stocks and /or alternate investments the will get you through the “downdraft” but no one has any specific recommendations that I have seen so far. Will you or your people be the ones to actually get specific with some real guidance?

Roland Schmid May 26, 2018

As Congress blindly follows Trump to allow banks and financial institutions to make even more depts than before 2008, I believe that the US Government will not be able to cover a new worldwide crisis, based on wrong-doing by US banks.

Nothing has been learned since 2008. God bless America!

Gregory T Granado May 26, 2018

I really can’t add to any fears or concerns as have already been expressed already…as a matter of fact, after reading some of them below, I have to stop ’cause I found some fears and concerns I wasn’t even aware of!! Stock market collapse, our government abandonment of its citizens, our disrespect of each other…on and on…these are all valid issues. We’re not going to solve them here. Dr. Weiss, I am depending on your information to help me survive thru all that. Knowing what to do in the event of a “confiscation” of wealth…put $$$ in an overseas account? I don’t think so. Convert my fiat into crypto? Now we’re talking!! Put it in my Trezor or Ledger Nano? You got it. But which crypto? That’s where you and Juan come in. I can’t tell you how may hours of reading newsletters and loading up news apps (Telegram, Bitmanager, Coindesk, Cointelegraph,) I have endured the last 9 months of “research”. And then I found you guys. I am 64 yrs old. I remember reading about Mike Miliken, M&A’s, LBO’s, CDO’s and Debt Monetization in college level text books…I did NOT go to college…years before those acronyms became common in Barron’s articles. DLT is everything they say it can be. My concern is will you and Juan be able to keep up and keep us informed.

Charles Dockter May 26, 2018

I feel cryptocurrencies are going to be dealt a death blow by the next G20 meeting. any comments?
Gold and silver have much to recommend a marked increase in price, but nothing seems to be happening except basically a sideways pattern. What is Larry Edelsons wave theory saying about this? dbldoc

John Hall May 26, 2018

It seems to me that the only way the government will ever pay off the Federal debt is to just print the money and pay it off ie, Bernanke helicopter dropped cash.. So it seems that inflation must follow and gold will go up in value….what sayest thou…..?

John May 26, 2018

For the rest of this year and next when to be in each asset category which you predict will be the best assets to
invest in during the pertinent time periods.

Thank you for your advice and God Bless you, your family and your staff.

Ivor M. Lindores May 26, 2018

Hello Dr. Weiss: On Monday I’ll reach the age of 84, if God grants me that privilege. I live in the State of California, the highest taxed State in the United States. I bought my home in 1972 for $47,000 (thousand) dollars. Today, real estate companies value the same property at $1.5 million. I’ve been retired since 1996. Half my savings are invested in an IRA, with Jackson National Insurance Co. I noted a while back that you graded Jackson very high. the remained of my finances are invested with a stock broker in conservative stocks and mutual funds. I find myself having to watch where every dollar goes. I never planned to be rich, just be able to keep up with the devaluation of the dollar. I’m now wondering if I should go for a reverse mortgage. I would give the home to my son and his wife, and I would take the money from the reverse mortgage and build an in-law unit at the back of the house and stay there? You probably would have to have more information to be able to give me an answer. It all boils down to the fact my income when I retired in 1996 doesn’t go as far in 2018. An other idea is to move away from California to a state with less taxation? I would be grateful for any guidance you could give. Thank you. Sincerely, Ivor.

rich wilcoxon May 26, 2018

what looks good for artifical intelligence?

Tim Summers May 26, 2018

I’d really like a step by step recommendation of the safest place to hold cash in the upcoming crises. With so many variables, it’s starting to get muddled again!

Richard Hooper May 26, 2018

To go right to the point ………not if, but when the market could crash and how to save my accounts from loss and what are the sign shouldI be looking for to tell me its coming

Tom May 26, 2018


oscar May 26, 2018

global tensions enhanced by mr trump on old status quo. increasing uncertainty in world peace and medium and long term colaboration among neighbors mexico amd canada . inflation and loosing purchasing power . currency manipulation. lack of world leadership for a better world

Bonnie Lees May 26, 2018

Does this include Canadian customers.

Jack Greening May 26, 2018

One thing I have noticed in the last year is the absence of real estate review, industrial, commercial, and residential. Of course interest rates are of interest, but market conditions, regional comparisons, and trends. I used to see this from Larson, but the new editor pays no attention to real estate an I think that is a great loss of perspective on a significant part of the economy.

Sorry, I’m not interested in recreational drugs, ie. marijuana millionaire. It disgusts me.

P.G. T. May 26, 2018

How can we protect what little we have from the “American Jubilee” that one of your competing publication is projecting ? Or are there stocks that are safe if the dollar is no longer the reserve currency ?

Robert Stine May 26, 2018

Capital controls

Roger Dreyling May 26, 2018

My biggest concerns are the short and long term values of gold and silver and interest rates that would generate enough revenue for retirees to pay todays living expenses – 5% minimum, 7-8% good.

Javed Saljuki May 26, 2018

In these uncertain economic times, it is very difficult to predict when the US will come out of its economic crisis. Therefore, until that time the the life in the US will remain as it is now or become worse.
One article I read stated that the U.S. government has been clocking in debt at an average of $52,000 per SECOND, which is more than what the average American earns in an entire YEAR! I do not see any major action taken by Washington to work towards a debt free economy.
The next crash which seems to be coming is not yet imminent, but is definitely coming sometime in the next two or three years..
How to make enough money in these uncertain economic times to support one’s family.

Robert Schoening May 26, 2018

Where is the safest place to keep cash as we head into a financial crisis: Bank Savings Accounts, 1 year or 2year Bank CDs, Treasury Only Money Market such as Fidelity’s FDLXX, or what?

Earl Morgan May 26, 2018

What time? Only the days are listed.

David Morton May 26, 2018

My major concern is about “Bank Bail-Ins”…i.e. where some or ALL of my bank account deposits in various banks could be “legally seized” by any bank ( or the Federal government ? ) with what is called a “bank bail-in”…similar to what happened to bank depositors in Cyprus in recent years. And, please confirm for us the legality of virtually all the big U.S. banks now claiming their bank depositors’ account monies are “legally NOT owned by the individual depositors, but instead those deposits are legally owned by the bank(s) instead” !!!! What alternatives to our having bank deposits do we have for our monies?

Robert Patterson May 26, 2018

The Weiss ratings of stocks is very useful,I use it in conjunction with other ratings, how often is it updated and is it available for subscribers

David M Denenny May 26, 2018

Markets crash when least expected. Everyone expects a bear market in 2018 or 2019. How do we reconcile this and how good are you at spotting a near top??

Giles May 26, 2018

I missed Larry.
Is his AI neural network alive and well?
What would he say?

jim May 26, 2018

Grandiose Inflation vs other worst case scenario, bankruptcy/default.
The nature of the fiat currency.
You know its the family’s bread & butter.

Sticking with dividend growth blue chips.

Joe Clarke May 26, 2018

Were are Bio Tech stocks headed in 2018

Sam May 26, 2018

I am worried about the collapse of the Dollar and a possible reset of the currency worldwide. What stocks to avoid and those that
stand the best chance to survive such an event.

John Brandt May 26, 2018

Fear of the bear and of missing the next rally!

Robert May 26, 2018

I fear the actions of our own government. Our government seems dead set on protecting those that are already ultra rich and big business interest. Then taxing the life out of the working class, so they will have the funds to continue to appease the poor and the illegals, via the welfare system. The government also continues it’s efforts fine tune the markets, to make themselves appear to be wise overseers of the financial markets. They refuse to allow the markets the freedom to correct themselves.

Wm. Boyce May 26, 2018

My comment on Mr. Sagami’s article regarding growing wealth inequality is that it will get worse before it gets better, if that ever happens. The latest shovelling of more money to fewer and fewer people is the Trump tax cut, but it’s been going on for years under both Democratic and Republican administrations. It threatens our republic in a way that few people understand. Without a middle class, we have a new feudal society. I’d worry a hell of a lot more about that than what the stock market will do.

LYLE BEZILE May 26, 2018


Liz May 26, 2018

I do not want to loose money and don’t understand the trading process. Is there a firm that manages money for me?

joe martinez May 26, 2018

The disastrous Administration is leading us into unchartered territory. Our president is incapable of telling the truth and therefore nothijng is to be believed. the economy is NOT doing as well as he wants us to believe and the markets are going to have a serious pullback within the next 12 months. What can w3e do to not only protect ourselves, but profit as well.

Kenneth Herberger May 26, 2018

Hi M Weiss,
The ever growing national debt,
And the weakening of the $$$! What happens when our currency in no longer THE major exchange medium. Also the return of individual responsibility.
Ken Herberger

Leopoldo Aguilera May 26, 2018

Martin I am now 85 years less young, retired and with a wife that is suffering from different ailments that are costing me more than our combined social security checks can cover. As a result I am desperate for investments that will deliver the percentages that are being given by most, if not all, counselors. For quite some time now I am, at best, remaining even without any overall gains even though I have taken the advice of several supposedly great advisers. What can I do to solve this problem.

Jacqueline Pyrek May 26, 2018

Not so much worried about wealth-building as about protecting what l have saved. As a retiree l have to ignore all the saber rattling taking place in the news. While intellectually, l know l’ll be okay no matter what, emotionally it’s draining. Keep up the good work of optimism.

Jay May 26, 2018

Whew…..what a response so far!!!

People love polarity. It is simple to grasp. “You’re fer me or ‘gainst me.” Too simple.

Way too simple-minded to guide a large complex nation like America.

Americans obsess over a polarity amounting to abnegation vs oppression. The horrible truth: Republican and Democrat parties are simply two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

America: the best democracy money can buy as one British observer noted.

If America is to survive as a Democracy (the one we believed we had), it must begin immediately with a true view. America’s survival has low chance of making it another decade. The two party system is rigged for power blocks engined by money, not democracy.

Democrats and Republicans prove that Americans are too stupid to have a democracy.

DEMOCRATS (The Doomed Dumb Party) in their mostly mute silent walk to the ovens of irrelevance had their chance to educate the public and deliver better to citizens. Yes, they did some. But in the end they did little. They did nothing beyond shoveling money into Wall Street and perpetrating foreign wars that America seems addicted to.

REPUBLICANS (The American Fascist Party) revile anything that doesn’t pass them a buck under the table. The Republicans were fast at learning to duck & weave at press conferences, while bilking the American people out of Trillions of dollars, misdirected by vile Republican Tax Legislation, into their own pockets and those of their sponsors.

Oh yes, there’s people of ethics and consciousness labeled Democrat or Republican, but too damn few.

America is not a democracy. Americans cannot bear the truth it seems. Americans keep repeating slogans like “of the people, by the people, for the people,” and “…democracy means you get to vote….” as if constant repetition like a mantra makes democracy exist. Americans will not stop pretending America is a Democracy. The American Fascist Party is smart. They learned well from Joseph Goebbels and they execute effectively. Money energizes them.

Good bye America. You were really good for a while.

Denis Hackett May 26, 2018

With all the negativity concerning fossil fuels (Coal, Oil, etc.) why is Solar getting it so difficult to penetrate?

Bill Butynski May 26, 2018

How safe do you believe that money in banks is today? & how safe are insurance companies that issue annuities? Also, do you think that it is wise to balance stock market investments with bonds, or with physical gold, or with land properties, or with other investments?

Harry Wild May 26, 2018

Nothings to report.

Jerry May 26, 2018

I prefer to invest for long term gains by holding stocks which pay dividends which will compound when reinvested and don’t want to sell out because we may have a massive correction. Do you have any recommendations for dividend payers which may not take a beating during a turn down? Thanks JB

JOEL GARCIA May 26, 2018




Elizabeth Swanson May 26, 2018

I am helping one of ATHENS, GA formerly homeless…. “formerly” because I guaranteed his rent for a year, so as of this month he has an apartment. He can’t get a job because he was homeless off-and-on for 10 years. He has a bad knee that limits what he can do,. but Medicaid won’t pay for surgery to fix it (he’s 57 years old).
Trump wants to allow SNAP only for those with a job. I favor this, but ONLY if the gov’t will help them find a job!
We need to get away from the current politically-correct culture with trophies for participation. Perhaps reinstating the draft would help improve the situation…. make men out of spoiled children:-)
If Hilary had won I thought there was no hope for the country. I believe Trump can save us, IF his “vision” is supported.
We need less gov’t, border security, right-to-carry recognized nationwide like a driver’s license, America Great Again.

John Wingard May 26, 2018

I have no particular financial worries. However, political worries are another matter. Who can predict what weird stuff will come out of the White House next? And the more cornered he feels, the more drastic his attempts at distraction will become. Such as starting a war.

Jo Kuhta May 26, 2018

should we bail out of the market..and sit with cash..

Robert May 26, 2018

One of my concern is home prices, what is their future?

Eliza May 26, 2018

1- the economy collapsing
2- the government not being able to pay my social security

Joe May 26, 2018

I’ve already answered your question .. My issue & problem is that I’m dying !! Fact No bull !! I don’t care about myself, its just fine I know where I’m going because of the cross of Jesus !! heaven is my home forever ! Hope your a believer ? What I acre about is my beautiful wife & family, nothing else matters !! I did just great in the market until the 8th of Feb. i set 5% stop losses and was stopped out, all but Amazon … My fault I was deeply over-exposed … I set the stop at 15% thinking it would never go below that, but as you already know it flash dropped just for a few seconds to I think it was 19% hit my number and I was out boo coo big bucks !! Now I’m trying to make back my losses, I’m tired of the whip lash in the market… However I have used it trading options to my benefit, but got a long way to go and a short time to get there… So you tell me, HOW WILL YOU HELP PLEASE !!

Thanks Joe

William Beaver May 26, 2018

Where can I put IRA money for the sole purpose of protecting it from a financial meltdown? Thanks.

Earle May 26, 2018

I am in New Zealand and worried about the effect a crisis will effect us,,,do i put all my money into physical gold.

Dave Enloe May 26, 2018

What is the best way to protect my investments from coming crises?

Joseph H Popolow May 26, 2018

Yes, the world is in a very dangerous place! I fear that nothing you say or do can alter the situation! We are in the hands of self promoting and self indulgent
individuals that really do not give a damn about what happens to most of us! Joe Popolow

Mike Sage May 26, 2018

How do you feel about this alarming new environment? Our country has not been in a situation like this in a very long time. “The Times are A-Changin’
, as Bob Dylan said.”

What worries you most right now? We have a nonfunctioning government, and to think that we voted them into office. They only think about themselves and not the country, not that they ever did before or ever have. They need to be replaced with young people, our time is over.

What are your greatest wealth-building challenges today? None, my time is running out and now set after having a stroke.

How can my team and I best help you? I am too old, but thanks about thinking of me. Only if we could tell the young people to start saving for their future now.

David May 26, 2018

If history gives any indication of the future, what will happen when there is a major or final correction. In my lifetime, the game plan always seems to be to print a lot more money and give it all to Goldman Sachs which in turn pays it people exorbitant bonuses and “pumps” the rest of the money into the economy. For the USA its debt is much larger than its yearly economy. At some point, the last thing other nations will want is to be paid back with would be worthless dollars. How does a nation maintain order when the nation is bankrupt. Should we break out our old trillion mark “Reichmarks”? How many bitcoins will it take to buy a loaf of bread?

Samuel C. Dysart, Jr. May 26, 2018

Dr. Weiss – there are millions out there, just like me, who just can’t or don’t want to get involved in creating a bitcoin wallet in the ether. We’d like to invest in bitcoin, but it’s a too complicated to sort out. So why don’t you create a an ETF (perhaps closed end) or mutual fund of bitcoin currencies that old guys like me can invest in easily, without having to worry about a wallet in space and chain link computing?.
Thank you,
Sam Dysart

R.L. Chumbley May 26, 2018

I am 75 years young; my concern is the dollar and government debt. My question: Is it safer to have cash or blue chip stock if the monetary system fails?

Gary Berrier May 26, 2018

I have a mid range portfolio but am looking to increase my income.

Anthony M. Danella May 26, 2018

have 600 K in corporate bonds. Stay or get out?

Edward Roos May 26, 2018

Greatly concerned about USA rising debt and how our “leaders” are going to pay for everything. As a senior citizen{85+} how can we afford the increase in medical expenses. We just received notice that our Long Term Care cost for the next 12 months will increase by 40%! We keep hearing about our government wanting to cut social security, medicare some pension reduction.
I have done OK in the stock market with some of your recommendations and others too. We live on SS and Required Minimum Distributions and my wife’s pension. Many others we talk to are panicking and don’t know how they will make it through bad times.
Reading the business sections of the paper has become too confusing. Like the writer seems out of touch.

Nancy Marshall May 26, 2018

1. Currency reset to allow the gov’ts and their buddies (i.e. the insolvent, too-big-to-fail banks) to nullify their debts and to present us with digital-only money (since recording all our calls isn’t enough)
2. The demise of LIBOR by 2021 and the resulting amending of loans (fixed rate mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans?) to accommodate its replacement and a currency reset, and the re-figuring of property tax for those of us who don’t have debt.
3. Federal Reserve continues to support the few, at cost to the many
3.5. Bail ins
4. Gold confiscation. 401k and pension funds raided.
Talk about needing a diversified portfolio! Sheesh! Anything could happen.
The people in fly-over country would be sharpening their pitch forks if they weren’t all doped up on opiates…Hey, that sounds like a plan!
Am I a crazy conspiracy theorist? (i wish)

Leland Carpenter May 26, 2018

not having enough to live on in retirement.

Scott Kuhner May 26, 2018

The world economy is just like it was in the twenties after WWI.. Europe came out of the war with so much debt the most countries were in essence bankrupt. They were trying to put the problems on their neighboring countries by changing the value of their currencies in a game that was called “beggar thy neighbor” Now most of Europe has too much debt to the extent that they are actually bankrupt. Our own country is in a bad debt position that will only get worse. The baby boomers have been reaching retirement age at the rate of 10,000 / day and most don’t have enough money saved to live more that a yew years. The government on the other hand is trying to reduce medicare and gut Medicaid just when many people will need it. For example, at age 83, my mother sold her house and moved into a retirement home. She had $1,000,000 and was easily living off the interest on her savings. However, six years latter, she got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, didn’t see something on the floor, tripped over it and broke her hip. The she had to be moved to the assisted living part of the retirement home, which cost more and she also had to have a private duty nurse. Six years after that she had spent all her money down to the last $3,000 so she was then moved into the nursing home under Medicaid for the last two years of her life. How many retirees have $1,000,000 in savings let alone the $2,000,000 that would be adjusted for inflation.

jack tax payer wanting to go on strike May 26, 2018

In Canada we have much Too much government
the swamp is not getting even more populated
Too many people, with leftard governments still subsidising / paying for high fertility rates…. Which segment of society / clan is using that as their main source of income.

This is clearly not sustainable
Especially with Tax payers feeling enslaved, and looking for ways to go on trike from their role as paying for government ever expanding largess

Raymond Stoneback MD May 26, 2018

I am an 85 yo retired MD who is trying to preserve my estate for my family. Our massive national debt can never be satisfied and only increases . This is my primary concern which reflects my childrens fuyure..

Evan hagan May 26, 2018

Currently retired. Need money invested super safe.

anthony g May 26, 2018

There has not been enough fear in the markets to get a correction . The fangs have to much power.

john May 26, 2018


Mark May 26, 2018

It seems possible that advances in technology of the internet kind are becoming more common (AI, Blockchain), and that these advances can improve productivity at a rate faster than the world events/black swan events that can upset the wealth cycle. If you are a long term investor is that a solid bet.

Gary May 26, 2018

One of my biggest concerns is how that government will handle our IRA accounts being in so much debt themselves. I would like to find a way to make consistent monthly income either with Stocks or options I look forward to hearing you speak

(Mac) Ralph E. McClellan May 26, 2018

Martin – Thanks for the alert

As a Lifetime member of the Weiss Profit Elite group since 06, and a customer of your brokerage firm for several years, I am truly looking forward to this event.

One of the first things that caught my attention in your news letter in the 80’s , was your account of listening to your Farther’s account of the Great Depression.

It was as if I was sitting down with my Dad at the breakfast table. My big interest today is the Gold Coin Market; I would like to hear your opinion on this at the

present time.

CS May 26, 2018

Martin: Good luck trying to answer all these fearful folks!
Certainly corrupt leaders have caused collapse of many nations. What will our outcome be to the enormous debt problem?
How can we as individuals protect whatever personal wealth we have?

phillip schelinski May 26, 2018

I could fill this page with comments about the incredible convergence happening in the world and the solar systems.
As a retired person with a very large growing family of grandchildren and great grandchildren I feel a responsibility
to educate them about the loss of leadership across the globe and how it will continue to impact their lives.
The Central Bankers and their “invisible string pullers” have destroyed the global economy . The Deep State is real and its
bent on WAR as an economic tool. When the US market is the best looking pig in the bunch -the BOND market about to collapse
and the main street media “market experts “afraid to tell the truth -what does that leave for the so called “clueless 401 xx
investor to do about their financial future.
My research seems to settle on 2021 as the Monetary Reset time period. If true again what to do in the meantime with fixed assets?
Lynette Zang ITM says the law is on the books –all contracts will be reset. ($370 Trillion in Derivatives alone)
In the meantime none of this is important if NASA, the Vatican, Cal Tech scientists are correct about Planet X -Wormwood and
Nibiru crossing our solar system cannot be avoided.

Elizabeth May 26, 2018

My family lost everything, home, savings, generations of inherited wealth, everything due to catastrophic medical bills. We got back ten cents on the dollar from the crash of 1933. That lasted us until 1990. There is nothing left. I worry about what will happen to this country when people’s savings lose value, the government can’t make good on pension and SSA promises, and there is a major financial implosion worse than the Great Depression. The cycles are lining up for a megacycle worse than anything we have seen in our lifetime. That worries me.

Terry Boldt May 26, 2018

I read once that you could take a person from the 1850 forward to 1950 and that person could look around at prices for basics such as food and they would seem totally reasonable that person.

Stable money existed then, but not since 1964 and probably earlier.

Do you think stable money is attainable in your lifetime?? It’s a political question and not an economic question.

Terry Boldt May 26, 2018

What concerns me the most: volatility

John Skirnick May 26, 2018

I believe the national debt caused by obama will eventually break the bank

Peter Morgan May 26, 2018

What can we expect in the upcoming 12 months?

John Quatrini May 26, 2018

With US stocks in the ninth year of recovery/bull market, and bonds high also, do you feel that international and emerging markets are solid investments? Also concerning is the erratic behavior of the Tweeter-in-Chief, but I don’t think you or I can do much about that.

Merlin Schendel May 26, 2018

I don’t know that I merit such adulation.
I’m interested in where to put a few thousand dollars to keep safe and secure.

Paul Bernecker May 26, 2018

I have no fears, but I am interested in your profound statements concernig the situations you mentioned above.

Allen Benning May 26, 2018

My small comment or complaint (maybe). I must get 5 to 20 emails a day to sign up for the best money making program on the internet guarantying 75% to 95%
success rate. There is always proof and large guarantees if the trades don’t succeed. I have checked many of them and the trades were possible. However, as much as the cost of the programs is reasonable ( most are at least $1500 to $2995) and you all say you are there to help the small guy. Would it not be more realistic to ask for say $250 to $500 with an agreement to pay the balance out of profits. I would guarantee you 75% to 99% would take you up on your offer and be more than happy to pay you a bonus.
Hope to hear from you Martin’
Al B

Bobby Hall reply_all Allen Benning May 27, 2018

If it is possible I will. My biggest concerns are gun control which is closely related to drug control, such cheap credit for people who know it most likely will never be repaid, and the N. Korean dog & pony show. The right to bear arms will no be infringed is a joke. The NRA contributes enough to political hopefuls they keep the NRA in big business. When our constitution was written the people needed their guns to sustain themselves in food. Since we have not been able to restrict the right to bear arms lets give the people a few a-bombs. We consider them as arms or give them cap & ball guns like the only thing the had when the constitution was written.

Bill warner reply_all Allen Benning May 27, 2018

I’m almost 82 YO. Hence I’ve lived through and seen many wars, terrorist (come and go), financial cycles while experiencing a
Healthy and happy live with five children, and too many grandchildren to count. Hence don’t need to make a million dollars or build riches before I pass leaving a life well, happy, and successful. My Dad passed at 90 YO so I’ve got about 10 years to go yet.
I’ve got a small portfolio made up about 50 stocks I would like to pass on to my children to have my funeral and a few dollars for themselves. My only worry is that. The world is so filled with greed there won’t be anything left when I pass. I get over 100 emails per day telling me they can make me a millionaire – I would like a more reasonable use. Of my time.

Senior Citizen reply_all Allen Benning May 26, 2018

Reading down through the comments I see many people with the same concerns I have. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve worked for. I don’t want to save myself by digging a hole and pulling it in after me–I have people relying on me who have worked hard all their lives and still can’t get ahead. I was able to because I was born just after WWII, and my family rose from the working to the middle class on the New Deal. Those doors have closed and the middle class is being systematically destroyed. How do we who still cling to a place in the middle class save ourselves so that we can save our neighbors? The Bible says we are supposed to do that–love them, not turn them away or exploit them or punish them for existing.

Bill Scherr May 26, 2018

There has been talk recently of a stock market collapse in the latter part of 2018. Do you think this will happen in this year? Or next year? If it happens, what will be the safer stocks to own?

Also, is it a time to buy gold? So far this year, gold has not risen much. Will this change in 2018?

Fred Meyer May 26, 2018

I will be traveling next week. No access.

Granger Kelley May 26, 2018

The greatest challenge to current wealth-building is that we are in the midst of a national crisis. If this were a military one, we could depend on the men and women in uniform to dedicate their lives to resolving it. However, this is a constitutional crisis and we can’t depend on many in Congress to do anything except bury their heads in the sand and pray for their jobs!!

Until the leadership and majority in Congress standup to their Constitutional “responsibilities, I don’t see how we can expect our Investment Advisors to plot a steady course through these rough waters, no matter how knowledgeable and proficient you have been in the past!!

Stephen gravatt May 26, 2018

I am concerned that the Fed & cronies will never allow this stock market to correct ever again . They seemingly use plunge protection team every time there is chance of a free market emergence. Lately it has been massive bond buying. When will short selling ever be profitable again?

Rimo May 26, 2018

Low risk trades and working with low price stocks to maximize return.

Darrell Calvin Brown May 26, 2018

Thank You Dr. Weiss. I will be listening.

Thomas Clark May 26, 2018

Greetings. I would like to know how much longer is this whole thing is going to last? Something is in the air.

Treitel,ken May 26, 2018

What might be the black swan event that could rock the market? Thank you.

Merilee Chopp May 26, 2018

With all the new staff you have hired and each one asking us to invest in so many stocks it’s confusing which ones to pick. Seems like no matter what I pick most go down. This is what worries me – what to invest in.

As far as the wars all of this is in the Bible. God never changes but man does. Man will destroy this world.

Roy Turnbull May 26, 2018

Collusion between government and banking and/or business concerns has caused severe distortion and damage to economic and social systems. Will something better come out of collapse of the current immoral and unsustainable systems? A monetary system with a more stable value and supply would be a blessing. Governments with minimal power and minimal budgets would be a blessing too.

I want to keep informed of the likely sequence, timing, and potential magnitude of coming changes. I’d like to be able to continue making money in markets that are thriving, but be prepared for safety and/or profits when a collapse occurs.

I’ve seen predictions of $5000 or higher gold from several sources now. Is this still a likely outcome over the next several years?

John reply_all Roy Turnbull May 27, 2018

I have also seen predictions of $700 Gold.

Leon May 26, 2018

I would like to have a dividend style investment income.

However, wall$treat uses AI and algorithms to fudge the market.

At my SS age and retirement I perceive a set up of fleecing the boomers like the last two market crashes.

So I’m stuck at the dollar fund earning a pittance.

Very frustrating to have a limited income and drop in life quality.

Susan May 26, 2018

My biggest worry is how the coming storm will impact retirees.

ARNOLD May 26, 2018


hanna j abu nassar May 26, 2018

Thank you Dr. Weiss for your sincerity and honesty.I am an 85 year old physician subspecialist working partime.This is the first time I feel the need to work a little longer to make up for investment losses that I incurred from overconfidence in past successes.Thank you for your wise and sincere counsel as well as noble mission.HJN

carmen schneidler May 26, 2018

Trying to keep principal and gaining about 2% in my portfolio. problems with govt. intervention in my IRA.

5 1 or

ROG May 26, 2018


Richard Dierks May 26, 2018

Tell us what you think will happen with precious
Metals and canibuss when we have a major drop in the economy___ a depression

Gregory T Granado reply_all Richard Dierks May 27, 2018

Two different sectors…good question. But, you may not be able to sell metal on the street, but you sure will be able to sell the cannibas!! And, if you have enough canna to sell, YOU WON’T BE DEPRESSED!! LOL!

Camille Ference May 26, 2018

Dr.Weiss, I agree with the concerns/issues you have identified in your email. Working in the field of mental health/substance abuse I’m very aware of the turmoil and self destruction occurring in our society, unfortunately from all walks of life and income.I’ve always worked hard and was thrifty with the money earned. I did fine until I purchased a vacant retail space in a condo bldg.While rehabbing the space some residential owners discovered my purpose. I was subjected to a massive law suit. I won the case but could not recoup my substantial legal fees because the assoc. had the right to investigate etc. I am in good health even though I’m of the age to be retired. My resources are limited so I would like to make some investments that would assure me I don’t have to be reliant on others. I look forward to your video briefings. Thanks Camille

Winston Greene May 26, 2018

Mr. Weiss,
The main thing is to preserve what we have already saved and have invested.

—Winston Greene
Houston, TX

Lawrence Parks May 26, 2018

What do you think is the ‘trigger point’ for leaving stocks and where does one go for safety? What do you think is the better safe harbor, gold coins
or gold stocks, or neither? How far will oil go? up to or beyond $100 per barrel? What is your long-term view on REIT’s such as NLY? (it’s dividends
have more than matched its stock value drop-off over the last few years). Is the S&P 500 ETF, SPY, a good hedge for the market ( at what value would
you suggest one enter this fund – it is pretty high right now!).
2nd Comment, based on quick review of many comments: I will be quite interested in how you classify your response, from Micro( individual stocks)to
Macro/ all-encompassing (world and planet issues like China and Global Warming myth). Based on the wide range of issues: I would like to see more regarding investments and individual safe investment strategies. I’m sure no one on your staff can solve the world’s problems, but some wise suggestions that may apply
to our financial health would be welcomed (ie. coal or oil or solar) or (where is crypto headed and will it beat out technology like GOOG & APPL)?

Richard Gross May 26, 2018

Continued illegal immigration is costing Americans billions annually. We can no longer afford to subsidize illegals ie. no more financial support for education, food stamps, housing and medical.

Jeff Chapman reply_all Richard Gross June 2, 2018

How do you square that with the enormous amount of labor they provide in our agriculture, meat processing, dairy and other sectors. Will the loss of that production and output not cost America billions and greatly raise the prices on such goods. I’m not in favor of illegal immigration, but corporate America has been operating with this labor structure for 30+ years. Demand congress fix our immigration and work laws, rather than scapegoat the needs of immigrant workers. Trump is making this situation much worse, leading us to a future economic and labor crisis at the expense of our nations food supply. You think people are angry now, wait until they have no food and their children go hungry.

Sheila reply_all Richard Gross May 27, 2018

My biggest concern is of course, feeling like I do not have enough money to ride out a shaky retirement environment. My greatest challenges are in the area of positioning money so as to obtain income, as well as some growth in funds. not to mention avoiding losses. I lost $250,000 in 2008, and have never recovered it.

WANDA L ADDISON May 26, 2018

Not enough credit to invest in earning more incom

Elliot abrams May 26, 2018

Worried about interest rates rising to the point where the US cannot afford its debt service.

Victor Gold May 26, 2018

I’ve seen several internet presentations saying that on July, 21st the G20 group of nations including Russia, China and the USA will ban all cryptocurrencies. This will make Bitcoin and all the altcoins worthless. Instead, each nation will issue its own coin such as the Fedcoin for the USA. In other words, instead of a decentralized currency system, we will be forced to endure the central banks taking over the blockchain technology for themselves. I pray this is not true. What do you think will happen?

Gregory T Granado reply_all Victor Gold May 27, 2018

Victor, you need to pay more attention to Marty n Juan!! But, I must say…I have a concern about the global monetary system, but with respect to having blockchain and a STABLEcoin replace current fiat in America. A subject that can’t be fully addressed here. But, Juan (and other cryptonites) don’t see PURE cryptoz and DLT failing us. READ the Crypto Alerts!!

Sharon Smith May 26, 2018

I would like to know how aND when to invest in penny pot stocks. Thank you


There has been quite a bit of writing concerning the government outlawing $100 bills, maybe 50’s. One says it will be sudden, another that it will be a phase out.

I moved all mine out of the bank several years ago. What are your thoughts on it?

David May 26, 2018

Interested in your view of the internal conflict between our Intelligence agencies and our executive and legislative branches of Government. What might we do to safeguard our wealth from government grabbing?

Jon May 26, 2018

While uncertainty and market volatility are disrupting investors, profitable opportunities are still available. Should we back out of the market and see how things unfold or partially lessen our market exposure but watch, track and participate in good opportunities?

Ruthann Saenger May 26, 2018

Need to know how to jump start in accumulating wealth!

William McCallister May 26, 2018

What’s the best way to invest for income right now?

Gregory T Granado reply_all William McCallister May 27, 2018

Invest. Now.

Maria Rose May 26, 2018

The assumption that someone who has an income around the $40,000 has spare change to invest unless they have no big bills like a housing cost. Usually, someone like this, when they retire either by choice or by the current climate laid off, doesn’t have big savings accounts in IRA and Roths set up. You always mention how you provided for your father, despite his lack of proper funding setup. Where does someone like this look for ways to keep enough funds available throughout rest of lifespan?
I do not see an end to rising costs and creating another stream of income by working is not the answer with ageism in place in most companies.

Bill Herpich May 26, 2018

The environment we are in is just part of the market doing its thing. My only worry is the market won’t get back to its uptrend – given Trumps stupid moves. My greatest wealth building challenge is being able to pick the right stocks and the right time. You and your team can help we by giving good advice and suggestions how to handle the market ebbs and flows.

C Walmiere May 26, 2018

Many comments have been made recently about legalization of Pot. Do you think Pot stocks will do well now or in the future?
Thank you!

Doug May 26, 2018

Greatest concerns:
o. Uncertainty of the economy & markets
o. Safest places to maintain security of assets
o. Guidance on cryptos


yes,, its about time ,, the democrats messed it all up…

Jeff Chapman reply_all EDDIE GERALD LEIDENHEIMER June 2, 2018

Can you be more specific. My eyes have watched both parties greatly damage the bird.

Doug May 26, 2018

Greatest concerns:
o. Uncertainty of the economy & markets
o. Safest places to maintain security of assets

Sid Case May 26, 2018

Thanks for taking the time to do this….. How serious is the push to eliminate cash in the USA? Further, the same question applies to the plans to eliminate the dollar as the world currency, replacing it with the SDR? How do we protect ourselves? I have read that gold is the answer, but can’t the government just recall it like they did in 1933—- therefore that does not seem like a solution. Again, thanks.

Laila Axen reply_all Sid Case May 27, 2018

What stocks will be least affected in a crash? What are your thought on gold and silver?

GW Yeatman May 26, 2018

I will be flying Wednesday. My main concern is that I have funds to last. Low income but moderate-sized IRA.

Sarah S May 26, 2018

I want you to address debt in this country and how we, as citizens, can survive a government that obviously believes that it is our problem, not a government problem, to rack up debt. I feel I am seeing a real-life example of the Emperors New Clothes.

Many much smarter than I have responded. I’d like to know how people who do not believe in assuming unreasonable debt on a personal level can protect themselves from the tentacles of governmental debt, which we did not authorize nor create.

I also would like to know, Martin, since you have excellent number cruncher, what it would take to resolve this debt issue and how we as citizens can protect our children from having to assume it? Can we use crypto currencies to this end? Should we pass stricter laws on who can borrow money?

Thank you and God Bless you. Sally

David May 26, 2018

I have 3 to 5 years before I retire. How can I get the highest returns on my investments? Or, what sectors should I focus on?

raj zaveri May 26, 2018

we like to increase our investments safely around 2% to 4% above CPI but no more than 10% loss in a calander year.
What’s your suggestions. Thanks.

Mark McHose May 26, 2018

I am concerned about a lot of defaults in Corporate bonds and consumer finance (student loans, sup-prime auto,credit card) that should becoming soon. The US may be the best haven because China, Japan and the EU are just as debt crazed as us. I keep thinking precious metals and commodities should take off soon but the stronger dollar seems to stop every run at the higher high breakthrough to $1400 gold. My 1970 Finance Degree and 45 years in business can make no sense of the current monetary thought.

Gregory T Granado reply_all Mark McHose May 27, 2018

I have no degree. I never ran a business. But either way….WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!

Ronald Dunscombe May 26, 2018

I feel like we are coming up on some very scary times for the stock market. Not sure what I should be doing to protect my money as I am now fully retired. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

laurie May 26, 2018

What are the best securities to buy as protection against the coming market crash?
What is likely to happen if Trump fires Mueller?
What is likely to happen if Mueller indicts Trump?
What’s likely to happen if the meeting with Kim Jong Un is a bust?

Gregory T Granado reply_all laurie May 27, 2018


Harry Thomas May 26, 2018

Many great comments have already been written. My question is! Where and How do we protect our Wealth from the Perfect Storm ???

JAY reply_all Harry Thomas May 29, 2018

The stairway to Heaven is built of Charity, and that is what we may take with us, when we go. Store your treasures in Heaven.

Gregory T Granado reply_all Harry Thomas May 27, 2018

You don’t really have a concern. If it’s a Perfect Storm you won’t see it coming. And after it passes, you won’t have anything left.

Roger May 26, 2018

How safe is this market ? Are reits a safe haven for retirement?

H Maas May 26, 2018

No comments

Roger May 26, 2018

Socialism and communism taking over.
No morals.
Welfare state and destruction of currency.
Police state government.
Government corruption.
Etc. Etc.

Jeff Chapman reply_all Roger June 2, 2018

Having “No morals” is loudly exemplified for the whole world to see by our current president. My children are watching and it makes my angry to my core. Clean it up.

Gideon Schaeffer May 26, 2018

Have several troublesome issues. 1.I made the mistake to sign up with Mampilly / and was unhappy with the multilayer communications thru multi phone systems. I tried to cancel only to receive another more expensive order. There is somthing terribly wrong with that sales/phone systems like this. Item 2.
live in a CCR residence Nice and well maintained but too expensive and every major down turn puts us into financial stress-really. I am pleased the markrt has been strong and the country coming thru terrible lies by Demo drift /fraud into misguided press releases. The political parties not helping each other nor the Country. Pray and Trust we must.

Charles Ronk May 26, 2018

I am most concerned about the Federal government’s spending habits and national debt. Rising interest rates will make the deficit even larger and alternative financing more attractive. I am most concerned about nationalizing 401Ks and IRAs. Also the usual monetizing debt will lead to loss of purchasing power of my assets with little hope from the stock market

Gregory T Granado reply_all Charles Ronk May 27, 2018

The reason you aren’t building wealth is because you are paying too much attention to how you are losing it! Change your perspective.

Jesse May 26, 2018

I am 60yrs old I just move 260k to the Jackson account I left 40k in the stocks It’s not doing good for me What other program that you can offer that it’s mor secured

John Plashal May 26, 2018

According to the global Debt Monitor, which is an entity in the Institute of International Finance,the total global debt — government, corporate and personal debt — grew by $21 trillion or 10% in 2017.

The World Bank recently estimated that the global economy will grow by 3.1% in 2018.

Debt growing at three times the rate of economic growth is a recipe for eventual disaster

Gregory T Granado reply_all John Plashal May 27, 2018

And your question is…..?

Worried2rome May 26, 2018

As long as the human population keeps going further away from a level of equilibrium with nature the tension and possibility of war and epidemics will grow. in the past century the discovery of the new world and new technologies have permitted great expansion of population and knowledge. However, those buffers haved decreased and the population growing exponentially is unsustainable. Food and commodities after a slight decrease in value will increase in value and possibilities of conflict will increase with them.
The other factor is the advent of artificial intelligence. Computers usee electronic changes to use and analyze data, they are many times faster than chemical reactions which drive our thinking. Living beings have compensated by having massively neural network which permitted fast reactions but also a level of unpredictability. AI is now being put on neural network of greater and greater complexity and speed. They will improve at incredible speed and will affect the reactions in the financial and then other market places.

Gregory T Granado reply_all Worried2rome May 27, 2018

Well, there you go. You just laid out the investment sectors you should invest in….the ones you know about. And I didn’t even charge you for that. You’re welcome.

Chuck May 26, 2018

Potus just announced the demise of Medicare. Next he will kill Social Security, I’m sure. Is there no end to his mischief?

dean May 26, 2018

There is both greed and fear . Fare is stronger Your e-mails have list fear problems
Trouble is I end up under running of bulls in Spain
As good wins again and S&P 500 goes higher.

Lost to much cash last time.

Brenda May 26, 2018

I am a 64 year old mother of an adopted 14 year old, husband has deserted us. I was never allowed to work,so ne incoming
Pention, but have some savings how do I make my funds work to keep us afloat in the coming years? Thank you.

Alex May 26, 2018

Will the Federal reserve survive the next crash?

John reply_all Alex May 27, 2018

The Federal government finances are a Ponsi scam

Rich May 26, 2018

I have nearly half my retirement savings in a variable annuity and lately have heard it’s an expensive way to invest. I turn 70 in December this year. Is it to late to make changes? My next 5% step up happens 9/29 so thinking of triggering the life payments to start in Oct ’18.
I’m not too concerned about the markets this year and expect markets to grind, with choppy volatility between 12-15, gradually upwards.
Also, I believe 10 years from now, if not sooner, taxes will start rising and eventually become similar to Europe. Would it be smart to start transferring portions, w/o bumping up to next tax level, of my IRA to a Roth IRA?

Roderic Castor May 26, 2018

Especially in these times: PS – Participate Safely !

Rick Castricone May 26, 2018

In your last webinar about cryptocurrency, your team touted (along with 3 others). Nothing further has been mentioned to your Real Wealth subscribers. I didn’t subscribe to the crypto membership you offered, $1500 was way out of my price range. Are you going to give us any follow-up info?

It seems your company, since Larry past away, is only interested on selling more high priced services that keeping your Real Wealth subscribers in the know.

Gregory T Granado reply_all Rick Castricone May 27, 2018

Rick. You gotta get the Crypto Alert. I have spent alot of time on researching crypto. I don’t have a great tech background. I do have a paid subscription to Weiss’ crypto service. It is great. What you will learn about DLT is phenomenal.

Jane Smith May 26, 2018

I am 3 years away from retirement and have saved enough to live on, unless the market crashes again. What should I invest in or should I just put it all in cash now? I have my investments in mutual funds, bonds, and stocks, and cash. I MUST preserve what I have.

Miriam Flaherty reply_all Jane Smith May 27, 2018

What are the distinct signs your Broker may not be giving your brokerage account the attention it should have as a regular thing?

Is a 4% return in an account average, above or below?

Should you remove some part of a brokerage account that is not very profitable at this time, and place that cash in a very safe place like C Ds ? Partially, as a precaution for a collapse in the market.

Thank you very much.

Gregory T Granado reply_all Jane Smith May 27, 2018

Let your last sentence guide you.

JWL May 26, 2018

I’ll take your comments in the fourth paragraph above a bit further. You don’t mention the rampant corruption that has been exposed at every level of our Nation’s government. I’m not a student of ancient history, but I know that corruption in government, no worse than what we see in Washington, D.C. and our state and local governments, is what brought down empires. The people lose confidence when they can see those in power care for themselves first and the people last. This has already begun to happen.

Strangely enough, we may need one of the other risks listed in your fourth para to occur – to do for us what we can’t seem to do ourselves – like it did in 1940.

John reply_all JWL May 27, 2018

The Roman empire died for these reasons and so will the US.

Jeff Chapman reply_all John June 2, 2018

The Roman empire overreached. Spread military and political influence too far, eventually taxing resources and exposing vulnerabilities. This overreach, as well as a deadly malaria outbreak, are the reasons the Roman empire collapsed and fell to invaders.

Sharon R. Krotts May 26, 2018

As a retired person in a changing political environment, having a limited amount saved, how much investment should be invested in metals (silver perferred or gold) and how do you advise it be “stored”. Also because of the limited amount saved, what portion of that is it advisable to invest in the stock market and what do you advise it should be invested in. Can this be long term or does it need to be short term and watched! Should this be done by the person themselves or is it advisable that it be brokered through an agent if you are new to trading?

glenn constantine May 26, 2018


john w morris May 26, 2018

Looking for stocks that are going down

Gregory T Granado reply_all john w morris May 27, 2018

Take it from a 64 yr old….just wait…it won’t be long.

Jim May 26, 2018

Where do you put your money now? Should you let it sit in cash. I lost 10-15 in night trader so I stopped. Bad decision to lose money? I need to grow and not lose as I am within 2 years of retirement

Betty Polito May 26, 2018

Joseph is no longer with us.

J Freeman May 26, 2018

If you purchase gold and silver coins for wealth preservation, WHEN and HOW do you use them or trade them in for
the new currency?
Do you believe the government will NOT confiscate these metals? If they do and you hold them anyway, would you have
no way to use them – making them worthless?
Please make the broadcasts available after the airing because we will be out of town next week.
Thank you.

Gregory T Granado reply_all J Freeman May 27, 2018

Gold is trash as far as govetnments and currency uses are concerned. CRYPTO is the new GOLD.

Dilip May 26, 2018

We are retired. We don’t need to build wealth. We only need income investments. That will be my focus.

Evelyn Waters May 26, 2018

Seniors NEED higher interest rates on their savings via CD ‘s, MOney market accounts. It’s criminal what little banks are offering us.!!

John reply_all Evelyn Waters May 27, 2018

Banks pay less than 1% on your investment, but charge 25% for credit card debt. You need to be a bank.

Bernard Benson May 26, 2018

Probably the thought of trade wars bothers me more than anything else.
However, I’m 85 years old and in no danger of outliving my resorteds so I feel secure.

Carmina Abrams May 26, 2018

I lost the love of my life five years ago this past April 11th. I, like yourself, am concerned about the future of my inherited investments !!!

charles bernold May 26, 2018

For me the only “real” way to be OK when retired
Be 100% debt free
own your living space debt free and well maintained
have 1 or 2 single homes rented out if possible if not you are well of any way
getting S.S. every month
and some DJI 5 highest dividend stocks
IF NOT don’t retire


Marc May 26, 2018

We are being told that the economy is stronger now with a host of other issues that are contributing a positive outlook for the present and future of our Country, yet the markets are quite volatile even with this good news. My concern is what will happen if some not so good news shows up?

cedial May 26, 2018

I am very worried by the barrage of ever crazier investment advice offers I get. Example: “On June 13 XYZ shares will rocket up 10X (because I know a secret that will still be a secret after I sell it to millions)” Clearly, there are a lot of suckers who fall for such a line. This is typical of a major market top. It’s scary.

Everette Tompkins May 26, 2018

Well, we have all been warned. Abyss just ahead. Yet some analysts say, “The best market days are just ahead.” Perhaps it was Jimmy Durante who said ” You pays youur money and you takes your chances.”

Henry Westendarp May 26, 2018

Our Justice Department and part of Judiciary are not following the Constitution. Liberals are using all methods, legal and illegal, to hurt Trump. Both he and the Congress are too patient waiting for the truth in justice documents to come out. If it doesn’t, our country is lost.

Gerald Chang May 26, 2018

Worry nothing except WAR which can not be controlled by any professional in financial industry or stock market.

Bobby May 26, 2018

Need to grow my retirement fund, be stable in uncertain times, prepared for the worst and not lose my ass. Is that too much to ask? Lol

Edward Vernon May 26, 2018

Hi Martin,

You pretty well covered the waterfront in your opening statements. I have pretty well moved out of stocks. I am sitting on substantial cash, which is not making much money. I would like to know where you think the yield will be on the 10 year Treasury in one year? Thank you.

Jan foster May 26, 2018

I’m not good at articulating my fears that’s why I haven’t responded before. I will definitely tune in next week to hear what you have to say. At 82 next week I just worry about everything that will hurt my adult children’s future in this unsettled world.

Robert Faulkenberry May 26, 2018

How do I respond rapidly on receiving an alert when my interface (coinbase) has me wait 8 days before I can use money that I deposit or else have to be sitting with money already in bitcom which could be going down while I wait.

Ron May 26, 2018

I just retired with a modest nest egg and need safe investments that can generate income and growth.

michael whitcher May 26, 2018

Take the case of this man: single, retired on a mid-five figures income, zero debt, nest egg in low six figures–all cash, all USD, healthy, no dependents. Wants to : avoid capital loss , protect against predatory govt, not risk averse not stupid. Considering short term US govt debt. Does not have the temperament or time for active trading. Do not trust brokers and etc.

Juan May 26, 2018

The main worries are economic :

– Debt, inflation, Trade wars and inequality

And political :

– Drmocracy under pressure , nationalism and populism

Robert Duncan May 26, 2018

I need to know what is going on in the world.

JANE TREBESS May 26, 2018

Thanks for your concern Martin. We are not so affected in UK but, no doubt, we will not be able to avoid big changes. We now spend 6 months in Cyprus, which
is lovely as we get away from the cold winter here in the Northern Highlands of Scotland. Life in Cyprus never seems to change and I hope it never will.
I do not have any real concerns at the moment, but would like to go on your list to attend the two webinars.

Thank you again for inviting me.

Wallace Berg May 26, 2018

My comment is that I have no wealth to protect. I spend a lot of money on newsletters and follow their advise but never make the outlandish amounts they suggest are to had. In fact I have paid more out for advise then I have gained. Pretty much where I started at about 75K. I’m 70 and trying to leave something for the grand kids but think this is a young man’s sport.

David D. May 26, 2018

My worry is ,,, Cheryl and I are in our mid 70’s and have our savings with PNC investments and are worried that they will lose our money like Morgan Stanley did back in 08. Lucky we took most of it out and put in the bank for the last 9 years . It made nothing as you know. Last year I decided to try it again with PNC. It done well and now is pretty much flat. Part of it is in Jackson annuity’s and so far that’s OK. . We need at least 5% to make it . I’m thinking of maybe doing a little investing on my own but limited on money to invest. So with that said theirs not much chance for making much before we kick off. I need some ideas and a kick in the rear to do something. Maybe dividends? I don’t know. I had your dividend reports from you but sadly didn’t pull the trigger.

Peter L May 26, 2018

Keep tabs for us on government attempts to raid private wealth.

David Cumming May 26, 2018

Concerns ?…1 ) A non functioning toxic House and Senate…( both side to blame s but Reid and Pelosi taking it to the extreme )

2) Out of control National Debt which is devaluing the dollar

3) World powers re-arming themselves and militarizing outer space instead of working together
to make a better world for all and protect this special place in the universe called Earth

4) the complete absence of COMMON SENSE in the world around us

Bill Ballou May 26, 2018

Others’ fears may or may not be rational. I search the entire context of everything I believe to be true. When something I believe conflicts with another thing I believe, I reexamine everything until I can remove the conflict. Finding all the facts is key. This, so far, works well.

james May 26, 2018

i would like to know your thoughts on the interest rates that continue to rise? How high do you think they might go? And what we might do to prepare for any interest rate shocks like inverse etf’s

Fred Koerner May 26, 2018

Dear Dr. Weiss, dear Martin,
I do value your Crypto Research very much! The same with your and Juan s excellent comments on various topics including the rising levels of risk. I am a retired investment banker having lived for many years in London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Vienna, currently living in Cyprus. I am Austrian, and therefore coming from a NEUTRAL country in the safe heart of Europe. Here in Cyprus we are only about 200 kms away from Syria and the MIddle Eastern war zones and one can see both, Russian war ships (primarily helicopter carriers and supply ships) and British fighter jets more frequently with your own eyes. The political tensions are to be felt more and more. Although Cyprus is part of the EC the overall safety feeling is deminishing. Of course 15 to 30 UK fighter planes being stationed on the 2 British military basis on this island could not be enough to defend it. Against whom? Turkey, the historical enemy of the Greeks on this island? No way! Actually, as we do have not only US programmes but also Russion ones on this island, and I happen to understand both languages, it is pretty clear that the politics under the current US president Mr, Trump, is looking for war. Hopefully not with Russia. Turkey, although still a NATO member, is on the brink of changing sides, as the 2 presidents, Putin and Erdogan are getting along with each other better and better. Why does the US try to start another war? Evidently as you and I know, it is because the US Dollar is on the way down and the US will not be capable of repaying its immense debts! Juan described it to the point a few days ago. we here, being so close to Greece, we understand what a state default means. Greece did not officially go bankrupt, because of the huge European financial rescue packages, but who can rescue the US? So before it is obvious for everybody that the US cannot repay its immense debts, the US will start a war. Then, the flight to “quality” = USD might set in… like historically, but I dont buy that any more. Only GOLD, SILVER and TOP QUALITY CRYPTOS will be longer term safe havens. As we all have observed during the last decade, the price of Gold has been artificially kept down (by the US and its few big US banks fulfilling their orders) because if Gold was allowed to rise to natural demand levels it would be a lot higher and the USD vice versa a lot lower, showing the world how worthless the USD now is, after all the quantitative easing rounds. By the way, the same counts for the EURO. Switzerland has NO DEBT! So the CHF (Swiss Franc) is one of the few currencies that might survive the big crash, at least better than most others. As interest rates have bee kept artificially far to low in reaction to the 2008 desaster, stocks are artificially too high. Actually a lot of my acquaintances and friends from my former professional career as an investment banker and private banker, all being very successfull and retired bankers, are very fearful and strongly beleive we will see a major crash in the stock markets and currency turmoils. Most of them, by the way are not yet into cryptos, and I myself have only started a few months ago (unfortunately). Luckily I have been very cautious and have not lost any money by now, rather have made back in April and May the little I have lost in Jan and Feb , although I only entered in January this year (the highest point, as we know now in hindsight). Why? because I took myself time and tested the various Crypto exchanges and the Crypto markets before I really got started. Having followed your excellent Crypto research I made quite a bit of money recently. What worries me now actually in cryptos are not the erratic trading patterns (they are rather normal for Cryptos), but if the US sees Cryptos similar as Gold, meaning, as a real threat to their dominance of the worthless USD fiat! The US can happily depress the tiny crypto market artificially as they do so with the much bigger gold market. I have read what Juan says about this, but we all know, if cryptos dont move up, rather artificially beeing kept down, the interest might wane.

I should be delighted to keep in contact with you and Juan more often and also directly!

Best of luck and happiness


Dr. Mag. Frederic (Friedrich) Koerner

Joel May 26, 2018

We know the table is set for dramatic changes on many levels . Very often the projections of the day, month or year of reckoning are premature. What seems like a logical time line at this moment? Can the smoke and mirrors last much longer?

Shelly Horne May 26, 2018

Can’t attend. Surgery scheduled next week.

Susan Gannon May 26, 2018

I am always interested in what you have to share with us. Somehow I sense your sincerity and willingness to help people. Thank you Dr. Weiss

Arthur May 26, 2018

1. My major concern is with the current US executive administration. Trump’s actions reveal instability, personal avarice and poor judgment and knowledge particularly in appointing cabinet members. I’m concerned about excess exploitation of US natural resources through Interior Dept and EPA actions, loss of security of banking through dropping of protective regulations from the last big recessions, withdrawal from favorable trade agreements, alienation of former allies. lack of good character and intensions of Trump family and cronies. and constant attacks on the US justice system. Constant lying, double dealing for personal profit and failure to set a good example for the nation make Trump & family a constant risk to investment. In future I foresee that artificial intelligence programs will become a tyrant of the citizenry making constant observation and control by affluent elites and government easy as illustrated by the abuses of Face Book, Google and others.
I would like advice on alternative investments to the stock market, tax reduction actions, safer investments than equities and low paying interest accounts, and protection from rapidly increasing food and medical expenses

. Please explain how Dodd Frank is in adequate to replace glass Steagall as provided by FDR.Steve ellis May 26, 2018

Please explain how the loss of glass Steagall crippled the banking system . Please explain how Dodd Frank is in adequate to replace glass Steagall as provided by FDR.

T Murphy May 26, 2018

What signals do we look for just before next ‘shoe drops’ so to speak…?

Amceey May 26, 2018

Welcome back Dr. Weise. I miss Larry.
I am still holding cash since end of 2016, surprise isn’t it? It is not because I have great patience, the truth is I couldn’t find a comfortable investment. China initiated the OBOR which seems to bring the world out of the wood. Unfortunately, incidences like “Freedom of Navigation”, India Modi bigotry and President Trump dancing tango with North Korea Kim Jong Un, all of these smashed my confidence. Now coming up, the IMF SDR, US$ as anchor currency debasement, Israel invaded Jerusalem, European Union on the edge of the cliff and the worst issue is all Central Banks blatantly printing money from thin air.
Kindly correct me if I am wrong. 1. I expect US$ to move up very soon, to how high? It looks like the ski is the limit for the time being. 2. Gold and Silver both drop, to how low? Unfortunately I couldn’t even estimate. 3. The world stocks are going to collapse, following the DOW. 4. Bonds are at the cliff. 5. The fear of the banking system may systematically meltdown.
I am not paranoia but I am afraid I am going to be one. If you can, please address the concerns in your upcoming briefing.
By the way, I am now speculating if FX. Thanks God the market is exceptionally fantastic

Michel Tia May 26, 2018

United States is a rich country, the middle class economy from United States is the high class economy from Latin America… United States have a largest list of millionary people rank, the houses, properties and building are very expensive also, New York is very expensive to live… United States have many good things that other countries could imitate, but the foreign policy of United States is bad because the military industry have many influence over the governments who win the election wich at the end they rule the country at the back of the people.Therefore Ivory Coast where i am living has the same conditions than the Latino American countries.Then , i am going to say to him it is not easy to earn easily money in here .It is not easy the life in Ivory Coast.In the US , when you are not lazy , you live by earning money when doing any real and legal kind of jobs to live .But it is not even easy to get employment in here than talk about saving money at any bank to purchase things via internet.

Josh Holliday May 26, 2018


ETF’s to buy that go UP 2-3 times when the mkt Falls Down 1 point.
The 3 Best Buys on Dehydrated Food.
1/3 of all the economic Analysts are squawking about the OVER EXTENDED status of the Market, it’s OVERDUE for a massive Correction.
How people can grow CONTAINERS of Sprouts on windowsills, in closets (Grow lights) to have better nutrients in their food.
How people should create lil ‘Teams’ to buy or rent a small farm not too far away they can escape to in the event of major Social Unrest/Grid Dowe from a Solar Burst (like 1849 “Carrington Event”)
(*) HOW do Stop Loss points work?

Jack Berger May 26, 2018

1. It worries me that the right wing party in Israel is colluding with the Trump admin neocons to promote a new war with Iran. Morality aside, will it be put on our credit card as well?
2. The recent “tax reform” pleases corporations and the republican donor class, but the benefits to the middle and lower classes are token only. The major loss of revenue has been put on the “credit card” as well. …and we are supposed to believe that new “economic growth” will make it all whole somehow.
3. Sooner or later, our countries massive debt and wealth disparity are going to put the non elites of the US into a world of hurt…and it will not be pretty.
4. And, oh, buy the way, we need no longer concern ourselves over global warming or environmental degradation.

Frank Rossi May 26, 2018

Concern for paying the debt down to a reasonable healthy point seems to be unattainable. Therefore what concerns the over 55
crowd is talk of a debt jubilee. This would be the worst possible situation for the savers and those on fixed income. How likely do you think this will
be as a solution . If this is the solution what is the best way to protect against this.

Allan May 26, 2018

I worry about the phenomena described in these two articles:

If one wishes to avoid the consequences described, then it would appear that cash is king. But not paper cash; gold and silver coins. I would appreciate your insights.

Henrik Kugelberg May 26, 2018

The irradic Mr Trump in conjunction with the other Big heads of satte around The World and the puffed up world economy. I strongly feel we’re set up for something disturbing, perhaps a power driven economic crisis more than an actual killing war.

Dieter Henke May 26, 2018

Hi Martin,
the Trump situation doesn’t worry me at all. The US people elected a construction guy – they got a construction guy -including certain behavior.
Right now the world is watching the currency situation. There will be changes with tremendous effect.
The petrodollar will disappear in the medium term. This is something, Mr.Trump has to comprehend.
The USA must learn that the advantage, resulting from the USD and its use through other nations, will be over pretty soon.

Over here in Europe we’re facing the situation with a rather weak €.
Our banking system is indebted and I do not see any determination to change this. They all only try to muddle through. Not enough – not even in Europe.

John Love May 26, 2018

I am bullish on silver but the big banks manipulate the price down, particularly J P Morgan and then add to their 500 million ounce hoard, I thought that was illegal

Gerd May 26, 2018

The fact that the world economy is rooted in a concept that is not sustainable-Exponential growth. The deleveraging of debt that must occur at some point. President trump. The fact that the American people were desperate enough to vote for Trump…..This statement concerns character not policy…He is pompous child in a mans body. The unprecedented amount of monetary stimulus. The increasing divide between nations. The decline in individual responsibility. The focus on obtaining more stuff instead of more time creating relationships and pursuing life satisfaction.

Libby May 26, 2018

What about Oil & Gas or is it rare minerals for computers, phones and electric cars?

Joan May 26, 2018

Why on earth did you ever think a Mafia don like Donald Trump would be good for USA. Why do you so relentlessly sell big come on products that you cancel quickly like the currency options or that German creep who was so negative as the market was soaring., you know that options are very risky and your buyers are older buyer yet you promote them anyway? Why did you sell half your business to Banyan? Why do you have close to zero ethics? Was your father also a greedy Scumbag? Did he also pay multi million dollar fines to the SEC.

Warren May 26, 2018

How can we protect our money when the correction takes place and the big shots like Goldman pull out overnight?

r gio May 26, 2018

how do i learn to assess international companies and how do i purchase the security. Also, how do i assess safety of the investment, political risk and how does one track the investment.

Angel Scott May 26, 2018

I want leave a financial legacy for my family. How can you help me achieve that wealth that help generations and help humanity..!!! I’m thinking of llc or foundation. I have strong love too help homeless cause I use to be homeless and strong love to help special needs people cause I have my son is special needs.

H Miller May 26, 2018

Hope you have a way for us to hear later as I will be busy both days

Matt Caselli May 26, 2018

Hi Martin, I have gotten your newsletter for years but have also gotten newsletters from ANDY SNYDER JAMES ALTUCHER and they all want to sell a subscription to the next big cryto, marijuana stock, gold etc and make thousands in a short time, I am going to be 65 and so is my wife. I am retired my wife has one more year. We work with a fellow from Goldman Sachs and he says stay conservative. I feel I am missing out on some good opportunities.

Sanford Z Meschkow May 26, 2018

Dear Martin: My wide and I are deeply invested in quality short-term bonds, but as retirees we face required minimum distribution requirements, which means we have to dump some bonds each year (UNFAIR!) to pay the IRS. Well, if interest rates jump, the value of our bonds go down! So, which type of bonds will maintain their sales value as interest rates start to climb? What type or types of bonds would it be wise to sell now and use the money to buy other types that will hold their value longer?? Thanks for your advice in the past!!!

Loren May 26, 2018

Very concerned about the failure of the financial system as we know it

Dan May 26, 2018

Safe min 5% retirement income investments
with principle maintaining minimum growth with inflation.

( I don’t want much !!! )

Thanks for who you are. You are a blessing

Joan Blumenfeld May 26, 2018

I have followed you for over 20 years and you have saved me more than once financially by teaching me what to do and not to do. I am down with a severe respiratory condition at the moment so I have not been able to follow you like I should but please keep me informed. I do so much appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.
Joan Blumenfeld

Ron lundgren May 26, 2018

The disparity between the haves and the have nots is increasing. I can’t understand what has happened to average salaries in comparison to the cost of living. Seems like the market has gone up partially off the backs of the people at the bottom of the food chain. The tension and the tone of our country is very dark right know and the “The King of Debt” is at the helm. The day of reckoning is sure to come. Ron, subscriber since 1999. When my financial adviser warned there was something fishy about the market valuations when the QQQ keeps going up 100% per year.

James Reeves May 26, 2018

The market has struggled since February, with three bottoms.
These bottoms appear to be a temping target.
Do you see enough strength to overcome this several month struggle?

Billy May 26, 2018

I’m very concerned with the ticking time bomb of this nation’s overwhelming debt that is unsustainable.
I don’t want this to be my legacy to my children and grandchildren.
What can I do to safeguard my family from the collateral damage this nation’s debt explosion will cause?

Chuck Knight May 26, 2018

Where do you see interest rates in 2 years, and how tight will lending become?
Also what is the tipping point of interest rates for the Treasury Dept. to begin to
have a real problem with the Federal budget?

Anne Lewis May 26, 2018

I often hear “get out of stocks” . If I do, where do I invest my money? Thanks

Denis P Murphy May 26, 2018

Hello/Hi Dr. Weiss.
I mainly have very little concerns Martin,except instability around me will effect me/family somewhat. Am a little anxious regarding Au. ,and whether it is a good investment.It does not give any return–zip.I have bought some junior miners(recommended by yourselves way back).These pay div’s.All in all I’m fairly comfortable.The real ‘fly in the ointment’ is property taxes going up up all the time–can’t do anything about it.

S. J. Linville May 26, 2018

Interest rates rising too fast

Smiley Calderon May 26, 2018

where is the stock market going?

Gerald Beaumont May 26, 2018

Currencies,….going forward, to what degree do you believe the US dollar is in serious jeopardy? And for the time being, for the most part, is the US likely to be the safest place for investments?

roger May 26, 2018

How can I help you help me?

Obie May 26, 2018

You already have plenty of comments. My one overriding concern is income inequality. The present administrationi is making it far worse.

Jay May 26, 2018

What exactly is going on in the crypto/blockchain world? The coinage act of 1965 declares the U.S. Dollar to be legal tender and good money to the exclusion of all others. Why then are the wealthy and the less wealthy spending legal tender for something
that has no recognized value under U.S. laws?

Pierre J Debruge May 26, 2018

I am 70 and retired. I need to generate some income to supplement my Social Security and pension while preserving (increasing?) my capital.

EUGENE HAND May 26, 2018

Do you forecast the markets doing about the same over the next two to five years? What areas of the markets do you forecast that will do the best? Keep up the great work that you have been doing for us investors out here by ourselves.

Geoffrey M. Harris May 26, 2018

I have already posted a commented………

Eugene Jennings May 26, 2018

The collapse of the dollar.
Continuing war.
Dual system of justice, nobody will be brought to justice in the current “Russian collusion” investigation which has uncovered major problems in the FBIS and Security agencies.
I’m happy with the ineffectiveness of congress as that is the way the Republic was founded!.

Gary Heidenreich May 26, 2018

I don’t think one can plan long term- not only because volatility is back, but because the next downturn can well be worse and longer than 2007/09.

One almost has to close out most trades every week or so. Also so many companies seem to have large lawsuits on them.

Don Andruik May 26, 2018

How can I best protect my wealth against gov’t confiscation and rapid inflation as half of it is in real estate and the other half is in stocks? Less than 5% is in crypto. Crypto is very volatile, worse than stocks. I am worried what the gov’t will do about our continually growing debt.

John Paulus May 26, 2018

regrets…. am unable to attend


The entire Stock Market industry seems to be full of FLIM FLAM artists – all touting their 100% PLUS winners. My experience, on the other hand, during the past
five years of dealing with them is that I constantly end up a LOSER at the end of the year with MORE ST and LT Capital Losers


Christos Mavrofrides May 26, 2018

I read the Briggs countries are try to replace the Dallor with SDR money .How soon that would take place and What afeck would have in our economy and business ?

Charles P KinCannon May 26, 2018

And more specifically is it time to get back in energy?

Tom Edwards May 26, 2018

It appears that The “House” and the “Senate” do not have America’s best interest at heart and are not aiding President Trump in the revitalization of America. How does the President get around this and not look like The past administration with it’s secrecy and locked door agenda, Trump has ended the infamous, vote for it to read it strategy but the criminal element in politics may be too much to overcome. Your thoughts? Thank you.

Joe May 26, 2018

The system is rigged. Starting with secret societies, Cecil John Rhodes to the present day. Interesting reading from a book called The killing of Uncle Sam the demise of the United States. Authors Rodney Howard Brown and Paul L Williams. It is a real eye opener. This is what President Trumph is up against. God is good and God is in control. I put my trust in God.

Charles P KinCannon May 26, 2018

For those of us close to retirement, we need a way to plan, a strategy not just trading advice. Most services claim quick returns and constant activity. Some of us do not want to trade but we also do not trust financial advisors who are paid on percentages or commissions and not for results.

Marian Geib May 26, 2018

I am worried that the national debt will cause a crash and our investments will become worthless

Vic Nugent May 26, 2018

Moral valves going down. All politicians are liars and thieves. We cannot survive as a nation with this huge debt. We are helpless as individuals to turn the tide. Our only hope is in the Lord!
I live in the sticks.and raise a large garden. When we crash gold will not purchase food, stocks will be worthless..
I worry about my children and grandchildren. I can survive.

Rick Roedel May 26, 2018

Do you believe that real estate values will drop up to 40% or more when the correction happens?
What will happen to commodity prices when the correction comes? Thanks

Gary Kellogg May 26, 2018

I feel your advise is way to complicated for a simple investor. I do read your stuff but just rarely pull the trigger – to advance for me.
How about we hat big down turn that has been predicted for the last four years?

Kris Carlson May 26, 2018

The size of government and ignorance with which people rely on it to fix their problems and don’t understand the politicians’ motivation is almost always to expand their power. The size of national debt in US and other countries. China’s economy, military strength and influence growing greater than ours.

Richard May 26, 2018

My main concern is managing hard-earned savings, having lost to previous stock market declines. That is why I signed up many years ago for Weiss publications, so I would be alerted to the macro movements about which previously I received a costly education. I anticipate retiring n 3 years.

C. seym May 26, 2018

Hi, Thank you, Dr. Weiss, for this opportunity. In coming months, I see war on the horizon and I worry about preparing for extended conflicts. Coincident with these events, I fear rapidly rising interest rates due to our current high levels of debt (both personal and public), and possible great inflation. (Or do you see something else – such as lingering stagflation?) How do you advise us to prepare for such eventualities? I see banks loading up on derivatives, and I see that money market funds are no longer secure with net asset value of 1.00 assured ( per $1.00 deposited). I am concerned that a Cyprus or Greece- like event could happen here with savings/checking accounts frozen and given an involuntary haircut. What can an individual investor really do to protect himself/herself? Thanks so much for addressing my questions. Cathy

P.S. By the way, some of us will be working on Wed. and Friday, so I hope the video you record will be available for later viewing.

Steve Sanders May 26, 2018

My biggest fear is that the Republicans lose the House or Senate and reverse all the good things this administration has accomplished. It would kill the economy.s

Robert Williams May 26, 2018

With just around 150,000 to invest, is selling options on good stocks a sound way to invest? I have conjestive heart failure, am over 85 yrs. old, and don’y want to leave a mess for my children. I make short option sales. Is there a safer way to make such good returns. I average from 11-17 % over time. I don’t use margin, nor credit spreads.


CAPT John A. Dunaway, Jr., USN (Retired) May 26, 2018

My major cooncerns:
At age 88 my major concerns are: maintaining the expected future value of my current investments and taking limited risk in the anticipated super cycle for a major but proportional increase in the total portfolio.

Others comments:
Theirs should make the session a lively one.

Tim Wood May 26, 2018

I live in Canada. I am worried that by destroying NAFTA, Trump is driving Canada to turn further towards China as a solution. (You have to trade with someone, and to sell your natural resources to someone.) How will the USA feel, post Trump, to have china sitting on their northern border, and no natural resources for sale to the USA?

Md Alamgir Hossain May 26, 2018

Its a big question to now that how can i improve my trading policy? You can help me to improve my trading strategy

Paul J Katz May 26, 2018

Wonder what year the USA will default on its debt??

Chris May 26, 2018

Do you still believe in an economic collapse? If so, any idea of timing?

Daniel Fernandez May 26, 2018

I am concerned about an upcoming market crash. Understanding that there is a upside in the near future, I’d fear not knowing he signs of when to get out.

Charles Mielke May 26, 2018

How does a person set up a bitcoin acct.. I would, and many other people I know would like to get started. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU

Jeff Morud May 26, 2018

What worries me: $21 trillion government debt. $1.5 trillion student debt. Huge corporate debt. no plans in Congress to balance the budget. When all this bursts, how do I protect my money?

Lelia Jabin May 26, 2018

My greatest worry is how we can survive the Trump administration with its constant manipulation that makes all investments chaotic. I wonder if some of it is done purposely to send the market plunging and a few days later a change of previous statements sends the market soaring. Buy when the stocks plunge and sell when the market soars! Buy defense stocks when the administration makes it look like war is most likely; sell when it looks like no war; buy certain industries when tariffs are threatened and sell when that threat is downplayed, etc. The best way you and your team can help is to anticipate what stocks are affected by each newly announced policy or change and what stocks may be affected when the policy is completely changed.

harvey May 26, 2018

We are in our late 70’s, reasonable health, long term care insurance. We have about 1,180k in stocks and annuities. The annuities are worth about 750,000.
We have just bought a smaller condo. Our another vacation home free and clear. I thought taking out a home equity loan on the 2nd property rather than paying taxes from IRA’s would be the way to go. I am finding out another first mortgage may be cheaper with the same bank that has our present condo mortgage would be less expensive. Closing is end of June We would have 2 mortgages until our present one is sold.
Any thought or ideas’
I still earn about $80k yearly income

Pat C. May 26, 2018

I’m concerned about several things: 1. Will our Gov. phase out Cash? Have read several gurus warning that it could happen this July. Phasing out $100 bills first?
2.Housing taking a major dip second half of 2018 especially larger homes nationwide, predicted by Dent Research. 3. Crash in market down to at least $12,000?

Mora Giltug May 26, 2018

i like to know more. and how to prepare for uncertain times

Rob Wood May 26, 2018

Pls advise re gold/silver ETFs and source for taking delivery of bullion(w/least premium)

R Wood

Lawrence Parks May 26, 2018

What do you think is the ‘trigger point’ for leaving stocks and where does one go for safety? What do you think is the better safe harbor, gold coins
or gold stocks, or neither? How far will oil go? up to or beyond $100 per barrel? What is your long-term view on REIT’s such as NLY? (it’s dividends
have more than matched its stock value drop-off over the last few years). Is the S&P 500 ETF, SPY, a good hedge for the market ( at what value would
you suggest one enter this fund – it is pretty high right now!).

Joseph Von Bodungen May 26, 2018

Comment on view of PM (gold and silver) moment over the next year or so.

Scott May 26, 2018

HYPERINFLATION on the horizon?

We own some big gold & silver miners as well as some stocks & ETF’s related to the Electric Car market & self driving cars. We have been investing in closed-end funds for many years.

What are your thoughts on buying CEF’s at discounts and collecting their massive dividends during times like these?

Ken May 26, 2018

Will gold be a safe haven in the coming meltdown?

Rose May 26, 2018

One of the better ways to gain income is with options, but you can’t get approval to trade options without having lots of money in your account. Leaves those if us with limited funds no way to get income.

Terrence McDermott May 26, 2018

Aging bull market and higher rates coupled with US and International Debt crisis.Where is the safe haven

John Addison Ricks May 26, 2018

I am worried about the future of the economy. Donald Trump appears to be a loose cannon. He is against free trade at one point and for it at another time. The stock market is reacting to his Tweets. He is threatening war with Iran and N. Korea at one point and being conciliatory at another point. He is attacking Amazon and Jeff Bezos and various other companies for various reasons, many of which are based on his personal reactions and emotions. He has said that he is for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, but has been advocating cuts. His views on immigration change with the last person to speak with him. How can businesses plan for the future with such a weird leader?

Raman May 26, 2018

Some discussion on safe ways to invest in bonds would be helpful.

Bennett Cowper May 26, 2018

Martin I’ve been financially devestates since the last crash and never able to recover losing my entire portfolio of over 1.5 million and only hope is having substantial mineral acreage that’s undeveloped as of now

Rick Gavey May 26, 2018

I feel you should make your Cryptocurrencies Ratings available to all subscribers of ANY of your publications ! We shouldn’t have to pay extra for them !!

Susan Sparks May 26, 2018

Most of us over 50 simply aren’t ready for retirement, and we’re still working.

We need assistance – at a very fair cost – in working a small starting capital, say 5K
and working options and stocks/dividends on a regular basis before or after work.

I have checked out a LOT of “we’ll give you trading signals” sites – and they’re great, but they’re $997 or $1499 or $2500.

We can’t afford that kind of cash outlay, even if it’s for a lifetime membership.

Justin May 26, 2018

What are the signs (prehyperinflation signs) that tell that all the government debt and obligations debt with the endless printing of currency cause the bankruptcy of a country ? Are we seeing the signs today? Could you give a comment on countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Italy and USA ?Thank you.

William Pollack May 26, 2018

The current economic environment is not only choppy, but endlessly thrown off by political events. While one wants to make money in one’s investments,one doesn’t want to lose significant amounts–either in severe set back(not normal market pull backs,but genuine mini-crashes) & also there are,at least on my part, fears of recessions looming. IN re: investments,there appear to be few if any fixed income or similar investments to act as hedge against the stock market that return any reasonable amount on investments—And even those of us in top 5-1% are being squeezed out by top.5% with no clear way to handle that reality
Thanks for your interest will wait to hear when I can listen to your events

Liam O'Reilly May 26, 2018

I am concerned about the very low interest rates. As a 76 year old retiree my bank pays me almost nothing for my savings account. Yet everything I must buy: auto and home repairs, food, clothes, continually increase in price.

Peter van der Gaast May 26, 2018

I am a moderately above average income european, and absoltely spammed by hundreds of american investment advisors, asking me money for their advisory businesses, only to spam you once more withhundreds of chaotic recommendations, where you would have to be multimillionaire already to follow up on a reasonable number of them. Often they claim success, where they didnt recomend anything. They are all gonna make me filthy rich and warn for the armageddon etc etc.
If there would be one good recommendation, having succes, id be gladly joining the club. But give me one advise that makes me 100% in practice,
do’nt give me 10 that averagely score 10%.
From the profit I’d share a percent\age with you.
Or stop this business and do’nt you forget that the old(jewish)testament says somewhere that the chances of a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven are
smaller than the chances of a camel passin trough a needles eye!

Peter Berlin May 26, 2018


Janice May 26, 2018

The world is a very uncertain place now. I do not feel comfortable investing in much of anything. There is too much instability.

Larry phillips May 26, 2018

Concerned with losing a significant part of my retirement savings

Malcolm L. Mac Kay May 26, 2018

What worries me most? National debt. Student loan debt, Public Retirement funds debt. Credit card debt, State and local government debt, and Fiscal strength of our banks.

LEENAH BACSA May 26, 2018

Good pm, how and what do we have
2 do, 2 protect our assets please?


Steve ellis May 26, 2018

Please disclose to your readership the current status of the FDIC.

Robert Rains May 26, 2018

I am concerned about the possibility of a significant drop in the stock market. I am also concetned that, if the Fed continues to raise interest rates, then bond funds with average maturities longer than 3 months may see losses in principal. At age 75, I would like to understand the pros and cons of putting 20% of my portfolio into a five-year ladder of CDs and/or Aaa corporate bonds.

Bill B May 26, 2018

I am worried about a market crash that significantly adversely affects my portfolio and results in my running out of money in retirement.

Jim May 26, 2018

My concerns are centered around the approaching economic tsunami that I feel is imminent. I worry that I may miss the window to move my investments to higher ground and stay ahead of the wave. I realize that not only timing, but also where to move them to are important. I would like to have a plan in place with defined goals and triggers set up ahead of time.

Charles Pasley May 26, 2018

I do not watch video presentations. If you have some information for me, put it in a message, not a video.

David May 26, 2018

My concern is maintaining and growing my account in the current (and future) down-trending market.

Rohan V May 26, 2018

I would like to know the future of crypto currency and pot stocks

Charles Joe Hughes May 26, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity I will be happy to attend.

Liviu Damian May 26, 2018

I am interesting about how things will evolve on macro space (regarding crypto). Also I am interested how much time will the ICO’s go to perform.
Ty, Liviu

Lee May 26, 2018

When the cycles Larry talked about finally collide in a few years I would like suggestions of how to respond and be prepared since most of us have not seen anything worse than the dot-com or 2008 bubbles. Having a large stock market fall and depending on debt and interest rates possibly a currency devaluation this may be one of the worst times ever. Since you have lived through it in Argentina your insight now would be greatly appreciated to give us time to think about a game plan.

Cliff Angstman May 26, 2018

The rising cost of Health Care (ACA)is driving people to go more into debt to cover premiums of up to $40k annually per family. Individual debt levels are very high, and sub-prime delinquencies are unusually high creating a lot of financial stress. Meanwhile, the Fed is driving up interest rates, increasing the deficit, creating stress on debtors, and causing a decline in housing activity, and lost jobs. The Fed’s theory is that the reduction in the corporate tax rate will create more investment and jobs, and reduce the cost of goods later on this year, but this process will take time and the Fed is way ahead of the economy. Health Care costs will be reduced next year with the elimination of the individual mandate, and the ability to offer simpler health insurance plans, but if the Fed creates a recession first, the financial system will be in a real mess. So far, the tax changes have not reduced government revenues, but next year, there will also be a significant reduction in revenues from corporations unless economic growth increases.

Steve S May 26, 2018

We all know the money at the top is well connected. Through your research and reports you have conveyed this message and I thank you. I am very worried about what will happen to Main St and my fellow citizens when this next debacle emerges. Really-what will happen?

David R. Thibodeau May 26, 2018

We are on a collision course world wide that will effect each and every one of us. Its like the fall of the Roman Empire. Will we as a nation survive?
Our greatest concern is for our Children and Grandchildren. We brought them into this world. They didnt have choice. We have to look around
and ask our selves a question. What can we do to help. Greed, when is enough, enough.

Charlene May 26, 2018

Gold was to be at $5000 an ounce by now. When?

Waldemar Stepnik May 26, 2018

Hi Martin,

Thanks for asking my opinion. I have been investing in cryptos since July 2017. It was quite a steep learning curve. Although I made (on paper) quite a bit of money, I got somewhat complacent and then rode the market down to its bottom in April.. I follow quite a few YouTube blogger and know a fair bit about the market. My portfolio is made up of “investment grade” cryptos like Neo, Steem, Cardano, Litecoin as well as promising new ones. I like your rating system and crypto suggestions but my most important concerns are the following:
1. Knowing the cycles – when to expect the downturn and then the subsequent upturns.

2. What is the best way to “park ” the money – in less volatile cryptos (ETH/BTC), Tether or fiat (on exchanges?). I am especially curious about what you think about the Thether.

3. It is not possible for me to attend your briefings at the scheduled time so I would like to see them post fact (I live 6 mths/year in Australia and 6 months in Poland)

4. Would like to see a section on more speculative cryptos with high potential (overlooked older and new ICO’s) – is it possible? Juan is doing excellent work but he can’t do everything..
Best regards, Waldemar

Wood Sutton May 26, 2018

The federal debt. The economy will eventually hit the fan. Intead of running a surplus during good times, they are doing the opposite. The ultimate solution? Inflation! Weimar Republic anyone?

Tim A May 26, 2018


True, unadulterated capitalism where the masses were responsible for representing themselves as great trading partners of the world….was once a noble goal that most people adopted. Sadly, throughout the decades the powers that be have erased this modus operandi from the masses minds by offering a plethora of baby setting distractions/programs….predictably resulting in addictions and expectations of our government (productive people who pay taxes) Not one time in this country’s history has the government offered any successful solution to a perceived problem of the public. We are seeing this circle of madness for what it is…a slow, fiat financed decline of a once proud and responsible republic. It has happened so many times before…no surprises for those who study history.

John Armesto May 26, 2018

I worry that the government will outlaw gold again and then all crypto currencies.

Jack Whalen May 26, 2018

One problem I see it is that Trump is a moving target as he has and continues to start fires that keep the world confused and wastes taxpayer resources spend time and money to do Fact Finding to prove he lies to us (about 6 times a day). We need to convince his base of his lies and the destruction of our country – seems obvious he tells them what they want to hear. Suppose we use pictures (graphs, charts) to say stop and look at these or graphs. See the arrows trending upward for his lies month-to-date and new fires MTD. Compare that with line and arrow pointing down – those are the MTD presidential decisions that benefit Americans and help make a better world. Arrows and graphs might get their attention when his words loses them.

Stan Kant May 26, 2018

My Biggest concern is the continual disregard for literally balancing the budget. Our national debt is HUGE! We have got to pass legislation to cut our budget, so that the national debt goes down each year. It would be nice if countries we have given money to in the past would promise giving some back but only if we cut our deficit for that year. Let’s Pray for Better Decisions to be Made by Congress!

JamesKnoesen May 26, 2018

Good morning Martin,
Well , what worries me , if American sneezes , we catch a cold !! Here in South Africa . What I do is to take note, steer away from exposure of more than 10%
in potentially high risk countries including the USA . That might surprise you , you see Africa can not get much lower it simply has not got the volume to do massive damage .
I have read about The money problems , but I have a notion Trump will return to Gold . If all the central banks agree , revaluation of gold to $ 10,000 per ounce
Fort Knox gold will cancel your the problem .Great reading all the article’s

Matias May 26, 2018

I’m just wondering that when world is going to shit, what countries are gona be the best to live? And how to move there?

Gary Stablier May 26, 2018

I feel there is a tsunami building against the US dollar on the international market place. More and more countries are NOT using the US$ in trade agreements. I feel very soon US$ will soon be returned by central banks around the world! After that our debt will not be purchase and the music will stop!! War may be used as the excuse for these actions taking place!!

Chuck May 26, 2018

I’m trying to decide if I want to live in a socialist state or a fascist state. The narcissistic egomaniac at the helm will make that decision for me of course and whether I live and die as a pauper or a king. I’m not a one-percentor so that’s predetermined. What’s your take on our economy?

Rob Murphy May 26, 2018

Thank you for your invitation, I am planning to join. Living in the UK my biggest concerns right now are breakdown of families, out of control immigration (legal and illegal, our government has no clue on the numbers of immigrants), the level of national debt and members of parliament wanting to spend even more, inability of governments to get anything right (a plan to leave the EU, immigration, debt, outsourcing large projects, social housing, and so on), a labour party who want to nationalise utilities and railways (although as old as myself the labour leaders seem to have forgotten the nationalisation chaos in the UK).

Dana May 26, 2018

Does this feel like an even bigger bubble in housing and the stock market than 2007/2008? We bought investment properties in the downturn that have held nicely with inflation. I’ve noticed that people are spending a great portion of their earnings on housing. To qualify for income rent to ratio people are having to make close to 90K a year to afford a 3/1bath, all redone, but nothing fancy. It just seems like even a minor recession could really disrupt what people have borrowed again. With all the debt and leverage, it seems like a recession could trigger bigger things….again. Your thoughts on it.

Frank Pfeiffer May 26, 2018

what I think:

ever so often you come up with a new service to help to make decisions about wealth building. but as often as you come up with something new – another service is taken off. And this business of joining two companies together is totally confusing. I am lost and confused! (not mentally). the best service you had and it was easy to follow was Martins personal portfolio, but it was cancelled. All others are very difficult to follow i.e. to buy and sell.

You ought to rethink what you offer to the average investor who has not all day to read tons of emails concerning investment. Get one similar to your own portfolio and let older guys follow.

Shri Jain May 26, 2018

My major concern currently is that market has risen so much that it may /will collapse sooner or later, What should be approach in investing.

Government is broken and president is not thinking rationally. like me most senors have very similar concerns about Medicare and Social security.

Daniel O'Keeffe May 26, 2018

The biggest threats are that people do not have the emotional, spiritual or mental capability to deal with the global collapse. As long as they have a home, electricity and organic food there really is nothing to complain about. If you are not happy with your health and enough to eat, something is very wrong.

As long as people invest in crypto, they should be safe. If they have not invested at this late stage, they have no real excuse. The price is going to shoot upwards for the final time very soon.

Chuck A May 26, 2018

Larry was so prescient with his forecasts. I miss his wisdom and comments. I haven’t seen any of the charts that he used to provide to us on a frequent basis in some time. I would like to know where his models are telling us when gold and silver will be taking off as he had forecast as well as for the DOW and where the world is going. He used to keep us well informed about these things but since he passed it seems as if most of his wonderful information and forecasts have fallen off the face of the Earth with him. I know that you have several members who have their own forecasts but Larry was so good with so much of his information. It would be nice to see more of this from him. Can we get an area on your website that keeps his former data up to date for those of us who followed him.


Everette May 26, 2018

1) The large Federal debt buildup with no obvious plan to reduce it’s growth coupled with the growing student, car, mortgage and commercial property debts and the impact of rising interest rates on them all makes one wonder how much longer it can go on without a “severe” impact on all investment classes.

2) The slow but increasingly unwinding of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet and the impact on the bond market together with rising interest rates is going to eventually have a major impact on the migration of $$s from the equities market. This shift in funds and its resultant impact on all investment classes whether equities or bonds leads to a quite uneasy feeling for the future of one’s investments.

Alberto Benet May 25, 2018

Do you expect a20 % down adjustment inn the Dow the following month?

Warren Spence May 25, 2018

On 14th February 2018 the Australian Senate passed into law ; The Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures bill 2017 . Cyprus again . This appears to give APRA the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority total control over banks , insurance and financial institutions if APRA feels that they need to go in to administer the business because of bankruptcy etc . Previously the Australian Government guaranteed up to $250,000.00 in deposits in the banking industry . Over the last 2.5 months I have written to 2 Members of Parliament ,MP’s , and 2 Senators to clarify whether the Government still guarantees the $250,000.00 . To date I have had no response from any . I also phoned the ABC tv , the Australian weekend newspaper and channel 9 tv with no response . It appears to me that no one wants to publicise the correct situation which may lead to a run on the banks . Do we remove our money from the banks or should we buy property and get a small mortgage so that we owe the bank money instead of the possibility of them owing us money ?

jerry lacharite May 25, 2018

what ever happened to common sense?

Mike May 25, 2018

My concern is how to anticipate and profit from the Australian/New Zealand share markets. Why this? Well I live in NZ and my investments need to get me through at least the next 30yrs, also I wish to leave a legacy to my sons who are starting their lives, one who is studying in Europe and one who is likely to go to the US to undertake his doctoral studies. No earnings, only debt for them over this critical time in areas of the world they are less safe and more expensive

Investing in the US market as you recommend is difficult for many of us mum/dad or single persons down under due to local taxation rules and the hoops and delays in getting buy /sell signals through.

Our Governments and financial systems will react to the global political and financial, industrial issues we see today, well described by yourself and many other comments prior to mine. Our counties are both corks bobbing around on the seas of US/Eur/Asia storms and so intertwined with each other we will both crash big time.

Reading the Outsider is a valuable source of information however we need an Aus/NZ and probably a Euro version with some clear guidance for us outside the US, some focused products for us would be a big help.

Gerard Breen May 25, 2018

Dear Martin, When anyone looks at the big picture of our world today they cannot avoid seeing all the unnecessary loss of life , both young and old, destruction of property, wrath of God even,in Hawaii, if you will, and even the destruction and corruption of the capital system and money system and so on. Most of it is unnecessary and avoidable but much is done in the pursuit of power.

BUT if we live under a debt driven system one does not need to be a rocket scientist to see the the inevitable result of such a system is failure because of the characteristics of human beings. It is that simple. BUT,people , unfortunately , get older, and that means a loss of energy and the will and ability to correct the system dies like the people,

The cure is Public Banking which goes back through Stonewall Jackson, Abraham Lincoln….. (Whom Adolf Hitler brilliantly copied when the Jewish Bankers would not give hime credit (to meet his debts, to the Victors , in the west, under the draconian Roosevelt/ Churchill Versailles Treaty, and raised the worst economy in the world (after WW1)to the best economy in the world with Public Banking. Of course the Churchills and Roosevelts did not like this and sent all their mostly healthy young men off to war as cannon fodder, as Hitler was forced to do, though he did not want to, so the record says, and we as a world are now in desperate straits because of those two.
The USA , with Ellen Brown’s leadership is pushing on with the PBI (Public Banking Institute) and may yet manage to change the world and save us all from the Greed of the Rothschilds and the Netanyahus before they destroy the world with their “False flags” and cause so many deaths of innocent people in their thirst for power and greed and control of all the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. I certainly hope so. What do you think ?????? (Gerry, a long time follower of your words and efforts)

steve boehne May 25, 2018

i feel that our congressmen do not represent us, but are there merely to make themselves and whatever party they are in the winners. they have put our national debt in the stratosphere, allowed the drug companies to rip us off and kill us off, they have done nothing to prevent overzealous cops from killing black men, completely caved into the NRA. (maybe we need a few crazy shooters to attack some DC schools (bad idea, but what will it take to give them some backbone) i think that term limits may be the only remedy. to bad they make all the rules.

in short, our government is failing us!

Thomas L Preston May 25, 2018

Solving my concern would classify you as a miracle worker. Here’s why:

The universal nucleus of financial irrationality is Wall Street. We’re finding that more and more true each month.

Proof comes from Wall Street commentary, from mega investing and selling, both whipsawing practically all of your clients, I would expect. We hear from the self-acclaimed geniuses who set quarterly parameters for corporations, yet if those businesses fail to meet expectations, even by a penny or two, one would think the sky is falling. However, when they beat analysts’ projections, the market fails to move equitably.

These so-called analysts, who for some odd reason, have acquired psychological influence despite the fact the great majority never have held a senior corporate or board position, never started a successful longstanding company, or managed hundreds of employees, or had to deal with governmental rules, regulations and bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.

Change that Sire, and you indeed will will go down in history as unmatched . . . without peer.

Obviously what you are doing is attracting manifold interest. If only Wall Street would demonstrate so much level-headed credibility.

George May 25, 2018

I think China, Russia, and North Korea have a deep interest in getting Donald Trump reelected.

Frank J Loiacano May 25, 2018

I try not to be too concerned about the terrible state the world is in. I wish the picture was better. i’m retired and getting along on SSA and some not too fantastic
savings. I would like to improve my financial outlook so to better be able to assist family and others. To do this I would need to be more risk tolerant which is out of my range. This being the case, I see no way to benefit myself and family and friends.

Yours, Frank J Loiacano

jerry lacharite May 25, 2018

What every to common sense??

Dennis May 25, 2018

In the evening we say “Tomorrow will be fair because the sky is red”.
In the morning we say “Today will be stormy because the sky is red and threatening”.
We can judge the appearance of the sky but cannot judge the obvious signs of our times.
Or is it just too frightening to do so?

Nash Williams reply_all Dennis May 26, 2018

We are creating a population that can not and will not support a democracy. From the richest to the poorest, too high of a percentage of young people are all about “me”: I am the only authority in my world deserving of my support or allegiance.

Read Bill Bennett’s book of 10 yrs age and realize that the problems he refers to are getting worse not better: too many people on welfare for too long, too many children born out of wedlock.

May you open enough eyes to save our democratic nation. God bless

John H Pennington reply_all Dennis May 26, 2018

We seem to be living in a world of great social upheaval and contrasts.
Where good is deemed to be evil and evil deemed to be good.
Those who refuse to buckle under and think that debt is something to be avoided at all cost are increasingly in the minority.
World governments need leaders with strong backbones who form budgets that create an actual surplus for a ‘rainy day’.
However the funds required by those who are the recipients of seemingly unending requests for welfare are growing disproportionately in relation to the funds actually raised.
Added to that we have a society that is falling appart at the seams because of the inability to instill discipline in our children from a very early age. We need to fix our schools or the products of the schooling system will take out their revenge on the older generation.
In addition morals are declining and family values are heading in the same driection.
Mounting debt will sink us all unless the example comes from the top.
In the US and all governments for that matter must act very strongly to ensure that our children are safe at school.
Budgets for National, State and Local governments must be balanced to produce a surplus.
We must stand up for the rights of the family and the parents to discipline their family members.
The greatest threat to all our wealth is that somewhere down the track – all governments are going to need more funds to pay interest on our debts – without even considering that the ideal is that the principal debts need to be paid down.

DANIEL May 25, 2018

I have been in the right stocks so far this year – MU, CRM, TWMJF, ALGN, CRSPR, NTNX, SQ, VCEL, TELL, FB, UNH, AAPL. Heavy in info tech, consumer discretionary,
energy and biotech. I beat the S&P 500 and want to know if Russell 2000 are going to hold up better than large cap stocks this summer? it’s been a good year for me so far.

Steve K May 25, 2018

The perfect storm will be brought on by the failed attempt at Trickle Down economics that the Republicans have tried yet again. They complain about Democratic tax-and-spend, but their tax-cut-and-spend is much worse because it makes the rich richer and the poor poorer, and is about to balloon the deficit to 1.4 trillion dollars this year. Please let me become a Canadian citizen!

JOHN HAROLD COLVIN reply_all Steve K May 26, 2018


cedial reply_all Steve K May 26, 2018

Canadians screw up in different ways than do Americans. Choose your poison. Politics makes strange bedfellows so Trump and Trudeau could get quite chummy before it is all over.

A Louisiana politician once said “The only sure way to lose an election in Louisiana is to get caught in bed with a dead woman or a live man.”

Robert reply_all Steve K May 26, 2018

Go ahead! No one is stopping you!

Henrik Kugelberg reply_all Steve K May 26, 2018

Agreed, trickle down is maybe the biggest political hoax ever.

Denis P Murphy reply_all Steve K May 26, 2018

Steve I am a Canadian citizen,and proud of it.

Lea Simenson May 25, 2018

Pot Stocks??

Lucian Arulpragasam May 25, 2018

I am invested in gold and silver and mining stocks. I am 91 years old. I intend to sell off all my stocks by the end of the year, divide all the capital among my grandchildren – and stop all investing. The latter decision is final. I have just come out if the hospital after a stroke.

Gary Stablier reply_all Lucian Arulpragasam May 26, 2018

Please don’t wait til the end of the year to sell!! Do it ASAP!! Purchase silver bullion! In the coming years silver will have been the best investment to have been made!!

R M Pound Jr May 25, 2018

I will not ne able to watch your videos, but would like to. I am worried about the future of my investments, the Dow and other factors affecting the future of my investments.
he news letters I read always ask for more money before giving you any investment info. they always want you to subscribe to another investment letter.

Thanks for you great advise


WILLIE CHENG May 25, 2018

Are Cryptocurrencies real for long term investment? How its’ change our live?

Christopher List May 25, 2018

Have made and lost a small fortune (at least in my eyes) on 4 attempts over the past 50 years. Riding the market upward was easy. But I got the down markets all wrong, and paid the price for it. Am now living on a social security check. It takes care of life’s necessities and I’m grateful for that. But there’s no dinner & a movie! Your newsletter was the only newsletter from which I have ever made any money. Thank you for that. It was a trivial amount, but on the plus side never-the-less. What can an old guy with very limited funds invest in to generate income?

Amceey reply_all Christopher List May 26, 2018

Welcome back Dr. Weise. I miss Larry.
I am still holding cash since end of 2016, surprise isn’t it? It is not because I have great patience, the truth is I couldn’t find a comfortable investment. China initiated the OBOR which seems to bring the world out of the wood. Unfortunately, incidences like “Freedom of Navigation”, India Modi bigotry and President Trump dancing tango with North Korea Kim Jong Un, all of these smashed my confidence. Now coming up, the IMF SDR, US$ as anchor currency debasement, Israel invaded Jerusalem, European Union on the edge of the cliff and the worst issue is all Central Banks blatantly printing money from thin air.
Kindly correct me if I am wrong. 1. I expect US$ to move up very soon, to how high? It looks like the ski is the limit for the time being. 2. Gold and Silver both drop, to how low? Unfortunately I couldn’t even estimate. 3. The world stocks are going to collapse, following the DOW. 4. Bonds are at the cliff. 5. The fear of the banking system may systematically meltdown.
I am not paranoia but I am afraid I am going to be one. If you can, please address the concerns in your upcoming briefing.
By the way, I am now speculating if FX. Thanks God the market is exceptionally fantastic

Hans Van Zonneveld May 25, 2018

When governments have financial problems quite often they go to war, this was the situation in Nazi Germany and also in Japan pre WWII. If go to more recent times this may also to some degree be what happened in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. I do not consider the Korean war as being an example of this phenomenon because it came almost directly after WWII and there was not a major financial crisis at that time. With all of the debt which the governments hold or have issued I don’t see a clear and easy solution which will not require some kind of social-financial dislocation before it is resolved. If you look back at the reign of Joseph Stalin or Mao, with there famines, purges and genocide you will see the leaders used their power to cause changes within their countries with no concern for human life. Although I hope it doesn’t happen, a full blown world wide financial crisis may cause this kind action from governments around the world. I also would not be surprised if the US went to war in an effort to achieve a solution in which the victor can repudiate the debt owed to the conquered. From an investors viewpoint it is going to be very difficult to hide and secure your wealth, much less make a profit from this situation. Possibly we will be in a stagflation scenario for a decade or more.

Chester Millar May 25, 2018

I will comment by way of giving my opinion.

There is no question that a speed up of inflation is in the cards.

Gold has lost a lot of attention because there are other things that take its place. The stock market does keep pace and so apart from the usual crashes it qualifies.

Not all countries have been printing money like mad. Is there a stock exchange in a foreign country that is not tied to the dollar that might be something to consider?

cedial reply_all Chester Millar May 26, 2018

It is clear to me that precious metals are hitting substantial and unexpected headwinds from cryptocurrencies and the blockchain world. Like other important, disruptive, and important innovations we don’t know HOW this one will develop – only that it WILL develop into something very important – and will do so faster than most people imagine.

Michel May 25, 2018

Should we invest more into gold?

Larry Harvey reply_all Michel May 26, 2018

Gold is a commodity and sometimes loses value. It pays no dividend and has no growth prospect like stocks. However as a hedge I would keep up to 5% of my portfolio in the yellow medal. Be careful of sales pitches made by gold dealers.

Eddie C Jones May 25, 2018

i am retired, and I want to grow my retirement funds bigger to cover any unforseen costs such as catastrophic medical costs.

Nat H May 25, 2018

What worries me is the devastation being wrought on our environment (air to breathe, water to drink, streams, rivers, lakes and AQUIFERS that will be polluted) because of the EPA (Scott Pruitt)’s undoing decades-old laws which have protect our health by protecting the environment. This will cost us hugely in the future, both our healthcare and our country’s liveability.
In addition to destroying laws protecting our water supplies and the cleanliness of our air, one current example: neonicotinoid pesticides being resurrected instead of banned for our food supply, resulting in further loss of pollinators and even likely loss of some harvests.

cedial reply_all Nat H May 26, 2018

Unfortunately, most people don’t believe you. But keep trying.

ela May 25, 2018

Thanks !!! Right now EVERYTHING worries me !! I’m almost 84 and I have to rely on Social Security …My computer was recently hacked & lots of
money was stolen out of 2 accounts….I have nothing to invest with and feeling rather desperate….lots of worries, health wise, money, this political
and terrorist warfare, etc……etc…..

Tony Roffers May 25, 2018

What are your recommendations for preparing us for a black swan type of event. Where can we put our assets that will protect our savings?

Hans Kempers May 25, 2018

My biggest frustration is that we have a Congress that knows the various problems, but refused to tell the American voters the truth and propose measures to fix the broken parts of the system. Due to the fact that we are presently in a general healthy economy we have the means to fix.
We are not paying our way at the moment and are pushing the fixing out by borrowing large amounts of money my kids and grandkids will have to repay in the future.
1. Social Security. When my premiums were calculated the actuarial estimate on my remaining lifespan was insufficient. The enormous progress in the medical field causes us to live longer. The high earners live longer than the low earners which increases the discrepancy. Solution is a combination of lower benefits, higher premiums and later start of the benefits.
2. Medicare. Due to the improvements in the medical science we live longer and get more expensive treatments. The premiums of Medicare should cover the cost and there should be no subsidy from the General Fund.
3. Medical cost. A real stone on the neck in this competitive world. USA spends 18% of GDP on healthcare whereby the rest of the developed world does it with 11%; the irony is that our stats are below theater countries ( life expectancy, child survival rate, etc, etc). End of life issues contributing greatly to our overspending. We have a hard time to let somebody go in peace.
4. Inequality. The inequality has risen to a serieus level and that never ended well. The French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the turnover in the 1918 in Germany and other European countries were partly caused by the masses who had no hope for chance and improvement. The USA avoided the Revolution in the early 1900 period by breaking up the large controlling interests, have high inheritance taxes and laws against monopolies. That worked at that time.
The middle and lower class workers have often to compete with low wage workers in other countries. Solution is an increase in education that we can get our society at an overall higher level. ( more vocational training)
5. Budget deficit. Way too high, and on a dangerous path. Lower Corporate taxes were needed, but to lower all taxes was insane. The income of the Federal Government as a percentage of GDP is way too low. ( Lower than it has been in a long time.
As a retired executive I realize that, if Congress fixes the above problems, I have to pay more; but it is not about me, but about what we leave for our kids and grandkids.

Rod Gaede May 25, 2018

With the expected storm coming this summer or fall, I have been reducing my exposure to stocks and Real Estate. Cash may not be secure either. How do I prevent a major reduction in assets like occurred during the great recession? Some Real Estate prices fell by 2/3rds and stocks took a major beating. Only recently have values returned. Maybe without a Democrat Administration the downturn will not be as long or as bad. What will be the best place to hold assets even if the return is low?

Mike Stewary May 25, 2018

It has been created by the easy money Federal Reserve policies for the last 10years.
No reason to expand on this.

Anyone who looks at the bubbles out there .. housing .
Stock market .etc. knows what I am talking about

Fred Schorning May 25, 2018

Larry Edelson forecast the current market as “a five year ride thru hell”, Mike Larson is my best bet to survive that ride. We all miss Larry’s E-Wave Trader and his Artificial Intelligence (AI) commodity charts. Mike Burnick a credible replacement for the AI charts is also gone. It is going to be a rough ride ride with two wheels missing on our cart. Hopefully, the Heat Maps should smooth out the trip.
PS I’m from Canada, we are mostly a patient and polite people -even when it comes to our politicians – it probably has to do with our national sport ,hockey, and our mantra “don’t get mad, get even” once – at the next election (or the next game) and forget it. I can’t understand Americans, your national sport, baseball, is very gentle. Yet you take out you anger on your politicians and fellow citizens constantly between elections and thus never have a patient or polite moment. Some may argue that football is your national sport – really- 18 games a year – how about 84 or 162 games? A 100 football game schedule might reduce angst?

cedial reply_all Fred Schorning May 26, 2018

A key reason that Americans are so down on their politicians is that Congress is a Parliament without a Prime Minister. Our separation of powers between a President who is sometimes from the opposite party was designed to keep the power of the Federal Govt. limited. When the executive power of the parliament is vested in a Prime Minister, who has to be from the majority party, there are fewer checks on the PM’s power but the PM can get things done more easily than can the executive in a Presidential/Congressional system. When nothing gets done, the people get mad at the govt.

In the U.S. “Parliament without a PM” the MPs are expected to vote the interests of their home districts rather than the desires of their phantom “PM”. It is great that the interests of the individual districts are better represented in their “MPs” than is the case in Canada, but the reduced party discipline in a Congressional system means that sometimes not even the majority party can get anything done. Witness the U.S. Congress today.

Another interesting difference is that in Canada the head of state (the governor general) and the head of the govt. (the PM) are two different people. These roles are combined into one person in the U.S. Presidency. Just how much this difference might make is not clear.

The most difficult thing for Americans to understand about Canada is how the language police thing has gotten so out of control. The U.S. has a large Spanish speaking minority, but in most of the country the mutual intolerance appears to be much less than in Canada. I have never run into a Spanish speaker who could speak English and refused to do so. Many Spanish speakers speak perfect English, and the rest do their best at English when the need arises.

Elliot Trach May 25, 2018

You seem to be fear-mongering

Darrell Calvin Brown May 25, 2018

I am in the process of securing seed money. I am an African-American homosexual. I face great challenges every day of my life just because of these two facts. So, I am completing my studies while writing my book about the subculture of Monterey,CA I call “Monkeyrey” I am homeless and awaiting housing via the MCPHO in Salinas, CA. I really loath it when people try to partner me with community or another by reason of something as superficial as skin color. It shows forth how stupid and shallow they, he, or she are/is in their decision making. Content of character and talent are what must be looked INTO in making a best and most wise choice. We are one human race with many differing ethnic groups . Each group has its pros and cons. Exploitation of one another is disgusting as well as detrimental to our entire race and Planet. We must deprogram ourselves from the conditioning which has had a stronghold within our lives since before the formation of the Atlantic Slave Trade. “In all your GETTING; GET UNDERSTANDING.”

Andrea Terni May 25, 2018

I live on my investment portfolio. I am mid 70’s & i have a husband with cancer. He has very little to leave me. I am well differsified & do own mostly blue chip but invest 10-20% in more speculative stocks. i am afraid i may not have enough to live on if the market crashes. I am Canadian & invest in the 2 markets.

FRANK ELLISOR May 25, 2018

According to what I have read ON THE INTERNET, Obama gave the Banks the right to take some of the money on deposit, to bail them out of a financial crises. Most people cannot live on what Social Security pays, and if my savings in Stocks, Real Estate and Cash is taken My family would be under the bridge. In closing lets give President Trump a fair shake as he battles the “DEEP STATE” CREATED by Hilary, Obama, Pelosi and other hold over people Frank E.

Frank Ellisor May 25, 2018

According to what I have read on the internet, Obama gave the Banks the right to take some of the money on deposit to bail them out of a financial crises. Most people cannot live on what Social Security pays, and if my savings in Stocks, Real Estate and Cash is taken My family would be under the bridge. In closing lets give President Trump a fair shake as he battles the “Deep State” created by Hilary,Obama and other HOLD overs from the last administration.

John E. Hagan May 25, 2018

The government of this once great country is now corrupt beyond redemption & can’t be salvaged. To build a new building you sometimes must tear an old building down. As an analogy the U.S. is a dilapidated building that has been corrupted by the elite oligarchs & their families & most certainly been condemned by God. As Ruth Graham said, “If God does not punish this country soon he owes Sodom & Gomorrah an apology”. If voting could really change things it would be against the law. The elite oligarchs & their families now have complete control. I see no chance for this country to survive in its present form. It is now only a matter of time before the entire corrupt system of government where the rule of law no longer exist, fails completely. There is absolutely no effort by either party, Republican or Democrat to alter the very destructive course this country is now on. At this time every man, woman & child now living in this country owes $64K+ to this totally corrupt & dysfunctional form of government that we are all now living under. This is what our elected & unelected leaders have done to you & I & this country. We are Rome on steroids! To quote our 2nd President of the United States, John Adams “There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation, one is by sword the other is by debt”. Thank you for everything you are trying to do to guide us through these most difficult times.
John Hagan

Carole Doerr May 25, 2018

Because of the Trump Tax Reform Bill, I think Wall Street is trying to get as much money into their coffers. Buybacks of stock are the name of the game. They want people to see this as a way to make money. Main Street is not the beneficiary of this Tax Plan. People are in debt as much as governments are in debt. Our economy has nothing to do with the stock market. There is not connection between the Fed’s version of inflation because the food and other things people are paying top dollar for are not included in the CPI.

I think the people who are wealthy are tying to take as much money from the middle class so they can compete with other countries in this global economy. Our representative form of government is not representing the people. Because of Citizen’s United, the billionaires can speak to both parties in language they will understand–money.

We the people should be very concerned. The cards are stacked against the US citizen. We have been out priced in the job market. Wages are flat. Our way of life is slip sliding away.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Carole Doerr May 25, 2018

“American Amnesia,” by Hackert and Pierson, would be a good read here.

Steve May 25, 2018

What worries me the most is DONALD TRUMP. I AM ALSO PETRIFIED OF MIKE PENCE !!!!!

Nancy Bowman May 25, 2018

I keep reading that the government is planning to freeze bank accounts and retirement accounts under the name, Ice Nine.
What can we do to circumvent such a practice.?

Dan Shirkey May 25, 2018

Two fundamental economic issues: First, the Fed will either overplay its hand as it usually does with inflation and raise rates too fast and too far (and perhaps too late), or it will do nothing, which might be worse in the long term. Second, now that the dust has settled a bit around the tax cuts, it appears like almost all of the benefits went first to big business, and then to the top 1% – 5% of taxpayers, leaving the middle class out of it. Of course, the top 5% of taxpayers pay the preponderance of the taxes in this country by far; still, it is the middle class that needs the help, and we haven’t shrunk the gov’t. Here I define upper-middle class as those making more than $250k per year. For my purposes, the middle class is everyone making less than that, but above the poverty line, which I consider absurdly low.
My concerns are that the government will create another recession at least as big as the last, and that the tax package will add fuel to the fire of political divisiveness that now attacks success in this country (on the part of the left) as something to be taxed away under the rubric of “fairness”. I put this under my own rubric, to whit: “those that can, do; those that can’t, teach; those that can’t teach, critique; and those that can’t critique, go into politics”.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Dan Shirkey May 25, 2018

On the part of the left? Didn’t you notice that it was the Republicans and businessmen who caused the 2008 Financial Collapse. David Stockman, a
Republican, pointed that out.

Now, voters who have forever (it seems) failed to keep up with current events during their lifetimes, have put a businessman with a very low E.Q.,
emotional intelligence, in office. He is h… bent on destroying policies and legislation which have protected citizens, environment, communities and – surprise –
local businesses.

Daniel Schnell May 25, 2018

Is this the time to buy gold ? I’m wondering how safe is the stock market.

Ruth M Johnson May 25, 2018

I’m concerned the price of gold & silver.

Oscar Hensgen reply_all Ruth M Johnson May 25, 2018

I’ve been accumulating physical gold and silver for many years. At present I`m waiting for the opportunity to accumulate more. I would like to know your view on the timing (s) to best avoid a downturn that could take place

James Pickens reply_all Oscar Hensgen May 25, 2018

One thing you should be concerned about is a repeat of the government “gold grab” of 1933.when F.D.R. outlawed the private ownership of gold. I’ve considered buying gold, but hesitate because of that 1933 government action.

For a country that touts itself as “the land of the Free,” we’ve got a government that intrudes into every area of our lives and God only knows what is being planned as we write these comments!

Andy May 25, 2018

Money supply, low interest rates, and debt expansion all has me worried. I am confused. Sean Brodrck, who works for WeissRatings, is communicating the market will soar to 45,000. He states to ignore the “pen heads” who talk about selling and avoiding the market.
– How do you reconcile your sentiments with Sean’s recommendations?
– Is Europe deemed more risky then the US?

aie delwel May 25, 2018

As mailed earlier, my fear is that big banks will pull our leg

regarding the value of gold and silver

Eileen Skirball May 25, 2018

I am most concerned that the Deep State will not be totally dismantled and America’s leadership domestically and internationally will be permanently undermined. Without eliminating the corrupt actions of the Deep State, I believe it will be impossible to tackle the national debt that faces every American.

James Pickens May 25, 2018

I am concerned about all the divisions in our nation’s leadership. It seems that the “D”s are trying to destroy the “R”s at every turn. I am very concerned about the former top officials in the Obama Administration and how they are trying to destroy President Trump and the American Government. I’d like to know exactly what is preventing James Comey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch from going to jail for the crimes they have committed. Our Constitution calls for “equal justice for all,” yet these characters are still walking around free after having done things the rest of us would be in jail for!

I am also concerned about the current rash of gun violence in our society. I don’t know why people don’t understand the concept that these acts of violence are the result of a lack of morality being taught in schools. Back in my day we opened the day with prayer and a pledge of allegiance to our flag. I believe that a faith in God was behind the lack of gun violence in society at that time. Things like shootings, gang violence, etc are,in my opinion, the result of our government removing prayer and God from our schools!

Lexey Parker, MD reply_all James Pickens May 25, 2018

I am CERTAIN to government will begin confiscating wealth in the very near future. I have an MD but never learned a lot about wealth preservation. I need what steps to take to try to preserve what I’ve worked so hard for.

Linda MacGregor reply_all James Pickens May 25, 2018

I began watching the gun violence issue in the 1960’s when it was beginning to get bad. The consistent observation I’ve had is that the
Republican Party has thwarted all responsible gun control legislation, nationwide, since the 1960’s. We did have an assault weapon
ban under Clinton, but the Republicans managed to insert a Sunset Clause into that legislation.

My Republican friends seem only to read and listen to manipulative Republican backed news – spins. What is so obvious, so evident, is therefore unnoticed.
After almost 60 years of thwarted gun control legislation, I see the Republican Party as the Party of Darkness. On so many fronts.

Anthony Wright reply_all James Pickens May 25, 2018

Americas anachronistic and insane gun laws (or lack thereof) might have something to do with it. Living outside America looking in , the US still looks like the lawless wild west , but without the tobacco chewing and the big hats ( except in Texas of course)….

James Pickens reply_all Anthony Wright May 25, 2018

There is NOTHING wrong with our gun laws! The problem is the Godless morons BEHIND the gun. The left wants to pass new gun laws with every new shooting, but sanity in some lawmakers prevents that. You can outlaw guns, but remember, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns! IS THAT WHAT YOU’D LIKE TO SEE?

Russell Hudson May 25, 2018

The criminal politicians at the highest levels of our government continue to spend, spend ad nauseam with no end in sight and”clip our coinage” at the same time, devaluing our dollar that is backed by thin air. This is all being funded by debt. We will never repay our debts, the only outcome will be a bankrupt nation. How best to survive the coming day of reckoning?

Frank May 25, 2018

The real national debt according to - – is 211 trillion dollars.
America has been stuck on a militaristic merry-go round for 100 years fighting wars that were none of our concern -idiots have killed each other for thousands of years- and continue to do so. Americas bright future is gone, lost to animal instincts seen everywhere. America is bankrupt, financially, morally, spiritually and any other way. Reality check will not help, we are riding a tide of crap into oblivion.

Aadesh May 25, 2018

Hi sir, I am student of Retail Management from India and interested about cryto currency investment. I would like to build network and provide value through my work but have no ideas how to create a value to the crypto currency space. I am interested in Nucleus Vision(NCASH) project and would like to be part of there team as an intern and understand retail business with collaboration with Crypto currency.
If you have any other suggestions or solution I would like to know and build my network and provide value to the society.

Tom May 25, 2018

I won the cosmic lottery and was born in the USA, survived 24 years in the military, and can survive well on my retirement and resourcefulness.

Lifespan has more than doubled since the Civil war. Quality of life is better than royalty had 50 years ago. A nuclear weapon has not been needed to fight an enemy for 70+ years. The rest is details.

The things Americans fuss over vary from election to election. Those things are created by NGOs and bureaucrats to justify their existence. It took the government to enable the tech bubble and the housing bubble. Hopefully, similar debacles will not recur.

We have a president who abides by the US constitution and understands that leading by fad and fallacy is poor governance. The US Congress not so much. Indeed, about the only thing most CongressCritters accomplish is to get re-elected and send home some pork. We need term limits and a balanced budget amendment to reduce the stupid that emanates from that 36 square miles of logic-free environment known as D.C.

I have dealt with many illiterate high school graduates. The average cost for K-12 is nearing $20,000 per year per student so I don’t think we are getting what we are paying for. US employers fill science and engineering shortages with graduates from India, Pakistan and South Korea. That’s fine with me, but the remaining US citizens incapable of critical thinking or low-level writing and math skills is disturbing. But they’ll be taken care of as the government counterfeits money to pay for it.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Tom May 25, 2018

Just for information: The Military is the largest socialist organization in the U.S.

John May 25, 2018

I am Concerned with pension funds underfunding, our nation’s debt ratio and rising interest rates. Not a good mix. And, then there is robotics and AI concerns. Not sure how our near future will unfold once the recession commences with the demand for government services and subsidies.

Linda MacGregor reply_all John May 25, 2018

The pension issue is tremendously concerning. Most of our small, local economies and businesses are kept going by the pension incomes
of residents which are substantially returned to those economies within 30 days of receipt. .

Byron Mullen May 25, 2018

Martin, I am a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Coordinator. What I see as our major financial failures in this country is too many people do not know how to prepare a BUDGET that allows them to live within their means. In “Ramsey Talk” we call it a Zero Based Budget. Ones knows their income and starts by allocating a portion to GOD, hopefully 10 %, and determines how the rest of their income will be spent; rent, utilities, food, clothing, insurance, transportation, etc. Again in the end, one MUST have the discipline to do the BUDGET and then stick to it. NO DEBT. Too much charge it now because I WANT it now.
Dave says, we have to learn to live like no one else so that later on we can live and GIVE like no one else. If everyone was GIVING like no one else our Churches could do their God commanded part and take care of the poor and needy and there would be no need for Government Welfare.
Can you imagine how this country would prosper under God under these conditions? Turning from God really concerns me.
These are nothing new. Just common sense and Biblical principles. So the biggest problem we have in not living for God like he has commanded us.
As others have pointed out, the especially Liberal Government is ruining this country. You and I both know that “Socialism or Communism” has never nor will ever work.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Byron Mullen May 25, 2018

It is obvious that socialism has worked well in many countries. When they have learned of the problems they have had, they have intelligently
corrected them. Socialism, as we know it, is actually a balance of Capitalism and Socialism. In America we have a share of socialism.
The Military, for example, is the largest socialist institution in the nation. The Safety Net is there, too. What distinguishes America, so much,
is its Predatory Capitalism. There are different kinds of capitalism. German Capitalism is less destructive to its citizens than that which we
have in America.

Joe reply_all Linda MacGregor May 26, 2018

How did socialism workwork out for Greece and Spain?

Charles Greene May 25, 2018

I’m worried about it all …S.S 401’s Pensions .. where do you go ?

Bill thomas May 25, 2018

What worries me most is the people being brainwashed by the government news networks and all of the college kids being taught by communist professors. People pushing for a one world government and our national sovereignty. There is still great opportunity in this country if you work hard and save. Socialism and communism have never been any good for the commoner!

Linda MacGregor reply_all Bill thomas May 25, 2018

Socialism has obviously been good for commoners in many nations. You’ve been listening to the untruth of the Right for way too long.
Socialism in America has been good for the U.S. Military. It is the largest socialist organization in the U.S.

WARREN BEELER May 25, 2018

I would like to join your your webinar where I could participate,

I started investing in 1951 when I was in my second year at the university of Tennessee. That $100.00 I invested in a Morgan Stanley growth fund.

I kept that investment to show my grandchildren what they could achieve if they started started investing when they were young.

I sold that $100.00 investment for $1975,00 last year.
That was not one of my best investments but it showed the power of compounding.

Linda MacGregor reply_all WARREN BEELER May 25, 2018

A compound interest chart and your statement should be provided to all H.S., college and university graduates along with their diplomas.

ray diprofio May 25, 2018

I am more concerned about what’s happening in nature then current finances. we are in a grand solar minimum and it does not look good floods, record snows,volcanoes,earths quakes all way more then normal. global warming I think not.

Linda MacGregor reply_all ray diprofio May 25, 2018

Global warming’s greatest danger is the coming Ice Age. The Pentagon has realized this for decades. Research it.

Anthony Wright reply_all ray diprofio May 25, 2018

We are rapidly degrading the planet, our home; in the last 45years the human population has more than doubled resulting in the extinction of thirty percent of the other species with which we share the planet – source, WWF.
If we do not control our population we will suffer the biological consequences of overpopulation as apply to all species: war, famine, and disease, to which we have uniquely added climate change via our overexploitation of fossil fuels.
We are literally and metaphorically eating ourselves out of house and home and progressively drowning inour own industrial excrement.
Air you cant breathe in China, plastic clogging the rivers and oceans, burning industrial waste illegally dumped in Calabria causing cancer levels in children to soar, radiation contamination surrounding Chernobyl and Fukushima, and seemingly endless and escalating war in the Middle East driven by greed for oil and justified by religious chauvinism, bigotry and hatred.
Looming financial crises pale to relative insignificance when compared to the fundamental and largely irreversible damage we are doing to our ecological life support system.

Steve Young May 25, 2018

I don’t make a lot of $, but I try to save enough. I’ll work a bit more than thirty more years before I have to retire. I saw that the gov’t will reduce my social security to ashes. It’s now nothing but a big tax to me. It makes me furious, and I think people in the gov’t should go to jail for stealing my money. I just have to save more and invest more to cover what financial advisors were expecting SS to contribute to my retirement income.
I’ve watched the gov’t devalue my dollar so much over the course of my life. I just don’t know what to do to fight back for the defense of my family savings and income.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Steve Young May 25, 2018

Social security provides some retirement income, disability income should you need it, survivor income to a spouse and children and a good
amount of income to local economies and small businesses as almost all Social Security income received is spent in local economies within
30 days of receipt.

If you become disabled at age 40, you will be glad you paid into Social Security. It is a great bargain, but only one leg of that famous
three-legged stool.

The Social Security website has the history of S.S. on it. It is very interesting.

Charles May 25, 2018

Bitcoin; gold; silver;oil which will win out for the average wage earner?
How will my Grandkids be able to buy
Their food housing and health care.
Very concerned about the economic future for them!

Linda MacGregor reply_all Charles May 25, 2018

None can take the place of a good pension.

Jerry May 25, 2018

I fear that I am looking at a falling empire. We have empowered our citizens to look for “handouts”, and if that doesn’t work you can charge it. Contrary to what Uncle Sam says, prices have skyrocketed and continue to do so and wages remain at unsustainable levels, even with two earner households. The “tax reform” I am afraid will be just another unfulfilled promise as buybacks will get the bulk of the tax money. We as a people have been taught to never give up hope, but I believe that the next generation has little hope and very little chance that things will change until we reach the bottom and have to crawl up. The flag probably won’t be old glory and we will indeed see how the rest of the world lives. We as a nation have tried to copy the Europeans and damn if I don’t think we have done a good job. It is hard to paint a rosy picture when everything around you is wilting.

Henry May 25, 2018

Overall, I just worry about having enough money to support my retirement. Most people feel like the stock market is on the verge of a tumble. So what are the best investments to protect what we have now, and where can we find some (safe) opportunities for growth?

Linda MacGregor reply_all Henry May 25, 2018

Risk in the Stock Market can be reduced by:
-selling 10%
-selling 25%
-selling 50%
-selling 100%

Samuel Fred Rogers May 25, 2018

In your oponion is hyper inflation the only reasonable politically acceptable outcome to the total US debt?
If so what stock mkt sectors will do best.
Which would be best investment, stocks or hard assets – land gold silver etc

Van May 25, 2018

I see that the City of Seattle is going to tax employment, so that means fewer jobs. They are going to spend the money to make poverty more comfortable, so that means more poor people. Way to go, boys!

Chuck Burton May 25, 2018

There is another point which I haven’t seen raised: With every law, regulation or Presidential edict, our government is becoming steadily more totalitarian and dictatorial. This is not the United States of America which I grew up in during the 30’s and 40’s, even under the controls enacted during World War II. I fear for what is coming to the children of today. They are the ones who will have to overturn the present trends – or live under a dictatorship.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Chuck Burton May 25, 2018

Let’s not forget the Corporatocracy and Citizens United – speaking about dictators.

Claudia Callaghan May 25, 2018

I feel as though my whole life is in upheaval – will all the fear and worry about impending threats to our economy and our PERSONAL economies it is difficult to anticipate anything remotely fun- joyful- positive in my future… even though I have ALWAYS stressed that the best things in life are free – the 2nd best things are NOT!!

Dimitry Tihomirov May 25, 2018

Who has time to watch webinars or video presentations or to listen to podcasts?

Claus-Peter Herberg May 25, 2018

Having a Dad who remembered pushing a wheelbarrow full of Deutsch Marks, just to buy a loaf of bread during the Weimar Republic, I am becoming increasingly concerned that ever rising inflation will be the catalyst that sparks a second American revolution. With close to 50 million Americans struggling to live just a modest middle class lifestyle, what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back and pushes the American public into a bloody French or Russian like revolution.


WALTER May 25, 2018


Mr. Diehl Sluss May 25, 2018

America’s biggest threat is our own debt. However, our mixture of countries and problems of all of us makes it impossible to

Art Glasgow May 25, 2018

Protecting my retirement funds and small business.

Ali Razvi May 25, 2018

What worries me the most is the , the personal attitude of Trump. He thinks that he needs no help from more knowledgeable and experienced people in his cabinet. Even if he thinks that someone else has more knowledge than him he refuse to accept and do what he think is right. This is the sign of a flawed personality. This is the reason that he fired so many smarter people from his cabinets. On the predictions of what the economic conditions of our country might look like I am not very pessimistic. Due to his 31% corporate tax rtes we might do better. What surprises me is a lot of Financial writers and analysts were predicting a massive growth after the cut of interest rate have not occurred so far. Remember one financial writer was explaining that the over seas cash piles of huge corporation when get into our country the trillion dollar boom in our country will eliminate all our deficits and keep the stock market humming for years to come! This obviously have not happened yet. I have no idea as to how much Google, Facebook and Microsoft and Apple have brought back from Ireland or Barbados,where ever they had stashed their gains for lower taxes. If you know it please write in your next letter.

James S. May 25, 2018

My biggest fear like most who are paying attention, is debt. This includes the national debt, state debt, pension plans, credit cards, student loans, autos, etc…..
I would like you in your presentation for you to talk a bit about diversification of one’s assets. Just what can one do or should you do to preserve the purchasing power of one’s net worth today. include gold, real estate, life insurance and other commodities in your discussion. I once had a pretty old guy tell me this. Jim he said, “In 1900 one ounce of gold would buy you a pretty nice suit. In 2008 one ounce of gold will still buy you a pretty nice suit”. Interesting lesson that more people should think about in today’s economic times.

Linda MacGregor reply_all James S. May 25, 2018

An ounce of gold or a share of Berkshire Hathaway, Class B held for 108 years – or even 25-50?

Jose De la Peña May 25, 2018

Dear Martin: I started following you with Safe Money Report many years ago. Thank you very much for your wise guiadance it has protected my family financialy.
Now I am a Mexican citizen, living in Mexico City two daughters left my country (one was kidnaped and went to Spain, she now has two beautiful children), the other attended college in the USA, and was offered jobs in NY, she is outstanding, got a green card and now is a US citizen living in beautiful Seattle.
My most concerning issue right now is NAFTA. I was one of the auto executives negotiating it back in the early 90`s. I was COO of one of the big three operating in Mexico (all of them 100% owned by US shareholders). The Strategy was created in the US in big part to make this companies more competitive against Japanese, Korean and European manufacturers. It worked big time: They could not compete in terms of Quality and cost with the big three.
They were forced to invest in plants in the US or here. Creating jobs and tremendous wealth for the region, they now use US parts.
Now Mexico is facing a populist candidate (leading the polls) in the upcomong election due July 1st. Mr. Trump comments originate a lot of volatility for the exchange rate. Refusing to sign NAFTA 2.0 is very bad for American Public companies and gives this populist arguments to become more popular.
I do not understand why the Current administration is taking such a big chance to have a Gov. (A la Venezuela Style) as neighbor and destroing value for US Farmers, industries, banking, services and auto parts and auto manufactures. I am convinced that no body has explained to him the complexities and benefits for the US of Nafta. And they have not told him that if Mexico follows Venezuela, millions will be walking North. By the way Trade figures he uses are wrong, because they do not deduct net content of American Parts. and nobody has to cut a check for negative balance of trade.
Thank you Kindly Martin, and all the best to you.
Jose De la Peña

Fred Fraley May 25, 2018

My father always told me: “The stock market is better than a horse race. If you have losing bet tickets at the end of the race, they’re worth nothing. At least your stock “tickets” are worth something at the closing bell.” The question is “how much?” Most of us can live with a 20% correction as many stock portfolios had in 2008. But how about a catastrophe where you lose 90% of the value of your stock portfolio? I’m living on a half-pay pension, IRA, full social security, and a high-paying family trust. I’m not cashing investments to live. In fact since 2010 I gave up expensive cruises and began saving in a stock brokerage account, which is now in the mid-six figures. I find that I need added services now at age 86, includingf secretarial and exercise training. I’m willing to cash some of the investments from the brokerage account for these added needs. My estate isn’t large enough to be subject to the Federal Estate Tax under the former or the new law. I would have a worry if the Demopcrats radically lowered that tax’s exemption. I’m just as happy to die with lowered-valued stocks and a smaller estate subject to the Federal Estate Tax. As my father said, “stocks are like growing plants ar the end of the day.” I will the seedlings to my heirs.

james w berhow May 25, 2018

Can one know what the Federal Reserve plans on doing with interest rates. What ever they do will have a major effect on the economy.

Donald Zwoboda May 25, 2018

what’s the 5 year future outlook, for Gold and Silver and gold & silver stocks. ( GDX )

Preston Sullivan May 25, 2018

Will you please provide timing on when you expect major turns in gold, oil, and the stock market?

solyluna May 25, 2018

My greatest concern is What happens when all of the debt comes due? (National, state, pension funds, student loan, credit card etc etc). I am an engineer and believe in the natural progression of mass and energy. Can an economist forecast what will happen on “Payment Day”? How does one protect himself from the results of 50 years of wild borrowing? would any one have money to buy my precious metals, Might society regress to a barter system in which case booze and tobacco might be our currency

Larry Hohman May 25, 2018

The county I live in just got a request from Job and Family Services for an extra 450,000 dollars to take care of all the children in their care. They are spending 30,325 per child. Then I see in another article an economist is predicting that in ten years ,40% of low skilled workers will be out of a job due to automation. Thats 40% fewer people paying taxes to support all these welfare programs. Looks like a big problem in the making.

solyluna reply_all Larry Hohman May 25, 2018

Seriously Social Security crashes unless Robots are charged social security taxes, At least the employer should pay his half of the Social Security/Medicare tax on the 40 % of workers who are replaced by Robots and automation

E G McMillan May 25, 2018

Bankrupt governments
Social unrest and vitrol
Moral decay
Religious freedom under siege
Racial tensions
Political discord
Deep State issues
Inflation or deflation?
One World Order

Is there hope? Is there s way out of this mess?

Bill May 25, 2018

When the dollar devalues and becomes worthless, mortgages get amended, and as usual the average american with get screwed. Many may not be able to afford the higher interest rates, yes even fixed rates will go up.

Plus the amount of mortgage owed will go up and many more people will loose their homes.
Our standard of living will fall like a rock. This was all caused by our crooked leaders at the fed, who decided to save their crooked friends at the major banks at the expense of the average american. Yes, I think we all should be worried!

Matt May 25, 2018


I have a question for you. I can make a rational, fact filled case for the Dow to hit 35,000. I can also make a rational, fact filled case for the Dow to be halved. What should I do to protect myself? What should I do to profit? Maybe I should just sit in cash. Thoughts?


Eli Yahudah May 25, 2018

New forces that may precipitate a fall of the dollar seem on the horizon. There appears to be a movement from petrodollars denominated in USD to other currencies by some of the largest oil producers and importers including Russia, China, Venezuela and Iran. Alternatives include the petroyuan and the Euro. Will cryptoassets provide a hedge or a refuge .

Robert Schepman May 25, 2018

Only two things happen to debt: it gets repaid OR it gets wiped out. I fewar the latter.
Keep up the good work!

Helene May 25, 2018

Since losing my hubby less than 1 year ago and then suffering with health issues myself, I feel overwhelmed with the entire investment world, as well as the moral roller coaster downward, to our own ruin. If God does not intervene we are following ROME.

John Wright May 25, 2018

It would strike me that with all but a couple of Countries being severely in the red, and apparently never being able to see the black at the end of the tunnel, that maybe the time has come to have one universal monetary system and fold all the debt period. I can’t see any way out of this mess, whereby corrupt politicians interested only in themselves, keep piling debt upon debt.
By common agreement it would be ideal if every country/jurisdiction agreed to this, and at the same time made it law that future debt was no longer legal
Maybe I am being overly simple in the solution – but adding more debt daily will never be the answer, nor responsible.

WARREN BEELER reply_all John Wright May 25, 2018

WARREN Additional comments.

I am 86 years old and this is my 67th year of investing. This is the most exciting thing I h

I am 86 years old and made my first investment in the stock market in 1951 when I was in my second year on a Sears, Roebuck scholarship. I held that $100.00
I invested in a Vanguard Morgan growth fund [for my grandchildren to see the value of starting young to have a good retirement fund when they retired.
I sold that $100.00 investment in 2016 for $1,975.00.
INVESTING IS MY LIFEBLOOD. ALL THE PROFIT MY WIFE & I MAKE FROM AN ACCOUNT WE HAVE FROME A HOUSE WE SOLD TO AID TWO BAPTIST CHURCHES WHO HOUSE, FEED CLOTHE AND EDUCATE THROUGH 6TH GRADE WHERE THEIR1 PARENTS DIED FROM AIDS. THEY HAVE ABOUT 270 Children in the two churches. My wife and I along with eleven others from First Baptist Church from Cleveland, Tennessee in 1997 we spent two weeks organizing these two churches which are about 25 miles apart in the suburbs of of Eldoret, K enya.
Ruth & I can attest to the` fact that you cannot out give God. Several times the Churches would have an emergency need and we dipped into our savings to meet the need and the money would show up through a big gain in one of ou1r stocks thatwe could replace the money in our savings account.


Catherine E. Disney May 25, 2018

In my 70’s I was arrested for DUI – Arizona’s main source of income. No priors, but 2 days later went to get animal food out of necessity and was arrested again – and sentenced to 1.5 years in prison (compare to 30 day sentence for a former inmate on his 3rd DUI). I was released early because I had the rare score of 100% on each of 3 mandatory tests (completed in half the allotted time). Two days after release the County informs me that a vacant building on my property (which I have owned for 12 years) is in violation and must be removed immediately – or I’ll be fined $750/day (yes, you read it right). Of course my arrest fines are in the thousands.
While in prison I was not allowed any outside calls to pay or arrange pay’t for bills (only family emergencies allowed – I have no family). I was released just as my property was sent to foreclosure. While in prison my Social Security payments, my only source of income, were stopped. When released I was told it would be about 2 months before they started again – and my monthly payment would be reduced (despite a national raise in individual distribution) because they had made an error and paid me one month too many following my arrest. I believe ceasing SS payments is not in keeping with the plan, perhaps illegal.

Meanwhile, my 401K investment accounts have taken the hit Trump has offered us all.

It is too late for me to “start over.” I’m hoping to avoid bankruptcy – but seriously don’t know why. My life has been totally ruined by a legal system that is grossly inequitable and a government that is in turmoil spun by one man’s ego.

Now you know more than you asked – and little to do with playing “the street.”

Linda MacGregor reply_all Catherine E. Disney May 25, 2018

Boycott Arizona.

solyluna reply_all Catherine E. Disney May 25, 2018

sad Sad story but why blame the government when it seems that your relationship with alcohol is the base of your problems?

Gskanwal May 25, 2018

Stock market overbought and this party got to end some tile-+when least expected.
Aftermath looks real bad, very very bad. May be depression or something like that.

DEBT and consequences!!!

China do not have good intentions. North Korea is the other face of China.It is all China.

And lot of more bad and dark clouds—-p.S. I am a subscriber. I am happy to be old.

Richard c Bauder May 25, 2018

I’m 82. I started working on a farm at age 10. I worked my way through college, earned a degree in physics and advanced degree in engineering. The under thirty generation people I contact are so clueless and lazy; want the government to coddle them. Almost every welfare case I am aware of is a scam. I am concerned for the soul of the USA.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Richard c Bauder May 25, 2018

Scams can be reported to the Welfare Office, anonymously.

john w morris May 25, 2018

Democrats are trying to destroy this country……I have no idea what their end game might be

Linda MacGregor reply_all john w morris May 25, 2018

Cheney and Bush caused the Iraq War., David Stockman said that the Republicans caused the 2008 U.S. Financial Collapse. Republicans have thwarted responsible gun control legislation, nationwide, since the early 1960’s. Republicans gave us Citizens United, throwing more weight to the
corporations to dictate American policy. Republicans have become the Party of Darkness.

Richard Berge reply_all Linda MacGregor May 26, 2018

Cheney and Bush did cause the entire mideast debacle. However, I disagree with most of your other observations.
The ultimate goal of the swamp is “global governance” -a universal socialist world run by “The Elites” such as Soros.

Be sure to read a new book out -“Secret Empires” and an older book by Dick Morris, “Here Come the Black Helicopters”
and another first published in 1996 “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. Combined, I suspect it will give you an interesting
perspective. Hope you find them very interesting.

Richard Berge reply_all john w morris May 25, 2018

The Leftist hate spewing and divisiveness is part of their agenda. Remember Brennen of the CIA is still a member of the communist party- and was when Obama appointed him to the CIA ! The agenda is a socialist/communist USA and ultimately “global governance” -that is what the European Union is still all about. A “World Government”. Be sure to read Dick Morris’s book “Here Come the Black Helicopters”. It will truely open your eyes to what is happening.

Richard May 25, 2018

Will interest rates continue to rise and if they do where do you think the 10 year bonds will top at and when.

Lora H. May 25, 2018

The volatility is making me crazy. A stock starts to go up and I buy it. Turn around a day or two later and the sell-off begins.

Paulette Young May 25, 2018

Best way to invest with gold and silver coins as a retiree and the cost factor for both thank you

Freddy McLain May 25, 2018

The thing that worries me greatly is that the ship of state is completely rudderless upon treacherously high seas.

Dennis Feighny May 25, 2018

Social Security was never intended to be one’s only source of income. With few exceptions (i.e. a disabled person, or a person whose spouse has died, or a spouse that stayed at home and never worked)a person that is retired should have had other income streams.

If a retired person does not have enough income, they should consier working as there are many jobs available.

I am very optimistic about the economy because of President Trump’s policies (i.e. tax cuts, deregulation, etc.). The stock market is much higher since President Trump took office from the socialist Obama.

My only worries are that the Democrats have no intention of addressing the issues and problems we have like President Trump is. The Democrats only want to obstruct even at the peril of huring our nation.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Dennis Feighny May 25, 2018

Have you been blind for the past 58 years? The Republican Party is the most destructive force in America. Do your own research instead
of listening to the manipulative marketing of the Masters of Deceit.

Joe reply_all Linda MacGregor May 26, 2018

My research has shown that the democrats was the party that wanted and fought for slavery in the civil war.
In favor of using tax payers money to abort innocent, helpless babies through planned parenthood. Help fund terrorists abroad namely Hamas.
They are against Trumph but have no plan to help this country or it’s citizens
It seems the democratic politicians are only interested in themselves. And regaining their political power again
to line their pockets at our expense. That is why a poltician was beat by a non politician. God help us. And He will if we put our trust in Him.

Lonnie Adams May 25, 2018

we no longer have shared values Hard to have a unified country without that consensus Hence the polarization

Tim Bewcyk May 25, 2018

War only profits bankers and those who manufacture weapons.

All school shooters have been on psych mess which actually carry warnings on their boxes which list the horrendous side effects. However drug companies make trillions by treating as many citizens as possible with treatments which have no intention of curing, only of addicting and getting more health care money.

If you and your customers will not take responsibility for these and other wrongs in the world, then more confusions and chaos and criminality of finance will ensue. Calmness and cooperation come from good communication, ethics and a recognition that we have some interest invested in our neighbor having a good life too. I can elaborate on any of these points if you are interested in improving our world situation. Simply seeking to profit as the world deteriorates will be your and my downfall in the end.

Lori Haldeman-Mossholder May 25, 2018

You say we will survive but at what cost? We are loosing our democracy. There is a push to stop any help to the people that need it and deserve it, to give to the greedy. trump is an incompetent, self serving, bigot, that only makes moves that serves himself and his flunkies that also aiding his personal gain. He swore to uphold the constitution and is chipping away to destroy it. In a time when we should be concentrating on clean energy and preserving our Earth we are going backward to worse polluting of big companies and fracking. We had a shot a reversing some of the harm we already inflicted on our Earth and now all the head way made is being reversed. Clean air to breath, water to drink, and food to eat rates way below making profit. The hippie generation mended our racial prejudice a lot and now that is being enflamed by our bigoted president .trump is also making bulling look like it is fine to do with his juvenile name calling and his praise of his version of “good people” in white supremacist, etc. He doesn’t want free press, he is trying to end the postal ser0vice, any small businesses that are left since monopolies have taken over everywhere. I worked as a lead person in a factory for 15 years, and much overtime and also earned 34 college credits at the same time. I worked before that job at other jobs since I was 12 and worked at home on the farm until graduation. In 1996, I became disabled. After Medicare is taken out of my Social Security I get $933./mo. SS was set up because of so many people living at poverty level. I am at poverty level with i. I also have cancer going on 3 years and could not afford traditional treatment if I chose it. My husband after years of welding is also disabled since Nov. 2013. Many of the friends I know with jobs and that have cancer will never be out of debt in their life time because of it. In the case that their spouse dies from cancer not only do they loose their spouse, half their income and still have the debt to pay. Many are worse off than us and they wants to take Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid away. He would rather spend monies on walls to cut off our neighbors, and instill worse national relationships, or have a Military Parade. It is so much more important to feed to trump , to feed his ego than the survival of the American people he is suppose to be serving. I also am concerned with a president that isn’t concerned with his countries safety and voting interference from other countries. A true president would be very concerned and want to get to the bottom of it, at any cost. The only reason he would not it that he is involved. He is a traitor to our country. I totally don’t understand how anyone can’t see through his endless lies. The only ones that can support him are prejudice like him and believe in white superiority or are rich and he is giving them hand outs and making it easier to get around the laws put in place to protect the rest of us, so they can get richer The survival of our democracy, our Earth, our national respect, our morals and ethics, our constitution, our poor, aged, vets, health, minorities, immigrants, women, children, LGBT,, etc,…depend on getting trump and the rest of his republican rubble out of office as soon as possible, before our great country gone beyond repair.

Linda MacGregor reply_all Lori Haldeman-Mossholder May 25, 2018

So true.

Ronald E. Baker May 25, 2018

I am Canadian. Every day 400 people flee as refugees into Canada from the USA. Fear has driven them up north! The mechanics of fear are to attack anyone speaking Spanish (Latinos) even Puerto Ricans who are citizens of USA or French (Haitians) who have suffered greatly by hurricanes and bad governments corrupted by (often American) businesses. Also by blundering relief efforts that simply don’t restore power or rebuild homes/businesses and fill the pockets of those behind such “humanitarian” programs. Americans are failing the little brothers in the Caribbean, Latin America and also refugees from other countries like Honduras, and El Salvador, instead of helping them overcome their domestic problems. So these people flee, first to America where the bully-boys are egged on by the white supremacists and similar thugs to attack them, often their kids on their way to school and drive them in terror to our safe havens up here. 27,000 have arrived in Canada so far in 2018. Shame, shame on the “Make America Great Again” culture, seeking to turn the clock back to 1860; even lauding slavery and the Confederacy. Who has led America down this path? The present government of the USA and its leaders, I believe.

B Schnare reply_all Ronald E. Baker May 26, 2018

Well, I am glad Canada is willing to help these people. The reaction to their arrival from police and citizens in Canada is concern of how to care for them and get them jobs…it is called compassion.

JACK R WILLIAMS May 25, 2018


BILL Vereen May 25, 2018

Its not that You dont have good ideas Its just that I don’t have extra money to invest anyway.

leonardo scarpati May 25, 2018

Dear Martin , you know better than me that, the famous STOCK MARKET is a charade of the Global Elites to take our money and keep our illusion of trying to do better for our families .some people are smart and learn to go along for some gains , and gets out on time before they loose everything ,they gained .

jlv reply_all leonardo scarpati May 25, 2018


Colleen Muscato May 25, 2018

This environment scares me very much.

The first being that our government will take away our retirement funds, 401K, and savings. I feel no funds are safe at this time.

Secondly I worry that we are due for another burst of the bubble. Real estate prices are back where they were before the last crash. They are loaning again at no Money down and interest rates are rising.

We are 67 and plan to work until 70 but worry about keeping our cash in the bank. What options do we have?

solyluna reply_all Colleen Muscato May 25, 2018

They have given you tax breaks with these plans. Now when they need the money to feed their insationable hunger they will protect you from the evil stock/bond markets , they will not take your 401k IRA retirement funds. They will just pass a law that some or all of these tax deferred funds MUST be invested in U S Government Bonds

Michael J. Burke May 25, 2018

I think it is sad that the United States has virtually abdicated its past position in the world as a leader and as a trustworthy nation. I can appreciate our new leader as not liking a particular agreement a previous administration created or joined, but to arbitrarily abandon the agreement seems not only ill-advised, but also catastrophically wrong and inappropriate. I worry about the money I have saved in my investments and how the future of these investments will be forever impacted by this nation’s current philosophy. My goal right now is to survive until late December when I will be 59 1/2, and I will be able to withdraw my retirement savings without penalty. I only hope this false market will continue to thrive because of how great Donald Trump’s potential is, but his decisions today will certainly undermine the potential financial futures of my 17-year-old twins. His decisions may cause them to be involved in another mindless war somewhere in the world, and that would certainly impact their college educations. I worry the market is horribly over-valued at 25,000 +/-. It may climb higher, but what is it really worth? The overwhelming debt the US and all of the other nations in the world have ignored will choke us to death and cause our markets to crumble. How do we stop the madness that has been going on now for decades?

Hale Meserow May 25, 2018

I don’t understand the national deficit. How can there be a deficit when the government can just print money to cover it?

Matt reply_all Hale Meserow May 25, 2018

Get rid of the deficit by printing money. That’s how. “Inflate or die.”

leonardo scarpati reply_all Hale Meserow May 25, 2018

The US government is not in control of the US ECONOMY , The Federal Reserve System , is a Private enterprise that Tax and,control the USA economy ,that is our Central Bank ,which is rum by the GLOBAL ELITES, by the way they control the Economy of most of the countries in the world , you can check in the internet how many Central Banks these people control. Happy Awakening !!!!!!

MaryAnna Whetstone May 25, 2018

Looking forward to your comments…..

Ed May 25, 2018

% higher = Higher Stock Markets! Bring us the top ten Cryptos to buy and help us vote out the Crooked Globalists in our gov. and bring us good Dividends paying companies …we will have 7 years of Fat Cows with Mr. Trump !
GOD bless America more!

anthony giordano May 25, 2018

Larry indicated that Europe and Japan would crash first. I see no evidence yet. By Larry”s timing, Trump will be a one term president because the decline should begin in the U.S. by 2020.In the meantime, although Trump is taking on some important issues, every action brings volatility.I do believe the market will go up, but with the unpredicability of daily events this is not a traders market nor is it one in which to add cash. The market is supposed to be a leading indicator and it no long is at least for the time being.With continuing agitation of the market all of the type of investment Larry talked about are questionable.

aurelio alvarez May 25, 2018

Who is breaking away ? Trump breaking international agreements , menacing even Europe? Who can rely on Trump?
It is good for the world as a whole that there should not be an hegemonic country. That´s all. Trump should follow Obama´s
line and not show such an atavic immature hatred to him. All the best A.Alvarez from Spain.

Lonnie Adams reply_all aurelio alvarez May 25, 2018

Obamas values were hope and change without specifics people who supported him didn’t realize what they would be getting Hope is not a plan
without Him we would never Had trump

aurelio alvarez reply_all aurelio alvarez May 25, 2018

Who is breaking away ? Is Trump breaking international agreements and treaties? Who can rely on such a President? He should follow the policy of his immaturely hatred Obama with many of the qualities of a stateman instead of a voluble and wanton Chief
who may be still the most powerful man on earth but …not to impose his will any longer it is as unreasonable as he is showing.

Irene Marrs May 25, 2018

I have avoided Crypto currencies for 2 reasons, one being that I do not know enough and the other is more concerning. I appears to me that Crypto is a threat to the establishment, and the people in power will not let that go too far. Perhaps they are already forgoing taxes on Crypto gains by people who hide that sort of thing. But more worrisome to them must be that people could circumvent regulations or in some way get out from under the governments thumb. I would appreciate some discussion on this.

John reply_all Irene Marrs May 27, 2018

Most cryptos are Pump & Dump scams for the benefit of the insiders. That’s why they keep telling you that Bitcoin is going to $100,000, They need buyers to sell their worthless coins to.

Lonnie Adams reply_all Irene Marrs May 25, 2018

Never invest in something you don’t understand

Eliabeth Patterson May 25, 2018

You are right our country is in deep trouble. I have bought some utilities but they went right down. My stocks loose every day. Can not afford that!

Roberto Clerc May 25, 2018

Hi Martín, I use to live in the most rich, advance and happy country of latín América untill a group of delinquents disguising of comunists and populist Take the control of the country and all their institutions, stealing all its riches and ending all the productive capital of the country in only 20 years. Today all I can do is to take the rest of my wealth and move to another country, Im talking about Venezuela.
I think all of you are pasing a few years of tasting what it is to elect a populist man to ride a country, a mistake do you can learn not to repeat.
Best whishes.

John Grimm May 25, 2018

The biggest problem we face right now is the $20 trillion debt (not counting medicare, medicaid, and future social program entitlements. How will this debt be paid? Socialist tax rates? Dollar devaluations? Savings confiscations? The federal government is bloated and corrupt. They will use any method possible to retain their power. And unfortunately, about half the population is dependent on government spending programs, so those people will go along with whatever the government decides to do. I have saved all my life and I am about to retire. How do I preserve the value of my life savings? Buy good stocks and hope the prices rise as the value of the dollar falls? Buy gold? Buy productive (farm) land now in case things get very bad? Some combination of all these and other financial actions?

BILL PADIAN May 25, 2018






John May 25, 2018

Why are so many surprised about our country and society falling into in to the abyss? Outlaw guns, take this one and that one to court for rape, murder, drive by’s, etc. These actions are after the fact, and after the devastation. What is different now then was decades and even centuries ago? GOD! Why is this so hard for people to see this? As our country has and is slowly and steadily moving away from God and take down or destroy His principles, crime, violence and the decency of others like treat others as you would like to be treated are thrown out like trash to the landfill. Love one another and care for one other. Why was it so important to remove the 10 commandments from schools? Don’t these tell our children (and adults) rape, murder, stealing, etc are wrong? Isn’t the schools where the latest tragedies are happening? HELLO!! We take down the very principles of God for our children to believe and follow and wonder why there are school shootings?!?!? Why is this so difficult to comprehend???
I’ll tell you why. Then we would have to look at our own actions and behavior because we are doing the very things we are asking children not to do, but then teach them they are their own God and answer morally to no one?? In the name of porn, theft, lying, suing everyone every time a mistake is made like a winning lottery ticket, stealing, free speech that allows people, words and songs glamorizing the very atrocities taking place right in front of us and present them as cool, hip, rad, etc. Even obesity. We can’t even control ourselves to eat reasonably. Like children without parents, people without God are gonna do what they want to do no matter if it’s right or wrong. Selfishness caring only about ourselves, our family, car, house, job is all anyone is concerned about (if even that many.) Children killing parents. Parents killing children and on and on it goes.
We have told God “We don’t want you in our lives, affairs or country” and as we move away from Him, He is respecting our “free will” and backing away from us. What is there to teach, believe and model character before not only our children, but to each other too? Nothing! Self indulgence is now the king of our lives and country.
Why are so many surprised we are going down the toilet?!?! It was God’s principles and character our country embraced and made it great! Now removed, no longer is this country seen the best, but just like any other place where evil runs ramped in a Godless society.
Surprised? WHY?!?! Garbage in = garbage out.
If you really want to know the truth of how this country was birthed, look up “Statue of Our Forefathers.” A monument of the principles, character and beliefs of those who risked everything and formed this once great country.

Hale Meserow reply_all John May 25, 2018

Right on. Perfect analysis.

Jonathan Zapadenko May 25, 2018

No fear on my part I have my sins paid in full!

Leslie Langenbrunner May 25, 2018

With Crypto going up and down so fast, I want better direction when and where to move funds onto a more stable coin when the market has peeked and is set to drop. Tether, TrueUSD etc. I don’t want to day trade but if I could have preserved the funds I had during the late January peek, I would be 300% better than I am now.

On the stock side, I worry there will be a huge correction. When will it be and how should I protect myself.

Tom Bierl May 25, 2018

My overarching concern is whether the United States will survive as democracy based on the rule of law embodied in the constitution and its orderly evolution. It may very well depend on whether class warfare can be avoided and that comes down to money and debate. Both require leadership toward the center which does not seem to exist. Greed and “I believe” seem to dominate. The lower 50% of the population has been taking it in the wallet for over 40 years. The people at the top – educated, sophisticated and capable of leveraging their position – believe that they deserve even more. Within the group at top, there seems to be no awareness that they have what they have because (to paraphrase Newton) they stand on the shoulders of those below them. Trickle down economics should not applied to tax cuts, but to rising income since it is the driving force for wealth creation. The greed involved with passage of the Tax Plan sets up stronger forces for the K-wave and undercuts the country for everyone. Platitudes, hyperbole, distorted facts and outright lies will be our mutual undoing. Capitalism may have greed as a significant motivating factor, but it is one of the “seven deadly sins” for well established historical reasons. It is the roll of government to balance the outcomes of greed to make capitalism a lifting force and that has failed in a distinctly ROYAL tradition.

Elliot Trach May 25, 2018

What is the success rate. Of your system? on a year by year basis.

Ron Singerman May 25, 2018

My two main MACRO worries are:

#1- The absolute lack of integrity and illegal doings in our federal gov’t.
We seem to be heading in the direction of the Roman Empire as depicted in
“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

#2- The Socialist leanings of our young college generation.And the lack of recognizing
that you are primarily responsible for your success and well being and not the gov’t.
That coupled with the fact that they are unwilling to let opposition speech in notwithstanding
there claim to diversity.

Over time with proper allocations your hard earned long term money should be OK if history
continues to repeat with the normal set backs.Therefore this doesn’t worry me as much of the
two comments above.
That is barring catastrophes if the 1st two comments come to fruition.

As an after thought I need to add the middle east fundamentalists goal of destruction of all not in
compliance with their own thinking.

jim strom May 25, 2018


John Hartnett May 25, 2018



Thanks for the great work

I am European/Irish and my biggest concern is the European Banking Sector, particularly Italy – The Banking debt has the ability to sink thevEURO.

And in the US I the concern is Debt

And since the Financial Crisis the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor getting Poorer!

Bruni Helmerson May 25, 2018

Thank you Mr.Weiss for the information ,you are so right,my kind of thinking.
My fear is that I will outlive my savings,not being able to find honest advise where to invest some money to give me some income
will accelerate my going broke.I am a widow,no family ,I am more than concerned about my future survival.Already lost almost everything in2008 including my husband.
With no SS to speak of,what do I do? No honesty in the society we live in today and that seems to be getting worse.
Thank you for listening.
Bruni Helmerson

jim mcalister May 25, 2018

I am very impressed with president trumps rhetoric. he is the first president who always asks gods blessing on all of us. marty Weiss is the other one wh seeks gods blessing on all of us, we will never know fully gods actions but I feel that HE is using Donald trump as his instrument in bringing peace and reconciliation not only to make America great but to bring peace and reconciliation through the entire world. I am very optimistic that peace will come in my lifetime.. wouldn’t it be wonderful if we can see all people of all races accept each other as brothers and sisters and have sensitivity to the poor among us. god is all knowing of our discriminations and will give us the wisdom to know the god bless each one of us to know the truth!

Darius Gregoire May 25, 2018

Martin when the DJI bounces up and down 200-300 pts. a day, average investors will be left holding the bag. With unfunded debt in Europe and Latin America leading to unemployment and revolution and billionaires leave US for hidden islands the problem is serious. When the Pres. of the US alienates traditional allies and threatens economic and military sanctions WAR could be the next step. Historically when the unsolved problems become so entangled the WAR cry becomes the answer. Whether you declare it or you defend against it the focus becomes clear. From Plato to Alexander to Caesar to Hitler greed and power corrupts. I am looking forward to your Wed. and Thur. sessions to enlighten me.

Jim Madsn May 25, 2018

Ignorant, corrupt, lying, cheating, ad nausea, President Strumpet

Elizabeth Nelson May 25, 2018

The need for income in retirement is of utmost importance. Making enough in the market is not the only issue.

Low interest rates and safety of capital are 2 of the important issues, besides not losing what you have .

Purnakar Abrol May 25, 2018

No there is no Fear there. Every SUN rise brings bright future , the hope, that is the LIFE force, that no force can stop

S John May 25, 2018

I know why children bully….they see democrats doing it; the dems act like spoiled children; I am really tired of the lies, obstruction, etc from dems. Some republ too. where are the adults….I only see a few

Albert Koster May 25, 2018

Dear Sir,
I would like to comment on what you wrote in your article which is

Quote “Look at what’s happening! Kim Jung-on is making crazy demands and threatening to pull out of the June summit. President Xi thinks he’s Mao Tse-Tung. Putin thinks he’s the Tsar of Russia. And now even Europe, which was already coming unglued internally, is breaking away from the U.S.” I understand your concerns” unquote.

I have no axe to grind and I agree with most of your writing . But on this occation it appears to me you are very much looking at the world’s problem with one eye closed.
You are blaming Kim Jung-on, President Xi, , Putin and Europe for the present world problems. I would like to suggest that a lot of the blame of what’s happening in the world today can also put at the door of Pres. Trump. His style and inexperience certainly doesn’t help to make our world a better place. The average person in your country, the USA, is also getting hurt.
Instead of making the world a better place, the present USA administration is, in my opinion, achieving the opposite.
And who is the one to pull the plug on the 12th of June summit? POTUS.

Ken May 25, 2018

Martin, you always end your messages with “God bless” so I assume you are a Christian. You also said, “But I also know in my heart that we will ultimately get through this. We have survived before and we will again. ” Have you read the Book of Revelation? Have you heard of the end of days? Clearly this psychotic opposition to Trump is unique. The deep state is a spiritual opposition – it’s not just some simple corruption in government.
But my favorite topic is this. Clearly the Obama and Clinton deep state is very, very corrupt. Yet innocent, Mr. Respectable Warren Buffett supported (enthusiastically) these politicians. But yet NOBODY is willing to mention this; as if Buffett has no idea how wicked they are. LOL!!!
As for investing, is there any possibility that gold will be replaced by crypto as a store of value? Of course this is ridiculous but why couldn’t they do it? As older people die off, we are replaced by a generation who laughs off metals as simply rocks and they worship anything digital. And digital money would be much easier for a wicked government to control. We need to prepare for a post-Trump presidency because he is 71 years old. They have 2.5 to 6.5 years to put this cryptocurrency in place.

J Volz May 25, 2018

Martin, I have valued your insight in the past, but I’m concerned when I read in your latest email. Things like Europe is pulling away from the US and that N. Korea has withdrawn from the peace talks. You need to get info from other than Fox . Trump has been the main force pulling away with his America First (to fail ) policies. I know that many folks are blind to many of the developments because of the Tax Reform. But signs are already indicating that the future deficits are growing rapidly. Strains with Iran and Europe are in part raising fuel costs. And to the average working men and women rising interest rates and fuel costs are taking most of the gains they received from the tax plan. And without the anticipated growth, the Budget and Tax Plan fall apart.

Purnakar Abrol May 25, 2018

I am sorry I have nothing to say

Ron Howard reply_all Purnakar Abrol May 25, 2018

Thank you. You are the only who has made any sense.

By the way, one must learn price fluctuations in order to make money in the markets. One will go broke trying to figure the markets using fundamentals. I became wealthy using and understanding price patterns. And even with that knowledge I have to be very conscious using only a few trades. And not committing too much capital.

Brian Candlish May 25, 2018

Dear Martin,

Thank you for your e-mail, requesting my personal worst investment fears. Firstly, a major world market collapse, sufficient to destroy future dividends from strong companies. Secondly, the collapse of stock market values, sustained for the next decade.

At this time when fiat currencies are trending downwards in purchasing power, I have found no better alternative investment to strong businesses. There will always be market corrections and it is to be hoped that as investors we keep a little powder dry for these occasions.

My problem with using Weiss research, is that I am English and therefore study the UK market place with which I best understand and in which I feel most confident. The Weiss Ratings must be a God send for your U.S. clients.

With best wishes & thank you for reading,
Brian Candlish.

carl wegrich May 25, 2018

Carl again the word alerting should be ..already.. We have 200, 400.800 1200 year cycles controlled by sun and electronic universe weather is and will continue to change and get worse, MSM won’t tell you being paid by deep state and NWO , go research before every thing is taken off internet or controlled.

D PARK May 25, 2018

I do agree 100% on your concerns about what is going on around the world and here in our homeland. America is the best place in the world to live but we have to work harder than ever to keep that position. Thank you very much for your REAL work.

Arthur Pillman reply_all D PARK May 25, 2018

It is very evident to me our country is very divided to a point that many voters are not responding to issues and facts but to what side to respond to. I feel our views are so often based on deceptions and we are swayed with half-truths and media bias that forces bad and unintended decisions by voters. I would like to see our country run by truth and honest energies directed by our leaders to give America some proud moments. Currently our leadership is dishonest without caring which makes my decisions on financial and many other items almost impossible to make.

carl wegrich May 25, 2018

I divided 90 % of my holdings with 3 adult kids. The other 10% I mostly sold to purchase silver, gold and copper, plus survival items. I already had purchased a fair amount.. Lets face it, with the coming cold weather cycle, there won’t be enough food unless we start making changes now ! Research it, ADAPT2030, Iceage, Oppenheimer, Ice age farmer and many others, sorry don’t mean to be down, but it has happened before in regular cycles. Think about it, everything is electronic and it is NOT shielded or hardened for CME or a Carrington type event. ALL electronic stuff will stop working ! Russia still uses 1950’s style tubes for lotta electronic equipment. It will not be effected by solar flares CME’s etc, cars, trucks,phones, farming equipment, heaters, stoves, etc etc will be effected when it happens and weather is alerting moving into grand solar minimum. Good luck all and god bless, society will collapse.

Rod Morgan May 25, 2018

It appears that with Trump in office, must of Larry’s cycles theory has been delayed. Based on a lot of analysis, 2018 was originally to be a above average year in USA market and that’s not taking place as of yet. Could one assume that the USA market is also caught up in the false new pandemic.

Do you see any clear trends in our market for the rest of 2018 and early 2019 or should we ride out this sideways market.


John May 25, 2018

Hi Martin, Is inflation underestimated? There seem to be 2 inflation measures, 1) ordinary cost of living, low inflation 2) high inflation as seen in the DOW, S&P and other investments. How to invest for higher inflation?

Louis A. Cherry May 25, 2018

Martin we were warned by Larry that the next few years would be crazy. So far he has been right on. I don’t anticipated any sanity to anything until 2020. The Democrat Party is to blame for much of the unrest that is prevalent in every facet of our lives. They lost an election and the Constitution means nothing to them and their in is the problem. They spend money we don’t have and roll up tremendous debt that is crazy. The Dodd-Frank law is a total disaster for people who trust banks with their deposits. Barney Franks said depositors give their money to bank and shouldn’t expect any funds in the event of a bank failure.The FDIC is a hoax.

Bill May 25, 2018

Simple logic that few acknowledge.

The fundamental element, for a successful consumer based economy is trade. To facilitate this, money was created to replace barter. This means money must be circulated, within the productive sector of the economy, to creates wealth. If money is not circulated, but hoarded, you have collapse. Most thinking individuals know this, but greed has always overridden this fact and the zero sum parasitic sector, always gains control, through a veil of complexity, that is not understood by the voting population. This leads us into a boom/bust economy with major collapse about ever 4th generation. This has occurred over and over again, but who remembers history? The 1929 collapse was primarily corrected with the passage of a steep progressive tax and the Glass-Steagall-Act. Both of those solutions were finally eliminated, beginning with Reagan thru Trump. I think it is obvious, that collapse is now coming.

I learned these fundamentals in grade school in the 1930’s, when I played marbles. When the winner won all the marbles, the game was over! I have witnessed the entire cycle, boom to near collapse.

Mike reply_all Bill May 25, 2018

Thank You! Finally someone on this site who’s studied history!…

Ken reply_all Mike May 25, 2018

So you guys think a steeply progressive tax is the solution? Is “steeply progressive” another way to say tax the wealthy? What percentage would be ideal from your historical perspective?
Amazing that people believe that the solution to high taxes is higher taxes.

George Osborne May 25, 2018

DEBT is a major problem. Giving “poor” people what workers earn is NOT the way to improve the economy. Everyone should work for what they receive. No “dole”.. Given a choice most poor would rather receive something for nothing than earn their keep. I am not in favor of the freeload mentality our congress has. What to do? VOTE THE RASCALS OUT”…

solyluna reply_all George Osborne May 25, 2018

Our government standards classify a family of four earning less than $32,000 per year to be BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL . Thus they qualify for $45,000 of Government benefits. 32 + 45=77 Dad is earning $32,000 and does such a great job that his employer offers him a promotion and a 10% pay raise. Question what idiot would accept the pay raise and lower his total benificial income by $42,000 per year? The”Great Society” is nuts

Elaine May 25, 2018

Trump is a master negotiator. Give him leeway. I’m concerned for my children and grandchildren, and of course my stock account.

Yoriko Maeda May 25, 2018

Dear Martin:
Thank you very much for concerning our financial well being. I appreciate it very much.
I was very shocked by sudden death of Larry Edelson. We lost great man, but he tough me how to live and die.

By the way, I am a little bit confused. Larry said it will be a great welt up which no generation as seen. But on the other hand, you are saying there will be a major crash and should increase cash holding. Larry was saying the long term forecast? Before it happens there will be a major bank buckeye again in near future?

Yoriko Maeda (a Japanese simultaneous interpreter who lives in Orlando, Florida)

Philip Esonu May 25, 2018

Weiss, I thank God for getting to know you, but please help me get subscribed to your Crypto research. I lost all my money in one fake Cryptocurrency stuff. Right now I have seen Weiss Ratings as the best thing that has happened to me.

Susan May 25, 2018

Thank you. You have helped me to grow my wealth, however, I have two homes without mortgages or debt. Is this a mistake?

david cuddy May 25, 2018

This economic split is caused by big government. The wealthy benefit from massive deficit spending…increasing the value of their assets, and government programs, subsidies and socialism creates many many more family units that will never be self sustaining.

alvin grancell May 25, 2018

You are beginning to to sound like a right wing coocoo supporting the idiotic Trump agenda. Please take me off your email list.

Richard Anthony May 25, 2018

Unfortunately traveling.Possible to receive
written copy? Concerns=Too many!!
Currently sold stocks, moved to 60% cash.
Now purchasing BBB Corportates with maturities less than 1.7yrs,2.7%yield. BofA,
Southern(utility),Newmont Mines,etc Hold to maturity.
Not sure why you rated MOS. People gotta eat,China agreed to TONS of grains,etc.
What say you..haha.
Mazel Tov, Richard Anthony 77yrs Young

shmuel sharir May 25, 2018

What do I worry about:

1. I think that increased inequality will eventually lead to the destruction of our democracies AND our Progressive CAPITALISTIC system (that stated with the NEW DEAL and the rule of social democratic parties in Europe, the Americas and Asia after WW2). This almost happened in the past (in the 20th century) especially in Europe.

2. There are signs of attempts to have “strong Men” in politics, restrictions on supreme courts, corruption in politics and business and populism as more people claim that they are fed up with politics and politicians (see Italy, Israel, UK, USA). Previous attempts to overcome “weak” democracies have not ended well (see France in the 18th and 19th centuries, and Russia, Germany and even China in the 20th century).

3. Trump rose to power by promising, among other things, a better world to the losers of Globalization and freer trade. His attempt to fulfill this promise by requiring “a better deal” at the expense of the rest of the world is unreasonable and is doomed to fail for various reasons.
Freer trade was NOT imposed on the USA by the rest of the world, and more restricted trade will reduce the standard of living in both the USA and the rest of the world; as well, it will cause another round of DIFFERENT losers and winners everywhere. This is not a solution of the restructuring of world economies due to freer trade. The only CORRECT solution, which is implied by the economic case for freer trade, is taking steps to negate the resulting losers and larger inequality in EVERY country participating in a freer trade!! The only real way to do that is to transfer enough wealth from the beneficiaries of freer trade to the loser ones. Theoretically, this can be done by charity, but the last 40 years show that the winners are not generous enough. Therefore, the governments in all the affected countries should do the transfer themselves via taxation and subsidies. Trump’s tax reduction bill is NOT the answer. Losers (poor people) who do not earn income cannot benefit from the Trump’s tax reduction; and losers whose income is low, will not benefit enough from the new law if the claims that the law is regressive are true (and I suspect that they are).

4. The meteor rise of an “investment” like Bitcoin, and the recent increase in the number of services promising very high annual profits by trading stocks and options (123%, 1779% etc) BY MANY OUTFITS (including the Oxford Club and Weiss services that I am aware of) leads me to worry about how all this hype will end for the participants of these investment services, as well as for the whole market (and, of course, for me).

How Dr weiss can help?

5. I cannot say, Dr weiss, how you can help me. If the worries above are in line with your worries, I am sure that you can find ways to help. I am still a “buy and Hold” person, and I sell when I think the the situation changed for a given stock or industry. In the past, during a recession and market decline I was a buyer on a small scale. I am quite old now, and I am not sure whether I’ll be a seller in the next market decline; I doubt that I’ll be a buyer.

Richard Burka May 25, 2018

No one seems to be aware or care about the debt or the derivatives market exposure.
It seems each line in the sand that is crossed nothing happens. When will things really go to hell in a hand basket? How will it effect me the ones who have stashed away silver and gold? Getting tired of waiting in the wings with no end in sight. Seems alot like Japan with it’s over spending and printing as a % of their GDP. That’s what bothers me. At my age I could be running out of time to see it occur. Or run out of funds!

George May 25, 2018

When to enter and exit a stock

Bert May 25, 2018

….When the government fears the people, you have a democracy, but when the people fear the government you have a dictatorship.

and when we have a Mad Man in the White House, what would you call that??? I would say “TURMOIL”

jim mcalister reply_all Bert May 25, 2018

god works in strange ways we cannot understand. trump is like david & goliath. did you know that david saved the jewish population even though he was a sinner as we all are. although we don’t always know how he uses us to bring truth HE is in full control. all we have to do is to listen intently to our inner voice!

Richard Anthony May 25, 2018

Unfortunately I’m traveling. Will I be able to receive W and Th written versions??

Regarding concerns..too many.!! Currently sold stock positions moved 60% to cash,
now purchasing BBB Corporate Bonds with maturities less than 1.7yrs, 2.7% yields
Southern(utility),BofA,Newmont Mines,etc
Will hold all to maturity.

Not sure why you rated MOS a sell. People gotta eat..China agreed to rec loads of grains shipments,etc What day YOU.haha
Mazel Tov, Richard Anthony 77yrs Young

Danny Campbell May 25, 2018

I live in Wenatchee WA and I can’t believe the new Head tax in Seattle. Talk about a desincentive to NOT hire people. City council is shortsighted and
probably all Democrats The Demos seem to reject any idea coming from the other side, even it it makes all the sense in the world.

I’m concerned about how few people saving for retirement. Why should my hardworking grandkids have to support them in the future?

America’s losing it work ethic and it’s pride of accomplishment. We are way behind the Chinese and Japanese in our overall scholastic abilities.
I fear for our future.

Ken reply_all Danny Campbell May 25, 2018

The political left will always destroy a country. If America does not give Trump a resounding victory at the mid-term, you will lose your prosperity (and your guns btw). Canada for example is devoted to the political left. And I can assure you, they are in decay.

Jim and Judy Conklin May 25, 2018

We are most concerned about two things:
(1) The Deep State and its ability to stop the government from functioning except in the way they choose. There must be a way to stop them as they are undermining our democracy.
(2) The huge national debt that gets ever larger and can’t be reduced except via a catastrophic default.

Ken reply_all Jim and Judy Conklin May 25, 2018

Who doesn’t have national debt? When I was young, I heard that Japan owned the most US debt outside of the US. Meanwhile Japan is hugely in debt. LOL!! C’mon, obviously US debt is no more an issue than anyone else’s. Simple solution would be to default on investors dumb enough to buy debt from a bankrupt entity. But of course it won’t happen so debasement of the currency is inevitable. Inflation is inevitable – all the while governments cook the books to declare that inflation is under control, thus resulting in small pay increases.
Quite a nice little scam they have going on. Luckily we have a real President for a little while. But you better get your life in order because once the Dems win in 2024, they are coming for your money….and your guns.

Beth Rose and Ed Lenius May 25, 2018

I see so many people working so hard at long jobs that don’t pay much and they can’t go see a doctor because it’s too expensive, they hope their car doesn’t break down because it decimates their savings, and as far as putting money aside for retirement? Forget it. They are frustrated with these people on television who make millions and billions of dollars and have no understanding how the policies in this country benefit the rich and don’t help them at all. I’m very concerned about the videos online from hate mongers who say that the rich are our enemies. All the money in the world won’t protect you if the people in your hometown consider you an enemy and want to break into your house at night and kill you because they perceive you as being rich.

Richard May 25, 2018

When they report the unemployment numbers each month, why are they ignoring the participation rate. It would seem that the unemployment rate takes on less importance if the participation rate is static or falling.

J. Perry May 25, 2018

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) / CMO’s…..I have a large amount of FREDDIE MAC and FANNIE MAE.

All of mine have average life ratings of less than 5 years.
What do you think of these, their ratings, and do you consider them safe ???

Always a pleasure to hear your advice.
Thanks !

Wendel Wickland May 25, 2018

It’s the God Bless that gives the most concern. With a country and many of it’s politicians sinking deeper and deeper into depravity, how much longer will God continue to bless us? Thankfully, President Trump has at least given credence to Christianity having a stake in the country and counteracting some of what Obama and Clinton tried to destroy.

The next biggest threat to the welfare of the people of this country is the outrageous debt and the oversized and overreached federal government. Both must be reined in for a long term success of democracy.

Yes, God has blessed America. How much longer will that continue?

Ken reply_all Wendel Wickland May 25, 2018

You are very correct to bring God into this. The opposition is truly wicked. Look at Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Listen to her. Listen to what she said to that Washington police officer who confiscated her laptop. This is not ordinary corruption. This is evil. People have been murdered for sure. The Bible gives us a pretty strong clue of what’s going on: 1 John 5:19, John 12: 31; 2 Corinthians 4:4; Ephesians 2:2. God even tells us who and where they are orchestrating this attempted coup: John 18:20, Matthew 5:34, Ephesians 5:11-13.
Peter Strozk even admitted it.

Donald Smith May 25, 2018

The divide between the Dems and Republicans is the most pronounced in my life time. And I am 85. The Dems want to destroy those who oppose them. Particularly President Trump. If the Dems take control of the House in November they will start impeachment proceedings not later than January 2019. Especially if Mueller provides them grounds. A true constitutional crises will unfold rocking the stock market and damaging us abroad.

On the other hand if the Republicans keep the House and add a Senator or two 2019 looks promising. The tax cuts will help propel the bulls. If Trump achieves a resolution of the Korean deal, redrafts NAFTA and avoids a trade war, his re-election in 2020 looks very good. And I believe this would be most favorable to our business interests and my stock account.

Rob Le Roux May 25, 2018

Hi Martin and all. Whilst I am not an American, I am a white South African who has had his roots in this country since 1689. I am currently living in the same farm as my great x6 grandfather used to live. The white people in South Africa are being severely persecuted. I know this is not a political forum and I am the first to tell you that there was atrocities in the past. However as a white man here we are been killed. Our families burned and raped. The rest of the world turns a blind eye to our problems. My children never knew what apartheid was. However in life they have to be many times better. Our children need grades in excess of 30-40 % just to get University admittance. Like Zimbabwe, our homes are being targeted as “game” for others. Without compensation. Our cash is being locked by government.

My solution is to listen to you and your team. Transfer everything I own to crypto and try and relocate abroad. My roots are from France.

I trust you and Juan implicitly.

I know you may never post this. But my fear is more real than any of you can imagine

Richard Dyck May 25, 2018

President Trump makes a tumultuous market due to his unannounced changes in policy and regulations. I would rather have this than the politically correct, talk it to death previous administrations of both parties. If Trump announced his intentions early, the news media and deep state would spin it and kill it before he announced his program. I do not like the volatility, but see no alternative if we are going to change the political boy’s club ion Washington.

When the government fears the people, you have a democracy, but when the people fear the government you have a dictatorship.

frank castle May 25, 2018

One of the first things I would do is drain the swamp of lobbyists so our elected congressmen and women would listen to the people that elected them.

Sincerely, Frank

Barbara F Moorman May 25, 2018

I am 93 and live well in retirement. But I am very concerned about the future of my family for several reasons.
One is the percentage of people living at or just above the poverty level which predicts despair and violence.
Second is the amount of debt in governments, corporations, and persnal credit cards.
And third is the sinister plans of Deep Staters and central banks to destroy our way of living.

Tim Wood May 25, 2018

Living in Canada, and being fond of the USA, I am very worried by the difficulties that are being put in the way of Canada’s continuing to be a close ally of the USA. Canada is already being ‘invaded’ by China that is buying up everything in sight, from raw materials to AI companies. Do you REALLY want to have China on your doorstep?

JWL May 25, 2018


B Schnare May 25, 2018

I worry that our president keeps threatening and insulting our best trade customer and ally….Canada. We seem to take that good old friend for granted. We need to keep our relationship.

Terry D McNew May 25, 2018

My biggest concern is the government debt that has accumulated around the globe. I’m certain it will cause massive financial collapse in the US and other major economies. When that starts, the Fed will begin confiscating private wealth.

My next largest concern is that the Fed will initiate a cryptocurrency and then force its use and outlaw all other cryptocurrencies. This will provide the government total control over financial assets. We must pressure congress now to protect “private” cryptocurrencies.

Lynn Hayes May 25, 2018

I’m very saddened and concerned about it. I’m in California, in the East S.F Bay Area– not in the city, but suburbs. I see many changes here, too… mostly negative. And I struggle too, but I’m not in the same situation that most of the 51% are, thankfully. But I have on0-going out-of-pocket medical bills to pay which keeps me looking for more income (safe income, if there is such a thing)? It’s very sad and sometimes scary to see this general decline in living standards for millions of Americans. I do continue to read and follow these trends, so I was already aware of this. I know things will get a lot worse before they will get better.
–Lynn H.

eddy May 25, 2018

as for crypto market… everyone has bullish projections including this Weiss Report… long term sure very bullish… CONSIDER THIS… people should be WAITING until regulations actually come out later this year because the market will drop considerably due to panic, look at what happened Jan/Feb…. Now imagine the ENTIRE world gets regulation going? and you thought the last crash was bad? really? WAIT… then get the crypt dirt cheap on the “BIG DIP”… hope this helps!

Josh Holliday May 25, 2018

Why Martin . . . . .WHY????? is your Team totally IGNORING Crypto’s & Marijuana Stocks?????

Following another E-letter Analyst advisor I have been Invested in them & made $5,000 in the last year alone! Best money I ever made in Investments yet!


Following Mike Burnick (your analyst) in 2016 to Short the Euro, which held up fine to date, I LOST $275 in 6 months

Ignoring the FAST rise of Crypto’s & M-Stocks is like ignoring the Internet-Boom in the 1990’s = Crazy!!!

2ndly: Why do your so-called advisors IGNORE advising us on the best ETF’s to be invested in for when the market CRASHES this yr???

Disappointed subscriber to Sean Broderick, Josh Holliday

Al whittinghill May 25, 2018

“Luck” and God don’t go together. Luck comes from the Greek “Loki” which is the pagan god of chance. Just wanted to let you know that. When one is looking to the Lord truly there is no luck about it. It is gloriously clear what He has promised, and HE does not fail the one who comes to Him authentically. That would be some good advise for you to include in your presentation.

John Burgess May 25, 2018

My concern is the safety of U.S. debt investments like bonds .

Rick May 25, 2018

It seems like the us is not receiving the benefit of the world meltdown is that still your prognosis?

eddy May 25, 2018

GPU mining is completely dead. There is no arguing this point. When Ethereum goes to POS early 2019 and Zcash sticking with ASIC, the GPU returns will reduce to 3% per month, barely enough to pay power cost in many countries. The ONLY saving grace for GPU’s is if the Golem network and other consumer markets actually get up and running some time in 2019. People will sell their GPU’s for up to 80% less than what they paid as a lot of miners will choose to exit crypto. The future is 100% asic, just saying. Sorry GPU miners, it’s the truth. Or do you think Bitcoin Gold can handle 100 Terahash of ethash power lol… hope this helps some people not to waste their money on GPU’s…

Rich Ingles May 25, 2018

This summer will see an upset in commodities. The small swings, will become large swings and then the lag of the government reporting will bring a “run” to dump while you can.

Roger May 25, 2018


SteveO May 25, 2018

Tony, The tax in Seattle is to fund heroin centers for junkies to shoot up under medical supervision. The syringes with needles current litter the city. Parents walk the ball fields before children play sports to pick up junkie syringes. Seattle is now called the city of steel toe boots because the needles penetrate normal shoes. We had a similar problem in DC years ago. We had to teach our electrical mechanics needle clean up and safety because the junkie needles were every where in DC. The junkies would throw tens of syringes down our transformer faults resulting in a health and safety hazard. Maybe those liberals in Seattle should reconsider making Heroin legal.

Mario May 25, 2018

WORRIES even though I don’t beleive you give a darn about a person in my plight here it goes.
Now I am WORRIED that all those who were enriched will keep the money for themselves instead of being incredibly generous to many they deem underserving. I see the effect of printing 222,000,000,000,000 TRILLION a year from 08 to 14 (didn’t keep track after that) I like so many was unable to capitalize on that. And buddy I tried! Banks! We have noticed the rules of the game enrich some impoverish others. But sometimes there has to be a reset. Inflation hit stock markets and portfolios and investors very nicel. I see you all getting incredibly wealthy with your computer programs and inviting me along the way. I want to join you! I see it works. Yet for me to come up with the 10,000 cash and then spend thousands to get the real good juicy and profitable opportunities. That would destroy me. (I get I am not your target market). Also rules are in place to “protect me” and “protect you”
CHALLENGES- BANKS! They have over inflated their own investments. despite a hi 700 credit score and my financial position (income bill paying and such not changing much) banks refuse time and again to borrow money on my investment property so I could pay off my residence and pull out money to do some much needed upkeep on the two properties. BUT they will lend me money on my residence which I do not want to do. the loan woul be less than 70% value THREE years ago. They want to push me into the most risky scenario. I wonder why? I think it has to do with the rules…
Convince everyone the best way out of this scenario is for the wealthy ( and you know who you are) to disintegrate a huge portion of their wealth. How does that happen?!?? We must figure that out. The 49% (Sagami article) should not bear the next melt down. And it could be averted with the voluntary disintegration of paper wealth. But it must be done in love and care and it will make our world much more peaceful. I have very little paper wealth. I will disintegrate half. Will you?

Richard Anthony reply_all Mario May 25, 2018

Wow..WHAT are you smoking?
A person can bust their butt, work real hard
do tiny amounts of money each week to fund an education..Graduate
Pay off huge bills ( we HAD to borrow, we didn’t have enough saved to fund it all), Wirk real hard some off all those debts, get rewarded for job achievements by being promoted to Mgr, then General Mgr, then Vice President..and you now
want me to simply give away my hard earned money??

What people like you seem to forget is that we DO donate money to causes, as well as donating our time. We also realize that the Great Society Programs of the 1960’s have not worked..they’ve only created multi generations of millions of dependents.
Giving all my money away is NOT the answer..Creating and bringing back jobs to the USA is..EARNING something..ANYTHING
is much better than receiving handouts.

Laszlo Erdosy May 25, 2018

I am not terribly worried about the market. My money is invested in mutual funds and the like.

pierce nelson May 25, 2018


Marlene May 25, 2018

I worry more about my sons in this economy, my youngest son works hard but prices rise faster then his salary. How is he going to save for the future.
My second worry is what is really happening. Listening to news on TV and internet is confusing, who is giving the correct information about investing,ect

Roy May 25, 2018

What worries [me] most right now? That the government will renege on meeting its financial obligations. And I don’t mean by cutting back on its give-away programs and such. I mean by not paying what is actually legally owed … like retirement annuities, salaries , and the like. And that they will behave criminally by stealing money from Main Street via bail-ins, negative real interest rates, and the like. Cheatery, Entitlement, immorality, the embracing of rank perversion and anti-religiousness at every level of society (including government) … that’s what worries me most. The sickness of the entire nation (from top to bottom) … that’s what’s worrying me!

Albrecht Nickolaus May 25, 2018

Dear Martin, how much longer can the US live with the Twindeficit? Actually a frightening picture. OK, the economy is doing fine now. The Fed however is preparing two, maybe three, hikes of the Fedfunds rate, probably with 2-year treasuries ending at or even exceeding 3 1/2 0/0, 10-treasuries at 3 1/2 0/0 – 4 0/0.
Result: The US Dollar will strengthen further. But globalisation is here to stay, meaning a stronger currency will hurt the US ability to compete internationally.
Result:Higher trade deficit. Trump tries to fight this trend with protectionism, maybe even isolationism.
Also the budget deficit is growing strongly, i.e. the recent tax
reduction and defence budget are again debt-financed giving new dynamics to inflation.
There is no stability at all. How to overcome this situation? Maybe with precious metals. Bets regards Albrecht

Mario May 25, 2018

I see the effect of printing 222,000,000,000,000 a year from 08 to 14 (didn’t keep track after that) I like so many others was a able to capitalize on that. And buddy I tried! As seen from an earlier p

Geoff Moffatt May 25, 2018

I’m sitting on funds with profits of between 30% and 100+%. Should I be taking these profits and sitting with cash till the next pullback?

Gary May 25, 2018

As a registered nurse and business graduate i used to believe in our capitalist system. But it seems like businesses treat workers more and more as units instead of people. Whatever happened to profit-sharing and rewarding work productivity? All of this seems to go to the top now. I believe workers will turn to the government as they believe businesses have let them down, especially as the division between the haves and the have not’s appear to get greater and greater.

Roy reply_all Gary May 25, 2018

What capitalist system? For goodness sake don’t blame anti-capitalism of capitalism. The problems are happening due to the lack of capitalism … and brains.

Charles May 25, 2018

My greatest wealth building challenge is that my capital has no value. When the federal reserve makes capital available to the economy basically for free, businesses have no need to pay me a return on my savings at a rate more than the rate of inflation. Capitalism is dead, for all practical purposes. The source of all wealth has always been energy and to the extent that we save when we have energy to produce, we need to leverage that for support when we run out of energy. At 85 yoa, I no longer have energy to produce support for myself and my savings no longer produce support.

M Jackson May 25, 2018

Are bond ETF’s or mutual funds a good value to secure in ones retirement portfolio.

Jason Martin May 25, 2018

Thanks for the question.
I feel that financial independence is the best protection from all the perils that confront us.
Just keep up the good work in helping us along the ups and downs of the markets and other investments.

Richard McClure May 25, 2018

I feel over loaded with all this bad news. No one knows which one, the impact, or how to adequately prepare.
Therefore, I would like the team to select a few issues and look at the likely impact. Cash, gold and emergency goods
yes. How much, storage, government intervention, civil unrest, etc.

End of life planning, long term care, how to protect assets when one spouse goes into a medicare facility.

Rod Myers May 25, 2018

goal of government is to protect the rich and imprison the poor?
A flat corporate tax, no loopholes, no deductions for anything. Just 15% or whatever rate funds the military…
No tax exemptions for building a football stadium. Seatttle just spent 100 million refurbishing the space needle.
Quit trying to mold corporations to do the right thing…they wont.

Barbara Coffey May 25, 2018

I am most worried Bout preserving my portfolio. And how to buy the right stocks in the future.

E. Winters May 25, 2018

Interesting perspective. I agree with gold.

HOW can we solve this problem?- 51million in a population of 330million is a lot of people.
An article with a few positive solutions would be most welcome.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all E. Winters May 25, 2018

You may wish to read “American Amnesia” by Hackert and Pierson. It examines what is good for American Business and for Americans.

Alfred Manthey May 25, 2018

Dear Martin,

I fully agree with your worries and preoccupations. However, what worries me most is the uncertainty caused by President Trump’s irrational behavior in almost all important aspects that could lead to disastrous results worldwide.

I’m afraid that Mr. Trump’s unilateral views on the US and the world will lead to global disruption of international commerce affecting heavily all global investments.

What do you recommend to protect world wide investments?

Best regards,


thabo john mokoena May 25, 2018

hi your team help its very well i asked can your team send me the infomation of my accounts please

Joey May 25, 2018

i have a fair position in IAU ishares gold trust in my ira for the past year. it has really not done anything for me and as i learn more about derivatives i am wondering if i should just go ahead and sell them prior to any major corrections that maybe coming. even if the bond markets crash will large investors or managers run to things like this as a safe haven or will they just go to stocks? they cant really buy physical as a private person might. i hear so many ideas and opinions it is confusing at best indeed if gold is indirectly related to confidence.

Marsha Duckwitz May 25, 2018

There seems to be a growing push for “economic equality” or bailing everyone out of their debt. The government seems to think they can print enough money to pay their debt or find ways to take money from individuals. The gap between the haves and have nots is increasing so tempers are rising and even though I don’t have that much, I worry that what little I have will be taken by the government or angry folks with less than I have. And then I see less and less hope for my grandkids because of global economic instability which will likely lead to war.

John campbell May 25, 2018

Is there really any way to protect ones self from the obvious developing situation?
Every suggested answer that I am aware of seems to have a serious flaw.

Sir Thomas E Lucas May 25, 2018

Dear Dr Weiss,
Thank you, as ever, for your fascinating and valuable insights into the way(s) of the (financial) world(s).
I have a continuing and profound concern for “The Predicament(s) of Mankind”. And towards their solution I have a dream: The followers of the Weiss newsletters would gather for group discussions around an agenda of mutual interest, from time to time, in agreeable locations – beside the sea or in the hills, for Weiss Weekends.
(I should explain that many years ago I was involved with “The Limits to Growth Report” of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which politicians greeted as an excuse for expenses-paid jinks but no more. And out of that I later co-founded a start-up in London called “Charting the Future” – which then came to be known as “Getting from Here to There” ).
So, in answer to your question, dear Dr Weiss, I believe that There is No Alternative (TINA) to holding regular “Weiss Weekends” around the world for serious people – rather than just celebrities – and thrash out the essentials.
With warmest wishes … Tom Lucas

Hsiang-Lin Yeh May 25, 2018

Unlike most people here, I’m fairly new to investments in general, my concern is over the real adoption by consumers with blockchain projects, CryptoKitties was one of the dapps with highest adoptions, now it has only 1,000+ active users per day, if consumer adoption stays low it might be a problem for our investment

Fred Gibson May 25, 2018

At this point I am more concerned about preserving what I have accumulated than I am about further investing for gain. All I have in my portfolio are a very few stocks that are likely to do well no matter what happens and specific commodities that are most likely to pay off extremely well for the small amount of speculation that I allow myself. For all intents and purposes, I am out of the market. I’m also looking forward to voting against my congressman and senator. I have never seen a more worthless congress in 80 years. They are all either public relations experts or investigating each other. It scares them to death for anyone to remind them of the real problems they should be dealing with.

Donald Brown May 25, 2018

I fear that he world has gone mad, including us: we rail against other nations that may seek to destroy us, yet we guarantee our own destruction by giving away the store -spending way beyond our means and leaving mountains of debt for our generations to come. This debt will be impossible to clear, thus toppling us eventually into bankruptcy.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Donald Brown May 25, 2018

After the Republican Party and American Business caused the 2008 Financial Collapse (Republicans per David Stockman), our illiterate
folk put a Republican Businessman in the White House. Now, h… bent on destroying so many hard won agreements, the GOP carries on.

Al whittinghill reply_all Linda. MacGregor May 25, 2018


John Whiteside May 25, 2018

I am interested in what will happen domestically if the US petrodollar is significantly superseded. Will this accelerate the coming sovereign debt crisis in the US? Will the problems at Deutsche Bank be the catalyst for collapse of the Euro?Given the predictions of cycle convergence from the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, what practical effects do you foresee on the real economy and on bank stability in the the 2019–2022 timeframe?

nobuhiro May 25, 2018

How long are you thinking about long-term investment? What do you think about changing the crypto currency into the fiat currency in December as a measure against tax? And put the subtitle on the video
help me!

Omar Olaf Bolli May 24, 2018

The biggest worry is the continuing lack of yield on long-term low-risk bonds, which continues to force people into equities. Related to this, we seem to be getting ever closer to an inverted yield curve, with its foreboding of a recession.

Clive May 24, 2018

Many of the main pillars of American society are crumbling. Career politicians no longer care about the welfare of the American people (they just look out for them selves) and always vote against anything Trump does, even (on those rare occasions) when it’s clearly right for the nation. The Press, and the Media in general, has lost its’ way and no longer gives us information. It just inundates us with (left leaning) opinion. Government spending is excessive and continuingly increasing way beyond the nations’ needs or ability to pay. These are the hallmarks of a declining civilization. And nothing (short of a global war) can reverse it.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Clive May 25, 2018

Voting Republicans out of office for the next 100 years would be a much better solution.

J Volz reply_all Linda. MacGregor May 25, 2018

Sage Advise Linda !!

Daniel Maloof May 24, 2018

I worry that the swamp will remain intact and strong and control the future of
the USA. More waste and corruption and no opposition to contain the loss of our
citizens ability to control their own destiny. CORRUPTION ON STEROIDS !!



Charles E Dieringer May 24, 2018

I am very concerned about the socialist movement in the USA

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Charles E Dieringer May 25, 2018

Predatory Capitalism (the type we have in America – there are different kinds) seems to have done America about in.
Socialist countries (which are actually a balance of Capitalism and Socialism) have obviously fared well. Each of
those nations experienced growing problems with that balance, but they made constructive changes for the good.

By the way: The Military is the largest socialist organization in the U.S.

Maurie Pegrum May 24, 2018

Looking forward to your assessment

Anthony Wright May 24, 2018

Piease advise your wave predictions for precious metal prices for 2018 and 2019. Many authors are forecasting significant price rises in the ‘near term’, along with a major or minor ‘correction’ in stock prices , due to diminishing liquidity resulting from US Fed activity in bonds and interest rates. However none of these authors are predicting when precious metal prices will rise significantly.
Only one author, Harry Dent , predicts that gold will go down in price.
Please advise your predictions re. The above.

Rafael Alberto Martinez May 24, 2018

Jehovah the creator gave us the Bible that tells us. why are we here? Why we grow old and die. Why he allows wickenes? How he will eliminate it? How he already has stablished his kindom in the heavens and when he will stablish it on earth. We been living in the last days.( 2 timothy 3: 1-5) since 1914. More than 8 million Jehovahs people are anouncing this kindom through out the earth. He has appointed his son Jesus Christ as the king. He is the only one that can solve all of our problems . Money,human politics can not and have never solve any of our problems. The wealthiest man that ever lived Salomon stated that all in this system of things is striving against the wind. Stop greedines take his councel in the last 2 verses of the last chapter of Eclesiastes. Seek the true God and obey his commandments and in the near future he will grant you eternal life on this earth under his kindom.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all Rafael Alberto Martinez May 25, 2018

God is to be recognized in all that exists, all that is charming, suffering, blooming or drooping.

God does not mind by what name he is called.

Sarah S May 24, 2018

The responses you are getting are very good. I loved Larry Edelson’s writing and have missed him greatly. Mike Larson seems to have a different personality. I wish you the best in this next endeavor and hope that I can afford to subscribe to the material that you put out.

Personally, I invest in stocks and mutual funds, but about 1/3 of my assets are in metals. I do not feel qualified to invest in options and trickier plays. I want to leave a legacy for my disabled adult child and provide for a son.

How can this government get away with amassing such debt? Where do we start correcting this problem? Do we cancel all public services, such as police and fire? Do we strap on sidearms? Will there be a gold grab or total devaluation of our currency? Minds like your need to be working on this problem. Is cryptocurrency some sort of strange answer or another big problem?

Thanks for all you do.

Bharat Shah May 24, 2018

Forgot to mention about debt at world level..every coutry is in huge debt..seems no one has any intention to repay..that will lead to catastrophy some day..people will come on streets as they have no money to buy food..
Biggest casuality is humsnity..religious groups like jehadis will become stronger and unrest all over the world..

David May 24, 2018

What’s the scariest? What would one to do with your last $100 to invest in and have yet to have anyone to answer this… I felt alone…

Earl Hughson May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,
The global debts and government debts are beyond any financial logic and still climbing exponentially. What are the possible scenarios when this ends? When? What are the safest assets? What are the save AND potentially lucrative investments?

Ron Brazener May 24, 2018

I would appreciate getting your top 10 dividends. I have been retired since 2006. I have recently decided dividends are my best plan.

Bharat Shah May 24, 2018

I feel that we all will pass through challenging times..specially social unrest..coutries are spending billions on weapons and motre then 30%population is starving..that will lead to social unrest..people dont conserve nature..availibility of fresh and clean water will be huge problem in few technology will lead to more unemployment..people are turning feelings …

Cathleen Grey May 24, 2018

I am 6 years away from retirement and I am afraid of what will happen over the next few years and if I will be able to retire at all. My employer gives no raises and the rising cost to keep health insurance has hit the point that my take home pay is 400.00 less a month. That was the money I was using to have a pension plan. It is now not affordable for me to continue participating in the plan.

Robert Calabro May 24, 2018

Dear Dr. Weiss: Thank you for my continuing education. When our founding fathers met in Philedelphia in 1787, they were concerned that there two things that could cause us to lose our liberties; complacency and debt. Our total debt is 67 Trillion dollars. Part of this debt will have to be defaulted on! We lost our triple A credit rating in 2011 and we have done nothing to earn it back. The budget that Congress past is not only obcene, but unconstitutional. Our constitution calls for a limited government with clearly defined powers. The tenth amendment to the Constitution reinforces Article 1, section 8. Those of us who really love our country have the law on our side. We need to fight back hard!
Complacency is one of the weaknesses of our human nature. We have taken too much for granted! We need to thank God every day for this gift that we call life and for our good health.
On Sunday, August 15th 1971, President Nixon cut off the dollars last link to the Gold. After the gold standard ended we went on the biggest debt binge ever. From a creditor nation, we have gone to the greatest debter nation ever!
We need a gold standard for the 21st century for us and the world. Your customers should know that the Fed has been in business for 104 years and has never been audited. According to Dr. Ron Paul and James Rickards, the dollar has lost approximately 90% of its purchasing power in 104 years! Our government has betrayed our trust! I am asking you to write about the gold standard. It is time that our fellow citizens be educated in the discipline of monetary policy. Call me any time. I wrote a book called The Great Betrayal. It is on Amazon. Regards and God Bless, Robert Calabro.

George Nate May 24, 2018

I have read many of the comments below, and it’s already been said what I would say. I am 87 and fully in vested, I have over 20 stocks, plus many mutual funds.

Bill S May 24, 2018

In politics I fear that brinkmanship will lead to a war that will bring worldwide disaster as well as irreparable harm to US society as everything is turned into win-lose or lose-lose conflicts. In the financial arena I fear that I will lose my comfortable retirement (pension and 401k) due to the continual push to give all of our national wealth to the top 0.1%, ultimately penalizing those who believed in the American dream. In investing I wonder whether I will ever be able to reverse my oft-demonstrated amazing ability to invest in the losers among a group of winners (even with the expensive advice of the most recommended financial advisers of our time). Perhaps I could establish a new service where people can look over my shoulder and do the opposite? The annual fees would help me recover from my losses.
C’est la guerre.
p.s. I really do appreciate your fatherly advice and concern.

David Miller May 24, 2018

I am concerned about the fiscal debt,Trump and Congress do not seem to care.
Congress is doing nothing and Republican leaders are afraid of Trump
The administration and backers they all is great ,I see a possible economic problem in a year or two.

Vernon Troyer May 24, 2018

how can your team best help me? give me some good and safe places to sell my silver when it is time to sell . thanks

Gunter Neumeier May 24, 2018

Hello Martin,
What I am telling you is of course nothing new. I have come to a conclusion that frightens me. It is quite clear that Wall Street is the major problem in the US financial world. or every listed stock WS projects how much it has to increase earnings by the next financial report. If not achieved, the stock takes a beating even if missed only by a couple pennies. This dictatorship of predicting is the main reason for most corporations and even small businesses to become criminal entities.
My doctor cheats by reporting talks and tests he did not do to Medicare. My dentist cheats by doing the same thing and my dental insurance refuses to pay; so I have to pay. Restaurants knowingly bring a ruined meal to the table just to see if it flies. A timid person may just accept it.
Since WS is not going to change its MOJO, the acts of cheating by just about everybody is going to grow and continue until soon there is nobody one can trust. This leads to a state of corruption from which there is no escape.

Sarma May 24, 2018

Inflation in 2030s, 2040s & 2050s and Medical & long-term care costs after retirement.
Is Warren Buffett right? Should I be investing exclusively in productive assets? (which Crypto is not)

Thom Davis May 24, 2018

I agree, irrational volatility is ramping up. Head in sand climate change denial, meaningless bloviating from people we have traditionally trusted, elephant in the room debt which can only lead to devaluation of the dollar, heartless stripping away of the social safety net for the most vulnerable among us, all require that
we remain quick on our feet to meet the unknown. I’ve parked what savings I have in gold, securities, cash, and most significantly in cryptocurrencies in equal parts. I say most significantly because this really represents a potential for one of the most revolutionary social changes in more than a thousand years. I certainly commend your cohort Juan for his eloquent depiction and understanding of this technology. Potential is a big word, but it does represent a third way if you will, and a glimmer of hope that holds the possibility of reclaiming power and self determination literally for billions of forgotten and exploited people of this crazy world.

Gregory Linden May 24, 2018

I agree with all of the opinions of your readers you placed into your email. The corner problem with USA is a corrupt election system. Also there may not be any layer in the Congress and Senate. On the financial side – wrong economic system where the debt & inflation are kings where savings are slaves. I cannot follow you on line with your webinar. Could you please send me a link with the recording.

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all Gregory Linden May 25, 2018

In God we trust, nothing more, nothing less.

George Hamner May 24, 2018


You guys continue to do a great job — Maybe the best financial advice available. I particularly like your courage in addressing the crypto space.

Let me make a general comment: The good guys have already won, as evidenced by our great country electing Trump. You are fixing to see the greatest transition in history. Not sure how it will play out, but it will include the defeat of the central banking cartel. The dollar will lose its reserve status but, so what, all major currencies are fiat.

Suppressed technologies and healing breakthroughs will soon be revealed. It is difficult to translate these possibilities into investment decisions, but I would expect that you guys will do that as well as anybody.

Keep up the good work!

Joaquim Ventura Leite May 24, 2018

What we are witnessing these days at the world stage, and/ or at the big west economies level , is the result of decisions and options taken years ago, when the consequences were neglected, and everything looked normal or even perfect. Not recent decisions, not Trump!
Now, we are worried that we are not capable of finding a way out of quantitative easing, after the long experiencing been made by the FED and other central banks.
No one of the central banks dares to really leave the quantitative easing, because nobody is sure of how the economies will respond. Companies, households and governments are still highly endebted, and therefore banks still fragile! Question: trade balance will not come naturally through markets! There are simply no enforcement for that! Shall USA go bilateral or multilateral to balance trade? What are possible consequences of going bilateral? A transitory step for a more balanced world economy is realistic? What is the other way? War?

miki hirai May 24, 2018

When all things are done by president Trump, he hope that there would be worldwide hyperinflation – thus making it easy to wipe out all the government debts for all the concerned countries. However, what this would do is richer person will get more rich and average people who relies on fixed income ( like pensioners ) will just survive or many people without saving will be wiped out.

If president Trump is not successful in achieving hyperinflation, I believe, we will have world wide depression/deflation first, followed by hyperinflation.
In this case, fixed income/average worker will be OK. People who looses biggest money would be rich people. Because most of world stocks and companies
are owned and run by rich people. However, super rich people will be fine in the long run as they have enough money to buy everything back during deflationary cycle.

Therefore, in deflation or inflation – the rich people, I believe, will always come out winning.

Since I am average senior with enough saving to carry on living the normal life – I am OK if the present situation stays the same.

So my question to you is: Do you see future inflation or deflation in your president Trump’s agenda? If you see inflation, I must take action immediately.
If you see deflation, I must do everything possible immediately to protect my savings. I am Canadian senior : please advise the most safe bank or institution
to protect my cash position in Canada.

Stan Ziegler May 24, 2018

I am worried that we are having trade policies implemented by a White House Administration with little or no understanding of International markets. They are clueless that the products supplied by the US can be replaced by products from other countries, while we have no replacement suppliers. This impact on consumer prices will drive inflation.

Aharon E. May 24, 2018

Yes sir!,

I’m 50’s born boomer, I guess you’d say.
I’ve worked hard all my life. Like everyone else, I suppose, I’ve had quite a few jobs, paid into Social Security every paycheck, from every job. Social Security always promising me and us, that when I was at retirement age, or became disabled, they would be there for me. Not like I could stop them from taking FICA taxes out of each paycheck, anyway, right?
Like everyone else I knew in the blue collar work force, I paid into 401K, or retirement plans, if the company I worked for was stable. Also, only IF, the company I worked for, matched my contributions, dollar-for-dollar, into the retirement fund plans. I worked hard, the same as everyone else around me worked.
But, after the collapse starting in 2007 and 2008…Those businesses were gone, so was my job, along with everyone else that worked there. Oddly enough, so was our retirement accounts, or the money in them! Want to guess how the owners of those closed corporations we worked for, paid their first big bankruptcy payments off? What with? You can bet, they used everyone else’s money first, before they started doling-out their own!
I picked up every job I could, worked temp jobs, to keep a roof over our heads. Double shifted a lot, just to keep our bills paid. Working a heavy labor temp job in heavy manufacturing plant, ordered to do dangerous work, there were signs up, telling us never to do, the bosses yelling at us to do the work they ordered us to, or get the hell off the floor, of course, with our jobs threatened, we did the worked ordered to do.
I was seriously injured, the company blamed the temp agency and the temps blamed the Union house company I temp worked in, and no one helped me get any medical help. As a result, by the time I got out of that plant, on my own, and to the hospital, well…I wound-up disabled and on SSDI.
Still, years later now, I’ve got my living down to bare essentials only, and have a bit of money to spend each month, to try and invest in something, that can really start paying well. Only trouble is, I don’t know what that would be!
Gold producing companies? Oil, or solar and alternate energy companies? (I’d rather support the latter, not the former! But I will support what pays me!)

You are worried, the other boot is ready to drop?
What about hard working blue collar regular Joes like me, who just don’t want to loose the only income we have coming in, (SSDI), when it looks like, when the other boot does finally drop, sometime soon…we all are going to be SOL!
My Dad and Grandfather, went through the stock market crash and Great depression in 29 through 1930’s! I heard the horror stories they told, happening all around them!
Thank God my Grandfather was wise enough, seeing the 29 crash coming, to have money stashed at home, enough to move his family from the big city, (where the bankers and rich folks, were taking nose dives out of top floor sky-scraper windows, having lost everything)…and they made the move back to their family farm in rural America, just in time to plant crops that year!
All the folks that lived nearby, in that very rural region, were all farmers or ranchers, and since their money wasn’t worth spit any longer, they all decided early that first winter, after the crash, to move into a barter system, what I grow and raise, you need; in exchange for what you grow and raise, that I need…and they all survived well, by just keeping the horrid news from the cities, off their minds, by simply saving their battery power, by keeping their radios, shut off!

So, what advice can you give us regular Joes, with a little bit of money we have to invest, if we just knew from people like you, what are some good investments, we might be able to afford, that we can get into, to start with, for a small amount, that’s all we have to invest? What might work for us, if we plow any returns off from those small investments, right back into more investments with same?
Is it possible, we might be able to make enough, to stash away, before the world economy bursts? Enough stashed away, to at least buy enough of what we need we cannot produce nor grow ourselves at home, as we need it, to survive through the fallout from the other boot falling?
Thank you,
Aharon E.

Ronald Newton May 24, 2018

I was born into the Hoover presidency and spent my working years as COO of a 7-corp. conglomerate … considered myself a pretty fair economist. I also published 3 books on the subject. The last one began in 1907 in JP Morgan’s drawing room — the beginning of the great conspiracy (okay, I know that’s a bad word). But despite the poo-poo that always gets, I connected every dot up to and including the “cabal’s” last step to take over this nation lock, stock and barrel. An unlikely savior rode up in his limousine and, with the aid of some savvy voters, stopped what would have been an irreversible government control at the hands of puppet Hillary Clinton. The “elite” couldn’t believe their one-hundred-plus year takeover had been thwarted. After all, over the years they had taken control of the banks, Congress, the educational system, the legal field, all major law-enforcement groups, the MEDIA, the unions, most other influential groups. They had even subverted the recent White House. How could this brash and renegade businessman stop them? But somehow he did, and thank GOD!

We now have a major player-group working together that has limitlessly deep pockets. This should be obvious from the number of heretofore respectable members of Washington (why does the name Sessions keep popping into my head?) shackling our administration. It has been clear as crystal that they can buy politicians as needed, by the bushel basket, and at bargain-basement prices. We have been guided to being a spendthrift race. Our young people are spoiled to the Nth degree. I spent 5 years in uniform, 3 in a war, and today I wouldn’t count on many young Americans to challenge a Girl Scout Troop.

Sorry, Martin, but this isn’t what you wanted to hear. But we’re up to our hips in muck and I don’t see many willing volunteers that give me hops. Maybe YOU?

Mike da costa May 24, 2018

Concerned about geopolitical uncertainty and .de-globalization

Denise D Wright May 24, 2018

I worry if my IRA goes broke in the future because it’s not invested in the “right” thing, whatever that is, or because there’s a global reset that lowers the dollar’s value a lot..

George M Furlong May 24, 2018

I am concerned about the rising national debt and the inability and desire of the Administration and Congress to do anything about it This country is headed toward a disaster the likes of which I can’t even imagine. I think it should be the government’s number one priority and I fear for our children’s sake. As citizens, we have to live within our means. Why can’t the government do that with other people’s money?

joseph bashan May 24, 2018

well – as a social entrepreneur, i am trying to avoid financial risks( including the stock market investments) by trying to establish community services
based on consumerism of those who need specific basic- up to essential services & products (& who have several things in common – such as age, education, professional background, similar interests…).

the services providers will be paid monthly( subject to the consumers choice) – prepaid services.
this pattern of payments will ensure financial security for the professionals & the rest of the service providers, thus enabling lowering the prices. in addition the consumers will have the chance to get trained as community service providers – starting as apprentices & join forces after authorization( either in their original community or new one) as service providers.
you can help perhaps, by serving as middle men who connects the entrepreneur/s with investors, or by boosting such initiatives with the assistance of other community leaders & foundations.
the use of your business connections with such elements, could make your team sort of initiators, & community administrators afterwards – all that in addition to your previous financial services.

for more details – you may contact me asap.
regards……Joseph A. Bashan, entrepreneur & researcher


It is important to an individual like myself to have someone who is honest and forthright to look to for advice.Too many out ther just in it to see how much they can grab for themslves. their advice usually is not worth the paper it is written on . Keep the great advice flowing.

Burch Carr May 24, 2018

I am in my 80’s, but very healthy. My concern is that from advice I received years ago, all my small nest egg is invested in gold and silver. Maybe a mistake, but I cannot afford a financial analyst to suggest what I ought to do now. If I want to, I could cash out of some of my precious metals and go into the stock market, but… I just don’t know what to do. I think this may be the kind of question that you won’t answer, but I needed to ask it anyway. So far I am just staying with the metals and hoping for the best.
Thanks, Martin

James May 24, 2018

Yes, I am concerned about the state of the world and the USA. I feel I must lead a good and exemplary life, help for the betterment of my community and vote as wisely as I can.
As for my financial security and future I can surely use your continued and specific help with the stock market. I am not wealthy but a modestly well off middle class individual. I have a few income producing houses, a modest pension from working 40 years of construction, and a Roth IRA with about 100,000.
I will stress the term ” specific help”. I have tried to follow the advice of too many different adviser from the Weiss Group in the past and have not done that well.

Tom May 24, 2018

There has been conflicting artices regarding possible governental seizure of cash deposits, including such reserves as bank savings accounts.

What if any credence are there
regarding this “next phase”
of this financial crisis ?


Walter Subke reply_all Tom May 24, 2018

Even the bulls are acknowledging stormy weather- not IF, but WHEN the clouds will burstl. Preparing for this is my most burning question. Do the recent 2008 events give any clear direction as to what investments or classes of stock will survive the best, or perhaps even prosper? I’m a small time ,retired investor (under $100,000), with about 40% in precious metals (“Goldmoney” and coins, in other words “physical” metals). The rest in stocks, techs, energy, cryptos, bio,
a few specs. Can you suggest the best combination or class to weather the storm? Convert some specific genre to cash? How to hedge against the inevitable?
That’s a lot to ask and no one has a crystal ball, but I was hoping our most recent (2008) recession provided some valuable clues for what’s coming.
Thank you for listening— I realize my questions are universal but hope that you can address them specifically, if possible, i.e. get out of commodities, or manufacturing, metals or food? Hold onto banking and investment firms, foreign investments?

Van Tharp May 24, 2018

I don’t have any worries or concerns. I watch what the market is doing and respond with a strategy for that market type.

Robert Pope May 24, 2018

I guess I have done most of the work already but I still have gaps in my understanding about exactly what this economy will favor and what it will not. I have already worked on getting and staying out of debt, and after that massed enough money to easily last for 15 years maybe. Since we don’t know what the dollar will be worth any amount might not be enough. After retirement I am using a combination of your Ratings for banks to sort out the best deal but the last couple of years are threatening everything with insolvency. So then to boil it down I will need a good rate of return as you can see a decent rate of return will work well. But I can’t lose I have no chance of re-earning any lost funds.
So a rate with SAFETY would be ideal, you were correct though we all know the country is unstable. It doesn’t look like many institutions will survive the next recession and or the coming of DEFLATION.

Roy Graham May 24, 2018

Thanks for what you do…..but liar Yastine is destroying BanyanHill. The economy and markets repeat an “up is followed by down” cycle all the way back to Genesis, Pharaoh and Joseph. Sometimes the “down” is announced in advance by exponential ups like “7 fat cows”, 1929, 2000, 2017. Some of your work complements and is complemented by others. In the Bible long term debt problems, like we have today, were sometimes solved with a “Jubilee” writing off the lenders’ loans. It’s also normal for the “down”, like 1930s Great Depression, to include war and for in debt governments to rip off their people, like Roosevelt taking the gold in 1933. In Genesis-Pharaoh-Joseph, and many times and places since, the “money” went bad……So……I’m concerned about:
(1) The decades long “down cycle” for the economy and markets, which started in January 2018, (2) That the money will go bad (lose value or be hacked), or be bailed in, or savings, stock/bonds investments, IRAs, become jubilee, by the government to solve government debt…….destroying the savings and retirements of millions of people. (3) The problems will be world wide and result in a long hurtful war….. ISIS and their allies like Iran, against mostly Judeo-Christian nations. (4) Allocating investments to include those which government can NOT “steal” or “outlaw”, like real estate, and across national borders.

Dr. Stephen G. Weise May 24, 2018

My precious, dear old friend,- Martin:
You certainly have addressed a lot of problems! The fact is, that you cannot help anyone, because each and every circumstance is different.
The only approach which seems to make sense is to diversify, according to individual needs and desires. I feel very sorry for anyone, who is stuck in a major
metropolitan area, unable to pack up and move to the country. If you study the effects of WW I and WW II, as well as any other major conflict, people in rural
areas have always survived. Just ask the people who survived wars and concentration camps.
Survived on what? A garden, small animals, ones own LABOR and trade. If the paper money, or any Crypto goes bad, the ONLY REAL money will always be a gold or silver coin, preferably in smaller nominations.
Frankly, I am amazed how “cheap” the metals market is right now. I believe that 25% of any ones wealth should be in precious metals. You have an impossible task, because only people who were subjected to those horrors, can understand this. God bless! Dr. Stephen

Richard Perkins May 24, 2018

It interests me that most if not all newsletter and advisory publications seem to appeal to people who are unemployed and can simply sit down and avail themselves of blog and video presentations during other people’s work day. I am gainfully employed at age 78, enjoy what I do, but cannot just drop everything to be talked at with a pace of presentation that is excessively slow compared to how fast I can read, and which spends an inordinate amount of time just trying to convince the listener that the speaker is worth listening to.
Suggest: be concise, write it down, and make it available at the reader’s convenience.

Laura B Thibodeaux May 24, 2018

Personally: I am concerned about the new tax laws and impacts on me and my husband, and the middle class. I am worried that all my disposable income will go to taxes even with a house. It seems like all of the deductions and itemization benefits have been or are being eliminated for those receiving earned income. As we are in our late 50s, I am also concerned about having the correct strategy to ensure we have a quality of life in our later years with the freedom to pursue other interests, new careers etc.

I am concerned about the rising levels of debt and the fiscal soundness of the banking and financial industry. It seems like we could be heading to a financial meltdown even worse than the 2008 debacle which you predicted very early in the late 90’s/early 2000’s. I am not sure what can be done about it – but this time, I want to position me and my family to benefit either way – I just don’t want to suffer from it no matter what.

I am also concerned that we don’t have a national commitment to education in the United States any more. While other countries are ensuring that their citizens are provided with education up to the university level, we in the United States seem to lag behind and are not committed to ensuring all have educational access. This is true for for whites, blacks – everyone who is not in the financial position to pay the expensive fees to attend Universities. This cripples us nationally from a competitive perspective. I also notice that many other countries pay to send their citizens to U.S. Schools for training while we lag further and further behind at all educational levels.

Worldwide: Concerned about rising tensions between nations and individuals everywhere. The world seems physically as well as financially on the verge of crisis a good bit of the time. I am very concerned about the unintended consequences we could experience from trade wars as well.

Debbi Finley May 24, 2018

safety of investments with this going on

Holtrop, Jan Fokke May 24, 2018

I am almost 83, my wife 81 this year. We have seen the results of WW II. Our families lost relatives in action, my wife her father was beheaded by the Japanese. Pensions were not paid out to the survivors. And they hardly got any assistance from our Dutch Government when the war was over. They left the war beraved but with the will not to go under . Our parents, the survivors, had to fight for any assistance they were entitled to. When the world collapses we are again at the mercy of politicians who lack the brains to understand what is happening. I have a house which is paid off, a pension from Shell (30 years service) and the government for my 13 years as a university professor. My money is invested in shares (Oil, Gold and Uranium). I hope that this is what I should have done.
Prof. Dr. Ir. J.F. Holtrop

Mark May 24, 2018

Dear Martin: I’ve been reading the comments you receive and agree with most of them. I have been following your father since the 1980s and then you and Larry. Almost everything in your news letters is right but the timing at times has been off at times. I would like to thank you for your guidance in the past. I am at the age where I do not like or maybe have the desire to do trading as the new group of news investors would have us do. You asked what big concerns do we have. Mine are: how long do we have before the economy blows up? I feel something is very wrong and can’t quite come to a definite conclusion. I retired a number of years ago with what I thought would give me a very nice retirement. The past decade has shown a very large loss of buying power and no substantial increase in wages for those working I think we have gone past the tipping point of no return and will have another depression of gargantuan proportions. The old adage of. You can’t spend yourself rich still holds true. This can’t go on forever. What can we do to save what we have and prepare for what will need to be a jubilee in the future

Bill May 24, 2018

Feel no need to hold all assets long. Equities only and options with in and out to mostly 50% cash. Therefore I’m trying stay nimble and not get killed when the next drop comes. Have already suffered some from tech that went south. Nevertheless, holding a modest increase of 3.5% over 2017. There doesn’t seem to be any commitment from markets in either direction. It’s one of those times where a big move could come at any time. Agreed basically with your 2020 timetable of cash coming to States as last currency standing. Remember 2000 all too well.

John Senechal May 24, 2018

How can your team best help me?

Give me some solid advice about my 401k. My choices are about 20 generic stock mutual funds with a mix of large, small, domestic and international, a couple of generic bond mutual funds or cash. Are we not going to 31K?

Jessie May 24, 2018

Hi I’m 57 in want to retire at 62 been working for 39 years this year l got a medium to high tolerance I need your advice I been working with 115000 from March 2017 at 128000 now

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all Jessie May 24, 2018

It seems that you are right on track. Keep it up partner.


00slevin May 24, 2018

Worries..Gold & Silver manipulation, law enforcement ..lack indoctrination by political teachers.

Irritation.. The government is not printing more money.. I wish it would instead of digitally increasing the supply. Have you noticed lately how filthy and insanitary our banknotes are, reminiscent of dirty tattered notes one used to associate with third world countries? The latest dated $20.00 bill I have seen in years is 2013. I guess all the new stuff went to Iran. I fear government pushing us into a cashless society and exerting more control over our assets.

Gary Mclaughlin May 24, 2018

I don’t worry about what is happening in the world. there is mothing that I can do to change it or make it better. Matt Badiali had a investment where you put money into a company and get dividend checks every month, I loss the companies he put out. would like three new ones for july 1st if possible I might risk funds for that.

Tiberiu Tulba May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your email.
I was very busy but tomorrow I will send a message with my opinion.

Have a good day,

George Sturmon May 24, 2018

The chaos of the three government entities-executive, legislative, judicial is to the point where no cooperation is available between them or among them. At the top the judicial is absolutely corrupt, the legislative leadership is totally incompetent, and the executive cannot make up it’s collective mind as to which is more important. Wealth building, except for the most wealthy, is almost impossible due to unduly high individual tax rates and so many of them.

Lon Gilbert May 24, 2018

What worries me most is the timing of when (not if) our currency will pail because it has been created with debt (borrowing from the future) so much that it can’t be repaid and the currency (not money) to pay interest has to also be borrowed. This Keynesian economics that uses debt to finance investments and current budget shortfalls, is bad. We need to get back to sound money more in line with the Austrian School of economics with very little borrowing; and balanced budgets for annual expenditures. Surpluses of revenue less expenses should furnish all, or the bulk, of long term investments such as infrastructure.

Too late now….no improvement in our love of ever increasing levels of debt….now more than when we had the 2007/8 monetary crises and almost complete financial collapse. The price to pay for all the borrowing and mortgaging of our future in fiat currency has to be paid at some time. Either we print currency to infinity or until hyper-inflation bankrupts us or we just default on all the debt we have that can no longer be repaid, or even serviced without borrowing even more money. It’s utterly stupid.

I have a BS in accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in finance. Also, I’m a CPA and was a CFO for both public and private companies. I also managed both a large corporate lending unit for the then 5th largest bank in the country and a work out bank unit for large troubled corporate loans at the same bank. So I do have a lot of experience and qualifications for saying what I am saying. My experience is not theoretical but real front line experience.

FWBaumgartner May 24, 2018

When will gold and silver cease two be manipulated?? Why isn’t JPM Chase and Jaime Diamond being investigated for manipulating the market?? The Hunts were…
Everything seems to be subject to money. The lobbyists pay off who and whomever to have things the way the Corps want them. Big Pharma is the worst. So many natural remedies for our ills that are brushed aside just because they cannot be patented. Our Trillion dollar deficits.. I could go on and on…all soon coming to an end.

Daniel Gunderson May 24, 2018

The S&P 500 seems to be trading in the range of 2580-2730 and just broke above the range to 2733, and so are we in a bear market with this type of volatility, and how much longer will this volatility last, especially when your forecast stated people from other parts of the world would be flocking to our stock market this year and drive our market north and the S&P 500 to hit 4500 in another year?

Victor Gold May 24, 2018

I’ve witnessed several internet presentations about the July 21st G20 meeting whereby Russia, China, the USA and the other G20 countries will ban all cryptocurrencies. This will render Bitcoin and the other alternative cryptocurrencies worthless. It was said that each country will have their own national coin. For example, the Federal Reserve will issue the Fedcoin. In other words, the banking cartels will be taking over the blockchain when it comes to currencies. In your opinion, do these reports have merit?

Jerry May 24, 2018

I appreciate your efforts to educate your subscribers. Truly, there are many things to concern us all. And I do feel like a pawn in the wild game of politics, finances and the general disregard for conservative governing measures. HOWEVER, each generation faces changes … more so in a PEACE LOVING ? America. With so many ideas and free speech people, our governments at every level have a big job listening to all the ideas. SO I AM NOT SURPRISED EVEN ONE BIT that I find myself at odds with others … so, I pursue my individual investing approach and hope for the best … I can only change myself.

Mike Zuka May 24, 2018

Not too concerned about anything right now. Seen this cycle many times before. I am not concerned about the “large scale printing of money”. The FED has refinanced the debt and the US GDP can handle it. US BONDS represent the excess wealth of the Investment Class waiting to acquire real assets for pennies on the dollar when the markets reset as they always do; and the IC has excess cash from the low interest rate environment.

Cryptos are an interesting phenomena but do not have the “full faith and credit” of the USA fiat behind them. They are nothing more than digital tulips.

Jonathan Nottingham May 24, 2018

Our country involved in another war worries me most. Close behind is the next stock market crash. How can we know when it is eminent?

Sadru Alladina May 24, 2018

My take is that the bull market still has a room to run as does economic expansion and it will be measured in years . The full impact of tax cuts is yet to be felt.

Sheri Lewis-Sorensen May 24, 2018

Someone has already posted: “We are quite concerned about the continual large-scale printing of money, devaluing savings and investments. We are also disturbed by international conflicts, actual and incipient, and the difficulty big governments have dealing with them.” In addition to the above statement, I am concerned with the amount of debt, both of Americans individually and of corporations/companies due to easy credit. And concerned about the possible collapse, because of government debt, of countries. I think someone has mentioned on your blog about governments confiscating financial assets when they get in serious trouble and I see serious trouble ahead – globally.

john a hartmann May 24, 2018

to make our country great again we have to turn back to God and follow his plan for us in our lives. we have to be responsible for our own actyions, work hard and be helpful to those who really need it.

David May 24, 2018

I’m concerned about how to continue to generate income from dividends and also protect my nest egg. Given your and Larry’s expectation of a pending significant downturn will the signal that describes such a significant collapse be shared with all the services provided by your firm given the magnitude of the expected drop?

Rose Doub May 24, 2018

I need to know when an investment is appropriate for the over 80 investor.
As we age our probability of living to be over 100 increases and we need to have investments that yield enough to help us pay for the expenses of living in assisted living facilities. Plus given that the risk of Alzheimer’s also increases as we age we need to have enough incomes to cover the $120,000 plus every year for that type of care either for ourselves or our spouse.
We will be healthier than our parents but that increases our need for increased income to cover those extra years.

Newell S May 24, 2018

Trust, individually, within the community, between communities, and countries has and continues to be successively undermined for personal gain. Commerce is ultimately always based on trust, trust on wealth tokens, through to trading transaction agreements and is predicated on trusts within governing bodies through to commerce dedicated institutions. We are loosing touch with trust, becoming increasingly fearful, and blamefull in the process. Without trust our commerce and our personal worlds will shrink, along with our investments and all aspects governing our standard of living. We have to rebuild trust if we are going to survive but I have not idea how to do this collectively.

Lon Gilbert reply_all Newell S May 24, 2018

Trust doesn’t work well in the financial world which is where strangers meet to transact business. We need sound money and not fiat currency like the current dollar created in 1911-1913 when the Federal Reserve was founded to ‘manage’ the money. They have performed miserably at it. We also need the rule of law which has all but disappeared. Individuals cheat, lie, and steal without prosecution in the higher halls of government or in the corporate board rooms without fear of penalty or jail.

Trust is something you build up over time with your examples of actual dealings with people, companies and such. Its not a commodity that you can just all of a sudden have. Trust is much easier to lose (as we have done both inside and outside our country) than it is to acquire. Trust is subjective in nature and not a commodity. Thus, it is easy to lose and difficult to acquire.

Marilyn Beatty May 24, 2018

hello, Martin: I do hope your video presentations will also be in text, for those of us who prefer a start/stop presentation as our day evolves. The confusion I feel at the moment is that I am within 2 years of retiring and getting mixed messages from different services and analysts.

Austin at your firm says to invest in solid companies with the focus on long-term commitment. Others say we shouldn’t ride the market down when the next significant down-turn begins, but to liquidate asap or to take profits when realized.

Funds add another component, given that we are stuck if the indexes are in a free-fall on any given day.

I enjoyed Larry Edelson and am confident Mike Larson knows what he’s doing.

I dislike the multiple emails from people at Banyan Hill (?), soliciting for the specific program or concept they have.

Jan Gigliotti May 24, 2018

My biggest concern is whether our government will withdraw money from our IRA accounts as the Greek Government did a few hears ago.



beccah May 24, 2018

The more volatile the environment to more opportunities there are to make fortunes….if I just knew what to do. That is the question of the hour. It’s not “What’s going to happen to me?” it’s “What can I do to cash in on all the opportunities that are out there right now everywhere you look.” That is the question to be answered.

Lon Gilbert reply_all beccah May 24, 2018

Our economy provides the opportunity for two general types of investments. The first is the investing of savings to create earnings from the investment. The other is investment for preservation of principal/capital during troubled or difficult financial times. The most successful people as to the timing of when to switch from one to the other and back again is very difficult and done best by a professional who makes a living from doing that. From my standpoint this is the time to be more worried about preservation of capital than the earnings level off of an investment.

JAN SPRLAK May 24, 2018



Gerry Thomas May 24, 2018

Martin, you are doing fine! In trading Futures the hardest thing for most, beyond basics, is becoming reasonable comfortable with indefiniteness. It now exists in all life. You are helping with your guidance! Gerry

gordon lehto May 24, 2018

are we about to get a ban on cash? is gold a safe bet?

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all gordon lehto May 24, 2018

Gold is always King. Go for it!


Jack Herring May 24, 2018

I have two concerns. The first is the seeming inability of our congressional leaders (?) to work together for the common good of the people of our country. We cannot seem to disagree without becoming disagreeable.

My second concern is that the bull market seems to be tiring and I expect a decline soon. As is so often the case, there seems to be no alternative investment that I can use to protect and grow the wealth it has taken a lifetime to accumulate.

john willis May 24, 2018

So many things can topple our debt laden economy. Politicians, at least most of them, do not seem committed to fiscal sanity. Our country is hopelessly divided by identity politics. One bright spot is Trump’s dedication to buck the globalist poison and put America first.

In all this, I am 4 years into social security payments and expect that both my wife’s and my jobs will soon be lost to downsizing. The official lies about there being little inflation become apparent every time we try to buy something like food or a new car. I need some passive income streams to keep the bills paid. The annuities and rental income added to social security are grossly inadequate to afford much save a meager lifestyle. So where do we go from here?

Bill reply_all john willis May 24, 2018

Sounds like you created an interesting plan but believe you have fallen short. Your conundrum is the same for us all. From which pile can we increase our intake?

Gary Bradrick May 24, 2018

I would like to see more contact from Weiss Ratings. It seems that Banyanhill has superseded Weiss. I appreciate your many decades of experience and wisdom, Martin, and hope you will continue to share it.

Dr. Stephen G. Weise reply_all Gary Bradrick May 24, 2018

Yes, I hope so too!

Dr. Stephen G. Weise

Leslyn Black May 24, 2018

I am pretty satisfied with the way you have been reporting. I like the entry into the subject matter with a few main points & then being able to click and receive more detail if desired.
I do not care for the occasional tendency to give your thoughts about politics or government officials become a part of the opinions unless it is necessary to relate a message.

Keep up the good coverage & thanks.

Werner May 24, 2018

Dear Martin
I am Swiss and retired, living in Hungary. For the last 2 years I tried to improve my small pension at the stock exchange. But it doesn’t work. I have lost much more than I had profits. My main problem is to avoid losses. I tried several strategies without real success. Do you have some good advices for me ? I handle Shares, Options and CFD’s.
Thank you for your answer.

Paul May 24, 2018

In your opinion, how would a Democratic majority after the 2018 elections affect the market?

Raymond Magill May 24, 2018

I love to read about american stocks and shares from afar. I am retired and live on pension and rental property income. I am not equiped to deal with a purchase of american stocks so read the ups and downs of the economy through your emails.
Thank you for your interest in why I follow your Weiss Institute.

Narendra R Khadse May 24, 2018

Dear Martin
I thank you for all your proffesional sincere efforts to predict the future & guide people to avoid likely financial risk.

I am 67 years & located in India and strongly believe in growing economy of India. My investment portfolio is in stocks , mutual funds including global us stocks, RFC US $ accounts, gold.

No one knows the future…to the best of individual ability one has to face the challenge.

No president in US is bad or good…they all execute the plan given by Pentegon. ..for maintaining the US economy at the cost of wars or troubles in the world so nothing surprise me…I have seen this while I was in Kuwait gulf war 1990 and later in Iraq under pretex of weapons of mass distrustunction killing Saddam Husain.

I am prepared to face the situation as it comes in real life. I do not believe in any prediction.

My best wishes to you & your team.

Narendra khadse

Bob Gerecke May 24, 2018

I have bought and annuitized three variable annuities populated by mutual funds; most are actively managed: US large, medium and small cap stocks, foreign and global large and small cap stocks, US and global bonds, and a money market or short-term bond fund. No precious metals or commodity funds. I would appreciate advice on selecting the segments of the investment markets (not necessarily the specific funds) in which I should invest. Unfortunately, the annuities do not allow switching more than 2 or 3 times per year.

F.B.Jacobs May 24, 2018

To one who uses technical analysis to trade, it appears to me that the US markets are already in a decline. For the long term should I (1) add to my precious metals cache, (2) add to the real estate investments, (3) pick and choose which art,etc. might go up? Or should i just hold cash? What I would appreciate are ideas of areas to place my ‘savings’.. where I don’t have to be attached to the internet full time placing trades.

And, please don’t suggest ‘options’ on stocks, everyone seems to be ‘tooting’ that mantra and when one looks at their ‘real’ win/lose’ info I see that the only one actually winning is the brokerage firms on their commissions.

stephen. gaal May 24, 2018

gold and long bonds ? So much has been said, so little profit. still a buy??

Marilyn Moorhead May 24, 2018

Give your readers more facts & less very long lead ups to an advertisement. I appreciate your letters using your & you & your dad’s expertise and experience. However, most of your sites ramble on forever to ask that you sign up for something. (no real information, misuse of your customer’s time over & over.
We read you to benefit from your intelligent understanding of history & the US & international markets. You’ll get more subscriptions by honoring reader’s intelligence instead of them signing off in frustration.
So many things happening now to analyze. You know how to inform us so that we can think about the difficulties ahead, and then act. You are an intelligent person, please share your important insights. Thank you

Bill reply_all Marilyn Moorhead May 24, 2018

Amen to that.

James M Conant May 24, 2018

The US economy is responding to a more favorable government. Increased GDP will help with the deficit. The world is stabilizing around a new America that stands up 4 American values. My stocks are protected with stops I expect the market to go up for a while
.longer. cryptocurrencies might be a good hedge.

richard fischer reply_all James M Conant May 24, 2018

I am Concerned that the FED is upping interest rates unreasonably fast

in order to defeat the Trump economic improvements. They appear to be

trying to ruin the economy before the next election.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all richard fischer May 25, 2018

It looks like they are actually trying to prevent hyper inflation and another financial collapse.

Jonathan Criswell May 24, 2018

Dear Martin 🙂
I like the comment of R.S., about a few men “pushing and pulling on the strings of the world”. I think that is what Trump calls The Swamp.
My main fear is Genocide. Murder of a race? You bet! The Human race! As soon as i heard about the shoot-on-sight curfew in Grenada in 1983, i knew that another genocide had begun. I think that some other people saw the same thing, and sent in troops, fast (Good), before that genocide spread fast, like a chain reaction. As always, Evil triumphs when Good People remain silent. Genocide CAN be defeated, if only the people know how.
Stock Market and Depressions? The 1930’s depression started in 1919, when Germany was saddled with having to pay the war debt in gold. German wealth was gone by 1922; and the resulting hyper-inflation was just admitting things as they were. Other countries got sucked into the depression, one by one, even while the USA enjoyed the bull market of 1920-1929. By 1929, the bull market finally reached its top (all bull markets do), and started to go down. But the huge amount of margin debt caused many people to be “crashed out”, where they owed much more money than they had, or could pay. And that sorely aggravated the Depression of the 1930’s.
Nowadays, i think Japan will probably recede first, followed by Europe, while they continue to invest in the USA, giving us an artificial bull market. But: artificial or not, it is still a bull market. I think U were among the people saying that about Japan and Europe. We all can be wrong: we are human. So, it is, and remains so, a good idea to keep our Trailing Stops in place.
Anyway, that is my 2¢ worth.

mark greenberg May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,

Let me say, before the merger with BH, I was extremely satisfied with my subscription. After the merger, that has not been the case. Using the information from the edeleson Institute, with the charts of gold, oil and the dollar I was able to make good decisions and my portfolio was improving daily. Since then, I have been left to deal with new advisors, who may be great, but I have not been able to figure out a good strategy to actually make money. Its sad really, that I haven’t been able to make a good trade since. I also felt abandoned, since you and the team had those very long briefings about the k-waves and the dire consequences that are coming and how gold was going to 5k/oz ect… All in al, I have been very dissapointed. If you want to help me as a subscriber, then giving me better tools for basic investments like the dollar, metals act would be helpful. I would like to get the AI charts back and have sean explain them. That was what worked for me.

thanks/ Mark

L.S. Leonard Strauss May 24, 2018

We are 80 years old and not inclined to take much risk at this point in our lives. Our greatest concern at this time is what kind of return we will get on our money market accounts that are invested in 3 month treasuries.

Ludwig Perchthold May 24, 2018

I am only in GIC.Will I be save for a view years. I am 92 Years old and have enouf Mony for a good Live. Thanks Ludwig

Tom Lloyd May 24, 2018

The deep divisions in political thinking in the U.S. is most troubling to me. It seems we are headed for disaster unless we get some uniting leadership soon. This cannot continue with financial repercussions in the marketplace, or worse, a world at war.

James Finley May 24, 2018

I am in the Autumn of my life as many others who have responded. There is no reason to repeat the many great comments about problems with China , Korea the demise of the fiat dollar that we now have and the market bust that is expected due to the lack of concern of both political parties.

Two areas of concern do not have a lot of attention. Let’s start with gold. For many many years several of the Banyon group have said ” buy gold” .

A Number of years ago I bought gold mutual funds. After six years ,sold at a loss. Then bought gold coins after they went to about $2000 per ounce.and returned back down to $1400. Guess what ? Worth less today . Then on recommendations from some in Banyon group bought gold mutual funds again and today setting on a loss. When will JR and others be right. If we live long enough it might happen.

Another concern is Annuity funds. Variable or fixed? What if any suggestions can you make to buy or not to buy. Just be sure to remind folks that income taxes or estate taxes of the recipient (over and above original investment) are due on the capital gains at the their current income tax rate.

The final area is the suggestion from Peter Kofler May 23, 2018 He Said:

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Whilst I greatly appreciate and follow the expertise I am receiving, please stop sending me daily offers of new investment subscriptions that accompany every market change and investment opportunity. I’m a long term investor interested in the underlying strategy and substantiation of key economical and political trends which underpin what is happening in the world today.

I have to check through about 15 emails a day 99% of which are not relevant to my situation. Surely you can identify among your many clients , those who are traders and those who are longer term investors, and then send each type the appropriate information and accompanying subscribing needs. Quite frankly I am often disheartened, sometimes pleased and generally confused since your changeover. I hope my comments are of some help to you. Appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion. Regards. Peter of Sydney, Australia.

T. Koken May 24, 2018

The almighty buck ain’t worth a Continental. Needs restored. Devalued to 1/25 of its 1966 value — in case you don’t have your shoes off, that’s four cents.

Johan Neppelenbroek May 24, 2018

Dear Martin,

I live in Europe,.
Follow you people with interest and see interesting opinions about global social and economic subjects.
It is about time to rethink the way we earn our structure, money, wealth, so let’s call it equality.
To much wealth is given to a few people and this is the reason there is more and more uncertainty in a lot of area’s in the world. People feel abandoned and I completely understand this. I travelled a lot and lived in RSA and South America. Go to India and Pakistan look what you see. I’ll understand people feel lost.
But here it is like a save heaven, people speak in the street, we have a roof, food and a kind of respect for each other. This is due a social level of equality.
Change will not come before people give up there greed in live.
The WORLD WAR 3 which is going on today is what worry’s me the most. Hiding behind a keyboard and spreading out what you like is something, wauw heavy!
Not to speak about the ongoing hacking and stealing and no solutions to stop this war what so ever!
The most beautiful part is that same internet with blockchain. An opportunity to change the structure of our social system. I Was trilled to see the vision of Da Hong Fei, about the possibility we have to change the social structure with blockchain. It gives us a change to let everybody participate in society.
Well, there is a lot to say! that’s it for now, keep up the good work, Succes, Johan

Chris Hayne May 24, 2018

We have a man acting as president who is now and never been qualified to be president destroying our country by isolating the USA from moral leaders of the world as well as decent citizens of the USA. Trump is an egotist that can not separate lie from truth. His absolute believe in himself has the world headed to a war that we will all be losers. All the self serving political greedy are jumping on Trumps coattail. God help the people of the world see through Trump before WWIII and a bankrupt USA

Robert William Schmucker May 24, 2018

There are two things that stand out from all the turmoil. The first is how can so many people be so blinded on the future chaos. Do people really care? Secondly, due to age, I have lived in the very best of times but my second major worry is for my children, Grandchildren, and Great Grandchildren and those who will bear the brunt of what is to come. They will suffer because my generation did not get involved enough and allowed the slow destruction of our great country. For this I am ashamed.

Richard May 24, 2018

Most agree something is terribly wrong. How you prepare depends on what you see most likely lies ahead which ties into your overall beliefs. These beliefs are based on what you hold to be true about how the world works from your own personal perspective. For myself, a bible believer, it looks like a surprising truce may come from foreign worries enabling a peace proclamation. Many notice a worldwide deep state is at the ready. What if the other shoe to drop is something completely unexpected, something found in one of Reagan’s old speeches about discovering aliens would unite the world as nothing else could. What if it is the biblical end of times and the rapture occurs. What if we are led to believe that aliens who have been watching us for centuries have taken out the “Christians” who have been the source of the worlds problems since the beginning and it is now up to the world under a chosen leader to prevent this false religion to come about again. I suppose since chance favors the prepared individual to cover all possibilities one would have to “be saved,” hoard precious metals, invest wisely in all financial prospects, own worthy material goods, and have valuable marketable skills. Not to mention it always pays to, “know somebody.”

RICK May 24, 2018


Guido May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,
How can we use/interprete the information of president Trump to grow pur portfolio
Up till now the information had a negatieve effect on My portfolio

George Johnson May 24, 2018

Hello Martin,
I am age 82 and have followed markets most of my adult life. It is a mystery to me that we have not had a meaningful pullback in the past 9 years. This market is long in the tooth but it has been pointed out that things look so bad in Europe and Japan that the wealthy there are and will be buying into our stock market and keeping it up. Possibly pushing it much higher. In ordinary times they would be buying our bonds but the rising interest rates are killing that. The question is “ what should one do “

Chris Monahan May 24, 2018

My greatest concern is the impact that the imminent BREXIT negotiations will have on my finances.


Can you believe the people of the once mighty U.S.A. elected a Muslim president who did everything in his power to destroy our country. Worse; he’s still trying and the morons don’t realize it yet. That is what troubles me the most. We are going the way of the Roman Empire. God help us, but I fear it’s too late.

Linda. MacGregor reply_all DENNIS CARUNCHIO May 25, 2018

Seriously check out the last 38 years and you will see that the Republican Party has been the most destructive force in American history.

BTW: Obama was not a Muslim, he was a Congregationalist (now called the United Church of Christ.) The Congregationalists/UCC were known in their
early history as the Pilgrims.

If you only read Republican Political Machine propaganda, you will not know very much. Trump is forging ahead, destroying policies and legislation
very thoughtfully designed to deal with our nation’s real problems.

Everett Gooch May 24, 2018

Without getting specific about the intentional chaos that is being created politically and financially to shift more power and money to those who see themselves as the elites of the world, I think that the three points of your family’s mission, mentioned in your May 23, 2018 e-mail, cover the issues of concern well.


1. I much prefer to read transcripts rather than see a video.
2. I am somewhat fearful at present, and I need information on strong stocks that will weather a down turn in the market best; which I am expecting. I am primarily a covered call investor selling calls up to months out at just slightly over costs. I have only a few stocks that appear strong and pays moderate plus dividends, that I do not sell calls on.
3. Help me to pick stocks that meet my criteria and if I get stuck with them will at least pay some dividends. (I don’t want to be stuck with only loosers while my better stocks are called away.

I am a retired person living on fixed income and what I can earn from my moderate investments. I am concerned about inflation and a market crash.
I hope this answers your questions.
Respectfully, Dave Stanford

william T Gunn May 24, 2018

Dear Martin,
As an individual it is very difficult for me to ask or for you to respond to problems as complicated and intertwined with politics (both domestic and international) as is our present economic scene. The greatest problem in my opinion will turn out to be the effects of the record debt at all levels (corporate, individual, federal, and international) when the crisis appears. I do not think the country is prepared for the drastic measures that will be undertaken by the various governments in the face of the catastrophes that will manifest themselves when the various debt instruments go into default, The single greatest service you can provide is to assist us in our efforts to be informed and ready for the market changes. We, as investors, need to be flexible (and knowledgeable about alternate investments ) and we need a service that will assist us in our convictions when we need to act. Best to you,
Bill Gunn

Kevin Reynolds May 24, 2018

Mr. Weiss (Martin?), I would like to increase some life insurance funds I received to to my dad’s passing 09/26/2018. It’s not a lot, but…

Katharine Bain May 24, 2018

My greatest concern is the thinking of the people who are running the world system. They do not care about all the citizens of the world, only about themselves, and a few others, maybe those they work with to garner the greatest wealth, power, influence for themselves. They are not elected and their great wealth protects them from laws. Are the rest of us just their pawns?

Alex May 24, 2018

I am old and poorer than most of your subscribers , but rich in what counts – nine wonderful , stable grandchildren , growing up in loving , rock-solid families . I am very concerned for the future of America , since I am a naturalized citizen , who was honest when I swore to uphold the Constitution , and now see a virtual coup d’état underway by an entrenched bureaucracy in DC . God bless those who seek to drain the swamp of corruption .

Global debt collapse will shake world economies to the core , but the aftermath can go two ways – total chaos ; or a rebirth of a sound society based on reality , morality , and thrift. I put my trust in the latter .

Thank you , Martin , for your evaluations (ratings) of financial entities .

Having read the comments already posted , Some remind me of the words of a wise man (paraphrased):
“ If you fail to read the news , you are uninformed ; if you do read the news , you are misinformed .”

Kevin Reynolds reply_all Alex May 24, 2018

Kind of a Catch 22, isn’t it< Alex? No matter how you treat news, you lose!

Alex reply_all Kevin Reynolds May 25, 2018

Yes , indeed Kevin . I wish you well in attempts to seek personal solutions .


I have to friends I would like to help with about $ 100,000 as they need to extend their home to accommodate their two young boys, and I have been looking for a service that can help me do that,if I start with about $ 20,000. Unfortunately, none of the services I have tried, including some of your own, have really propelled me towards my goal in any meaningful way.

What do you suggest I try next – a lottery ticket?

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all FRANCIS CASSERLY May 24, 2018

I use TD Ameritrade in conjunction with their THINKorSWIM Paper Money program. By keeping it updated you can find some excellent trades on a daily basis. I hope that this helps.


Eve May 24, 2018

I am retired and working from home on my small farm and trying to grow my very small trading account with limited time. I invest more in options, but those haven’t been working out so well in this market lately.

I tend to agree with Jim Johnson and James C Nixon’s comments, where James states… “I get deluged with one “fantastic,amazing” offer after another on how to turn $5.00 into $5,000,000 overnight and I am tired of the B.S. as it is designed to sell the shmucks directions to how to get wealthy overnight for only a $99.00 subscription to a newsletter. Enough already.”

And Jim states… “My challenge with knowing how to proceed has been with the volume of emails that I’ve received since I subscribed to your “product.” Each promises staggering returns along with a window of opportunity to “join”. It makes my head spin to attempt to keep up with them all.”

I would like to receive emails that are only about the services I’m paying for and not the others. Makes it very hard to stay focused and not so distracted and confused.

Eric Messmer May 24, 2018

You need absolutely some physical Gold as an Insurance

Dr. Gerhard Abel May 24, 2018

My age 84, German and European civil servant retired in México; this “alarming new environment” reminds me my youth in Germany during World War II.
Risks where you look : financial/economic, security, environmental … A global crash seems unavoidable. I feel pity for our children and grandchildren’s future.
Your advice is very welcome.

E. Russell May 24, 2018

My greatest concern is the internet. It is an infrastructure built on quicksand.

According to Crowe Clark Whitehill, there was over 4 trillion in fraud around the world last year, and I know for a fact that much fraud is never reported.

Plus, according to LexisNexis, the actual cost of fraud is 2.5 times more than the fraud itself.

In my opinion, it is simply a matter of time until the grid, Wall Street, and the banks are taken down by hackers, iff we don’t get nuked first.

The only investments that I think are worthy are those that I can touch.

The only investments I’m interested in are those that I can hold in my hand.

Matthias Trojan May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,
my main concern is the debt crisis.
What could be the trigger for the critical phase and how can I recognize the beginning??
What consequences will it have in the U.S. and in Europe, China and EMs?
Will it ever end and – if so – which signs will be seen that “normal” times are here again?

I would very much like to hear your thoughts about the answer to these questions.

Thanks in advance and best regards from good (President Trump would say: bad ) old Germany

Rebecca Gray May 24, 2018

What do you see as the future of IRAs and 401Ks. I am worried that our government, as they drive us over the financial cliff, will decide to confiscate our retirement accounts and replace them with “Government Retirement Security Accounts” (like SSA) where they send us a check every month out of our savings in an amount they consider adequate. I would rather cash out my IRA and pay the taxes on it now instead of be at the mercy of government agencies like the SSA. I’m 70 and because I just sold some land last year, the SSA says I have a high annual income, so my SS check is about 1/3 of what it was. Thanks.

Margaret Neuses reply_all Rebecca Gray May 24, 2018

I am most concerned about fixed income that is safe. I am retired.

John Senechal May 24, 2018

Hi Martin, I am not that concerned about the conflicts and divisiveness. It isn’t great but I think it is actually getting better. Things seems to be moving instead of just continuing to kick the can down the road. Hopefully the movement will end up being positive, which it seems to be so far. I am more concerned with the things that I have paid for and heard from Weiss that haven’t resulted in money in my pocket. The implosion of the Bond Market, the implosion of the Student Loan Debt, the K-Wave. These things haven’t happened or if they did happen it didn’t put any money in my pocket. I have basically given up on all of the services that I have paid a lifetime membership for except for the Crypto service which I am still crossing my fingers with the hope that it will be a winner.

Jim Brown May 24, 2018

Well, I decided to respond to your request. This is a first. I still miss Larry Edelson. Don’t follow gold like I used to. And by my having such paranoid feelings about the economy, the country and the world, the market place has passed me by. Actually, on a couple of negative type investments I’ve lost money. Don’t know where to safely put my money. Somehow I lost track of what you were investing in. Maybe your showing your personal investing in the market place still exists but I don’t see it. For a while there you were very active and I enjoyed it. Some of the investments worked and some didn’t. But at the time I felt that we were in it together. Don’t feel that anymore.

Edward Lawrence May 24, 2018

Hi Martin, hope everything is going great with you and your family. Basically, I liked the old safe money guys the best.

May the LORD smile on you and be gracious to you.

george May 24, 2018

based on your article on the next possible bank failure where do you think you should hold your cash?
local bank, credit union, investment firm –I know you will get essentially no interest -but I want safe accessibility.

Mel T May 24, 2018

I need extra income in my declining years

Mike May 24, 2018

There are several “Rules” I learned many years ago that have helped me be very successful with my investments. They all have political connections and they are:

1. America does best when ALL Americans do better. Historically this has happened with A Liberal Progreesive President and a Majority Liberal Progressive Congress. The most recent example of this is the period from 1932-1982 when the Middle Class grew at it’s greatest rate and the Living Standards of the Average American increased the most. This was also the period of our Greatest Increased in Manufacturing and Economic output in America’s history

2. As Income Inequity goes goes down Markets Flourish (when led by Liberal Progreesives) and as Income Inequity goes UP (when led by Conservatives), Markets Faulter.

3. EVERY Stock Market Crash since America was formed has happened under the leadership of Conservative Presidents and Conservative Majority Congresses after long periods of Conservative Domination (most recent 1929 and 2007). And EVERY recovery has occurred when the Conservatives are voted out and Liberal Progessive Presidents and Liberal Progressive Majority Congresses are elected (1932 and 2009).

Rebecca Gray reply_all Mike May 24, 2018

Worked so well for Hugo Chavez and countless others.

Richard Fulton May 24, 2018

A constitutional crises is pending. Republicans ,in Congress ,,owe it to America to stand up now and save our Democracy. Their have been 19 indictments and 5 guilty just over a year. Open up your eyes and allow the investigation to continue.
I”m new to investing and I just need simple, sane, solid advice.

philip goldman May 24, 2018

focus on where gold is going in short & long term…phil goldman

philip goldman reply_all philip goldman May 24, 2018

trump will dismantle the whore polititians

Jodi Villegas May 24, 2018

I am worried about being on disability and not bring able to live a good life when my children are grown and out of the house, and my husband and I will be traveling. How will we survive financially, he is a disabled Vet and I also am disabled…we both have PTSD.

Dawn May 24, 2018

I am very concerned about the quickly degrading moral state of our nation– young people in particular. The liberals (aka Communists) are reaping the full fruits of their labors in the Millennials. The young people have no moral compass, because respect for God, Country, and fellow man have been removed from the public schools. They have been taught to pursue only their own desires, that there is no absolute truth, and that God is a whatever they think he is or doesn’t even exist. Their lives serve no higher purpose, and they don’t know that the Creator of the Universe truly loves and cares for them. It is so very sad. Greed and hatred are permeating our great nation, and the result will be social and financial chaos. I pray that God will have mercy on this nation, if only for the sake of those of us who are sincerely trying to live for Him.

philip goldman reply_all Dawn May 24, 2018


Lynn Hayes May 24, 2018

Hi Martin– I wrote you on 5/23, but I want to add one thing that’s important to me– that is, I have a deep concern (maybe fear) that at some point in the future during a violent market event that my brokerage account may be wiped off the map or even confiscated. Since it’s all digital paper, I’ve never had full confidence that it will survive the ultimate leveling of whatever is coming, whenever that may happen. I’ve read things from well known and respected names (with 40 and 50 years market experience) that this could happen, and Larry always assured us our stock and brokerage accounts would survive, but I have doubts. This is probably taboo for you and most professionals to comment on, but Larry did encourage us to try to get certificates for our stocks if we could (not easy to do). I believe he was really concerned about the same thing or he wouldn’t have told us this. I hope you can address this topic??? I really need straight answers. I also hope you (or those on your team will hold more Q&A sessions so we can ask questions like this and listen to questions and answers from others.
Thanks again– Lynn Haayes

Barbara Box May 24, 2018

I am very frustrated at the lack of help for those who have a small retirement savings. All the advice is for sale at prices I cannot afford. Is there any one speaking to the hard working retiree’s trying to protect their Ira’s and savings which are less than 100,000. We would like good counsel on how to invest, grow and protect our hard earned savings, w/o having to spend a good portion of it to read information meant for millionaires. I have purchased from your group and Bonner and nothing is aimed at small investors. I buy a book and all it does is talk about the next book I need to buy with money I don’t have. If you have any words for people like me, I would be glad to hear them.

IndyAndy May 24, 2018

Well, me again! The world is not listening……….to you guys! The Euro has not crashed…..actually the opposite. Gold/silver have done nothing in spite of your continuing comments about the world going to war……yawn!. All your charts coming together to predict the biggest downturn since the depression…….no one cares about the depression.
I am making more money with other guys…….not a lot but sum. So not sure what to ask you…………probably WHY is the world not listening to you guys………again no one seems to care about your charts, all the violence in the world.
Fortunately I learned a long time ago to use my own common sense and intelligence to make my investments,
So I will listen to your podcast or whatever it is and continue to monitor the Weiss guys……….but you need to say something meaningful about today’s world, because all I have been seeing for some time is guesses based on guesses!

Judy Simmons May 24, 2018

I feel like the SCI needs to be aggressively using leveraged trades up and down in following the trends. The same holds true with gold and silver in the GMM. The WUP gets taken back when the market turns south. I find that Markman’s Strategic options are the most fun plays in growing my wealth. He keeps us adjusting our trades along with what the market is doing. Sooner or later we sell and usually for a profit. Power Elite has proven itself to be a winner. Sean Brodrick’s (?super wealth? don’t quite have the name right; but, it is a proven winner, too.)

Anthony S May 24, 2018

I would like to know a safe place to put my retirement savings . I am 73 and have just about all stocks as my investment. One because CD’s are so low and two it looks like inflation and cost of living will require more risk taking than I thought.

Dr Bill Metler May 24, 2018

I have followed the Elliott Wave 4th (following what I have as a the 3rd Top 2018Jan29th (maybe wrongly) now have the market entering a (probably) EW Diagonal Triangle 5th wave terminating in early 2018 Nov(ish). I have long followed your writings and am very sympathetic to the coming BUST. I call it the FEDQE BUBBLE.

Gary May 24, 2018

I fear that the easy money that has been available for some time now will eventually lead to uncontrolled inflation, thus eroding the values of securities that we own. So I would like to know when I should get out of stocks before the big explosion.

I hope that a simplified way can be found to get into cryptos; I believe that they with block chain technology are going to have a big impact on life in the not too distant future. But there is no simple, easy, way to get involved at present (at least that I am aware).

Helen Coggins May 24, 2018

Don’t know if anyone is noticing but we have resorted to mob rule; it is absolutely no longer a democracy. Just get a bunch of people together and march. Democracy no longer reigns. Also when our elected officials are paid from entities (non citizens) outside of our country, we have to realize there are consequences for allowing this to happen. Their allegiance is not to the USA.

Art Hill May 24, 2018

How do we (best) protect the money we have? My sentiments are just like Mark Twain: “I am not so concerned with the return ON my money as I am the return OF my money.” Art Hill, Oregon

John May 24, 2018

Am in my 80th year, for re me lowest beta and high quality seem most important: ie some might call that “dividend aristocrats” ? What firms
produce food / necessities and have strong markets in many countries? What is safer for the long haul, if anything ?? A rated firms ??? High flying
p/e ratios may be appropriate for younger individuals but seem to risky in this sea change environment for retirees.????
Currency upheavals on the horizon and the Keynesian economic approach taken by central banks seems headed all over for run away inflation and chaos as globalists impose their worn out approaches ????? Which countries now have central banks acquiring listed securities, a new twist ??????

Joedoaks40 May 24, 2018

I loved your dad and believe if he were alive today he would say, the yellow race shall rule the world” because he who has the gold rules.
The greedy unpatriotic spoiled Baby Boomers have given the country away.
Our great-grandchildren will kick our headstones.

Rosette May 24, 2018

As a senior retiree, I am worried about my retirement. Presently in good health. How if stock market crashes, my Portefolio is small, it can be reduced to a minimal. Need to use some extra time to invest in new promising stocks that might developed and help to grow my little saving.

James T. Rose, Jr. May 24, 2018

At 88 I have no fears since what will be will be, am a widower, and have 3 monthly income pensions. My desire –after a relatively late start finally achieving a
million dollar portfolio–is to increase the portfolio to 2 million.
I am also a retired army colonel, I love our prresident and feel he will someday bee acclaimed as our greatest president ever.

Mitch reply_all James T. Rose, Jr. May 24, 2018

My thoughts have already been stated by others. Which was interesting to see. I think that the whole world is in the same position. Everything is relying

Dan May 24, 2018

I’m a 75 year old retired Senior with minimal investments in stocks etc I have purchased some gold bouilion which is stored for me by Gold money Most Seniors have limited saved resources and many of us are now trying to accumulate as much cash as possible. We hear about the banks having the authority to grab our money. That’s a major concern and certainly the devaluing of the dollar and it losing its place as the worlds major currency

If you can address these concerns and perhaps suggest safe alternatives to save cash and still have it readily available if needed, you will be giving many Seniors
needed info, Most of your publications and offers are for people with a lot of money to invest. A large number of Seniors are more concerned about hanging on to what we have

Richard Davis May 24, 2018

I worry that a global economic crash is coming; yet, instead of receiving precise investment guidance from my newsletters, I’m getting tons of email trying to switch me up to a more expensive newsletter service that promises incredible investment profits. My question is this: If the world economic structure comes crashing down, who will be buying all of those products produced by “solid” companies? Porter Stansberry touts Hershey’s. When people are starving to death, no one will be buying chocolate. When trucks can’t deliver products to the retail outlets, we’re going to be looking for toilet paper, milk, bread, etc. What are the top gold miners, the top silver miners, the top zinc miners, the top platinum/palladium miners that we should be buying to get ready for the big crash? Crypto currencies are like a chain letter. Sure, money can be made, as long as you get out in time, but, where’s the inherent value? What are the companies that will actually prosper during an economic crisis? What happens to commercial real estate when companies can’t rollover their debt? How do you sell your products when the trucks can’t run because of a credit freeze (no credit card sales for fuel)? Should we just sit back and buy reverse ETFs–such as DXD, SDS, QID? What is going to happen to the price of oil if the world suffers a global slowdown? Aren’t you glad you asked?

Lawrence Greenfield May 24, 2018

What worries me in general is that I see the U.S. empire going the way of ancient Rome, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop the slide. In particular, I’d like to see some sort of graded approach to your recommendations. As in, what would you invest in if you only afford one or two purchases. Thanks for everything.

Richard Berge May 24, 2018

About half of my investment money is in SCHD -schwab’s “Dividend Aristocrat Fund” – pays about 3% dividend
Does this make sense as a relatively safe thing to do ?
The hate spewing and divisiveness of the “Left” is tearing this country apart.
Have no idea where this is all heading.
Thank YOu,

Randy Wegener May 24, 2018

Finally, I get to someone that will hear me. I have called and got no answer. I have not received emails back. I am not fond of the Banyan Hill news. I signed up years ago with the lifetime membership with Weiss/Edelson. I understand changes can be made when issues as Edelson’s death. However, I still wanted to view the Edelson Wave with the cycle charts that Burnick (sp) has continue to publish. Can I still receive them? I liked the other comments from other letters. I really have not opened up to the Banyan Hill group. I do not read their stuff.
At this time, since you want to hear from me, why not offer a refund. I did not sign up with Banyan Hill. I appreciate you understanding. Looking forward to hear from you.

John Stuart Butler May 24, 2018

Hi from the UK,


I leave out the WAR as you say you have plenty of comments.

Banks – don’t trust them
Building societies – don’t trust them as most pass your money to a Bank.
Selftrade(Equinity) – don’t trust them – money in Bank
How would you buy shares – don’t trust them. No electronic transfers.
How do you get your money back if it takes 7 to 10 working day’s to send it to the Bank (Which has closed).
Gold/Silver appears to be in the toilet – ready to flush.
If you buy only high value, strong companies. What happens if the governments of the world re-value shares.
Mattress – Virtually a fools idea.

Crypto – Banks are big harry monsters (banksters) – they will find a way to stop it.
Code that is written by a human just provides programmers with a game to break. (Always a faster gun in the west (Sorry))

Basically we are stuffed and it is a large plan by !!!!!!. A race to the bottom. We virtually all become Plebs.

Where is the book “an idiots guide to Crypto?” (Without all the wonderful crypto words that are just to impress others and show how clever they are. Intelligence is not a word that I would choose. )
How do you put money in them (good idea to include a dash of devaluation)

In fact I have two OLD (Steam driven mobile phones. They work perfectly well thank you) – don’t really want to change them but I may well have to.
How will O.A.P’s cope with them. Even people already out on the streets. (Thousands of them in the UK). None of the people I just mentioned have enough money to eat or get heat not to mention shelter. We do have F.E.M.A. camps – usually near a G.C.H.Q. building. I have seen them from my little aeroplane.

The above are not in any order.

Kind Regards from someone born in the same year as yourself.

John B.

Jim Naftel May 24, 2018

Martin, I worry that basic economics principles are upside down in the world, debt addiction is out of control and normal investing concepts no longer
make any sense. Will my money run out before I die?

Jim Naftel

Eddy May 24, 2018

I’m in my mid-70s and still working. Still quite short of what I need to retire. I still need to grow my nest egg, but can’t really take the risk trying for homeruns. A big market downturn could really hurt. Inflation is eating away at cash accounts, so what to do is a big question. With rising interest rates, bonds seem like a problem too.

Barbara May 24, 2018

I am 93 and am living well in retirement. But after reading Road to Ruin, I am very concerned about the plans and power of the world elites
and what it will mean for my family. What are your thoughts on this ? Anything we can do to stop them?

Dr. Paul Keck May 24, 2018

I feel that the stock market is manipulated . That being said, where can one invest to protect their investments? I would also like to put a 1 hour pause on each of Trump’s tweets to allow him (force) to think before he tweets. Always nice to have one’s brain in motion before putting one’s mouth in gear.

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all Dr. Paul Keck May 24, 2018

The NYSE is manipulated. NASDAQ is not—it is electronic and the people factor is left out. I try to stay strictly with NASDAQ stocks.


Martin Higgins May 24, 2018

Actually, I am very concerned with the issues you just mentioned here. Seems like the entire world is topsy-turvy right now. I have a hard time figuring when it is time to jump off the train….?



Joe May 24, 2018

USA is on a self destructive path. Nobody trusts us anymore. We are past the reset point.
China is making friends all over, following us back in the 1950 to 1980 approximately. Russia is not that effective but Putin is trying especially in Iran, Syria even Israel is getting help from Russia, hard to believe. A war in Israel area is all but set to happen only time in question. North Korea is effectively controlled by China they have no reason to deal with us except for money and food. China needs them for cheap labor and defense on the border.
China is the USA of past years.
Our population is now older and even the back up population for housing is not strong. Debt is a major problem and China could use it as an economic tool to destroy our bonds and the US $. This is war of a different kind. They are backing their currency with gold and buying oil in Yuan not $. We have lost the Saudi backing.
Investments after a set back I expect the markets to go well into 2020 but then out around August. Out of the US $. Then approx., 1 year later buy China and that area such as Korea, Indonesia, Philippines.

Prepper Librarian May 24, 2018

Close down all the central banks worldwide, including the IMF & UN & all fiat money printing internationally.
Set all taxes to a flat rate 10% sales tax & cancel all other taxes (city, state, property, gas, estate, etc. etc. etc.)
Stop all manipulation of all markets & stop all derivatives, repackaging of loans, and all spoofing/wash trades.
Prosecute all criminals at every level, including all govt & business & corp execs & cap salaries to 10x avg workers.
Close down all jails & institute OT Biblical penalties both personal (eye for an eye) & property (repay 4x)
Prosecute all govt criminals, stop all bailouts, foreign aid, US giveaways, Govt funding of research, and pork barrel politics.
Re-establish a gold backed currency in every nation, and prevent any fiat currencies to ever be used again.
Well that is just a start….

Lyle May 24, 2018

There are obviously many areas of concern but what bothers me greatly is observing how many people seem to be willing to succumb to the emotions of fear anger and greed to blindly follow this con man president down the rabbit hole of democracy destruction. Secondarily it is disgusting to see how many people are willing to directly or indirectly encourage such thinking to make a buck.

K May 24, 2018

The unrelenting idiocy of Trump puts our entire futures at risk… constant law-breaking and NO consequences from Congress- No checks and balances! Where the hell is ethical behavior vacationing?

David R. Thibodeau May 24, 2018

I like you Father, Grandfather, have worked hard for the Family. My Wife and I were together for 55 years from High school, 4 children.
Making sure that through there lives it was always safe and secure. We spared no expense to teach them about life. Ok long story short.
Here I am at 77. Children are all near by safe and sound. Good life. I retired in 2003. At 77 my old boss contacts me to come back to work.
I was lonely nothing to do, my Ann had passed 6 years ago.
So now I am dabbling again a little in the market Stocks, Options. There are a lot of great services out there, but most people like me dont
have the time to search looking for good stock or Options. We do this on a very limited basis. Small accounts trying to keep our minds going.
looking for a little extra money to make ends meet help the family a little. To be honest you folks that do this every day as a living are right
there at the very heart of the action. We would like to come along for the ride, but we cant because it is to expensive. I understand you
have done all the work and its not fair. I think if you could offer a Limited Retirement account to help us retired people out here your
response would be much greater. Any way thanks for listening. I would likr to attend you video’s next week to learn more so thank you for that.

Randy Casey May 24, 2018

I’m looking for some safe investments not knowing what the future holds for the economy. i do thing we are heading for a financial melt down due to the rising debt amount

John Sharp May 24, 2018

Martin, I have been with you for many, many years. Larry joined you as Mr. Speculator after I joined your letter. Mike has revived it so I once again subscribed.
In your early days Safe Money was all I needed, especially Larry with his commodities outlook and advice. The commentary, by you, was for Safe Money from the
start. No sales pitches, just a few good safe stock choices and the reason you chose them. Now in my 80’s I hope your Weiss Ratings with Mikes simple suggestions in Safe Money will once again help to add some income to your previous winners. I am getting overwhelmed with the mass of get rich opinions and no longer want them. Your Ratings and your watching for Market Failure or advancement with notification is a comfort for this old man. Mike has a steady and knowledgeable way about him so, KIS, keep it simple, and I will be with you till my time runs out. Thank You for the years of good advice. John Sharp

B.L. White May 24, 2018

The US gov’t is insolvent. It will end as a disaster! When is impossible to predict!

jay andersen May 24, 2018

small investor, trying to be careful of what stocks I own.

terry shead May 24, 2018

Martin, you know every thing is rigged, from precious metals to stocks, even when the bond and stock market collapses, oh yes and all the fiat currency fall apart, guess who is going to pick up the bill, you have got it, us.
I know Martin you are Jewish, but the Zionist are the ones that get me, they run the show, you can call them the deep state, in your country they go by cfr, in the uk they go under the Royal institute of international affairs, these gangsters run the show, ask yourself one question, how come Blair who should be inside for taking us to war on a complete lie, retired with £50 million in his bank account, services rendered.
The only answer is solid investments.

Mike May 24, 2018

In 20-20 hindsight, the financial crisis bailout and subsequent QE programs may have resulted in not only devaluing the dollar, but also fueling the massive corruption scandals as well as concentrating economic wealth and power in the Billionaire class. When the “rich class” is defined by $25 million of liquid assets or above, I am realizing that I am as poor today as I was 60 years ago, when I worked on the potato farm in Wisconsin for $0.80 / hour. How should I protect the meager savings I have accumulated over 60 years? The current level of stock prices and real estate prices seem overvalued. I am happy to see that some of the Billionaires are getting some of their original investment back in the form of stock-buy backs, unfortunately not me.

Norman Lane May 24, 2018

My concern for the future is the growing National Debt of the USA. How does the US Treasury
regain control before it explodes and destroys the US economy and our savings?

Sharon Kurtz May 24, 2018

With prices so high and the volatility of the market I’ve stayed in cash. I don’t like leaving my money in the market for long periods of time since you lose as well as gain and go back and forth with little gains. I would like to be in the market and make great gains but haven’t found a way to do that. I can trade over the internet but am NOT an options trader, I don’t understand it.

James Zawaski May 24, 2018

1. The market is frothing. I think it will be worse than 2008-2009. What can I do for my children who don’t know what a market is and think the government will take care of them?
2. I’ve been on a fixed income for 15 years and my savings are mostly gone. Crypto answers the question of hidden wealth, but what else does one do in my situation.
3. Stop offering me all these financial vehicles. That’s why I left last time. Let’s do one thing excellent.

Louis Schroeder May 24, 2018

I am 92 years old and easily confused . My inbox was changed from one to three and your emails weren’t going to the proper one. I should be OK now, I hope. As far as the market, I think we will be fine for a few years. Sooner or later we won’t have buyers for bonds and then we will start having big problems. Lou Schroeder I enjoy your emails.

T Affolder May 24, 2018

I am concerned that we are headed to a bigger crash than 2008-2009. I am in the commercial building business have been for 40 plus years , I build for a large Finical Co. I have projects out for bidding and the quotes are up substantially, I seen the same thing back in 2007 & 2008 then, we all know what happen. I think we are right on the edge. I also feel the anger that seems to be in the air, you would think people would be happy, more people working, bigger homes going up it seems everywhere, new cars as well, but I fear that the debt on all these things are going to bring it all down, and this time will be a great deal more traumatic than the last time by multiples. I hope I am wrong, I have no debt either personally or in business, but for some reason that is not a great deal of comfort this time.

Lee Hickox May 24, 2018

I wish our government would work together for the good of this country don’t know much about crypto and right now in what we have bought we are down more than 25% and going lower not what I expected

Mark Young May 24, 2018

I am concerned about how inflation will erode retirement funds that I am currently drawing on.

Thomas Selman May 24, 2018

I’ll be there Martin. Thanks!

Kenneth Corntassel May 24, 2018

You predicted that Japan would fall apart this year, Europe next year and the USA the year after. So I am keeping my eye on Japan as the first domino to fall. So far I am not seeing much out of the ordinary. We keep watching.

del May 24, 2018

need to do away with the fed

congress, seems to be above the law! they steel, lie, cheat, kill, and get away with it!

Diana Bishop May 24, 2018

After incurring great loss during 2008 we have survived only because of a gut feeling and quite possibly your information that led me to jump out of the market just days before the big fall and is the only reason I currently own a home with no mortgage. Looking for a safe haven for assets and cash. Is there an easier way to get into crypto. Thank you for your insight in t the past.

Tim May 24, 2018

I was asking your opinion where oil will be 3 months & 6 months from now?

Pat Laner May 24, 2018

Being in my eighties, I need income with reasonable safety. A few small speculative investments keeps life interesting.

James C Nixon May 24, 2018

I am single and 89 years old. I live frugally, but am satisfied with my lifestyle. I don’t need a lot of income and I have no desire to change to a more lavish life. Been there and done that. I have no heirs to leave anything to, so no need to accumulate wealth. I am ready to pass on whenever Christ calls and my remains will not be a problem to anyone. I get deluged with one “fantastic,amazing” offer after another on how to turn $5.00 into $5,000,000 overnight and I am tired of the B.S. as it is designed to sell the shmucks directions to how to get wealthy overnight for only a $99.00 subscription to a newsletter. Enough already. J.C.Nixon

Val W Stone May 24, 2018

Not sure you are better able to predict the future than myself ! Having said that perhaps OIL may be a good place to hide over the coming year?

Joe Betzen May 24, 2018

LARRY E.’S forecast for gold was $5000. I did invest in gold stocks and gold. Where are we now? JR

Jim May 24, 2018

I’m wondering how you preceive the stability of the current interest rate & associated real estate market to be?

noah May 24, 2018

I’m fine. No fears. Have over a year worth of food and water. Have weapons. Have gold & silver, diamonds, rubies, and other gem stones. Own stocks
and a few rental homes. What is going to come, let it come.

John Love May 24, 2018

Can the manipulation in the gold and silver futures market be stopped?

Rich May 24, 2018

Waiting for your insights…….think I am doing ok in mkts….

Forest May 24, 2018

Government control of the economy, retirement benefits and possibility of socialism and communism in our country. The left wants ONE WORLD EVERYTHING!

Help me to know how to achieve the most retirement income from my investments.

Helen Nevlle May 24, 2018

I’m concerned that Congress has apparently just repealed a number of safeguards that limited risky Wall Street practices. These safeguards were put in place after 2008 to help protect us from a repeat of the 2008 meltdown.

Edward Butler May 24, 2018

There is a clear choice the American People have to make. Do they want to live in a one world government with no constitutional rights governed by people like George Soros, or do they want to stick with what they elected. There is a deep state in the CIA, FBI and the Justice Department. Do they want to live in a sovereign country or do they want to live like rats in inner city ghettos with a meager handout from the government that offers no hope of ever living without working until you die. Everything is manipulated to get you to give up your hard earned money. Including the stock market. The best way to prepare is not to be greedy but invest in knowledge and try to invest your money where it won’t be lost. There are only a few strategies that have proved themselves over the past 200 years. Those are the ones to stick with.

GUY W NICHOLLS May 24, 2018

I need help in identifying the trends that are in place in the market, both short term and long term. We now seem to be leaving behind a period of increased volatility, which indicates uncertainty.
But now what? Is the stock market topping and beginning a slide, or will the bull market continue. Or perhaps it will stay flat and consolidate for an extended period of time.

Bob Mayer May 24, 2018

How to get out before the next melt down happens. Everyone wants to know the same thing, but everyone can’t beat the market.

Second, are there any safe holdings? Really, are there truly any safe holdings to ride through the storm?

Nelson May 24, 2018

I appreciate the safe money report and mike larson. I do not have the personal ability to do what mike tells to do so I have been following his advice. At 86 I am scared of the loss of ideas of liberty, freedom and character of the people of this nation. Thanks Martin and Mike.

Charles Hughes May 24, 2018

My wife and I are in our mid 70’s and living on a modest pension and Social Security and that puts our annual income BELOW the median US Income. It seems that “everyone has “the answer” to our financial situation” when it comes to investing. We, like others, have made several mistakes in the past with regard to safeguarding our nest egg while trying to grow it. With very little faith in federal. state and local government (read greed and corruption) I guess we are feeling like we are adrift in an ocean of unfamiliar surroundings and wondering “Where is the common sense and decency that was present when we were younger?” Who, if anyone, has direction that the “little guys” can safely follow to hedge against poverty in the Golden Years?

Hans von Michaelis May 24, 2018

Times like this re indeed scary, but with such huge pools of money around the world this surely is an opportunity to buy gold and silver>
as long as there are safe places to keep the metal preferably solid mining company shares.. Martin, ccll me about a junior that is getting ready to install a plant to treat some of the highest grade gold tailings in the world. SUN River Gold Corp is a a private company — Tailings offer the advantage of being above ground already, i.e. there is no mine development risk.. the team of seasoned mining people with mineral processing knowhow and experience, are quietly demonstrating a vialble process to recover gold and silver. NI43-101 resource of 125,000 oz gold in one pile and significantly more being meaured .

George Hately May 24, 2018

I am a retired lawyer age 86 an will be 87 at te end of June i have two million dollars(Canadian)carefully and conservatively invested and have a small amount of money not so conservative. I find your material interesting to read

Michael Larsen May 24, 2018

Is there another banking debacle coming in July 2018?

Jim Johnson May 24, 2018

Thanks for the question. I have been certain of the impending economic collapse for many years, and am in complete agreement that it will unfold like nothing anyone has experienced before. Debt is going to take us down, and the shredding of the moral fabric of our nation, when the house of cards comes tumbling down, is going to reveal the true heart of man — and in many cases it will not be pretty.
My challenge with knowing how to proceed has been with the volume of emails that I’ve received since I subscribed to your “product.” Each promises staggering returns along with a window of opportunity to “join”. It makes my head spin to attempt to keep up with them all.
I’m a hard-working guy that has managed, basically through frugality and savings from my salary, to accumulate wealth. Because I have zero experience in stocks or investing, I don’t know enough to interpret the flood of emails that I receive to be effective in selecting which may work well for my situation.
I have converted many dollars into tangible items that will help my family weather the coming storm (solar panels, food, and such), but have much left that could be invested. I tried working with a normal investment counselor, but they approach investment as if the past 50 years or so is the best indicator of what to expect in the future, and give me a deer in the headlights look when I ask what they recommend as investments that will survive the almost complete collapse of the economy.
Sorry for the long missive. The answer to your question, “how can we help you”? It would help me greatly to have fewer options with clear explanations of how they will thrive in the downfall, along with layman’s instructions on how to participate.

Caleb pipes May 24, 2018


James May 24, 2018

more in sight to crypto currency

Geoff Green May 24, 2018

The World of humanity contains multitudinous groups, varied in size, culture & resources.
They reflect their locations, just as the World of Plant does.

In both those Worlds “never one shoe fits all”.
Yet sadly human societies have never managed to prevent psychopaths rising to power, who then, by fomenting untruths & external aggression,
hoodwink their fellows into warring on others, whilst the concealed true intent of the psychopath is to achieve it’s false belief
that the world can be made to selfishly conform to “It’s own shoe”!!
As history shows, such happens repeatedly:. the wars devastate but ultimately never fulfil psychopathic desires.
Instead ultimate winners are the oppressed fighting back with limitations akin to a cornered rabbit.
Then, eventually, the next psychopath emerges ‘coz we as a whole bear failings..

So for Humanity to progress, the choice is by one of two opposite paths: Confliction (competition) or co-operation (mutual advancement).
Which is your choice to foster & t’other to resist ?

PS. You well cover markets except Forex which is the one I trade.
Suggest you begin a devoted Forex section ?

Raymond Deckert May 24, 2018

Well now that you asked Martin, Yes I have some concerns. One concern is that I`ve followed the investing advice of your services for the past 6,7,8 years or so and my account with two different brokers is down 66%. You put on these wonderful sales pitches that the new service would make tons of money and they all lost tons of money. I started with the service of the German investor in Berlin(don`t remember his name) and followed his recommendations to the letter and my account was down by 15% after two years. Even the great Larry Eldelson`s recommendations lost tons of money. So yes these are turbulent times but unfortunately your services not only didn`t help, they hurt me financially . The sad thing is that if I had just left my money in the 457 fund, it would have tripled or more since 2009. Well you asked so there it is. I don`t know what you have in mind now but I`m not very hopeful that it will be of any help and mostly likely will be detrimental to my account. Thanks for listening.

Caleb pipes May 24, 2018

I read the many comments below and agree with the worrying they expressed! If bonds get above 8% l will put all my Investmemts there.

Wyatt Rushton May 24, 2018

Explain how criptocurrency will replace the US$?
Is it a viable store of value and against what?
Is there anywhere safe to put ones wealth?

Sam May 24, 2018

The massive debt of the US and most other nations almost screams for a “RESET” of some kind. If this should happen, is there any way to preserve wealth?

frieda foy reply_all Sam May 24, 2018

good question I like to hear the answer to this one

Kersten May 24, 2018

It would be helpful if you also include ETFs and their cycle analysis

Ryo Hashimoto May 24, 2018

I want a real-time crash alert.(LINE, Telegram, Skype and etc.)

I believe that skill to sell is also necessary, but do you think you should hold it until the end of the year?

Jeff Ford May 24, 2018

Martin—Preservation of capital is most important to me. I have been along term subscriber to your services and it appears to me that Larry Edelson’s previous cycle work are coming to fruition. Protecting assets from banks and governments is extremely important. I feel much more confident listening to the Weiss team than I do with the Banyan Hill group since your merger.

John Richards May 24, 2018

My greatest fear is the threat of armed rebellion in the US. The spread between the wealthy and the poor is at historically wide levels and growing. Although Trump is doing a good job, in my opinion, the conflict between the classes and races is getting worse and worse.
The massive debt situation, both domestic and government, puts a lid on potential growth, and I fear that this whole situation could blow up in our faces very easily.
As an 82 year old retired investment guy, I fear for the future for our children and grand-children

Fred Jones May 24, 2018

The primary thing the Weiss team can provide is a macro-view of both current country and world conditions and the repercussions of these conditions in the next two to three years. This implies that the Weiss team should condense and interpret the resulting actions of the financial and governmental leader of world leaders both near and far (2-3 years) far term. Integrating the governmental and financial actions to produce an overall forecast by the Weiss team could be very worthwhile.

Neal Lorimier May 24, 2018

My biggest fears are governments and the banking system. Inflation can wipe out savings quickly. Historically Prescious metals are a safe insurance but have they been replaced by bitcoin? Will we have Marshal Law in the US or will the power grid be taken out for months or longer.

Eva Friesecke May 24, 2018

I have benn through so many Crisis Times starten with world war 2.
I don‘t like what I See in national politics, but I Stay calm and
Handle situations as they Turn Up. Thanks for your good publications
Eva Friesecke from Switzerland. (82years old)

Michael Barb May 24, 2018

My wife and I (both in our 60’s) are reasonably new to investing. We have removed all debt, but the home and that debt will be gone in 3 years. Over the past few years, we have been gleaning ideas and insight into the realm of investing through your team…You, Mike Larson, Tony Sagami, the late Larry Edelson and others. We have appreciated so much what we have learned and more importantly what we have prevented as we continue to invest. Our goals are to prevent loss, secure what we do have and avoid investment potholes. We are unsteady about the ups and downs right now and have pulled back to cash – scared to put our money anywhere but money markets (IRA and Roth IRAs). Not sure what to do next. Should we keep hard cash at home (Yet, will the dollar be worth anything soon?) or maybe silver rounds? Or stay long-term in Index Funds? Confused.

James Gill May 24, 2018

My biggest concern right now is the deficit. I only hope 1929 is not re-enacted I would like a safe place for my money that I worked so hard for.The FDIC guarantee of $250,000 guarantee is bogus ,because there is not enough money in the FDIC to guarantee it.

thank you,

Jim Gill

Lynda Cizek May 24, 2018

Hi Martin! First let me please take a moment to thank you for the great advice over the years….That said my concerns are many. I have about 7 years to retirement so in addition on how to GROW my wealth I’m looking to PROTECT what I already have. I have read numerous articles stating don’t keep your savings in a bank and not in the national currency. Then where do I put it? What currency?
Next how do I protect my current 401k Acct? I have an employer sponsored plan so my options are limited on where to invest.
Finally I have a pension plan from my employer at retirement. Is it wise to take the lump sum? Or should I take monthly payment hoping they don’t go bankrupt!
Thank you


Robert Harmsen May 24, 2018

I have restructured my brokerage account eliminating volatile equities (stocks) and concentrating on high dividend ETFs. I do not know what to do about bonds. I believe interest rates will be raising in the near future which will make bonds much more attractive.

Ron Smith May 24, 2018

I am concerned with how to safely secure retirement income without taking risk in the chaotic markets of the future. In addition, I would like to know what to expect in the future in your opinion.

Federico Prochazka May 24, 2018

As many friends, I am focused in protecting what I have. It is not about avoiding risk, in this world that’s imposible. It is about reducing it as much as we can, and still living in the way we expected.

I’m presently 58 years old, retired in Spain. 2018 Actions:

During January I soldd my banking shares portfolio. I splited that cash 50/50 in euros and dollars. (13% of my portfolio is now cash)

I also invested in properties, flats by the mediterranean beach that are easy to rent during 9 months in the year. (41% of my portfolio are now properties)

I still hold some funds and bonds (46% of my portfolio), but step by step I will reduce this to hold more cash.

Hope this helps.

Best reagards, and be carefull

Mark M May 24, 2018

I recently sold a small business. With the cash received and to be received (3 year payout) I struggle almost weekly to determine if the proceeds should be invested for growth in equities or a safer short term fixed income path. I intuitively know I should not let the daily world events effect my thinking in the short term but it is difficult to override the behavioral anxiety brought on by the overload of information.

Frankly one of the worst elements of our society in America is the power that Fox and MSNBC networks yield. Their 1 sided agendas and influence has caused the art of “compromise” to be a lost trait. We need more compromise and civility in America.

L May 24, 2018

My properties are under water. I can scrap a couple hundred dollars from my social security to invest. Where do i invest so that i can grow quickly that very small sum so i can build an egg nest that can help avert the loss of my properties and secure my future. I’m 76 and handicapped
I think blockchain & cryptos are my only chance. Which specific ones should i buy. Thank you. My great resource is my profound faith in the Lord

Roberta May 24, 2018

How to start investing with $500.-1,000.
Is it possible? (Elderly gramma)

Richard Fitzpatrick reply_all Roberta May 24, 2018

No problem, I was doing very well with a stock and then WHAM! it filed for bankruptcy. I was so surprised when someone bought my downward slide for $750. I then purchased another stock with the $750 and sold it in a couple of weeks for $4,975. Nice things do happen for us in the market from time to time. Jump in and give it a try. Buy NASDAQ small cap stocks which are under $5.00 which have EPS. Chart should have continuous up for 1 month.

Robert L Rickenbaugh May 24, 2018

Unless we help President Trump clean up the swamp in DC not much will help.
The swamp does not want any change. In general they are the insiders earning money regardless. Only a short sighted damn fool believes the govt does best.
What investment works? I have lost money following your company advise.

Raymond ruzzo May 24, 2018

I have been waiting a long time for gold to go up to four or five thousand when will that happen if ever Larry has been saying that for long time. rAY

Judith May 24, 2018

Right now, with all of the signals looking negative, where to invest so I don’t lose capital is uppermost in my mind. From what I am reading, even bond funds are at risk. With my ETF short position going no where, it doesn’t look like it works to cover negative moves.

Patrick May 24, 2018

what is your suggestion to at least maintain the assets I have presently accumulated through investments in the stock market.

Huan May 24, 2018

Still believe in Cryptocurrency. But wonder you could give more analysis and info of market for shorterm ?

Robert Jensen May 24, 2018

Is your C-Rating for UBS only for UBS in the US, or does it also cover UBS Switzerland ? If for both entities, could you give a few remarks?

William A Smedley May 24, 2018

At 83 years of age my major concern is the conservation of the wealth that I currently have and as to how to earn a reasonable return on this to aid with my living standards, I would happily put all my current so called liquid assets into a secure location that would return me 6% p.a. but but no such location seems to exist, so I feel obliged therefore to do a certain limited amount of stock trading to try and enhance the level of interest available on so called secure cash deposits, which by the very nature of the institutions (i.e. Banks) are not as secure as they ought to be. I do hold a quantity of gold coins, but even these can be subject to rise and fall in value. I therefore sometimes feel very lost as to what actions to take despite all the advice that comes from you and others.

Ron May 24, 2018

The tradeing pattern is different. Computers are doing the tradeing. The gut feeling in tradeing is not there. Option buying has increased a lot.

leo toledano May 24, 2018

I am invested in nearly 1 million $ in NYSE. Trump want’s to rule the world but Europe wants to do business with Iran and be free of making sanctions on Iran. Tensions between this two partners can cause inflation of the dollar. How to protect myself from such situation?

Paul May 24, 2018

As we continue to spiral out of control, or into another crisis, I see that we do need to be on the look out for creative ways to secure our assets. You have kept us abreast of changes and made recommendations, so hopefully we keep pace. I think we need to keep a calm approach. I would like to secure my family’s retirement funds and at the same time promote the ability to give to the less fortunate. I hope to leave a small legacy when I leave this old earth. Thanks for your help & advice.

Ron Forrest May 24, 2018

I would like and need to see you take more interest in UK stocks to give a better spread of investments .

Paul May 24, 2018

I’m wondering what asset class could possibly be a safe haven in the event of trouble with the dollar, upcoming stock market correction, etc.

fee kulli May 24, 2018

The debts all over the world. They will devalue the currencies like they have always done from shaving the silver currencies to out right theft. So only the savers will suffer like always. Wars will come sooner or later. Only the deep state know!!! As for me I am not sure what to do. One says buy shares other properties other puts your money under the mattress in gold if possible. Very depressing

Anna May 24, 2018

I thank God that He is sovereign in my life and that includes listening to advice from you and your team, but, i have the bible that prophetic book that predicts the present state of the world. Whatever happens He is in control, this world is under His judgement

Trust in the Lord with all your strength and lean not on your own understanding.

invest in your salvation, the financial markets will fail when that happens no one is safe, only God will be the provider of your daily bread.

J S Abhishek May 24, 2018

Give free investing education without charging a single cent and really how to create wealth..

Robert J Young May 24, 2018

It is more blessed to give than it is to recieve. Very unsetling times when this principle is overlooked .
We have run our busines with 3 months buffer cash for about ten years and are in credit everywhere, thanx for your warnings. ry

william stoermer May 24, 2018

Looking at the range of views expressed by the respondents one thing seems clear – we are in confusing times- or at least ” interesting time”s. I wish you well in helping us navigate them. We all need future security, no matter our present circumstances .

Mario May 24, 2018

Hi. I have been reading your newsletter since 2001 or so. I remember Larry suggesting we buy gold at about250.00 per ounce. Than, as now, my in flow of money is about equal to my outflow of money. I am self employed and I have been since 1979. So I have been trying to follow your recommendations but they are not designed for someone like me. In the struggle.
I rode the dot com bubble with your warnings. I asked my investment person to get me out of the market prior to the busy and he did not carry out my request. I changed accounts after the investments crashed and I lost my money. I have found that it is very hard to get the attention with such little monetary standing. Yet I watched time and time again as new investment strategies were introduced again and again. Larry starting his own gold publication. Introducing Dean Broderick, Mike Larson, and so many masters of your trade. Seeing those strategies introduced watching them make bank over and over. I kept trying to invest in parts of each program which you know doesn’t work. I finally gave up before the 08 bust and decided to hunker down. I did do just that. Shortly after the crash, I like so many others got laid off.
I was at risk of loosing everything like so many others. I had followed as much advice as I could to that point. Stay in cash, keep debt low. And I 4400 on gold when it was 400$.
Finding a job at that time was pretty much impossible. I managed to get a job selling bulk packaging but no one was buying. So in 2010 I started a maintenance business with a marketing strategy not being used then (or now). My business has grown from the very beginning.
During that time I had not missed a payment on any of my loans. I have two homes. Thanks to the fact that I was not over leveraged or upside down in either. In fact I could have sold either property and walked with cash at any time through the recession. Because I am adamant about paying off loans not using equity.
After all had shaken out I tried to take advantage of TARP deals and all I was told is that my situation was not bad enough to warrant a refi and they could not help me. My credit score has been in the high 700’s pretty much always. Their problem was that I did not make enough money to consolidate my debt. (What I was trying to do per accountants recommendation is refi my investment property and pay off my residence with the equity in the rental. My total debt service would have been LESS but they would not loan me money because my debt to income ration would be too high. Basically they were implying that they did not think I could or would make my payment despite no evidence historically to support their claim.
After the crisis I attempted to refi again and was denied based on debt to income ratio. In a nut shell… during the credit crisis they told me I was not in bad enough situation to receive help. After the crisis I was not in a good enough position to warrant help. Basically they were saying we can’t beleive you can continue making your payments.
I saw crypto currency be introduced by you in 09 I think. I wanted to go on the ride but still did not have the 10k to risk. Then options trading was introduced. Tony Sagamis China portfolio and many others. Still cash strapped. Now here I am again. Hearing the warning alarms for the third time. Still unable to get a foothold enough to get into one of your strategies. It is maddening to see.
I know you newsletters are marketed at folks with actual money to invest and I appreciate that. I mso wish you could help a guy like me. A lifetime of self employment trying really hard to have a retirement (which is a piece of real estate that is a good cash flow. More than most of my fellow tradesmen. But I have worked like mad to keep it. I owe 40k on a property conservatively valued at 250k. My personal residence is down to 75k. But the doom you are calling out now is scaring me again. I don’t know what to do. Seeing your information is sobering knowing your track record. But my hands Seem tied. I worry when I read your letters and I don’t know what to do.
I am the guy getting squeezed and sometimes it seems that they really want to see me fail.
I am at a loss for what to do so I will keep keeping on.

christian May 24, 2018

I I am 87 and plan to be out of most stocks by year’s end. Not trusting banks I am considering putting most cash into
3 and 6 months Treasury Bills. I am also holding Precious metals (unallocated ).

Haydn Wright May 24, 2018

Hi Martin. I live in South Africa, a developing nation, as you know.
1. Given the impact of the US Dollar on imports and exports, where is the US Dollar going in the next three years?
Is it going to get weaker or stronger.
2. What is the impact of the future international Geo/Political/Economic impact going to be on developing nations?

A comment from me – With Retirement Annuities in South Africa being bound by law, in terms of allowing limited flexibility of where to invest (supposedly, Big Brother knows best), I do find it frustrating to watch opportunities pass me, that I can not be part of.

Nuso May 24, 2018

Build a better world, remove the word,, sale” from the dictionary, give people the respect that create the real values of goods and services with their daily work.

Chester Millar May 24, 2018

I am more concerned with keeping what I have than growing in wealth in these strange curcumstances. We must be facing massive inflation given all the money printing that more countries than the US have been doing.

So changing the US dollar into a stable currency seems like a good thing to consider. Do you have an opinion re this?

Reynald Callahan May 24, 2018

I do not have a lot of wealth to protect. I need to grow what I have very quickly to keep a head of inflation and increasing family needs and wants.

giorgio raccah May 24, 2018

Dear Dr. Weiss I fully share your concerns. Already many years ago, before 2008, I was telling a banker that I had for some time an uncomfortable feeling that something bad was approaching for the world economy and today I have the same feeling. Call it a gut feeling if you want, but it is here. The problem for people like me who have retired and are living off their pensions and the return of financial assets (not big enough to be counted between the wealthy people) is that pensions are not sufficient and the returns on financially and relatively safe assets are ridiculously low. This has forced me, and people like me, to move into less safe investments ,like Brazilian bonds in US dollars, shares, companies with gold royalties (RGLD) and a mix of foreign currencies like Swiss francs, NZ and Australian dollars. To feel comfortable, and taking into account that I am not a US resident or citizen, I would need and average return of 7% at least on my portfolio. Any suggestions? Thank you. Giorgio Raccah

pierpaolo May 24, 2018

thank you Martin!

Michael Chalom May 24, 2018

Well, I know how much we like to B.S. ourselves, especially when markets are bullish. But if we are honest (which we are not) we all know that this can not end well. It seems we are naught but a bunch of reprobate spirits; we are more than willing to double down on past bad behaviors .
Somewhat reminiscent of the 2008 crises, one begins to be concerned not necessarily how can one make money, but how does one not lose one’s shirt when the *^&%$! hits the fan. I can’t help but feel that most of us won’t know what hit us when and if this comes to pass, and something tells me it could be worse than in 2008 .

In my humble opinion, we are fundamentally neck high in B.S. – both with respect to our political and our economic reality. Me thinks, that one day, we pay the piper!

Josette May 24, 2018

Thank you for your request I,m worried about the volatility of the market and prefer to take care of the money I have rather than invest at this time no one knows what,s ahead so I prefer to play it safe at this time
Best Regards

Sandro May 24, 2018

Thanks for your guidance on cryptos. It really helps a lot for taking investment decisions. My question is do you think that the purpose of decentralization to escape government control will ever lead crypto into mainstream adoption ?

karen May 24, 2018

I’m on retirement fixed income and am unemployed. How can I live for a few more decades on this amount of money without a job?

John May 24, 2018

I enjoy your e-mails and look forward to what you are offering next week.

Tumbleweed May 24, 2018

There seems to be an abundant supply of worries in our world today…..To try and keep our head above water, we continue to diversify our investments, ie; real estate, stock market, precious metals, CD’s, cash, (cash is king) Spend only what you can afford, keep the freezer & pantry full of food and a supply of water. Remember, no one protects your money as well as yourself! We try to stay up on what is happening, reading your newsletters and navigating the advice as to what works for us. What goes up, will come down eventually……there is a cycle to everything. Again, diversify!!! Put your investments in MANY baskets!
Wall Street is so corrupt so it’s hard for the little guy to invest and not lose his underwear when the market crashes! We only have IRA’s invested in it and will not put more money in the stock market.
The first and last thing we do each day is “Pray”!

Ed May 24, 2018

I’m concerned about our financial ability to weather the stormy environment ahead. I think we have good hedges in silver and gold ETFs (silver mostly,) but one never knows what the best hedges are. More than our own financial future, I’m concerned about the future for our children and grandchildren. What will life be like for them twenty years down the road?

Richard May 24, 2018

Appreciate Martin
Each one of us is to make more money to prepare for uncertain time ahead
I really admire u n yr team for doing a great job to keep us informed of now n the future
As yr loyal subscriber n following some of the recommendations even Supercycle I have not make any money Instead on n off u keep on introducing new products for ya to subscribe
As a retiree I have limited cash to invest
I not blaming anyone in this chaos world
I pray n hope for a peaceful happy World
Would appreciate yr help to help me grow ‘rich’ with yr utmost selection
With respect

Dave Price May 24, 2018

Isn’t this stock market environment exactly what our dear friend, the late Larry Edelson, told us would happen? He’d me saying that some investors are looking for profits in the current market while others are looking for safety of US companies. The volatility Larry would be saying “Be wary!” Watch the market daily and be ready to take profits.Do inverse ETFs as this frothy market tops off. There will be a trigger event to start the downtrend–we just don’t know it yet. Do as Larry would: Plot the chart and watch the cycles. God bless Larry for all he taught us over the years.

Timothy P Ross May 24, 2018

How can you help me? I have no idea. That would be up to you based on your perception of our current state of affairs. Our national debt and fiscal policies are of great concern to me. I don’t see a way out of the mess we are in and many other nations face similar if not worse situations. Our stock markets appear to be irrational with regard to pricing. Home equity prices do not look to reflect replacement value or better. Take your best shot at providing guidance.

Donna Bockian May 24, 2018

You are correct that there is much that is alarming in the global environment today.
Our biggest concern is staying safe – understanding what would be the most seriously affect asset classes and/or specific assets, and which are best for safety in a significant downturn, how to diversify best across global markets, and how to reduce the impact on investments already held.

Sayed May 24, 2018

Hi Martin,

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa & enjoy reading your articles.

I think we are in a very dangerous place in the markets, at the moment, & I think the markets may start to tank from this coming October 2018 onwards.

Keep up the excellent work.


DJ May 24, 2018

I keep hearing t buying good solid stocks and hold them long term. But, with the world news, guying the new stock and cashing out when they go up for quick money. In the short run, is that better? At my age, 87, is that better??

Mike May 24, 2018


Skip Riffle May 24, 2018

I am worried about the impending market
crash that will make the 1929 crash look like a birthday party. Supposedly the market will be up to about 40,000 then bam down it goes. How do I protect myself. My retirement is in annuities. I need to figure out how to keep my family from loosing everything and ending up in a soup line.

Richard Berggren May 24, 2018

I am,as always, greatly disturbed that NOBODY expresses that they give a damn about the people in this country who are sick and/or hungry in this country whether the market is good or bad. All financial people seem to care about is how much money they are making by whatever scheme. I’d like to read just one person who talks about the number of people who have been helped or benignly neglected as a result of the current tax policies, etc. And, Whoopeee, the president has loosened regulations on the same banks that brought us the Great Recession. Minus of course, the ones who were destroyed. Is unbridled capitalism what we really want in our country? Where we just make as much as we can and to hell with the workers?
I believe in the dignity of work. But how can a person be dignified if the money he works for doesn’t even pay his/her rent? And what about health care?

Bobby May 24, 2018

It’s strange for me that although the banks made the most profits since ever the market does not acknowledge those performances. It’s very strange. On the other hand the ups and downs of the market slowed down a bit. I’m not sure if “sell in M..” is a good suggestion at this time……

Kevin ODonnell May 24, 2018

I would like honest information on how to hold onto the money that I have. I am tired of the back tested fantasy plans that most videos want a fortune for, that is going to cost money not maintain it.

John May 24, 2018

I have great respect for your advice and have followed it for years. I am retired on an adequate income and have money that I don’t need for day to day living. I am interested in speculative plays of reasonable risk . So any advice you can provide in this regard would be of great interest.

Kyle Weiss May 23, 2018

What is the safest income producing asset that returns the best cash flow, with the lowest risk and barrier to entry?

Nancy Neumann May 23, 2018

How to have any money to invest when daily living gets more & more impossible? Yes, I agree with your assessment if our scary world. It seems no place is safe; if you have little to no money, & don’t even know how to open An investment account, nor where to put thr money if you had any, then what? All seems hopeless, except faith in God–He lives me in spite of my having no money!

Tom May 23, 2018

In the last century’s Great Depression, basics became scarce including cash, food, medical attention, jobs, and more. We are looking at possible “ultimate” type circumstances. We are seeing international “test drives” dialing in the best ways for authorities to thwart people’s ability to protect themselves, so what preparations are advised? Referring to Cyprus, Italy, South American collapses, et. al. with bail-ins, negative interest rates, ATM machine limits with banks locked, and more. Every international movement of funds is tracked in FinCen and cash is under increasing attack but anything except cash is subject to restrictions or seizure. Call me “chicken little” but I see bad things both in the history books and portended in the world of today.

Patrick Paes May 23, 2018

Thank You Dr. Weiss,for showing the attention to others as you do so well, My concerns is the stock market ,which you know well .I am also concern about the talk of gold ,going to 10,000 an ounce ,which it is my belief it won’t ,to me this a way to buy gold and make it go up ,for people who own large sums of it ,and sell books in creating fear to all ,when there is not enough gold in the world for everyone to have ,and silver is so common ,using it in all our electronic equipment . I can see the gold standard back @ 35 .00 an ounce or maybe a little more ,so that everyone would be able to par take .I also have a concern of the way the world ,is going into a sodum and gormorah ,and the complete disrespect for others ,and the the gigaintic immigration problem and burden that un american’s that have put on our society .Thank You Dr. Weiss for allowing me to vent

Louise May 23, 2018

My biggest fear is that the government will steal our savings. Thinking of withdrawing most of to keep at home.

Ronald E. Baker May 23, 2018

Dear Martin; I have followed your work since 1971 and very much appreciate your analysis of insurance companies, that first attracted my attention, then later your stock ratings and analyses. After more than 60 years of my own work on evaluating stocks and the industries they relate to, I have concluded the really important issue remains: are the managements and managers of each company, and each board director, true stewards of the stockholders and relevant stake holders (employees, customers, investors, bond holders/banks, communities in which they operate and the nations, cities or communities where they function) interests? Are all relevant managers/directors, people of impeccable integrity? Are they self-serving or true stewards? Alas, over the past 50 years those criteria have increasingly lost transparency and relevance to far too many in government, investment decision makers and stockholders. Greed has tended to overwhelm all. In second place, does each firm worthy of our invested capital show good, long term results: specifically do they show steady gains in free cash flows, dividends based upon a reasonable share of net earnings? Are they running a sustainable, growing enterprise, free of financial engineering or similar value manipulation? We need such insights; they are hard to winnow out from the maze of data spewed out by firms.

Carlton May 23, 2018

How to stay on top of pot stocks in a sensible way.

Christina Lilienthal May 23, 2018

Would like to know if there is any real possibility of a “Jubilee” to allow people to start over with a new slate? Is there a solution on the horizon for students that are deeply in debt for school loans that are now impossible to pay back? Is it true that there is a move afoot to back the US dollar with a measure of gold?

Harold Barnes May 23, 2018

I am very concerned that there will be a market crash this year. What is the best way to prepare for this eventuality?
What is the possibility that the dollar will cease to be the world’s reserve currency and how should we prepare for this eventuality?
Do you expect the U.S. Government will stop using cash and go to an all digital currency system? When might this happen and how do we best prepare for it?
What happens to digital currency when all the lights go out during an EMP? How do we buy food, gas and daily necessities without cash during an EMP?
What are the chances that gold will go to $5000 to $10000 per ounce in the near future? Should we buy physical gold now to prepare this possibility?

These are some of the things on my mind. I hope this will be helpful to you.

Mario May 23, 2018

What to do?
Where to go?

reg pauline May 23, 2018

i have been in gold very heavy for the last 8 to 9 years when larry said to & i am still well down what is going on now

Gary Scheimer May 23, 2018

Dr. Weiss,

Thank you for your fine work. I appreciate you asking for my input and will try to be brief. I am 73, still working, married to a wonderful wife for 50 years (a retired financial planner CFP), have a great financial adviser (CFP) – my younger son who has helped me through some even rougher financial times. I have an MBA, several businesses, and have prospered – mostly by luck, good advice, hard work and thrift. As a retired veteran of two wars I have no i”peacenick” illusions of how dangerous the world can be. I have subscribed to numerous FI newsletters and have weeded them down to the best few including yours.

1. My greatest concerns about our present environment are how poorly informed US citizens (especially the “millenials”) are and how little they understand or appreciate our capitalist system and its importance to our freedoms.
2. I fear the ignorant among us will soon elect the likes of a Hillary or Bernie and their first acts will be to disarm the population before they seize the wealth of those “deplorables” who resist them. A jubilee is very likely in their play book.
3. The greatest impediments to building and maintaining our wealth are the anti-business, liberal policies at the state and federal levels. Our President is doing a great job of rolling back excess regulation, taxation, and Fed. over reach, but here in Colorado they still choke initiative and reward the non-productive who slavishly vote Demo.
4. I most value your sage financial advice backed by in-depth sector and company research, your broad domestic and world economic analysis, and your best attempts to foresee where we are going in these turbulent and uncertain times. You can’t address every reader’s specific needs, so don’t try.

Keep up the great work, Gary

Juan C. Rodriguez May 23, 2018

My wife and I have been blessed with four wonderful children, who are now married, and they have given us some beautiful grandkids. Thankfully, they have great careers and are raising their kids with Christian values. We are not wealthy, but live a comfortable life. I can sum up your writings as, the times they are a changing, and we need to learn rather quickly how to adjust. It seems that the majority of the financial markets move in a somewhat predictable up and down pattern and these patterns seem to favor the “big boys” (and maybe the central banks and governments indirectly). Could it be that central banks and governments have an influence on how the big boys participate in the markets with indirect financial incentives??? I see cryptos as the next great opportunity and try to study only a select few with the lowest overall risk for investment. I am not a quick “buy and sell trader” and have in the past tended to invest in conservative investments for long term gains, but maybe I need to change that approach given the times.

Diana Rein May 23, 2018

In my senior years, I enjoy trading on a daily basis, but I know I have to curb my adventurous spirit. To have funds available, other than physical gold, for the time of a Market crash, is constantly on my mind, but knowing where to turn is a challenge – so I am going for a conservative and boring investment in Guaranteed Investment Certificates, but……here is my question: would it now be appropriate to also invest in pharmaceuticals as well as additional investment in major defence corporations, specializing in military electronics, etc? Isn’t variety the spice of life – as well as……. to have and to hold, in sickness and in…………?.

Louis May 23, 2018

The balance in our society is off.The middle class is disappearing.The greed of the powerful people is at the high point.The middle class that was the engine of productivity at one time,is been replaced some with artificial intelligence and some with low wages of the poor nation around the world.Capitalism alone has no morality.Everthing in life works with tow elements.As an example electricity.The system in our country has to be modified.A couple in America work all their life.when they stop,one pension pays the real estate taxes,the other pays for the food.When one of them goes,the other one has to sell and muove to the mountain,away from the children.It is hard for America to be the police of the world .

Anthony Adams May 23, 2018

Seeking safe and growing retirement income.

Al May 23, 2018

Short of global thermonuclear war, I stick with Warren: “don’t bet against the USA”.
So my concerns are more attuned to avoiding the -25% -50% collapse or black swan, and with preservation of capital. Those who have relinquished responsibility for their economic future by blaming or crediting Obama or Trump etal for their failures or successes have missed the point. Successful businesses will advance under any political party, and hucksters and frauds will ultimately fail . What I need is honest evaluations of risk & rankings based on company fundamentals. What I don’t need is marketing appeals to our fear or greed If I were looking for hot trends, survivalist bunker pitches, or the next big thing, any boilerroom salesman will do. Stay honest, tell truth to power,& don’t sell your integrity.

M. M> Keech May 23, 2018

Mona– May 23 2018 At the present time I am overweight in stocks. I have been reading about the Melt-up. I agree with others we are going into a big correction. I hope President Trump will rid us of the Dodd Frank bill. It scares me that the banks as well the government can come in and take everything I have in stocks. bank accounts, etc. and bail out other people’s debt leaving us dirt poor I am trying to buy silver to help me when this happens. I feel like maybe I have until 2023 to get my house in order.

Jim Edwards May 23, 2018

I view many financial newsletters,and most of them announce 10 free stocks set to increase soon. Then I read page after page of NOTES, then more notes then many pages of testomonials, and finally buy these 3 great newsletters at a 70%discount. I am not willing to wade through any more like the above. Any ideas? Where can I find succinct information that is helpful honest and brief? Thanks

Bhoopindar Singh May 23, 2018

Recession is expected anytime soon. (1).When do you expect the markets to start going downhill ? (2).What are the signs to look out for ?
(3).Which markets will be hit hardest ? (4). Will the U.S. stock market be hit as badly ? (5). Apart from the stock market, what commodities
will be affected most, positively and negatively ?

Lonnie Hunt May 23, 2018

Who to trust? Not Govmt, Banks,Politicians! The spiel received daily from so called financial experts that always claim they predicted the callamaties of the past so if you will subscribe, you will make a fortune!! I believe Mr Weiss more than all of them, I hope he is for real. Too much debt in all the world, and unrest,fear of wars, and what the welfare people will do if cut back or cut off! I am a retired CEO and know many able bodied young people that won’t work! Too much welfare! Truthfully, if the Bible is studied, Daniel fortold many real predictions 600 years before they happened as well as others in the Old Testament. I would like to hear Mr Weiss’ theory on what we should do financially for protection to keep up or profit over inflation. What is safe? “I hear-get”a 2nd passport, hide money in another country and give me 2000dollsrs and I will keep you safe and you will be rich, O YEAH!

Christopher Karsa May 23, 2018

Dear Martin D. Weiss,

I am grateful to have been involved with your enterprises for these past years. Currently I am extremely concerned on many fronts; but mainly I feel the deregulation of the banking industry, the unsustainable debt burden of the USA , the lack of Government concern for the basic welfare of the citizens(43% of Americans on government subsidies), and the obvious Neocon control of the Executive Branch & State Dept.(that is using the playbook from the immoral attack on Iraq to goad Congress and Americans to destabilize Iran) ,will only bring more uncertainty in the global markets. I am currently 20% cash and thinking of increasing to 40%.
What is your read on the pulse of the economic health of America and the global markets?

jerry warshaw May 23, 2018

My greatest worry is that Donald Trump is our president. We’ve never had such an ill-prepared individual in the white house who admittedly doesn’t read and reacts from his gut. He scares me as to how much damage his is doing to the USA both here and around the world.

Financially, I’m OK and just need to know when to get pull back from the market and when it’s safe to return.

I’m looking forward to your broadcasts.

Charles Pierce May 23, 2018

I am deeply committed to gold and silver in jr. miners I am retired and on fixed income and am counting on a profit as soon as possible, I have been committed for several years. I am putting my faith and trust in you. So far I am in the negative and getting desperate. Also do you think that transocean will recover to its old self ? I am deep in the hole in that one .

Kan May 23, 2018

I am 73 yrs. I don’t play “option” too risky for me. I used my IRA money for stocks and mutual Funds and some ETF. I goal to get 15% and up. I don’t want to pay money for new subscription. It’s not worth for me, due to my life is close to expire date. Right now range is + or – 10% since 2 years ago. I follows the monthly subscription. But got to pick some stocks. Some goods return.

Ted May 23, 2018

My biggest fear is the greatest eventual destroyer of us all: the national debt. Every dollar of additional debt is like the proverbial addition straw on the camels back. When do you think the back of the national debt will finally break (something I consider to be a fait accompli), and how do we protect ourselves???????


Dear Martin, thanks for the opportunity to send you my comments. I am not concerned about the political and foreign affairs situations because I think our president is strong enough to handle them. Of course they give a jingle to the markets. But I wish you would collect your expert’s and boil down some hard arguments about which way the market will go in the near term. Such things might be the debt level, low interest rates, strong growth and company profits, economic growth, or stock prices which are way too high, and make some conclusions about the financial factors that will make the biggest difference.


Rudy Riemann May 23, 2018

I found to gain some profits in this marked is to use day trading practices to buy & sell options on ETFs in the main indexes as SPY, QQQ, GLD, USO, EUO just to name a few. Buy after 10.00 am and sell during the day or shortly before 4:00 pm

James May 23, 2018

It’s too stressful and risky trying to profit before the next correction occurs. I’m losing confidence in stocks and switching to a credit spread strategy.

Ron Howard May 23, 2018

It is not hard to figure out the mounting problems caused by the government and its attendee the Fed. They only want to satisfy wants, not real hard solutions. however, it is up to the individuals to adhere to a personal sound fiscal policy for themselves and their loved ones. I believed that the piper was going to be paid within five years, now I believe that it will be sooner as consumers are on a binge that will only end in disaster as they have lost fiscal discipline long a go. I speak from experience as I went belly-up 33years a go. And, believe me, it was very discouraging; however, my wife and I over the years learned a good lesson to be aware of what is going on and avoid charging up the hill to be a hero. Today we are millionaires and not likely to go broke again.



John Wincott May 23, 2018

For sure Martin, global debt is worrying me and how to protect my very modest super, as I am 77yrs of age and still working as a painter/decorator.

I am certainly taking advice by being a member of your publications, but am always watching and reading about global events carefully.

Many Thanks
John Wincott

John Webber May 23, 2018

I am concerned with the debt load of the USA other nations.

Bonnie Boyum May 23, 2018

I live in a single dwelling house and wonder what I would do if my husband died before me.He has disability from serving in Viet Nam. If he would die before me, I would have $12,000 to live on a year.
What would I do?

Ernie Gulyas May 23, 2018

Hi Martin: With all the childish nonsense going on around the world I invested in bullion and have it in MY possession. Governments can do anything they like with the stroke of a pen and they have taken wealth away from citizens “for the good of the country”. Bullion always has value and can be used with any paper currency that is prevalent. I’m not happy with all emails I get after your merger and can’t seem to unsubscribe. I’m only happy with Martin’s or Mike’s insights. Cheers, Ernie

Neil Morgan May 23, 2018

Dollar strength, world debt coming due is flip flopping the world financial picture quickly. U.S equities are looking more attractive. Looking forward to your comments

Dean L. North May 23, 2018

Having gotten burned twice in the market and now retired, I got out of the market and into a structured cash flow with my IRA. Now the company that was
collecting the pension payments has folded their tent and left me and 3000 buyers without our monthly payment. A law office has been retained to try to
help us sort it out. I hoped I could trust the people that set me up with the structured cash flow. Now it seems the legal fees will take my expected 7% return
and a hefty amount of any recovered principal. Can anyone be trusted in the food chain anymore?

I think the time for food storage and bullets will soon be upon us. What are your thoughts?

Joseph Dunphy May 23, 2018

This one is easy. Too many of the elite are actual enemies of the United States. Which is why the theme Drain the Swamp is so popular. If you could see the narcotics deaths in the Paterson, NJ area, you would have a small sense of how much people resent the inaction by the authorities to clean up the drug mess. And that s before we address the money mess Janet Yellin and the Fed have made out of the currency. No hyperbole. These people are enemies of the United States.

Kelly May 23, 2018

Seems like all these subscriptions cater to people who can invest 10k in each stock,what about the people who have trouble buying the subscriptions?

Anthony Di Blanda May 23, 2018

I have a small amount of cash and as I follow your presentation, I believe I will find this hard and scarry to follow.

Larry Harvey May 23, 2018

Although I detest Trump and the present Congress, I do not share your pessimism about the economy. My investments have done well and I am comfortable with them. Dividend paying, low leverage companies in non-cyclical industries should continue to do well and should easily be able to ride out the next recession when it comes. I have no interest in the day to day movement of the market except when I am ready to buy or sell. As to world events, the world has always been a stormy place and there is nothing new about that. The worst an investor can do is to panic and sell sound companies when the market drops.

Tom s May 23, 2018

I understand and agree with the late great Edelson K wave.
I am waiting for the plunge and then the last ride up.
45000 in 2020.
Gold is just building up to shoot up.
I have ABX shares and will buy more on any safe pullback.
I also have stops in place for company shares I own.
I did not get in on the latest oil surge though.Oh well.

SW May 23, 2018

It appears that the Fed is on course to invert the yield curve in the next 6-12 months. Strengthening dollar for now, and higher prices for commodities headed for the foreseeable future, and higher mortgage rates hint at inflation. Do you see a large revaluation to the downside in U.S. Equities in the near future?

Cosmo S. May 23, 2018

Dr. Weiss,

Over the years, I have lost up to 50% of my retirement savings, during three separate crashes in the market. 2007-2008 was the latest event. It is difficult to have faith in a system whose main, and perhaps sole, emphasis has been to make commissions for brokers and portfolio managers.

In his latest advertorial, Paul Mampilly states that he had helped turn millions into billions for the big boys. Now, he states his goal as turning thousands into hundreds of thousands for the small investor. Jeff Yastine, Ted Bauman and Matt Badiali follow the same general strategy, albeit in different investing sectors. In my experience, the product delivered falls somewhat short of the abundant hype used to entice the purchase of their programs.

My cynicism, that there is any honesty left on Wall Street (you and Banyan Hill Publishing excepted), makes me, perhaps overly, cautious. If you would address, in a candid and honest fashion, exactly what the investing pitfalls are in the markets today, I would be most grateful. Lacking that guidance, I would be loathe to put any money into the maw of greed that is Wall Street.

Thank you for your consideration.

Rigoberto Zavaleta Peña May 23, 2018

Buenas noches, Martín. Espero ser conciso en mi comentario. Resido en México y en esta época de tribulacioes políticas, económicas y de inseguridad, lo primero que se me viene a la mente cuando tengo un poco de ahorro y deseo invertir, es la inseguridad de estar haciendo lo correcto y si tengo cierta garantía de obtener un beneficio. Otra problemática es que cuando desea uno invertir las cantidafes solicitadas están fuera de nuestras posibilidades. No es lo mismo el salario de un médico, obrero, etcétera, en mi país qué en Estados Unidos. Por lo menos para mí 5000 dólares es una cantidad considerable y otros factores es qué nosotros como padres de familia con un horario esclavizante, no disponemos de tiempo suficiente para vigilar nuestra inversión, aunado a hablar otro idioma que nos dificulta la comprensión de ciertas variables económicas comunes en este tipo de inversiones. Espero que sirvan de algo las reflexiones que te comento, agradeciendo de antemano te hallas hecho un espacio para conocerlas. Saludos cordiales. Cuídate. Sr Zavaleta.

Simon May 23, 2018

How will crypto ‘currencies’ be impacted in the event of another GFC? Will money flow too or from that market?

Shaun Hurley May 23, 2018

Dear Martin:

I’m concerned about the National Debt, the Student Loan Debt and perhaps other impending major items that can hit the market and our economy and our lifestyle/ standard of living like a gigantic meteorite. Are we not truly in unchartered waters? Is there no one who can properly anticipate or conjecture the when and what that may soon befall us?

Chaim geldzahler May 23, 2018

I think that the market is still going to go up alot ,but the chlenge right now is you can not really forcast price movement due to volatility or maybe different factors ,the best thing your team and I could help me is which ever research they will recommend should be below $500

Nancy Weilenman May 23, 2018

I am a regular reader of your articles and have followed them closely. My comment is that I don’t want to lo0se in this crazy market where the stocks are ridiculously high. Right now I am not adding to my stocks because of this. I am retired and am afraid of loosing my nest egg. I sincerely appreciate your articles and thank you for the same.

Mary May 23, 2018

Very hard to answer this has I have been a watchman since June 2008. I was very disturbed by what I saw then but now I’m at amazing peace knowing that YHVH has it all under control and things will happen in His time. Also, since He has always been my Provider and Protector, I trust He will continue to do that even when the bottom falls out. I’ve lost interest in wealth building as I’m retired and out of the market. When the crash finally comes then I plan to reenter…if only I can figure out when.
I do appreciate your insight and plan to tune in to the webcasts. Blessings and shalom to you, Mary

Richard Allen 5/23/2015 May 23, 2018

Hello Martin, over the years I have found your advice very worthwhile. So here goes. James Rickards indicates that on July 1st, IMF SDR’s will be used for international financial transactions and the dollar will no longer be the world currency. What do you think will happen to dollar exchange rates on and after July 1st? My son will be attending a college in Wales in September of this year and I expect the dollar to lose a good bit of value. If so, it would be wise for us to pay for his entire college education now. What are your thoughts on this. There may be many students going to college overseas that need to make a decision soon. This also has applicability to conducting overseas investment decisions.

kelly r merrill May 23, 2018

My goals in the market are very different than most . I like to make money and not invest in the market. I simply sell options and stay away from ever owning stocks . It has worked well for the past 3 years. I sleep well knowing if the market crashes I will not loose. The hardest thing for me is not taking most peoples advice and sticking with what I have been doing that works.

Mary Darelius May 23, 2018

Your readers have said it all!

North May 23, 2018

How can I as a senior provide protection for my capital? No matter which way I turn my capital diminish itself. At 76 I do not have the time to wait. Which instruments can grow against inflation?

Walter Hefner May 23, 2018

I am concerned about the debt level of corporations, persons and most of all the US government. Rising interest rates will eventually make the US default on the obligations which will kill the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

How can we protect ourselves from bankruptcy?

Louis Schroeder May 23, 2018

I worry the most about all this spending, there may come a day that most nations wont want the dollar. That is when all hell will break loose. Louis Schroeder DVM I am celebrating my 92’nd birthday. The reason for the email problem is that they changed my inbox to three different boxes and it is confusing. Some get deleted that shouldn’t. I enjoy your emails

Galen Kellenberger May 23, 2018

Stocks and bonds overvalued. Gold burned me the last 7 years. Where to put money??? Probably gold but some are calling for sub $1000 again before blast off. Scary

Honora :Sompn May 23, 2018

Friday is not good. Holiday weekend

JOHN LESICA May 23, 2018

61 yo old
I have lost over 30% at least two times
Fearful of a greater loss within 6 years of retirement.
Just afraid

Val Mathews May 23, 2018

Every generation has its opportunities and fears, so I try to take a deep breath “that’s life”, and ignore ‘TV/Radio Daily Panic Attackers”. For anyone who chooses to view this country with despair, please do what I did – and live and work in Russia for awhile, even if only for a few months, then return with fresh eyes and be more grateful for USA. That said, this and our next generation have amazing opportunities to move our society and regulated capitalism forward step by step. We can look forward to regaining responsible Federal government after Trump leaves office. I am also interested in the Energy market, with realization that US is, effectively, an energy developing and energy exporting powerhouse. Please let’s not mess it up.

Bill B. May 23, 2018

I would like to hear your thoughts & recommendations as to whether we should be buying gold &/or junior gold mining stocks. Thank you.

Peter cornish May 23, 2018

Martin, As an old man living in Australia I have minimal interest in U.S. Investing. However I find the news I get from you most informative and I think you and your team are doing a fine job. If I was an American I would certainly subscribe to a number of your products as over the years I have found your comments both ethical and honest. I enjoyed Larry’s notes very much but sadly he is no longer with us. Beat Wishes.

BILL FERRILL May 23, 2018

are you expecting a credit collapse worse than 08

Juan Bernal May 23, 2018

From Mexico. What do you expect is going to happen talking monetarily, considering very probable AMLO could be the new president?

Mike Menzie May 23, 2018

I am 70 years old and retired, so “the long term” isn’t that much longer for me. I worry about a stock market crash cutting my IRA in half and never getting back to even, never mind growing it.

Dinah May 23, 2018

Is it advisable to withdraw all money from the bank to prepare for the worst scenario?
Thanks for your advice.

Don Andrix May 23, 2018

I think the new environment is great. I’ve made more money than any other time. I hope it continues. It is far better than the repression we had for 8 years prior to this. People like you want us to go back to problems or not growing the economy. Since I’m on a fixed income how can I stay ahead of inflation? The best way I see to help me is to support the policies of President Trump. Help keep Republicans in control.

I wonder what do you mean Good luck or God bless. If luck is involved then God is out of control. If God is going to bless then I don’t need luck.

ARTHUR H HOYTE May 23, 2018

I am most concerned about what the ipact will be for me, my children and gandchildren will be as Arificial Intelligence and robotics are introduced in an accelerated pace coincident with middle class wages not keeping pace with inflation. in addition, there are many like Rickards, Zang, Stockman, Rogers etc. who are predicting not only a maddive bubble break, but Hyperinflation.

Anotheer concern is Presidents Trumps intent to raise tarriffs is mindful of what President Hoover did around 1931. His decission to increase tarrifs had an adverse impact on Europe, particualrly Germany. It is said the impact on the European markets enhanced Hitlers Rise to power.

George P De Maertelaere May 23, 2018

Should I move to Switzerland?
God bless u and yours too Martin .
Ive been in healthcare for the .USA..
I MISS LARRY!!!!!!!!!!!
How really bad can it get here..USA??

floyd hill May 23, 2018

im out of the market, have invested my money in three commercial building in idaho falls idaho, all cash. I am 75 the reason i picked idaho idaho, is that prices have not increased like other places. the area did not (durning the boom, and still has not seen a big upside in prices, the area has just had show steady growth. as i start to gain cash, i will be looking at other ares to protect my retirement. I pay attention to harry dent’s idea that it could be 2020 plus before we see much growth. i feel real estate is way over priced in many areas, would not be a buyer in calif or any area that has seen a big movement upward. I think it is wise to look at my home, and my second home , as there true valve is what the sold for in 2000, they are for my enjoyment, not an investment that i expect a return on. because of the time i purchased my investment property, i receive a plus * percent return, and except the fact, that even that could be taken down, so my living is planed o n using less than the 8 percent. there has to be an adjustment the question is when

Michelle May 23, 2018

In view of the recent problems with the cryptocurrency markets following December’s peak, I am wondering about your opinions on the conspiracy theory going around which was found on medium about a cartel deliberately manipulating the cryptocurrency and other markets.

The article can be found here:

I would just like to hear your opinions on the subject.

Richard Mathias May 23, 2018

Hi Martin,
I reduced my IRA stock portfolio by roughly 50% for safety and waiting for a market cool down for buying opportunities. What recommendations do you suggest for my cash which is now in an Ameritrade account.



Kirk Wilson May 23, 2018

I was completely out of the market until the first of this year and I have promptly gone down 10 % with mostly good dividend stocks along with a few gold stocks. Will be 69 in a few more months and feel I cannot afford to continue this losing trend. I plan to get out by first of Sept. except for several gold equities. At this point,I feel like that is the best for timing.

Mark Shuler May 23, 2018

I am more worried about the future now than I ever was when I was working.

Preparinginsocal May 23, 2018

Based on my experience over the past 6 decades, we, and the world, are due for a major shake-up…….a major course correction. It seems that every 20 years or so the world experiences a major calamity that ultimately reduces the world’s population, whether it be by war, famine, (or famine caused by war), or financial collapse.

I fear that what might be in store for us in the next 10 years, could embody all of the above, whether the causes be human, or otherwise (Natural; Power of God).
What we do to prepare for the next global calamity is, of course, a matter of personal choice, driven by an individual’s world-view. For folks who’ve been paying attention, preparations do exist. Perhaps, Dr. Weiss, you might offer a set of financial recommendations for times such as these. Thank you in advance!


Hi Martin,
I live in many parts of the world and have homes in different countries, but have a lot of wealth in Australia, where i have investments in Mining mostly and property, but have recently invested in Marijuana shares in Canada. My issue is that I also have a lot of money in a reasonable interest bearing deposit ,in a large bank here. My question is are they safe enough if we have the big melt down that has been predicted?

Duane May 23, 2018

The market is what it is; sometimes you make a little. Mostly, you lose a lot. And in the case of Weiss newsletters, as well as others like it, “subscribers” get left in the dust. $2500 for Gold Mining Millionaire lost me not only the subscription fee but several thousand in bets that gold miners were going to be on a tear soon. Using Edelson’s name and some prior wins to help people lose more money was, I’m aware, a good move for the Weiss empire. Not for us as suckers —- again. The switch over to Matt Radiali’s recommendations was another opportunity to lose money on several “recommendations”.
What you can do for me is give us just a couple winning trades; it would help to recoup a small percentage of our losses. Thanks!

NOLAN WEBSTER May 23, 2018


Victor B Tuba May 23, 2018

It’s always a challenge to invest wisely,every generation has the felling it’s getting hopeless
To have enough for the future perhaps retirement.
Actually nothing has changed,those with some capital,patience,believe I the North
American way in equities will do fine.
To many seem to have the answer to riches.
Always ask a older person if he had to do it over again,how would he invest, simple they will say I should brought more stocks,land perhaps that rental a goog friendof mine
Said I have a quick way to get rich,but I am spreading it over 20 years.

Chantal foerster May 23, 2018

I would like to more about credit issues that identity theft has done to my credit and continues to go on. i’d like to get out of all identity theft and other illegal actions that the same few people do to cause intentional harm and damage as much as they can.

Sharon Wangsness May 23, 2018

Corruption in Government is exposed more and more on a daily basis. The media cannot be trusted anymore because they do not do journalism. They just express the news that fits their opinions or slant it so it fits. So its hard to believe anything anymore. Social media has made it even worse. I have an investment manager for my Ira and trust accts. I manage one acct. of my own that was inheritance from several relatives. I lost about 40% in it in the last bubble bust. I learned a lot. All my equities now have fairly high dividends and I research anything I invest in. I hold a hedge ETF and mining companies for some insurance when this present bubble breaks. I am diversified. I have a lot of cash on the side which can be used to buy low when the dam breaks but its still its a bit un-nerving when you read the student loan debt ( in the trillions), the pension debt of states and cities, the car loan debts etc. Those are my concerns.

Douglas Pessoni May 23, 2018

I am not concerned so much about building my wealth as I am maintaining it. Short of precious metals, treasury bills and cash, what would you recommend? Do you recommend keeping money in a bank now?

warren abrams May 23, 2018

all sorts of stuff is going on…but the key seems to be THE MONEY . A few greedy folks (banks, people, whatever) can swing the economies of the country with a few words suggesting good or bad. The average joe cannot guess what’s next. There are no steady values as companies rise and fall on a few rumors or speculators guesses. everyone seems to want a quick buck.


I believe that the sense of uncertainty that has so totally overtaken our country is the greatest threat to our long-term existence as a free democracy.

Walter May 23, 2018

Dear Sirs, Spending money has become a race between those demanding (the people) and those promising (the politicians) As Churchill said “which ever party is in power the pressure is invariably to spend more”. I like the phrase ‘the human condition is infinite, but the money is not’. Humanity never ever learns, it is left to the few with the insight, like yourselves, to ring the warning bell, but who is listening? Sincerely, Walter Grattan.

Alan Allison May 23, 2018

I’ve followed you since the late eighties long before the internet. I was thrilled with Larry Edelson when he came on board around 1998. I followed his line of investing in oil and gold. I was most disheartened when he passed, as I know you were. I was anticipating the day I could back up the truck and load up on junior miners and bullion. The carrot kept moving away since 2011. I was patiently depending on his cycle readings. I’m fairly invested in a few junior minors and bullion hoping for that one junior that will gain 6,900% like in 2008. Then I realized just recently that Sean Brodrick picked up Larry’s mantle with the cycle analysis. I read from someone not long ago that if gold drops below $1300 it indicated a bear in gold and I assume all metal. I feel like I’m holding the proverbial empty bag. What can you tell me about that?

Hans Knaevelsrud May 23, 2018

I am retired and need for my nest egg to last. I have a guaranteed cash flow to liv on now right now, but it is not protected from inflation. My nest egg is adequate if I can keep it growing, or at least keep up with inflation. I am normally somewhat aggressive with my investments, but this has not worked too well for me lately. Right now I have accumulated cash, and sit in 55% cash to avoid losing it all in a sharp downturn. I am uncertain how to invest going forward, but aim to stay at least 50% in cash until the coming “crash” has passed. I would love to find a way to grow my nest egg without too much risk going forward, where I could adjust my take to keep up with inflation without significantly drawing down my investment accounts.

Tammy Samandan May 23, 2018

I’m looking for the needle in the haystack, or blood from stone, in our current environment.
1. A safe investment
2. Good, very good returns
3. Peace of mind, knowing it is a sold investment that shall yield constant good returns and capital gain.
4. No to low tax on my investment and returns
5. A passive income. Invest and no maintenance costs like in a rental house.
6. Ability to convert to cash fairly easily and quickly, should the need arise.

Jerry Childress May 23, 2018

I would like to know a safe place to put my dollars from my IRA account………..should I roll it over into a gold or silver IRA for
safety, as I currently have it in a CD IRA and I fear the stock market.

Dale St Clair May 23, 2018

You over kill the stock market’s issues. Remember chicken little (the sky’s falling)? Sure, we all know the problems facing the market, yet we trundle on…..investing, planning for the future.

Michael Burke May 23, 2018

I am totally in cash and gold because I feel the market can crash at any time, and the crash will be enormous. Its better to be out a bit early and forego the remaining rise in the market, to be safe from the enormous crash that is to come.

william D. baker May 23, 2018

Martin I have been a fan and customer for several years now. I’m 71 now and to be quite frank I’m limited to investing now as I have a lot riding on the market now. Not looking for more opportunity right now. Living comfortable at present, just want to hold on to what I have now and not looking to make a fortune at my age now! Still like the metals market though! Gold and silver will always hold value in the future! When Larry was alive, I made some huge profit and was very thankful for his advice. Since his passing I sort of limited my investments and started protecting my reserves. At this age making millions is not my goals. Living healthy and staying alive is. Just hope and pray that the world becomes a better place for my children and grandchildren? Thanks for all your help and Larry’s these past years. W.D.Baker

Bob Schubring May 23, 2018

The divisive politicking is very worrisome, Martin. It’s abundantly clear that Washington politicians have promised far more than they can deliver. Our healthcare system spends millions experimenting with gender-reassignment surgery, a service that few people will ever want, but begrudges 100 million Americans with chronic pain, the medicines they need to function. A good friend who suffered a spine fracture serving in the Marines, is denied his pain medication and forced to suffer dangerously-high blood pressure because of the pain. Yet bureaucrats who commanded his doctor to abuse him in this way, insist that it is good for him to risk dying of a stroke, because the pain medicine might make him happy and there might be some sort of law against that. Politicians who are literally too stupid to understand, that the veterans who protected them are necessary supporters, if they are to recruit young people into the armed forces to maintain the Government in power, and literally bite the hands that protect them, must be removed from office. Yet our mass media insist on repeating the false narrative, that 100 million Americans must suffer pain, to protect 2 million addicts from themselves. They repeat this false story for arcane reasons. One of those arcane reasons is the New England Compounding Center disaster, that caused over 10,000 patients to suffer fungal meningitis when the Center failed to sterilize the medicine it made, for epidural nerve block injections. The Center went bankrupt, malpractice insurers got stuck paying for the long-term care of these patients, then their lobbyists began slandering these victims as “addicts”, hoping to persuade a court to force these sick people to have strokes and die, so as to stop the hemorrhage of cash. Our corrupt media refuse to report this story truthfully. Instead, they twist the story of a Mexican crime cartel that exported amphetamines here to make people excited and synthetic opioids to calm the excited people back down, and call it a “prescription opioid crisis”, completely leaving out the role of organized crime, and blaming 50 year old pain patients for the deaths of 18-year-old drug abusers. The corruption is simply intolerable. Innocent people are attacked to protect the guilty.

Peter Kofler May 23, 2018

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. Whilst I greatly appreciate and follow the expertise I am receiving, please stop sending me daily offers of new investment subscriptions that accompany every market change and investment opportunity. I’m a long term investor interested in the underlying strategy and substantiation of key economical and political trends which underpin what is happening in the world today.

I have to check through about 15 emails a day 99% of which are not relevant to my situation. Surely you can identify among your many clients , those who are traders and those who are longer term investors, and then send each type the appropriate information and accompanying subscribing needs. Quite frankly I am often disheartened, sometimes pleased and generally confused since your changeover. I hope my comments are of some help to you. Appreciate the opportunity to express my opinion. Regards. Peter of Sydney, Australia.

Jay May 23, 2018

Nothing strange or fearful about this environment.
Its all the “same old”..”same old”.
There also is no “cold war”…except in the US media. The Russia of today is but a shadow of the former Soviet Union from 30 years ago.
The only real issue is national debt, which that idiot Obomba racked up in spades.
And that continues to be the underlying problem…the so called Deep State, or counter element to identity of the USA and our cuntry’s fiscal health.

Bryan Leithiser May 23, 2018

With all of the stock market and commodity market manipulation it is hard to know what is real going on. Add to that the Treasury and the Fed bailing out the banks and I don’t know what to do.

Janet Nicodemus May 23, 2018

I am concerned about when the big banks are going to implode again. Nothing has been done that I can determine about the unauthorized, hidden and unregulated use of depositor funds for greedy investments. This nonsense about banks and institutions too big to fail will come to haunt us again, with rescues available at depositor expense. I can foresee another Cyprus-like takeover of individual funds trapped in its banking system, and I want out. But where can I go? I participate in your Ultimate Portfolio recommendations at the moment, but am running a bit scared.

VITUS CHIMEKA May 23, 2018

Vitus Chimeka A.K.A Easy Chimeks Dear Mr martin Weise, your discovery and view are quite correct. But way you may help is to solve this few questions; (1) When will you investors over there carry Africans retail investors along in all your doings? (2) How would USA synchronize Africa especially Nigeria/America investment relation? (3) How would America solve the problem with ease of Africa especially Nigerian retail investors doing investing with the America counterparts?

Michael Lutz May 23, 2018

What do you think about the chance that SDRs will replace the dollar as the world’s trading currency? If they do, what affect will that have on the US stock market and how will it affect interest rates?

cliff eagleton May 23, 2018

I have always admired your values to bring truth to an arena that is filled with half-truths and charlatanry. And the story of your father is unforgettable. We trust you to always bring accurate information and forecast where self-interests fill the pages with truths that benefit the few at the loss of the many investors. I have commentary on our present American leadership including financial leadership in my upcoming *The Modern Leader: Modern Leadership System” that may shed light on the our economy and leadership, that you may wish to share with your readers.

Deborah Merklin May 23, 2018

Agreeing that there is much uncertainty and even a perilous shadow cast over everything in our nation, and nations of the world today, how would you imagine that we, as subscribers, might have the answers as to how you can be of help?

The fact is that it seems too soon to tell much of anything at this point. There is something big impending, but until one sees what that something looks like, it would be prudent to wait and watch.

Thank you, nonetheless for asking.

Francois Sauer May 23, 2018

First thank you for sharing your talent and the insights from your researches.

What I would like to understand is how an “international reset of the debt from governments” may be orchestrate, what will be the leading indicators for the move and how to protect my portfolio from this potential scenario.

Matt S May 23, 2018

Cost of living erodes savings quickly. The challenge is finding fiat to invest. Until there is some balance brought to the cost of food, gas and utilities I fear finding money to invest is getting more and more difficult. In these uncertain times publications such as yours are valuable to everyday Joes like myself. Thanks for your work.

tthomas Pankey May 23, 2018

Miss Larry and you regarding Gold. The strong dollar and rising interest is competition, however with all the conflicts world wide and in DC, it should be attracting interest and begin rising ?? Also any comments about crypto and especially Bitcoin and your thoughts about the future of them. Thank you Tom P

Bernard O'Donnell May 23, 2018

War and a major market crash.


I Living India.I need your help.

john May 23, 2018

Economy is getting along and more people have jobs – not more pay
The increasing deficit is of concern
The overwhelming available information that and
the number of people with advise ( some who are selling put and call services to others subscribers)
How balance a portfolio.
Over the years you have been awesome in your advice and help — THANKS

ken pepper May 23, 2018

It would be nice if these webinars were in the evening for folks who work or at least a replay.

Lea Simenson May 23, 2018

Thank you, but I live in Australia, but I follow America

Al Peavyhouse May 23, 2018

How can I hold what little wealth I have accumulated when the expected stock market bombs and how will I know it ahead of the occasion? I am not concerned for myself but I would like to leave something for my children and grandchildren.

Shawn May 23, 2018

I’m from South Africa, but currently residing in the UK. As you know the South African economy is not the greatest in the world and having a young family we decided to move to the UK to give our children, what we feel is a better opportunity in life as well as safer environment…I’m not saying that South Africa is a bad place, it was just our choice that we felt by leaving we would give our children a better opportunity in life. So I definitely can relate to when you talk about a weaker economy.

With immigrating and having a weaker currency then the pound, it has put a strain on our finances and it’s almost as if I started my life again, but this time I start with a young family…so I guess there is no room for mistakes. Hopefully life will eventually start getting easier.

The cryptocurrency world has caught a lot of people’s interest and I started looking into the cryptocurrency world a bit more to see if this can help me and my family reach financial freedom. There is a lot to understand and there are also a lot of people giving their views on the internet, because my knowledge is still new to cryptocurrency, I find that it can be a bit confusing especially when taking other peoples views. I came across your website and the ratings, advice and knowledge that you , Juan and your team provide, makes the most sense to me, hence the reason why I signed up to your membership. I look forward to every week when your rating’s come out. As soon as my finances are better , I would be very excited to subscribe to your program, which I’m not able to do at the moment.

My hope is to reach financial freedom, be able to retire comfortably or at least decide when I want to retire(I probably would like to work as long as possible) and to one day leave my children and family in good financial position.

Thanks for giving us your time to listen to our stories, I’m sure we all have our own unique stories to tell 🙂


Don North May 23, 2018

Martin: Thanks for your thoughtful message. My main concern these days is seeing and feeling the pain of our country with President Trump in office. By default he teaches us the values we have lost. As a mostly retired journalist I watch a lifetime of acquiring a stock account dangerously threatened by a a precarious economy. What to do? Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.


Don North, Fairax VA. May 23rd/18

Mike May 23, 2018

Want to make enough money , every MONTH, to quit my day job.

Helena Kantorowicz May 23, 2018

my question is how to navigate fast changes in the market, when you stopped with publication of Safe money with Bill Hall. What to do with these investments? You transferred me to Jeff Justin portfolio and his specialists. Most investments he recommends already raised too much or are rated to sell . I’m not so nimble and have no energy to respond so fast; beside I’m on Pacific time, 3 hours behind your time.
How can I’ generate an income without taking too much risk and too much time in this fast pace changing markets. I’ think or most good companies have too high valuation, or whatever left which have lower valuation is rated to sell. It is world of speculation and high risk with no guarantees.

Denis Van Loan reply_all Helena Kantorowicz May 23, 2018

I agree with Helena. In previous years I would gain 10 to 25% in stock investing. The media says we are getting 20 to 30% , consistent gains. I do not see that.

robert pope May 23, 2018

I know you are an honorable man , I would use your stock picking offering except honesty and truth have been usurped in most of americans minds. By those who would make mental and moral defeatists of us. I am not a conspiracy person, the news I can get I must run through my mental sive before I can trust it. This is normal practice everyone has done in the past, but the corruption in Government is exceptional lately. Believing and knowing the extent of the problems makes for more and more people to try to find what has been lost. We as a nation had judgements that were moral and quick that everybody knew they must abide by or you would have this quick justice. This now is the opposite many are falling for this immorality.
So trusting someone else to handle your money becomes easy to resist. I know I would want great security since I can no longer earn a salary. I don’t know what form this security would even take or how it could be done. I do trust in your RATINGS for banks I think you have proved your case with that product.

Duane Reidy May 23, 2018

With all World turmoil what do you consider the best Gone Fishing Investment Portfolio for Retiree in his 70s

Duane Mazeska May 23, 2018

My main concern is the escalating federal debt that the media ignores. The public also has high debt on their credit cards. I have never seen such a programmed market that also is being manipulated by financial engineering such as Corporations buying back their stocks and a corporate tax break that also artificially lifts earnings. Two criteria for an empire topping out are Debt and Greed which we now have in great abundance.

Len May 23, 2018

Frankly, I am very encouraged about future. Things have finally begun to turn around after the horrible leadership we have endured under Obama. The guidance I seek relates to managing my portfolio in a period of rising interest rates related to the increasing prosperity under Mr. Trump. A long time subscriber, I sorely miss Larry who was my guiding light for many years.

Donna Bockian reply_all Len May 24, 2018

Yes, Larry is very missed. He was truly a guiding light, and made me very comfortable with reading and interpreting charts.

Martha P. May 23, 2018

So many analysts are predicting a major crash in the stock market that I’m wondering what is the best way to prepare for it? Specifically, would you recommend stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, cash, or something else? My very small brokerage account helps supplement my inadequate SS, and is all that keeps me more or less afloat. Since I see that it is possible to produce income from stocks without actually owning any — by means of options — I’m wondering how I can best take advantage of this income source, without excessive risk.

My other major worry is the situation in Washington. Simply put, it terrifies me. I know that neither you nor I can do much about that, but helpful advice for surviving until elections help solve the problem would not be amiss.

Lee May 23, 2018

Martin –

You asked and I thank you for your request to help. Not to sound hubris, but I’ve been successful over the years with my own investment insights/strategies.

I did enjoy reading your Monday, Money and Markets column. Will it ever return?

I’m sure you are helping others. Thank you for what you do,


Hal May 23, 2018

I am deep in credit card debt .. what can I do to get out? I do not want to declare bankruptcy! I have money set aside for retirement in my Roth IRA. Is it safe? Should I be using it to invest? Invest in what?

Florence May 23, 2018

How to protect and not lose my capital when buying the biggest dividends paying companies.

john May 23, 2018

From UK I am interested when gold may spring up and how long oil will go up with big saudi IPO to go. Also best cannabis stocks to buy as Canada hits the legalise button soon. Just wonder how long J Sessions will last. American stock market had a breather but now seems in steady up mode rather than bubble. What are your views in all of these. I haven’t seen your fractal oil; and gold charts for some time.

Alberto Irigoyen May 23, 2018

Main problems and doubts are those you mentioned, debt, assets to be considered real store of value?
Inflation, currencies loosing value

Derek Holden May 23, 2018

As you know that in America most people live pay check to pay check. I’m not in that situation but not far from it. I do not have time to worry about inflation, taxes,China or Trump. My question to you is how can you help or what can you suggest to a so called blue collar worker? A worker that has the 401k but only have enough to join one of your plans. Let’s only 5k left to invest a year.

Thomas Bleser May 23, 2018

Yes we all sense this uncertainty. And the older we are the more conscious we are of the fact that nothing even close to this has ever happened before. But people are reaching out to each other as never before. A case in point is last Saturday’s Royal Wedding where I enjoyed the banter in text messaging by saying I wanted some guidance on an internet marriage to share with my two thousand fiancees on Facebook LOL😒😜

Arni Thor Arnason May 23, 2018

Dear Martin

I am trying to diversify, diversify, diversify as I dont know any more what news to trust and what is up and down with all the garbage news flying around.
However battery tech, cybersecurity, pharma and pot seem the safest things today. Am I right or wrong???
Thank you for sharing with us.

Françoise Longbons May 23, 2018

I am worried about the volatility and the next crash, being retired I am more concerned about protecting my assets rather than building wealth but will gladly increase it !

I would like to see again your list of stocks to keep and those to get rid of.

Thank you and best regards.

Fujimoto May 23, 2018

China is trying to overpower US and West including Japan.

Controling the crypt will be one of most important factor for China to achieve their big ambitions.

Wesley Richmond May 23, 2018

I am concerned about what investment plan is good for a retiree and what good interest rate can it be?

Robert Burns May 23, 2018

I am concerned about the danger of a flash crash triggered perhaps by HFTs. Is there a way to protect against that. Will trailing stops be any protection?

Carl May 23, 2018

My concern is Donald Trump. He brings instability and volatility to everything he touches. I have drastically downsized my positions in the market the last few months. I do not want my retirement savings riding on an unstable man that is unfit for anything, never mind the presidency. Trump will continue to favor the rich, at the expense of the middle class and poor, despoil our water, air and environment and diminish workers rights, and fail to protect us from predatory lenders and corrupt banks. Whether it is in the short term or long term there will be a reckoning that will harken back to the Great Depression. Trump may be more a symptom than a cause, but he is a symbol of all that is wrong with the USA and the branches of government are not far behind.

Nancy Weilenman reply_all Carl May 23, 2018


robert pope reply_all Carl May 23, 2018

Sounds like you have been listening to the wrong group of news idiots. There is a bunch of them out there that just plain hate Mr. Trump if they hate him for his style they don’t sound too knowledgeable .

Arty Lazarov May 23, 2018

Yes , Mr. Martin Weiss , the environment situation is not such , as it was before years ! As some people say , it is not so well , when there are many monkeys on the
tree branch , and we can discuss it in our present situation . I had listened some opinions as that if Adolf Hitler was alive more time , the situation would be at another light ! . .
I am now an usual worker here , in Bulgaria , in a personal aspect I have a connection with an African lady , who has an inheritance in Scotland , and me and she
expect , that soon have to realize that transfer into my said account here in Bulgaria , but I repeat that I expect . .
So that now l haven’t enough money , that I develop any form of business or some similar action . . ?

Bobby Hall May 23, 2018

I totally agree with you. Personel debt has also skyrocketed. Cars and houses with little or no down payment is disaster in the near future. I own no stocks anymore. I am putting my money in precious Metals. Thanks, Bob Hasll

robert pope reply_all Bobby Hall May 23, 2018

Remember this Mr. Hall that gold and silver are commodities if problems come economically all assets and commodities will lose value. Gold for example is a great hedge against inflation but in a very bad economy it will then become a commodity. Good luck to you.

Neville Ford. MD, PhD May 23, 2018

My major concern is a major war between China and the United States. Donald Trump became President inadvertently. The pundits thought that Hillary Clinton was certain to win, so we voted for Trump. He is so erratic that it is hard to discern what he really wants to accomplish. Couple this with a dysfunctional Congress and one has a recipe for disaster. The war could well start by a misunderstanding in the South Chins Sea. Trump lacks the experience and the temperament to deal with such an issue. Hence my worry about the outcome.
With such a scenario concerns about the Market become trivial!

John May 23, 2018

I think I am well placed for the “Wave”. Timing is everything. I am ignoring others and am committed to your advice.
Right or wrong it is my decision. Keep the overviews coming and I will check you later.


Mchael Davis May 23, 2018

My issues may be different from your other followers.
My issue is too much cash.
I do not believe that the stock market will remain rising forever.
I believe with computer and software controlled trading that the market will sooner or later come crashing down within hours.
I believe that farmland, timberland, water rights and oil pipelines may be the only safe places to put money.
I have 6 kilos of gold in Switzerland.
I have farm property in Belize.
I am looking at property in the UK.
I have millions in US checking accounts.
Does FDIC even count anymore with the new bank bail-in laws?
I can not understand how anyone can have money in the market at the current prices.

Kelly reply_all Mchael Davis May 23, 2018

If you have all that,What more do you want??

Mark Kemper May 23, 2018

The country is in debt and we keep increasing the spending on the military which does not seem to bring a war to and end. The biggest scare is all kinds of debt keeps growing an the default rate is growing. How does a small investor protect themselves if they are about to retire?

Artie Wedeen May 23, 2018

In a nutshell inflation is running its ugly head and it seems now it is picking up STEAM !!!! Also Trumps ego will screw America lnstead of using common sense and advice from some of his smart advisors . I think CHINA is too smart for this NITWIT . All the best, Artie

Cesar May 23, 2018

We are currently in a very turbulent environment with too much news/information that are often contradictory. We do not know which ones speak the truth from those that are meant to self-serve the originators. Without honest and reliable expert assistance, it seems that success in wealth preservation and building needs a lot of on prayers!

It would be great if You and your team can be our beacon to guide us through this turbulent time by pointing us to the right direction and giving us advance alerts along the way. Hopefully this will give us an idea of what is to come so we have ample time to prepare and redirect when needed.

Sharon May 23, 2018

My biggest concern is the potential confiscation of 401k’s and the like. And what we can do to protect our money. My greatest wealth building challenge right now is finding ways to rapidly increase the size of our investment accounts to the point where we are able to live on the earnings. i appreciate your work, and your concern for the investors out here. Thanks!

Alex Miocinovic May 23, 2018

Hi Martin, thanks for your mail. I live in Italy and I do trading on line on US markets becouse I trust the dollar much more than I trust the Euro. As you may know here in Italy we have a coalition of “populist” parties in power that are fundamentally against the Euro but are, im my view, incapable of doing anything without the Euro. I think that you’are perfectly right in being alarmed, as I do, by the overall American and global situation and I clearly see the final Armageddon coming (end 2019 / 2020). So little time is left to find a place to hide. I would very much appreciate any suggestion on the best way to survive things like a global recession lasting more than 10 years …. God bless you !

Reitha Jacobs May 23, 2018

You don’t seem to understand that that there are thousands of us who live in a rural area where no broadband is available. Therefore, due to extremely slow download speed, we cannot receive or play videos. If you would always provide a written transcript, you could interest me, but with video only, I simply delete your messages. Please think about this. Many rural folks are older and hold a vast amount of wealth, but cannot use your services.

bill hicks May 23, 2018

This is your business and I can appreciate the difficulty in projections; but, many of us have put our time and money into your reco’s. And, because of your sale or merger or whatever you want to call it, our trust has been put forwards to another Investment Group to make money. The lifetime of True Wealth died with Larry I’m sorry to say. The new Group only gave us lifetime members until Dec., 2018, I believe. That is a difficult to digest when you put your faith into your Group.

Well, I understand it is business but it’s time for yours and Larry’s gold and metal predictions to spring forth. We retired folks are tired of investing thousands to watch our money to go lower and lower.

Please understand. I’m not disgruntled with the “new” kids on the block. Only the buy , hold and loose money scenario.

Douglas W Bossart May 23, 2018

Im very concerned about the July 21 world meeting discussing the ban on crypto currencies, and all government’s having their own crypto currieries. just to much control.
Doug Bossart

Steve May 23, 2018

Since the media is owned by 6 corporations, the average person is inundated with misinformation that benefits the war machine. Fortunately, people are beginning to see through this fake news so perhaps there is hope of stopping all this killing.

The central banks are bankrupting the world for their own benefit and controlling the politicians. The major banks own the major oil companies. These institutions need to be replaced with something better to benefit humanity rather than a handful of miscreants.

The debt bubble and dollar bubble will eventually burst – probably sooner than later. This is not going to be pretty.

The unbridled corruption in Washington needs to be fixed.

Our water, food and air is being poisoned by chemicals, pesticides, and genetically mis-engineered “food”. This is why the majority of the population is chronically ill.

Why did Japan and Germany not invade the USA in World War II – because they knew millions of Americans had guns and they would not stand a chance against this force. Protect the gun rights of law-abiding Americans.

Raymond Lutz May 23, 2018

Dear Martin,
Thank you for your interest and concern and genuine interest in my personal life and investment strategies. I have been using your guidance since the early 1990s. –and yes we go back a long way together with your Weiss institutions, seminars, etc. I will try to be brief as I know you are a very busy guy.
I signed up for your Crypto newsletters on the first day it came out-back in late Feb. or early May. I am very much interested in getting up to speed with some of my investment money into your Crypto currency investment process. I have been engaged in family matters this past two months and have not yet had the time to go through the Crypto currency start up procedures.
BUT, my personal problems are easing up and I am ready to start on getting this crypto thing going. Your Weiss Crypto agents have patiently called several times and I explained to them that I would be calling them this week to get started on your cCrypto program and will call the 800 980-4102 on Friday, May 24th. for help with the initial details of getting a blockchain, etc. “Stuff” in place and running by the end of May. I have read your recent Crypto Calendar updates and have marked your Webinar next Wednesday and Thursday (May 30-31) on my calendar.
In a few months I will attain 88 years of age and am in fairy good health. The Weiss firm’s newsletters and guidance has allowed me to enjoy from the start of my retirement in 1985 without having to get a job to maintain my living standard. I started preparing for retirement in the 1990s taking your advice by selling my commercial property to add cash then got rid of a motor home and several cars then in the 2000s I sold my house and entered rented space, then I sold my last personal airplane, my hangar at a local airport and finally, in 2016 sold my mountain cabin of 45 years. With this cash I put into my overall savings and market investments. I have a brokerage account–TD Ameritrade where i do some options and stock trading. I have three brokerage accounts at American Century in Kansas city (divested out of the New York area) along with an IRA and a Roth IRA.
I have already invested and am living in a nice gated Tulsa, OK retirement community and I am in the process of finalizing my final investment portfolio aimed at whatever happens in coming months and years. Briefly, I am following a lot of your and Edlesons past recommendations; 1–holding some gold and silver bullion, 2–money invested in Marijuana stocks, 3–low cap gold minor stocks, shorting the S&P and other ETFs as a Stock market crash hedge, and 4–having about a 30 % of my portfolio to be held in cash. ‘ I will now be able to devote my time to this Crypto thing and just monitor my other investments for any changes necessary. I will start out with a 20k start up Crypto cash portfolio at first and see how things go.
I look forward to working with you and our staff on the Crypto concept in coming weeks and months. I hope this information is congruent with what you have requested when you said you wanted to know more about me and my association with The Weiss Group.

Thank you Martin for you rpersonal and sincere and honest attention to we subscribers over these years!

Most Sincerely yours,

Raymond H. Lutz May 23, 2018

Annamma Thankachen May 23, 2018

Iam not buying anything right now . wating for the market to crash,then buy everything cheap

Allen Simpson May 23, 2018

This alarming new environment is indeed alarming. Extreme volatility appears present in all markets. Traditional investment strategies are ineffective. Ideally, I would like a conservative basic portfolio recommendation geared to providing some measure of growth, yet strong enough to resist a major crash.

For example, one might consider: gold & junior miners 10% ; U.S. banks 25%; major oil company etf’s 20%; very short term T-bills and certificates of deposit $45%…. you could suggest maybe three possible portfolios suitable for the type of investor (conservative, moderate, high risk type). Your paid subscribers could pick one portfolio and receive higher levels of detailed trading advice.

Allen Simpson (Canada)

Carlton King reply_all Allen Simpson May 23, 2018

Dr. Weiss
Since the stock market may fall drastically in the near future, would locking in 2,5, and 10 year treasuries be a good idea now while the interest rates are getting higher? Or just when do you think is a good time? The safety of treasuries is very tempting, but timing them is difficult. Your advise would be helpful.
Carlton King

ashok shah May 23, 2018

need to know your thoughts on market direction for next two years

Larry Pero May 23, 2018


kenneth vickers May 23, 2018

If nothing else, Donald Trump has shown those of us who will see that our national government is as corrupt as any and that our state governments are no better. I honestly do not see any way out but through civil war, blood and iron.
I am no skinhead fascist and I don’t fly confederate flags. I go to church each week, I help my neighbors if they need me, and I pay my taxes even though I know they will be wasted to feed the deep state and the bloated bureaucracy around it. All I am waiting on is a leader who will bring us together and then, and only then, will we be able to make America Great Again.
Mr. Weiss, I have a great deal of respect for you and your organization, but money is not going to save us from what is coming, Sir. May God bless you and all other Christian leaders of this nation’

Richard (Dick) Granier May 23, 2018

I would like to hear more on Silver & Gold. Since 1986 I have put all my investment capital in Bullion and continue to do so today. No stocks, bonds, ETF’s etc. Just Bullion…..!!!

Mel May 23, 2018

There is going to be a market downturn this year, and cryptos are looking to soar over the next year. I also believe there will be a downturn in the pharmaceutical markets in September. I know how I’ll profit from the crash in pharma stocks.

It’s next year that I’m worried about.

will cryptos continue to be a good investment in the wake of a market crash in 2019? What can we do to protect ourselves?

robert pope reply_all Mel May 23, 2018

With the baby boomers aging into old age the pharmaceutical markets should be one of the last to drop off a cliff.

william May 23, 2018

Concerned about overextension and a burst, then a market crash, perhaps with little or no warning. Corrections happen. Question is when and how deep!

Bol B May 23, 2018

Right now is like calm before storm, majority will be hurt financially. Question is tobe in ca$h or invested strategically.

Richard R May 23, 2018

Precious metals : how to play the gold/silver ratio differential

Dr. Conrad A. Lohutko May 23, 2018

Please discuss the impact of several converging crises.

Leslie Howard Gargan May 23, 2018

The dollar isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on … so what does our Federal Reserve system do??? PRINT MORE! Way to go. We are in the early to mid stages of the financial meltdown that destroyed the deutschmark in Germany in the early 1930’s. And we know who rose to power to save Germany, and make her “Great Again.”

You can’t stop it — the rot is too far advanced. And the lunatic’s hard core 30% who voted him in have already donned their brown shirts.

Mary May 23, 2018

Having lost a business in the recession, we are trying to rapidly build income for retirement. We are focusing on crypto. However, keeping track of trades and figuring out tax consequences is difficult.

David M. May 23, 2018

Dr. Weiss,
You have spoken in recent times in almost apocalyptic terms about the world economic situation. What I am counting on from you and your team is clear, accurate and timely analyses of the unfolding global economic activities and the ramifications so that we can avoid a major personal economic crisis and perhaps adversely benefit from what may be a very difficult overall situation. Having gone through and lost a lot during the tech crash in 2000 (before connecting with you and your organization), I know how quickly and shockingly things can collapse. Clear and unbiased guidance may be critical in the days ahead. There is little basis for confidence based on what is happening in the world on many fronts, and I fear that many have been and will be hurt; but I still believe in facts and in intelligent assessments to help steer through difficult times.

Larry Slattery May 23, 2018

I’m retired and concerned about loosing investments due to volatility in the markets. Safe investments have low returns

George FRANKL May 23, 2018

What would help me most would be a reliable short and medium term timing system for the S&P 500 because this would help me time my entries and exits from
leveraged ETF’s until the long-term sell signal marking the start of the bear market.

Mr Yong Tan May 23, 2018

One of my worries is that rising inflation is going to create a big mess. Unfortunately I have a suspicion that the government is secretly wanting inflation to make its debt more manageable.

James W. Wills May 23, 2018

The” American Work ethic and optimistic national character seems to be under attack”. While that view is pervasive, i personally don’t share it. Looking to congress and the government to protect us and look after us, is a recipe for disappointment. The internet has created a new world. Our people need to achieve a measure of computer literacy as well as financial literacy to make it these days. The economy has drastically changed but one element remains the same, for Governments and their citizens. If you spend more than you take in, you will become bankrupt. At 21 Trillion in National debt, America is well on the way.

Dr. Weiss, there is a great need for financial literacy instruction . Not sure that is your job, but The more you learn, the more you earn. From Financial knowledge ,comes self reliance. From Self reliance, comes personal security, independence and a positive attitude. Make us Financially literate, and Dr. Weiss, you have strengthened a nation. America’s best days need not be behind us.

Bill Klee May 23, 2018

I recall the days when you were calling for balanced Federal Budgets and curbing public and private debt.(Reagan era). It fell on deaf ears didn’t it. I am retired now and working half time in a job to stay ahead and save a little bit each month. I am not feeling wealthier and I also see more brick and mortar retail stores closing in our area.. As you do now, I see stocks eventually tanking and that will cause people to tighten the purse strings even more, making it even tougher on unnecessary retail stores like recreation and restaurants etc. A stock market tumble will also put a severe strain on pension systems worse than it did in 2009. Though I am in a state with a top rated pension system, we felt a strain in our pension system even back then. I think all states will suffer severe funding problems going forward so I have tried to grow an emergency safety reserve in a T bill only fund.

In years past you have written books on what to expect in the future economically and what you should do to prepare. I think it would be a good time to start bringing out again some ideas of things to do to prepare as our debt overdosed economy begins
imploding and it gets harder for individuals to make ends meet.
It is way more than 30 years ago but you were likely the first to alert me to the consequences of unbridled government debt and budget deficits and personal debt. Those warnings have stayed with me even till now and I have over that period of time been adding small amounts to prepare for such a time of reckoning. At times it seemed a season of reckoning would never come but alas excessive debt, public or private has never grown perpetually in the past, why would it be allowed to do so now.

Brian May 23, 2018

I am retired and living well off my prior and current investments. To me, most of the talk about Trade Wars, higher interest rates, etc., is just a bunch of “noise” put out by a bunch of scared Wall Street youngsters who have never seen anything other than massive Fed interference propping up the market, miniscule interest rates and big government. We’ve been there before and survived OK. The REAL threats to our future investments are 1) the world-wide credit “bomb” and 2) the death of democracy, typified by the “deep state” refusal to cooperate with Congress investigations. With the “responsible to no one” bureaucracy running the country regardless of who gets elected, 1984 is just around the corner. There is no need for a “Supreme Leader”, the unelected will just do whatever they feel like doing.

John Stocking May 23, 2018

Dear Martin,
In addition to all of your above noted concerns I am most worried by the advent of Cyber Currency. Much like fiat currency it is backed up by faith alone, yet stabilised by promising a fixed supply? I feel That they are a real disruptable monkey wrench in the global habits of finance. What will happen to conservative hedging like owning precious metals??
Worried in MA.

Arlene May 23, 2018

I feel people have forgotten we are all Americans and very fortunate.. Everyone should remember to be polite even in political discussions. I know if everyone tried our country would be a more secure place to live and perhaps young people wold realize how fortunate they are. If killing and hate continues we will fall.

Douglas Shattuck May 23, 2018

As a retiree, my portfolio contains some growth and value stocks that have done OK. However, with the high deficit, I’ve also held gold asset stocks for years like CEF and gold miner stocks like GDX with nothing to show for it. Will these investments ever pay off? It seems counter intuitive to sell them now.

Randi Wortham May 23, 2018

I am no longer investing. Thank you.

Dale Fridley May 23, 2018

Dr. Weiss, I am a long time subscriber and have valued being so. That said, I am concerned about what I see as a negative trend in the quality of your contributors. Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but I don’t see many Larry’,s, Tony’s, or Mike’s any more. In particular, the recent merger with Banyon has been disappointing to me. To be candid, I’ve moved mostly to a “delete before reading” mode: too much political posturing and “gee whiz” stuff mixed with too little substance.

Further many of your major written communications and webinars seem to me to be too long and repetitive and contain too much what I would characterize as self-promotion and/or marketing content.

I think you should take a hard look at how you do what you do as well as the scope of what you’re trying to do with a thought toward being the best (eg., Weiss Ratings) in a few areas where you can truly be the best rather than spreading yourself so broadly.

I offer the above comments to be constructive and with respect, not as petty gripes.

Merrill May 23, 2018

I am financially secure for the moment with a pension and Social Security. I own too many stocks with too little in each of them, mostly. The times are uncertain. Sooner or later there will be a significant, perhaps catastrophic, correction to the stock market (where the most of my investment is). The best pieces of advice I have gleaned from studying the market for a few years : (1) Hang on to investment in quality companies, and (2)Make as much money as you can right now. How do I do that? I don’t have a lot of time — I’m 93 years old. How much of my assets should I have in ready cash? How do I make best use of my time? How many stocks should I hold? What is a reasonable return for a carefully invested and managed portfolio? I know you don’t give individual advice but it seems to me that everyone needs the answers to these questions.

Harold Smith reply_all Merrill May 23, 2018

I too am 93 years old with a pension and social security. I own 20 stocks for diversity which includes about 10 minor gold stocks. I am a life member of TradeStops which I find very useful although with the high volatility of the gold stocks I find that 25% that triggers a stock is not realistic.
I am worried about this so-called cashless society and what it means for me and I’m not into Crypto Currencies. I am also concerned about the Deep State and how little control we citizens have over our future. Over the years the Middle Class has been exterminated and I feel very sorry for the young people trying to survive in the present environment. I have been very fortunate in that I was in the aircraft industry when I emigrated from England in 1956 with a wife and three children. This country has been good for me but I have never lived beyond my means and never had too much debt. I was an apprentice in England and had my college expenses paid for by my company. Not like your youth here in the US who end up with so much college debt.

John May 23, 2018

When will the debt bomb explode? When will the reality of debt that can’t be paid back sink in?

David May 23, 2018

When the QE and bailouts were in process I thought that there is no way that it will not come back to haunt us. Consequently, I am out of the market.

Eso May 23, 2018

Well, the conditions we are living in are unique, no doubt. Coming from one of the Native American communities our family is looking at how we can develop a positive income, family security, and potential opportunities for others where opportunities are as limited as the resources. The limited resources on several levels are our challenge but we are currently trying work them. The last question, I’m not sure what an acceptable answer is for this. Native American reservations are a unique place and their plights overlooked. Thank you

james May 23, 2018

We need to do whatever we can to increase our yields and reduce our losses. I, too, fall into that retirement category that will really disrupt things if we have a big crash that affects the investments we are in. Outside of the financial area, most disturbing to me is how our elected government continues to fight amongst themselves and against each other instead of doing the work they should be doing to better all of their constituents lives.

Jack May 23, 2018

Dear Martin,
My major concern is for the nation’s economy. I want a stable job market where my children’s training and education will be open to them applying their professional knowledge to provide an environment for earning an above average income that will allow them to provide a good education for my grandchildren. My grandchildren should be able to use their education to live a happy life with a good chance to achieve great things which will provide them with good lives. I hope to be able to save enough that I will be able to provide my children and grandchildren with the potential to live happy lives.

Gregg Welch May 23, 2018

Hi Martin, responding with your requested feedback for free, no strings attached and no long videos to watch.
I am so excited and very optimistic about the future of our planet, short term for the U.S., maybe not so great. However, mid to long-term will be amazing in so many ways. We are in the initial stages of a rapid advancement of human evolution; physically, emotionally, socially, technologically, and spiritually.
There are innovations and inventions just around the corner that will transform everything as we presently know it, some of these things are in development right now. Very soon discoveries of all kinds are going to rewrite history (what we thought we knew), changes in the way we eat, transformation of our entire medical field, new ways of creating energy, technologies that are almost unimaginable to the common person.
Eventually the field of quantum, AI, and so much more will transition us into becoming part of a galactic society. But that’s still some ways off. Trust me, with all the research you do, there are still many things that you and others are unaware of.
Do you know that people are going to start living longer? Eventually, much longer.
Have you noticed that you think and feel quite different than you did even a year ago?
Everything may seem very chaotic now, and it is, however, so much good is going to come out of this time-period.
Wait until you see what’s coming, these truly are amazing times to be here.
GW PS. Make friends with change, feeling unsettled is the new normal, and things are never going to be the way they were. Pay attention to the kids and young adults, there are new leaders manifesting that are more conscious, have more integrity, more wisdom, more compassion, more common sense, and more love. Money is great to have but as you know, there is something even better.

Jim Lash May 23, 2018

I am retired and working part time . I was a stock broker for 10 years so I understand the markets of old.
Today, the market moves on every tweet, forward pricing good/bad news that used to take weeks or months to disseminate.
Geo Political risks have been co-ordinated thru easing but the Fed actions have been blunted to raise rates by other global central banks.

We go from $40 crude to over $70 while the world drowns in OIL. Looks like the markets are trying to keep prices high until the Saudi’s bring their reserves public.

Risk was redefined in 1987. I am not sure what to call what we have now. Confusion more than risk.

I do believe Trumps style of face up Texas Hold’em negotiations have added risk.

I have always had a MACRO approach to developing my investment guidelines. As of this righting, I am confused.

Kucera *John M. May 23, 2018

What can you do?

Keep me advised of the highest paying and consistently stable dividend producing stocks as any signs of the need to trade ones that should be.

Thank you.

John M Kucera, Esq

Nancy Bowman May 23, 2018

At 83, I’m concerned about principle conservaton and some growth. The stock market seems pretty volitable and I read we should expect a recession. How will that effect munis? Should I sell?The interest is really good, much better than banks. Where do I put money from bonds that are maturing?

steve May 23, 2018

I live in New Zealand..
What happens in the US is magnified 10 times when it gets to NZ.
On the other hand we are largely protected from the day to day happenings.
What does affect us and is of concern is the variety of comment that reaches us from the US.
It becomes so contradictory as to be totally confusing.
So who is right and who is wrong is decided by ones own instinct and what that tells me is we are not in good shape.
While NZ is flowing along gracefully the rest of the world is slowly falling apart.
In the end that means it will hit us like lightening when the rest of the world reaches a certain point and our confidence will be shattered.
My own belief is that a recession or worse is well on the way and I doubt if the US or any other single Country can influence its coming or its duration.
My question to you would be.
What exactly can one do to best protect from what could be a long recession or worse.
I have good savings and are asset freehold, but our banks are Australian owned and run branches in NZ therefor they are not controllable by NZ government.

carolyn laughman May 23, 2018

Where is a safe place for the money i have.

Tom May 23, 2018

When will the financial manipulations end?

Charlene May 23, 2018

I’m interested in companies with great, safe dividends for the already retired without spending an arm and a leg for the slightly longer term, ie 3 to 5 years shall we say?

Joe Perry May 23, 2018

I think we are close to a crash, the likes of which we have never seen.

Gerald Charles May 23, 2018

I was born in 1930 so I have been thru the best of times and the worst of times. I have experienced the country pull together (WWII) and break apart (Vietnam). Thru hard work I developed my own real estate, insurance, and income tax business. I never spent more than I made and worked until I was age 82. I figured if it was going to be it would be up to me. Sorry to say I never invested in many of your suggestions. But, you taught me to use my head and follow common sense. It worked! You

Bill Mcdonald May 23, 2018

I am 79 rs old retire for 20 yrs I always worry about running out of money. My wife past 5 yrs ago . I don’t have much left.

Hitch May 23, 2018

I would like to know how do we get congress to balance the federal budget and begin to pay off the national debt.

Ron Holdway May 23, 2018

My biggest challenge is trying to see through the current fog of uncertainty and volatility surrounding today’s stock markets. It’s nothing like I’ve seen before. What lessons can we draw from past market crashes as we seek to avoid the worst of the next crash, which seems to not yet be imminent but is definitely coming sometime in the next two or three years..

S. Mack May 23, 2018

Greatest worries are: how can anyone understand why the world’s finance philosophy is being based on the game of Monopoly and world’s government philosophy of kicking the can (crises) down the road. Puzzling, isn’t it.

Ronald J Krainz May 23, 2018

Dear Dr. Weiss,
How will the Mueller Special Council investigation into the so-called Trump/Russia Collusion affect the markets both short and long term if it continues beyond a month or so? It appears that public sentiment about this is rapidly going against the Special Council and his team.

E. R lake reply_all Ronald J Krainz May 23, 2018

You might want to check into judicial justice they have put a lot of investment to solve the issue with the deep state
Worth your time and a lot of information the press will never print

Marina Teske May 23, 2018

How can one best repair for retirement in a world with so much uncertainity?

Rodney evans May 23, 2018

The weight of debt which has built up worldwide is very worrying, what happens when just one significant country goes bust, will there be a cascading effect on us all ? Will there be monetary chaos in every system? How best to protect yourself from the worst of these events in advance?

Michael Macon May 23, 2018

Martin, I am mainly concerned with the impact increasing interest rates will have on the stock market and the economy as a whole. Second, I feel the chaos and uncertainty in Washington these days is having a negative effect on the economy. People are not sure of anything and the international unrest overall is, I feel is seriously affecting the U.S. and world markets. Also, I am deeply concerned with the tremendous increase in our national debt along with the decrease in tax revenue from the recent tax cuts . I don’t see how this will really benefit the U.S. economy but in reality could lead us right into another major recession or depression. Finally, I feel real estate values are greatly overstated and wonder if we are headed into another real estate bubble.

Larry Vaughn May 23, 2018

I am concerned about my stock investments in this environment. When you need money, the stock market goes down. If you do not need the money the market goes up. Buying and selling stocks ETFs and mutual funds do not seem to increase my stock portfolio. Holding on and gritting my teeth during a down market is not the best idea, but selling does not help in the long run. I have had my portfolio managed professionally and was very disappointed with the results. Therefore, I find it difficult to spend thousands of dollars to have someone tell me when to buy and sell. There are no guarantees that Companies can help me to greater wealth.

Terry Sneller May 23, 2018

I have felt so strongly about all of the deterioration that is occurring in the US, that I put up a website which basically outlines my concerns:



James May 23, 2018

I have a gut feeling that we are at the end stage of a huge bubble. I have saved some poor mans gold, which is being controlled by JP Morgan. I put some cash away which buys less every day. I have no place to hide away from the inner city. You know—-I think I’m screwed.

Zack May 23, 2018

The most worrisome things are the global debts, with every country kept borrowing, with no intention to repay it. Would it be the next crisis, “Debt Reset”? Do you see any possible outcome?

I don’t believe in crypto-currency. Block-chain is a good technology, can be used by many applications. But the “tokens (bitcoin, etc.)” are created from thin air, and promoted by speculators. Eventually, I believe they will collapse, with someone holding the bags…

solyluna reply_all Zack May 23, 2018

I too think Bitcoins will collapse . Is there any way to bet on this collapse with an equity or investment?

solyluna May 23, 2018

Your service has slipped to a position of just another OPINION source. While I value your experience and knowledge, I am looking for INFORMATION AND DATA. I am a big boy. Give me information and analysis so I can make up my own mind

Joseph Mate May 23, 2018

I think that your company is doing a very good job. I primarily use your rating system and I trust the info you are publishing. My only comment is that sometimes your rating on a given stock changes today and 3 to 7 days changes again. Usually it goes back to where it was before the first change. I can’t
see how they could reverse so quickly.

James M Conant May 23, 2018

I have stops set on all my stocks. I have subscribed to Weiss crypto for diversification. I believe stock market will go up for at least the next few months. I am not worried about the world situation. I believe Trump has made important stabilizing moves. I think you are early with your winnings.

alex May 23, 2018


Ronald McCleary May 23, 2018

Your best guess on which way Gold and Silver are are going from here?

Natalie Cobb May 23, 2018

Since I am retired, I want to keep half of my funds in income funds. AT the present time, all of my bond funds are losing money.. Would it be better to leave this part of my funds In a money market account?

P. Drew May 23, 2018

Like many others here with relatively limited assets, all invested in the market and seeing a decent return, I’d like a plan to protect what I have when the inevitable correction does arrive.
We have most in wife’s 401k as she is still adding to it and preparing to retire this year. Is that a mistake – continuing to add to 401k – or should we covert to IRA?
Basically, what’s the best way to continue in the market without risking a major loss?

Howard May 23, 2018

I would like your comments on whether or not you believe the government will try to ban Crypto currancy or just tax it?

I was the victim of a scam that took my 7 figure retirement. I wanted to get in on your crypto newsletter last month and was excited about your insite, but could not afford the $3K fee. It would be nice if you had a “B” grade program that was similar, but much less expensive.

The mounting US debt, with congress doing nothing about it, scares the heck out of me. Any suggestions on protective armor would be welcome.

John Morton May 23, 2018

I*m worried Deep State will cause a civil war in the USA. Also that my stock will go down.
You and your team can help by providing up to date financial info on the economy.

Dean jenkins May 23, 2018

What’s the easiest way and best way to purchase crypto currencies in the USA
Do any crypto currency ETF ‘s exist to get some exposure to these assets
I would like to purchase some crypto currency and get some exposure but am not prepared to pay large for your subscription services
Your organization has a unique opportunity to become a leader in this area if you price a quality service at an affordable price

Alex May 23, 2018

What happen to the value of Bitcoin, ETH, NEO, EOS and other cryptocurrency if the Fed decide to come in this field with a USA Fedcoin?

Manuel Cardoso May 23, 2018

Rates at their lost in centuries, stocks with 2nd highest CAPE valuations, GDP growth close to 100% correl to debt growth since 2008, central banks printing = GDP Jp+Ger, inflation picking up and debt at war time peaks…the next downturn will be phenomenal. Cash in banks not a good wealth store option by then. Hard assets and shorting bubbles, better.

John Williams May 23, 2018

Hi Martin

Do you believe, as I do, that if the new Italian government goes ahead with its stated economic plans, then the Euro will collapse, which will lead to the end of the EU project, and the contagion from that will trigger the ‘first world’ financial collapse which you and your team are predicting?
Happy days because of the investment opportunity.
John Williams, UK subscriber

Michael S May 23, 2018

More debt????
…and more debt, bankruptcies, HUGE AND GROWING corporate debt…???
ALL agree you can not borrow forever…
……corporate planet destruction??
Still using Social Security numbers??? Need new virtual SS numbers…..unhackable and can be assigned new number of compromised…
It’s a mess out there…..crashes coming….Europe, then Japan…then USA….yikes??
What’s crypto really all about?? Like the hokey pokey??
Got nothing but questions Sir!!

Danielle May 23, 2018

Well thanks for reaching out and asking.
First I would say Continue doing what you’re doing “Guiding us to safest stocks and guide us to the best strategy to adopt in times of such uncertainty.
Second, please stay away from that noisy buy this, and this and this and you will become millionnaire in a week or two and from all those day to day news and guide us keep an eye on the horizon.
Show us how even in a bear market we can still make money
Precious tips and guidance for those of us retiring, wanting revenues while protecting our well earned wealth.

Mildred May 23, 2018

It worries me most that we allowed our lending institutions to do the same thing they dd in 2008.
It worries me that we do not hear from TV, Radio, Newspaper and their Editorials anything about how over
extended we are as a people, as individuals, and business both large and small.
It worries me my grandchildren will get a wake-up call and there will be nothing they can do about it.
It worries me that our Country’s people has lost their faith in God.

Edward Butler May 23, 2018

I would like 20 stocks with low volatility that pay over 11% dividend reliably every year and never fluctuate more than 10% in value.

Steven Kuwahara May 23, 2018

The complexity of the issues that have developed and are challenging my financial condition are such that I cannot cope with them while maintaining my regular business and activities. That is why I have depended on Weiss to guide me and provide advice over the years. You recent merger with Banyan Hill was a mistake. They are a bunch of self-promoting blowhards who do not have a consistent track record in the advice that they give. If possible, go back to the old Weiss that gave reasoned advice and guidance.

Andrew Huang May 23, 2018

I am currently retired. My concern is in regard to preserving wealth during these tempestuous times.

John May 23, 2018

I fear over the next 6 to 12 months, the Western World will drop into full blown bear market! And all Emerging Markets will suffer too.
Regrettably, I do not think cash or bonds
are safe, as the dollar is probably struggling with a false high.
So: gold? silver? Blue-chip utilities? Or where?

Ed Seidel May 23, 2018



William Phillips May 23, 2018

Do you have any Blockchain companies to recommend? Like Hive Blockchain Technologies HVBTF, Global Blockchain Technologies BLKCF, BCII, BLCF, and Riot Blockchain, RIOT. How about this Bitcoin ETF, GBTC? Any cannabis stocks like CRON, ACBFF, APHQF, TWMJF and MRMD? Let me hear from you. Regards, William Phillips Would FNMA and FMCC be good investments provided Trump gives back the companies to their original owners? Obama continued to let the government rake in profits since these companies were bailed out.

Anders Bylund May 23, 2018

I,m lookning forward to w atch your seminar. I live in Sweden so please make it available when I ,m not sleeping!!

Roy May 23, 2018

I personally simply appreciate all the sage information, perspective, and advise that you, your Dad, Mike , and Larry have put out over the years. Bit coin and the like has me baffled and consequently I’m inclined to stick to things gold. Though I would also appreciate your insights concerning what I believe will be the bond market meltdown (as your father wrote so well about).

Keith Smith May 23, 2018

Short of selling off all my stocks and hard currency assets and using the money to buy a two-year supply of food, guns, ammo and trading stock, what is the best way to shelter my lifelong savings from the various scenarios of economic disaster that might strike.
Holding real estate seems wise, but it would have to be debt-free in order not to lose it to the bank, it would lose value initially, but over time it would likely rise again as the crisis subsides.

Linda M Campbell, Ph.D. May 23, 2018

What is a prudent, leave alone, inexpensive way to hedge a portfolio?

Rex May 23, 2018

Greatest concerns: Heavy-handed U.S. government tactics. Asset forfeiture silliness, FBAR reporting, FATCA reporting, any other traps used to snare honest people. Total irresponsibility of government spenders.

Roy reply_all Rex May 23, 2018

I agree with Rex as well.

Gordon Haw May 23, 2018

I share all your concerns. For that reason, I’m particularly interested in gold and silver and any timing comments you have on these metals. Will precious metal mines follow the stock market down, if it cracks, as happened in 2008? Or, being that they are presently fairly valued, will they spurt on a market crack?

joseph w. critelli May 23, 2018

I would like to see a general strategy, but also with specific recommendations, for what to do now, while the market is still going up and what to do as the threat of collapse rises.

S John May 23, 2018

the source of volatility is not obvious. I think there is some manipulation of the stocks. Is this some of the obstructionism? don’t know but it does create difficulty for investing. I do not trade. I think everyone needs to settle down and not be so hysterical about everything and certainly don’t blame anyone until you are sure your closet is clean. Business is doing well; trade negotiations may be causes some uncertainty but not affecting most businesses. The international stocks seem to be hit more now as China is manipulating currencies, etc. The cyber security is a serious threat and needs to be corrected. I value your organizations’ experts and their recommendations. I am more cautious. However, things that go up must come down and vice-versa. Reading the corrections is impossible. As a retiree I am looking for income and some stability without investing in investments with debt. I wish I knew more about the sector rotations. It seems to be a daily rotation rather than a business cycle. Would appreciate more information to help with that trend. Thank you.

Jonathan Frank May 23, 2018

Preserving assets and knowing when it is prudent to get out of the “market”.

Norman S. May 23, 2018

I am expecting a market ‘crash’ by late summer. Whether it will be THE crash (that ends our current downcycle (which began around year 2000), I don’t know; but the BIG one cannot be more than one or two years off, else. Then we should have a repeat of (but hopefully NOT as bad as) the ’30s before the next ‘long’ upcycle.

I have been hoping you can alert me to the major turning points in the stock and PM investment markets, as the late Larry E. promised to do.

Richard Beemer May 23, 2018

I’m just here to soak up the intelligence,and learn.I’ve made several million from my business,and will start investing if my business fails and I retire.I’ve bought a couple of your investment programs especially Larry’s last one.I’m trying to avoid mistakes,and maintain the value of my money.
I got out investment funds just before the last crash in 2007, missed the big comeback taking time to learn what to do in a government led economy which no longer operates on basic market forces.
I’ll agree with many that we are in increasing perilous times with several potential existential risks,like the EMP.
I’m looking for my tropical retirement in the Spanish sphere and escape the Anglosphere where most of the risk and problems are.

Ann Yates May 23, 2018

Hello Martin I am not American but English and I live in the Isle of Man. My portfolio is managed in Jersey. I do however enjoy receiving your emails with insights to the American stock exchange etc. Although I am 81 years old I still follow financial events and am horrified that leveraged buyouts which at one time were illegal are now commonplace. If this continues will we have a stock exchange to invest in or will all companies become private.
Please keep sending me your interesting and thoughtful emails.

Alan Niedbalski May 23, 2018

Due to years of fear in the direction of my nation I have invested almost entirely in precious metals. I feel somewhat comfortable not to diversify at least a portiion into the market. I will look forward to hearinjg what you have to recommend.

Ron May 23, 2018

My wife and I are 74, retired, have brokerage accts. and are concerned if the bottom drops out of the market, our income and assets will be hurt. We are encouraged by the employment and growth numbers, but if the Democrats get control of Congress they will raise taxes & sink the economy.

William Fountain May 23, 2018

With the current political environment I am really uncertain about too many investments in the market. You can never estimate the market’s reaction to a big event. I would also examine “safe” investments.

Kenneth Higginbotham May 23, 2018

Hi Martin,
I am concerned that the average person has not seen a reasonable increase in pay and is over extended on loans. We do need more immigrants, but mainly those willing and able to maintain themselves and also assimilate into this nation. Too many are coming here to be supported. What about changing the laws to encourage those from Europe who represent the majority of our populous. Keep those who are educated and allow they to contribute to the Nation’s prosperity. They also will enjoy a better life. Do not force them to leave. Make sure that those who work have a better life than those on the take.
War, this is a problem. China is stealing our technology and moving toward war. Russia is also a problem. North Korea and Iran are bad actors who need to be corrected.
Too many give aways and not enough taxes to support the government. Corruption in Washington with no one in Congress acting in the best interest of the average man in the Nation. Term Limits – 12 years and OUT !
The current generation was brought up by those spoiled in the 1960’s. The kids do not want to work for what they want and need. The Nation needs to remember “GOD” and we are a Christian Nation with all others who want to live in peace and assimilate are welcome.
If China is steeling our technology, which they are, why invest in that country ? Invest with a conscience.
Watch out for the destruction of the dollar. Do not allow or be forced to use a digital currency which will steal our freedom.

Rex reply_all Kenneth Higginbotham May 23, 2018

Term limits do nothing when all candidates are dishonest and/or idiots. I don’t know of any way of enforcing wisdom.

jon Gibbs May 23, 2018

Give me directions and where to invest without having to spend a couple of them

Gary Chapman May 23, 2018

I am 71 years old and have $300,000 in the stock market and my house is paid off.
What should I do?
Thank you Martin.

John Addison Ricks May 23, 2018

15 or 20 years ago I lost about $1500 buying and selling options. I am all set to try them again. I am going to try Jon Markman’s recommendations for a year and see how I do. I don’t have much faith in Trump’s ability to manage the economy in the interest of everyone else. He seems to be leading in just his own interest.

Peter De Wit May 23, 2018

Since the overall stock market is now in a down-trend (excepting only the few super-stocks funded by the Fed), a good service to provide now would be a list of stocks to short (or, with puts or ETFs). This would include MOST stocks today, and would help your subscribers to maintain their wealth. (At a very low cost, of course). This would also be a very safe strategy for the eventual market crash

John Mahler May 23, 2018

I am concerned with the runaway spending by the government. Not handled it will kill our currency. What will be the best ways to set aside for the future that gives the hope of some stability.

Jim O Anderson May 23, 2018

I’m a retired missionary who served in Kenya with WBT from 1986 to 2003. We may have a different view than most Americans. I followed Larry Edelson, but now I’m trying Paul Mampilly. What I fear the most is Donald Trump. One can’t believe what he says, it is all over the map & he contradicts himself too much. And he hasn’t read much history. Prone to repeat previous mistakes.
Excisive debt is going to ruin us, government debt. Blessings, Him

E. R lake reply_all Jim O Anderson May 23, 2018

It is amazing that God put him in as President, how many mistakes do you know of that God has made.

William Plant Ist Battalion Queens Royal Regt (retired to Gozo Malta) May 23, 2018

Hi Martin times sure are changing I was conscripted for national service in1951 aged 18 that tells you I was born before WWII served as occupation forces in B A O R 24 inGermany we were changed from Boys to Men ,ready to serve King and country (GeorgeVI ) the present Queens father, trained to bayonet anything that moved,it seems to me things have gone full circle.I am just hoping that I catch the supposed melt up just so that I can top up my retirement funds maybe with a little Marujana stock or something .Oh I did serve my last year 53/54 inMalaya on active service the same time as Korean conflict was waging in which two conscripts close to me lost their lives there,.It will be good for me to see how far you think Gold can also rise any other advise could also be good God Bless W[lliam

Isabella May 23, 2018

We own a lot of property* in a rural and wonder whether we should hold onto it or try to list it now and invest in something else!
*Edenton, North Carolina. N.E.

Suzanne L. Berry reply_all Isabella May 24, 2018

I am very unhappy with this president. Republicans always get us into a war. Trump thinks that the way to prosperity will be war with Iran. That is an incorrect assumption and we will suffer for it if he succeeds. He is also incorrect about climate change. He has done away with all the regulations that will allow us to have clean water to drink and fresh air to breathe. He is stupid! I have just gone through a year that was like none other that I have experienced. In winter, temperatures were 50 degree one day and below zero the next. This is very bad for our trees and animals that have to live outside. We had very little rain in April. Now May is almost over and we have had one decent rain, which saved most of the trees, which hadn’t even leafed out yet. It is still May, and we are having 90 degree weather! I got an early start on decorating graves this year because I have taken over decorating for all the people in my family that have died. So I have many graves to attend to. I got so hot that my face was totally red and I was drenched in sweat. I had to come back to the house and use a cold washcloth on my face and neck, repeatedly. When my face finally became normal, I went back out and did more decorating. It was a little cooler, so I stayed out for 2 more hours. When I came home I was again drenched in sweat. This is not normal weather, and it I being caused by the unrestricted use of fossil fuels. We are ruining this planet and the big boys, (rich people), don’t care. I wish I had enough money to be able to give enough to the Democratic Party, so that we could take over the House and Senate, and win the Presidential election, so we could stop Climate Change. But that will never happen. I am never going to become wealthy and you can’t help me do it because I am 74 years old and I spend more every month than I bring in. I use Raymond James services for investing, and my Raymond James man tells me that I can’t buy ETFs that are 2 or 3 times more or less than normal. Nor am I able to use options. Or buy Canadian stock. I can only do the normal stuff. I still want to be informed by you when the market is going to take a dive, but I’m not able to do anything but get out of it. I’m too old and not good enough with the computer to be able to use a computer program like Ameritrade. So I just have to muddle along, doing the best I can. But I do want to be alerted in plenty of time to get out of the market before it goes down significantly and doesn’t come back up. That is the main thing that you could do for me. And don’t just alert me once. I don’t always check my email. So I need to be warned repeatedly in no uncertain terms. If you can do that, then I will feel that my money has been well spent. Thank you.

Maria Maher May 23, 2018

Martin, I don’t think people really are conscious about what REALITY really is. If we had more FAITH outside of ourselves that is truly REAL, and by REAL, I mean the reality that GOD loves each and every one of us immeasurably, that we are precious to HIM, that each one of us is unrepeatable, good and full of great dignity. This revelation, that God is our Father, loves us tremendously, has ALL of us in the huge palms of his ALMIGHTY hands…If we truly believed this, and let go of all of our collective FEARS, WOW, WOW, WOW…the world would be a tremendous place. And I’m just talking about some of us – doesn’t have to be all of us…But the some of us that are called to lead the weak, well, we’d better get a move on. We are all going to die sometime, let’s get to it and live positive, intentional lives, making the lives of our families and of others better. Not just better, but GREAT! And really, it has nothing to do with amassing huge amounts of money. There is more at stake here than money. Our eternal souls are at stake here. The souls of our loved ones, the souls of many innocent ones who need our leadership. Let’s live holy lives, worthy lives, positive, trusting, faith filled lives !! Those who are strong, let’s be grateful to Almighty and Great God for our Blessings, Thank Him and live our lives out by thanking Him and Loving others. Let’s go do it!! Bravo, Brava!!

eugene rodammer May 23, 2018

I have the bulk of my IRA in dividend paying stocks and a few REITS. The dividends are great, but how long can it last. I average from 7-8%. I use Nuveen and John Hancock mutual funds. How safe are they?

Eustace Lake May 23, 2018

Age is a very good measuring stick, and some of us have seen a lot. If you are a Christian and have studied the old Testament we know there is nothing new under the sun.
If you believe in God or not this is all to end just the way he has it planned. Been that way for years and we are not going to have much to say about it.
Yes we can guess and wish, but my advice is set back and enjoy the trip. Listening to that little voice we sometimes hear and it just might give us an edge. Using the Weiss research is the next best thing.
I have really enjoyed the ride with the ups and downs. I guess it is how you we look at things.
My advise is just do your best and don’t worry about the things.

Suzanne L. Berry reply_all Eustace Lake May 24, 2018

I wanted to tell Isabella that she should Hang Onto That Property. Remember, in Gone With the Wind, Scarlet’s father told her that the land was the most important thing because it was the only thing that would last! Smart man.

Cheryll May 23, 2018

We are building our brokerage account balances in preparation for retirement in a couple of years at age of mid 70’s. Now, I need to know where to move these assets so that they will continue to grow, but be very much protected from loss. We will need income from this portfolio as well. Currently we are 30%- heavily in cash and only 8.5% in core domestic bonds due to the uncertainty and rising interest rates. What asset allocation or placement are you recommending for our situation now and for the next few years. What should we be avoiding?

Tom Mullinax May 23, 2018

Im 66 years old. House and cars paid off. Very little cash in IRAs, about $180,000. Question, with what looks like another recession coming, where is the best place to park that cash?

Frank Schwartz May 23, 2018


How do you feel about this alarming new environment?

I am befuddled, never seen anything like it, do not understand how it has not collapsed under its own weight by now. I do not understand well enough to be comfortable plotting a strategy; so, I proceed very carefully and am holding a lot of cash. Even w/ the allegedly low inflation (price changes, not true definition which is a increase in the money supply that we clearly have)I may be losing purchasing power – still better than investing into a market that could, according to some respected sources, drop 20% or more any minute now.

What worries you most right now?

I am most concerned about the international and domestic rising tensions, discordance, and share class and political hatred that could lead to war, or worse, civil war, either of which could destroy so much infrastructure and productive capacity as to leave the nation impoverished for a long time.

What are your greatest wealth-building challenges today? How can my team and I best help you?

Good questions: See above. Sorry to say that w/o some measure of stability and orderliness in the market and world, I cannot even suggest an answer.

Lawrence Taylor May 23, 2018

I feel good about my financial position. We are going to reap the consequences of easy money ( since we abandoned honest money). I plan to protect my corporate pension by using inverse ETFs when the bear market begins and mostly cash equivalents US treasuries FDIC accounts and Savings Bonds . Over a years expenses in safe cash. One fear is whether inverse ETFs will blow up. To me they are a black box. Can you tell us the safest inverse ETFs.

MILDRED E Wood May 23, 2018

You forecasted that the market would rise to 30000 then drop causing a collapsed in the economy and a depression the likes we have never seen. Do you still see that happening and if so what time frame? Thank you.

JN May 23, 2018

I do believe the geostrategic situation is at a very interesting fulcrum. The middle east is a worry with the potential clash of former superpower foes. The conflict between Israel and Iran is getting more direct by the day. That said, it does appear that Iran may have overstretched. And if the new sanctions are applied quickly it may have no choice but to recede some of its expansion. Hamas made a strategic error with the Great March of Return. It fizzled faster than anyone would have predicted. So now what? The Gaza population are likely to start turning on them in earnest. That could end up well if they are deposed quickly, or badly if it forces them to start lobbing missiles at Israel again in desperation. Ditto Iran, the uprisings are real, but for now contained. But if they get more threatening to the Mullahs, they probably increase their confrontation with the West. The situation in North Korea, again, can tilt to the good, or to the bad very quickly. So if any of the aforementioned potential conflagrations erupt, while there will be swift market reactions, they will be very temporary absent a chance in the real economy. Even as we saw recently, while the market got way over extended in January, the brief correction coupled with huge earnings gains got valuation metrics into more reasonable historic ranges very quickly and then the market stopped falling and may have broken to the upside in the past week or so. The real big question is how long does this strong economic growth, especially in the U.S., last? Obviously if we see signs that the economic recovery finally is turning over, THAT will signal the start of a major down turn in stocks. The biggest help I could get from anyone, are alerts to those nascent signs appearing.

Sandra Gaskill May 23, 2018

I am in the process of moving after 30 years in this home. I am too busy to be concerned about anything else right now except getting repairs, packing moveing to another home, unpacking, etc. Investing is on hold.

Jolanda May 23, 2018

I am not a Usa citizen so trump is not my president. I feel it has no use to worry about things that might or might not happen. Don’t live in fear! The fact that you were born in a first world country is already like winning the lottery.

I know that crypto will make me financial independence. My goal is summer 2020. Then I will quit my day job and will be a volunteer in helping to protect animals en children.

Life is beautiful!

Weldon Day May 23, 2018

We have warning signs everyday about the current period of uncertain actions to take. This is the same type of picture of like periods. I like ideas of actions to take for a rising interest environment and an “exhausted Federal Reserve”. No more bailouts on this ticket. Anyone–put your ideas on the table so that we can make a review. Is it emerging markets, industrials, reits, banking. utilities. OR cash for a period of time?

Allan May 23, 2018

The creation of the Fed was the biggest fraud of all time. The Federal Reserve conspiracy involved JP Morgan, Paul Warburg, John D Rockefeller and others.

Money is manufactured, created by a private group of bankers who formed a cartel in Jekyll Island in 1910 to create, control and manipulate the money supply. They’ve taken a huge slice of every transaction that has ever happened, globally with no competition. Most of our purchasing power has been consumed by this banking cabal.

They’re not content with what they have though. They pretty much want it all. They want us totally subservient as their slaves under a fascistic totallitarian one world government. With the few insanely wealthy individuals at the top and the rest of us subjugated below them.

How do I feel about it?

The worst thing is knowing this and not being able to do anything about it because most of the population is clueless. They’ve no idea they’ev been scammed.

Kevin Price May 23, 2018

The market is overdue a major drop in stock shares. Companies have been on a major buyback of there own stocks with borrowed money themselves to inflate there own price of that very stock. Meanwhile, most investors seemed to forget the ceos’ and presidents of these companies have stock options and often have millions of shares themselves that they may have used to get the stock a few dollars a share, and then sold them back to the company for a 20 to 1 mark up, or more. Large corporations continue to cut hundreds an thousand of full time employees jobs,even when these companies are having record sales/profits.
Look at all the Wal-Mart’s closing last year. Wake up,when is the last time this happened in there company’s history?(Never).

Robert Montgmery May 23, 2018

ppreceate your efforts

James Nuernberg May 23, 2018

Public and private debt is way too high. Domestic & foreign.

When times are good, ie 2000 and 2017 our government makes big tax cuts instead of reducing the debt. When times are tough, ie 2008 we spend more. Some say we need to spend more and more money on defense primarily using fear tactics. Others say that we need to spend more on domestic needs such as health care, education, etc. In the end we “compromise” by spending on both and neither side wants to pay for it. So we borrow from Japan & China among many others, which makes our financial stability dependent on those countries rolling the debt and buy more. Unsustainable. Classic grasshopper and ant story line.

The same is true about our personal finances. We barrow thru our credit cards, etc raking up huge debt. Credit card debt. Student load debt (at least this is intended as an investment in future earnings). Auto debt. You name it.

solyluna reply_all James Nuernberg May 23, 2018

Your comments sum up the present situation perfectly. We need political leadership that will aim to reduce debt not spend more money. I am willing to pay more taxes IF THE EXTRA TAX RECEIPTS ARE USED TO PAY OFF THE NATIONAL DEBT

Konstantin May 23, 2018

Thank you for what you have done already. What I (and some of us from outside the States) really need is education and enlightenment in financial matters. I do not have a lot of money but look forward to invest what I can in the diversity options known to you. Money gives freedom and I look for a freedom from the poverty of my country. In particular it would be great to have some special explanation who to start investing in the globe being out of the developed countries, how and where to open a brokering account, which shares/other financial instruments to buy etc. Thank you again and go-ahead, continue what you are doing.

Roland Hublou May 23, 2018

Keep. Doing just what you and your Dad have always done___with honestyl and creidibility. Backed up with data….

Richard May 23, 2018

With lots of uncertainty and a divisive political arena, what and who can you count on anymore? Is it a bright future or a dark future and how do you protect your retirement savings, let alone grow it.

I am getting ready to semi-retire and need protection along with some growth. Everybody is an expert and all are trying to sell you something including Weiss. Who can you trust anymore and what’s been peddled is not cheap! So you pay big dollars and have no guarantees of making a dime.

Dennis Jenkinson reply_all Richard May 23, 2018

Snap Richard. I have spent a fortune trying to get some assistance but you pay and invariably receive useless information. Our currency is 12.5 to the $ so most of the money I have coughed up could have been used to invest.

Aubyn Freed May 23, 2018

As a senior in his 90’s, I’m still interested in “long-term” growth for my heirs, but preservation of value and purchasing power are more immediate concerns. Growth in value can help in coping with inflation and other government-based shenanigans involving the money supply and personal tax policy.

JL May 23, 2018

Stocks are a scary (and damning) right now. Forget politics-it is what it is. Been there-Clinton-Bush-Obama-Trump, done that. How can we bypass politics though and make some-at least some half-ass safe money. If not, go gold/silver all out?

Henry May 23, 2018

The wheels are coming off the buses of worldwide governments’ desperate efforts to avert a global economic catastrophe – a catastrophe created and nurtured by these same governments’ policies. As usual, the peoples of the world are the ones to suffer due to governments’ insane and counterproductive economic policies. Who knows what will trigger recognition of a worldwide depression, (which, according to my research, is already here)? A shooting war somewhere – currency wars result in trade wars which result in shooting wars; government clampdowns and killing of their own citizens as in Venezuela and Nicaragua; or any of a number of ‘Black Swan’ events.

Dennis D. Holmquist May 23, 2018

I think it is outrageous to believe that this can continue into the next several years, but I thought that 2 years ago also, and look what we have today! I am interested to hear your perspective on what you think the next 6 – 12 – 18 months likely will bring.

Dan Layman May 23, 2018

Fear of stock market crashing and losing our retirement funds. I need to know how to invest in such a way as to be safe and yet have enough return on my investments to keep up with or even surpass the rate of inflation. And I need to learn how to know when to sell. Thank you!

David Bellamy May 23, 2018

I am retired; my annual retirement income, including Social Security, is about $175K. I am 74 years old. I annuitized about two million dollars from my TIAA retirement account. My only serious worry is inflation. I used the TIAA graded annuity method, but the inflation protection is minimal. I have less than $20K left in the 403-b. My wife and I own our house outright, and another house that I lived in for about 20 years has a mortgage that will be paid off in about four years. I have a large amount of credit card debt.

Is paying off loans to improve my overall cash flow the best approach to coping with inflation? I have always had a visceral fear of being, say, 110 years old and destitute. This is why I chose lifetime annuities with guaranteed periods. But if inflation for the next 35 years is comparable with the last 35, the income will be much less satisfactory.

David Bellamy reply_all David Bellamy May 23, 2018

Someone mentioned this above. Please provide information as text. I really do not like watching videos!

Mark Anderson May 23, 2018

My wife and I have saved and invested carefully, with several different advisors with different approaches.
And here we are approaching age 70, later this summer, about to start Social Security benefits, and me dialing
back on activity (and income) in my own business.

I’ve led the way, as my wife has preferred to follow my guidance, rather than immerse herself in the world of investing.
This of course, puts a lot of weight on my judgment. There are lots of people in similar financial circumstances. What’s
your read on the US economy’s and the markets’ (and those of the world) ability to right itself if there should be massive
disruption in markets, currencies, multinational debt?

Bob Dempsey May 23, 2018

I want to tell someone like Casey what I think!! In late summer the Dark Street and heir cronies on a Friday after the market closes will sell their high profit investments round the world and come Monday in the US there will begin the economic disaster. The resulting propaganda will swing the Nov election to the democrates and the secret combinations. The average family will once again be the losers!!
I have cashed in all my cryptos and stocks and now I am subject to taxes and banking manipulatiions. So now what do I do other than wait. You can see I am convinced and I have put my money where my mouth is.

Joe Bruzga May 23, 2018


I’ve been riding the crest of a strong market for several years now and have come to rely on the appreciation and dividends it’s generated to maintain our lifestyle. I’m worried that I won’t have time to reposition my portfolio before the bear comes charging in and I will lose a substantial amount of my financial assets.

robert c wilson May 23, 2018


James Vierbicher May 23, 2018

If the market “crashes” as is projected by many, and if we then enter an extended period of “crossing the desert”, again as suggested by some, how do I make my portfolio last, particularly if I have a major medical event? I am 78 with what many would suggest is an adequate nest egg, but only with SS as a back up.

Beth Silvercloud-Severance May 23, 2018

I filter EVERY stock, from all the diverse letters under the Agora umbrella, thru’ Weiss RATINGS!! Kept my nose above water even w/ the 3 DROPS this quarter and double digit gains most every day before and since!!

At 81, I wonder if it makes sense to YOU to stay w/ these thru’ the 50%+ drop, since most of them will survive and use my cash reserve to buy ala Sir John Templeton then???

Carol May 23, 2018

My greatest worry is that unprincipled Democrats might not be replaced. My greatest confidence is that Republicans who are not Rinos are going to sweep to victory all across America.

J. Mike Flinn May 23, 2018

My concerns:
1 .The lack of Integrity in almost all professions, companies our courts, and branches of government.
2. The lack of the basic understanding of Debt.
3. The breakdown of family formations.

Wilfred C Pumpelly May 23, 2018

I am 80 but still working. Not sure when I will retire but afraid to do anything right now. What would you recommend for someone in my position?

Larry Appel May 23, 2018

I’m focused on commodities, especially gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. While I think there is some merit in developing technology, I’m not heavily interested in that arena. I do not sweat political events or volatility. I do care about capital preservation and reasonable growth in stocks with an outlook of 3-5 years when I’ll be looking at retirement.

Orion Carlson May 23, 2018

I am very upset the way our gov. thinks they can borrow and spent themselves into prosperity, I just spent most of my savings on hospital and medical expenses on my wife’s dying of cancer. I really cannot make any investments at this time. Thank you for all of your good articles. Orion Carlson

Dr. James Gilbertson May 23, 2018

Debt and debt management worldwide is the big problem in my opinion and holding cash and hard assets, including gold and silver, is the only path to the protection of wealth.

solyluna reply_all Dr. James Gilbertson May 23, 2018

Amen Is there any way to prepare for judgement day when debts must be paid , I only see extreme inflation as a practical solution to Extreme debt. Pay off your debts with 10 cent dollars. If land was not so non liquid it might be a solution. Is there
any equity play to prepare for payoff day?

Pam Nickell May 23, 2018

I am older and still working. I swore I would never get into the market again, but here I am and somewhat flying by the seat of my pants. I can buy when I think I am going to get growth. My problem is, I’m never sure when to sell, part or all. I am in the hole on several stocks and would be a big loss. I don’t have that much into the stocks and afraid I’m going to lose it all again.

this is my last chance to try and have enough for a life that could be long and expensive and I don’t want my kids to have that burden.

Things all around the world are so unsettled that I really don’t know what to do to grow my retirement, and hopefully secure my needs.

Gary J Reviczky May 23, 2018

Dear Martin,
I have really struggled with investing over the last 5 years. You probably think I must be stupid but it seems that everything I’ve tried in the end has cost me money to the point that I have about $10,000 less than I did 5 years ago. Just when I think I’ve have it dialed in something comes up and bites me. I guess the issue has been that I’ve been trying to earn more than the normal rates of return because I don’t have a lot saved up for retirement. In hindsight, I would have been better off buying some stoggy old company and taken the 2% dividends. It seems that most of the advertising from newsletters is geared to buying the newsletter but not really helpful with investing because the recommendations are usually 2 to 3 months old. They say buy this stock because it is up 25 % in the last 3 months. I buy it then it goes down and hits my stop loss and I’ve lost 20 or 25%. I’ve figured out that stop losses only work if you have been in a stock for a good long while and you want to lock in your gains. But they don’t help me at all. I’ve tried options trading and got my head handed to me as well. I don’t have time to experiment any longer. What is a fool proof system for making $400 to $500 per week in the market. I’m not looking to be a millionaire but I just want to cover my living costs. With appreciation, Gary J Reviczky

J. VICTOR NALLEY May 23, 2018


Bram Wiersma May 23, 2018

Having a hard time to buying the right stocks.

Gary polsen May 23, 2018

Shifting focus to income generation and safety. Always interested in your team’s thoughts

John May 23, 2018

Worry, I don’t worry about finances, I’m not rich by any means,but as long as I stay within the realms of what I can win or lose, I feel pretty confident, I have been
investing in stocks since 1985 and I don’t put money on the table that I can’t afford to lose, I have used a big brokerage for years and just in the last 3 weeks, I opened a Discount Account where me and the girlfriend can play around with over the counter, penny, and odd lots. I am not out to make a killing, just a little retirement money, I am studying options from all the services that stuff my in box with all sorts of offers, I am not impressed with making the millions they talk about, I’m just facinated with learning options, I’m learning a lot from all the services that stuff my inbox, but I haven’t even placed a trade yet, that’s how careful I am.

Penny peden May 23, 2018

All of the above. 1 what is going t to happen to gold ? 2 what should we do to know we are safe?.3what should we do with what little we have that is safe.?
4 Are the banks safe ? Is the Dollar going down ?
What is the stock market going to do?know one knows what to do ???????????

John May 23, 2018

With all prices manipulated how does one value anything?

Capt William J Sturgeon Jr May 23, 2018

climbing a wall of worry is certainly a good way to dscribe the maket. i believe a full blown crash is due.
Personally i’m investing in Crypto currencies as a pioneer hoping this journey will lead me to a financial
promise land. gave bulk of my inheritance to my adult children with generational skipping to my grandchildren.
now hoping to replace those funds with retirement funds to spend on travel vacations with my wife.

Dennis B May 23, 2018

I want to make the effort to grow or protect my money for a decent retirement, but and new and not sure how to get started. I see so me emails and promotions I don’t know where to jump on board. I like what I read and the people behind the words seem honest and straight about their message.

Chris Huelsnitz May 23, 2018

I see our current world economic system as unsustainable. The million dollar question is how long until major parts of it collapse? The billion dollar question is what replaces it? How do we transition from a world full of government back Central Banks that wage economic war to something gold back, crypto back, or anything that can be sustainable? I know that transition won’t be smooth, so don’t sugar coat it.

William Deckman May 23, 2018

Interest rates changing direction

RONALD HUND May 23, 2018

Inflation and Government Debt are the greatest destroyers of the future. Instead of Monetary Stability the Fed has an Inflation goal and promotes Inflation. How can this huge Government Debt be handled?

Kelly May 23, 2018

The moral rot that has destroyed our country. Those who believe the propaganda that we are the leader of the world, when we are already bankrupted by future liabilities and immoral behavior. I fear for the survival of the country as we are no longer “United.” At some point all great civilizations erode, and I feel we are well down that road if not beyond the point of no return.

Pierre Sagot May 23, 2018

I feel that we are at a time when many tails are wagging many dogs. With an epochal moral crisis, a thoroughly corrupt mediatic
drumbeat, an historic level of ignorance among the general population, an elitist control freak show, documented convergence of the deep state to T.I.A. (Total Information Awareness), what could possibly go wrong?

Be sure that you have the return of your money down pat, before you try return on it.

As Voltaire’s Candide said, ‘One must cultivate one’s garden.’ My cash does not belong in the marketplace right now, or a very small portion of it, maybe 5-10% under draconian asset management (diversified positions under 5% of portfolio each, with 8%

LARRY May 23, 2018


Wayne May 23, 2018

Are the interest rates for sure about to rise & cause defaults around the globe , as the cost to service that debt goes up?
Is the euro about to go lower driving investment capital to the USA strengthening the USD making stocks & assets more valuable & the DOW hitting highs over
DOW 30,000?

Camel Gun May 23, 2018

We need protection for our hard earned money against inflation, tax and other threats like war.

John A. Jackson May 23, 2018

This is very shaky times with so many glum and dome people projecting bad happening things headed our way. We will see what happens.

Dr Carol Fineblum May 23, 2018

Today and nearly everyday now we received advice from mavens that contradicts the other.

The market will explode soon; the market will explode in 2 years but is bullish now.

This confusion leaves us adrift and doubting the knowledge ad honesty of mavens.
Of course no one has a crystal ball but to claim to and have little basis for prediction shakes our faith.
We live in troublesome times. I know. I lived through the Depression Born in 1926, I witnessed neighbors eating out of our trash cans. Not a pretty scene.
Repetition? When?

Wayne W Wibby, DDS May 23, 2018

This sure looks interesting to me; however, I will be working. I would hope these commentaries will be available on video. . . I appreciate your sincerity and your
getting to the point. . . WWW

Abe May 23, 2018

What can I do to protect me from my State of NJ Pension failing me down the road??

Mary DeHoff May 23, 2018

Please publish transcripts. I DO NOT watch long videos because they usually end in a pitch of some sort. I want to be able to get information without wasting my time so I want to read it. If you want to do a video, fine! But put in a link to the transcript or I won’t be there. Thanks

peter schubert May 23, 2018

As a member of the “boomers” I am concerned about making my money last. I want low risk and decent return that beats the inflation rate.

Neville Duncan reply_all peter schubert May 23, 2018

I am 73 years of age. I had originally invested in a deferred annuity with profits. The outcome was highly satisfactory. I paid off the mortgage with a portion of the earnings and initially invested through an investment firm in Canadian, USA and Jamaican bonds. Since my retirement I established bee apiaries and sell bottled honey. Most of the investment came from the deferred annuity payment on my retirement. With the launch of the petroyuan aand with my realisation that the gold backing is seriously inadequate and with my view that after 80 years the US dollar will lose its reserve currency status investing globally seems to be a very poor option. I do not wish to ride the US stock market wave until it comes crashing down as I believe will happen. So I am in no man’s land. My local investment is doing well enough but the Jamaican economy will suffer severely. My business will suffer as a consequence. No investment looks good for now. Reading your reports have been of the greatest value. I have used several of you findings on a presentation I made about the impact of the global economy downturn on the Caribean and made suggestions about how these countries should respond. I hope I have been correct in my suggestions.

Constance May 23, 2018

After reading all of these comments and questions, I will be listening to your comments. I will feel better knowing you care enough to call for questions and then to answer those questions to the best of your ability. Thank you

peter reiss May 23, 2018

Miss your Gold Expert who died.

Erik Skov May 23, 2018


We truly live in very dangerous times. I see many end time prophecies being fulfilled. I do believe, as part of those prophecies, America is at great risk. According to biblical texts, they are most likely the scarlet woman. Reference is to the statue of Liberty, it’s actually a goddess by the name of Isthar. The most troublesome part is, America is most likely mystery Babylon. This would cause a major attack by a land to the north, (Russia). If correct, America faces an attack, which would cause devastation to all of it’s people in a day. America’s involvement in the middle east, is a major concern, as they are in the middle between Israel, and Syria, Iran, Turkey and Russia. Russia is well aware, any conflict would cause great losses to them and their allies, so a pre-empty strike at America, would be very likely. To lay waste to America in one day, most likely indicates an attack by EMP weapons. Unfortunately America has not reacted in due time to counteract such a strike. This would have major implication for Wallstreet, which would be un-able to conduct normal trading without electricity. Personally I can not recommend investing in any US stocks at this point in time.

Kanti shah May 23, 2018

thanks for your invitation
.let me join invitation and start new life and new investment if any.

al cataldo May 23, 2018

The fed has and still maintains vigilant control over virtually everything… they’ll buy up bonds to stop sell offs, they’ll pound metals with relentless open sell orders in the paper market, and if the market starts to sell off they’ll come in with their plunge protection team. Unfortunately its’ all up to the central bankers how they play the game. Everything else is noise.

Nola May 23, 2018

We have a an uninformed, impulsive, wavering ,lying., leader, who wants to take us back to the good old days of no climate control, no restrains on industry or banks etc where the rich get restrictions removed and greed prevails. Not renewing with Europe the Iran deal, Nafta under heavy fire not reform, potential trade issues and tariffs all worry me. Not dealing with sensible gun laws worry me. Young people want to home school now but can not as both parents need to work. A broken congress worries me. Too much money and lobbyists in politics worry’s me. Corrupt use in government worries me.

E. R lake reply_all Nola May 23, 2018

You just need to quit worrying God is in control, just set back and enjoy what you have.worrying will do nothing for you.

S Martin Reid May 23, 2018

Hey Martin:
I am Very concerned over all the saber rattling, the continued tension in the middle east, the polarization of individuals, groups and organizations, my retirement funds and the future of my children and grandchildren…

Vic May 23, 2018

I have a question. I want to know specifically, in the event of global economic crash which seems imminent, will CRYPTOCURRENCY investments be a safe haven or even an advantage for investors? How is this likely to play out practically?

Suzanne L. Berry reply_all Vic May 24, 2018

Crypto-currencies, or as I prefer to call them Crappy Currencies, will do nothing but cause the U.S. dollar to no longer be considered the reserve currency of the world. They will destroy the U.S. dollar and our country along with it. I can hardly believe that certain institutions are giving use of these things credence. This is the epitome of very dangerous foolishness. I do not understand it.

Dick Torre May 23, 2018

Liquidated a low 7 rental property in the past 60 days. Ditto, a similarly sized stock portfolio in the same time period. Sitting today totally in cash, CD’s at credit unions.
There are cases where Double D’s are desirable, but not debt and waning demographics in the finance world.
Would love to be disabused of this notion since it is boring.
Think there is a 30 year bond play emerging as I expect deflation and a rate trend reversal are in our 12-18 month future. Firmly believe inflation was yesterday’s war and the current rate spiral will not sustain. Any thoughts?

Joaquin Jimenez May 23, 2018

Many things keep me worried about to sum up in just a few lines…But is great that someone get out from bussiness for a while and ask to people for…Thank you and good luck for you !

Richard May 23, 2018

I am 67 and retiring this year. I am debt free on my farm/residence and all other items except a vacation home that I will owe $80,000 on the mortgage. I have a good pension on which my wife and I can live along with social security. I have about $400,000 of non-land investments. I will need about $100,000 for the mortgage payoff and a new vehicle in the next 24 months. I am normally about 80% invested in stocks and 20% in metals. But, given my age, and the market uncertainty, I have moved to about 53%cash, 20% stocks, 7% bonds, and 20% metals. With the strong economy I worry if this is to conservative of a portfolio. Should I alter it for the short term? intermediate term?

carolyn taylor May 23, 2018

We are worried about the tremendous debt of the government and students and everyone.
Also our schools are not teaching enough of the basics and are becoming way too liberal. We wirked hard all our lives and saved and invested and we don’t want to lose our investments.

Larry Marvin May 23, 2018

Will the G-20 nations clamp down on cryptocurrencies and move to national crypto, e.g., Fedcoin for the US?

Felix May 23, 2018

Interesting read so far, this blog…
A lot of americocentric views. Some already talk of war….
For me as a European the main question is: What are the USA going to destroy in the world when they start to realize that they are drowning in their debt? This is where the fear of the future comes from….

Clayton May 23, 2018

What is SAFE? Besides physical precious metals and treasury bills only money market funds? What else?

Patricia May 23, 2018

How to invest wisely in a time of economic uncertainty?

Kevin Foster May 23, 2018

I would like to know if the forecasts made by Larry Edelson, Sean Broderick and yourself regarding the K Wave in relation to Japan, Europe and then the USA are still valid. Do you still see the devastation previously talked about. Many thanks.

henry c joselson May 23, 2018

Trump, interest rates.

Aram Beloian May 23, 2018

The federal debt of $21trillion. As the Federal Reserve increases interest rates to damp down inflation, while it is concurrently printing money to sustain the Treasury in more borrowing and an increased volume of dollars as interest, how will this affect future consumer confidence, the stock market, and the dollar as
the basis of world-wide trade transactions/international currency, as well as our ability to wage war?

Leslie Howard Gargan reply_all Aram Beloian May 23, 2018

Forget “future consumer confidence,” Aram. We face a far more serious problem, which is apparent to anyone who has noticed a five fold increase in a martini and dinner since 1999; and the price of a 2-br house in California, in the same time frame, rose from 89 thousand and change, to 1.7 million dollars. The dollar is no longer worth the paper it’s printed on. We are in the early-to-mid stages of a financial meltdown that is a mirror image of Germany in the early 1930’s, when it took a wheelbarrow of deutschmarks to buy a loaf of bread. But along came a guy who promised to make Germany “Great Again,” and the problem was solved.

Tim May 23, 2018

The market will rise and the market will fall… that I can GUARANTEE .
I don’t know exactly WHEN it will…. that is why I subscribed to Larry’s work.
He could tell awhile ahead before it did, so he could tell what to do.
Who is using his models now?
How do I get that information now?

G.G. NEAL May 23, 2018

How do I get your information ?? Email ? web site?

Floyd Wiseman May 23, 2018

I’m most concerned about the decline in moral leadership. Fortunately, Trump has brought this to a temporary halt as we were truly at the edge of the abyss of losing the democratic Republic we have enjoyed for 2 centuries plus. The capitalistic economy undergirding the U S was in great danger of being destroyed. My concern is that we reinforce that which has been saved and our investments should reflect that. There are investments of enduring value and those investments should be our primary focus.

Penelope May 23, 2018

Years of cautious investing suddenly feels far more speculative and aggressive that I can afford to be now. In my later 70’s, a widow with enough health issues that going back to work is not even an option I am concerned about protecting my nest egg. It is what I have to live the rest of my life and, I hope, to leave a little to my grandchildren who will have to live in the mess ahead. So I wonder if I should, in fact, even be invested in equities at all any longer? I cannot do anything about the madness that exists in D.C., the fact that we are awash in guns, hunted by crazies and terrorists, and as divided internally more seriously than at any time since 1860. Consequently, I hope like many others that you can advise me as a retiree what I CAN do now to preserve what I have and and will need to last for a likely remaining lifespan of only a few years.

Rick Scholl May 23, 2018

Worried about war. Russia and Sweden have both warned their citizens to prepare for war. I don’t know if that will be war with the Russians or war with North Korea or both, or China?? I pray none of the above. We don’t need any more wars. And certainly not Nuclear War.

Worried about Trumps deportation of immigrants since many are hard working friends of mine.

Worried about the economy and our huge debt load and what will happen if they stop using US Currency as the worlds standard for trading.

Since I am only a few years away from retirement I worry that the government will seize my 401K to pay for their debts. And if Social Security and Medicare get destroyed to pay for their giveaway to the rich what will become of people like me that worked all their life looking forward to a relaxing retirement.

I worry that our Congress has become useless, our Supreme Court is tilting too far to one side, and our dangerous President is off the walls NUTS.

I worry that with a hard right Congress and a President that has no common sense that we are moving toward a society where the super rich have all the money and the rest of us become slaves – I see us moving quickly in that direction. Wealth inequality was bad before and now we have this latest tax scam to give money to the rich that we can’t afford. Did I work all my life to become a slave to a rich republican?

Rick Scholl reply_all Rick Scholl May 23, 2018

And since you are rich and possibly Republican can I trust you to give me the truth.

Bernd May 23, 2018

The Euro zone is under fire. I think we europeans should transfer our wealth to the US. But the US seems in trouble as well ?

Ed May 23, 2018

My main concern is keeping the money I have, and earning some return.

Gus Olson May 23, 2018

Given the war on savings, where the HECK can we safely store wealth. Continuing with large amounts of cash seems dangerous in the mid to long term. Assuming one has sufficient real estate, gold, and silver. Where do we go from here? I feel the current stock market is in for a tumble.

Sigmund Latarski May 23, 2018

At this point in time, Just wondering how this uncertainty will last?

JOE MITCHELL May 23, 2018


Steven Hougland May 23, 2018

There is nothing you can do to help me or my financial picture. The past threer presidents Bush Clinton, and Obama have already destroyed me financialy.
They had the Justice Dept. , the FBI and the NSA monitor my every move. I have had every possible source of income shut off by my social security check which they could not do because that would be too obvious. Personaly I think you knew about it all along. Had some fun with it even. Received free endorsements, it was good for your business.

Julius May 23, 2018

Stocks are over valued, real estate needs large amounts of capital outlay, marijuana and block chain options are at best a roll of the dice. Is gold the best bet? It appears staying with rental income may just be the way to go to maintain a steady stream of monthly revenue with the right number of strategic properties.

Jim Soudriette May 23, 2018

I see the economy going sideways or worse. so do others
If we all “jump into the same shelter” I do not see an economy who can carry us

As to politics: another time far more theory and conversation BUT significant change could be impacting us very soon
I am uncomfortable with some elements of our culture that are slipping away others certainly are questionable

In myu case I am a senior, senior and could leave any tome

Cliff Zalay May 23, 2018

I look forward to seeing your video next week Martin.

John Hooft May 23, 2018

I have subscribtions super wealth cycle to name one so I should do pretty good according to your add

Gale Wolsfeld May 23, 2018

I am worried about when the market is going to crash and whether to sell most of what I have soon- we are retired. Also what to do to prepare for “ when the ATMs go dark” !!!!

Clinton Carlisle May 23, 2018

I feel the same as you do, when will the other shoe drop? My goal is to preserve capital and earn at least the amount of mr RMD each year. At my age 78 and retired, I have to be conservative. No income beyond SS, military pension and Savings in self directed IRA. Currently invested in cash, short and intermediate investment grade bonds and dividend growth mutual funds, 33% in each category. Total returns are not matching my RMDs at this time.

Michael Mcgee May 23, 2018

I just need to create a little nest egg. Its difficult as I am not in full time employment. When I work its good, but the lean spells seem to be getting longer, which makes it nigh on impossible to invest in your recommendations. But things will turn around, just as long as the housing market doesn’t crash again, its almost 10 yrs. Where does time go, I’m just looking forward to March 19 and we eventually leave the the doomed project called europe. I read your articles regularly, I did well on oil last year, but its just a matter of having the funds as mentioned above. So I don’t really have any specific questions, well apart from; When is the euro going to implode ? Thanks Michael

John Hoppe May 23, 2018

Confusing ideas and advise of how to survive teh next depression

Sam Nicholson May 23, 2018

Martin, To me, It isn’t so much about this “alarming new environment”, but about the lies and deceit that all the Newsletters, Gurus and Advertisers are pushing, just to “Rob” me of my hard earned cash!
I was laid off my job after 15 years service in the Oil Industry but was able to attain retirement with a meager pension check and Health supplement monthly.
I am 76 years old and unable to obtain another job. I have a small IRA that I am trying to invest to supplement my Monthly income and my retirement funds.

I have been subscribing to several financial trading newsletters hoping to find and “Edge”, or someone that can help me obtain wealth quickly and consistently to make me a portfolio that I can relax in retirement with.
Most ALL of them are only advertising “Fronts” that are “Churning-out” more newsletters!
I don’t know who to believe anymore!
I am very frustrated and hesitant to invest in any recommended portfolios that they tout.
Every newsletter seems to push another Newsletter/Guru with a BETTER strategy than what they offered!
My question for you is:
“Why can’t these people/newsletters be required to refrain from pushing other newsletters, and for once putting these “Amazing Strategies/Trading Ideas/Loopholes, into the first/base newsletter that we subscribe too?” (Boarders on Deceptive Advertising, if you ask me!)

It seems every issue, they are touting this new Company, Strategy, Options play, etc., that will produce “oodles” of money, but you have to purchase this other newsletter, or Guru’s Report, or some other nonsense, just to learn what Company it is, or to get the strategy report, etc.!
I’m tired of it!
I hope you are not doing this, or I will disappear off your lists shortly!

Give me some Solid investments that will Build my Wealth!
Don’t promote any other Newsletters/Offers, put the “Amazing” new trade(s) in you base Newsletter!
Give me ways to double, triple, or quadruple my funds, in and out of my IRA!
Show me investments that will earn me a “Monthly Income” to live on!
Last of all, help me avoid/eliminate as much RISK as possible, to protect my funds!

Please excuse my Long comment, but I am hacked-off at all of it!
Sam N.
Pasadena, Texas

Pat May 23, 2018

I am 82 and my husband 85. What is the very best investment for income we can have. Must be safe!

James Krimmel May 23, 2018

I have no over arching concerns. I feel well positioned to weather most likely scenarios.

Gregg LaRock May 23, 2018

The biggest concern to me is that I have very little input as to what choices are available in an Employer 401k plan (Roth or Traditional), and because of that I have to continually look for value and returns elsewhere with after tax income.

Gary Wise May 23, 2018

Is the US Dollar going to remain the world’s reserve currency and for how long do you think?

Diane Young May 23, 2018

I’m looking forward to watching your videos.

Mike May 23, 2018

In the recent past you spoke of the market driving up past 30,000, but to also expect some kind of pull back before that happens. Could you please further elaborate.

William Craig May 23, 2018

The clock is ticking and no one can know when zero hour will arrive, however, I would like to get your take on the
chaos that is starting to happen here in Europe with the situation in Italy. If Italy pulls out of the EU and/or dumps the
Euro, then this might well be the snowflake that starts the avalanch rolling. Or am I over exagerating?

Richard May 23, 2018

Why are the “pundits” ignoring the velocity of money in their prognostications of future inflation?

Peter Warwick May 23, 2018

How long does a banking collapse unfold? What is involved with it? How long will it take to recover? What can we do to help protect ourselves?

Bruce L Wallace May 23, 2018

I am quite concerned about the future of the financial system. That is why I joined Weiss crypto. I am anxious to start trading and make some money, but have not completed the setup.

Richard W. May 23, 2018

I have read so many stories over the last decade” the wolf is at the door”. Your concerns are justified but the timing on all of the warnings have been premature .

Theodore Whittlinger May 23, 2018

1. I keep waiting for individual investors to stop over-reacting to political news. Will it ever happen?

2. I am most worried about interest rates and over-reaction by the Fed.

3. Biggest wealth building challenges are stripping the wheat from the chaff created by the above 2 problems.

4. More analysis on items 1 and 2 which will help me with 3.

thank you

Dave May 23, 2018

I am hanging on with my present investments which are mostly long term benefits in bonds and stocks. I have no extra money to take advantage of shorter term opportunities. Should I abandon some of the long term situations to generate some cash? When the crash comes how do I protect my current investments. Just hold on and pray? I’m in my 80s and don’t have mush time to hang on.

Ed Granahan May 23, 2018

How do I best protect my retirement, as it is my only source of income?

romain chavatte May 23, 2018

Hello Mister Weiss,
Many thanks for the insight you bring us.
What will happen in Western-Europe (Belgium) ?
Seems to me that we are in the same boat,
or is it worse here ?



Henry Bruton May 23, 2018

I think I have enough money to last us until the end. No debt, at least 5 Million net worth. I have professional management of cash assets. Just want to learn about money management. Probable not a good opportunity to gain a new customer. Dave Bruton

John B.Tewksbury May 23, 2018

I am not invested in this market nad I haven’t been for years.

stelle May 23, 2018

Looking forward to the seminar.

George Borst May 23, 2018

In the current situation, every side of every question is convincingly presented.

What I need is evidence that one particular answer is valid, such as your crypto analysis identifying the top five for each week.

Evidence , and resulting opinion is what I need.

Diane P. May 23, 2018

When do you think the official bear market will begin?

Jon May 23, 2018

The market is rising due to unrealistic speculation and NOT an increase in company profitability or value. Inflation is rising as evidenced by rising bond interest rates and national debt continues to rise. How much longer until China and other U.S. debt holders start calling in their investments?

John Siebert May 23, 2018

I would like to know what’s going on with Gold and Oil. I miss the analysis and expertise that Larry used to bring to this service and honestly my investments have been flailing since his passing. I would like as much info/analysis as I can get about all markets and emerging currencies so I can try to see the BIG picture again!

Dan Markle May 23, 2018

As a Christian, I believe we are closer to the End Times than most people believe. Now, how things will come about, or if they will in my life time, I wouldn’t even want to make a comment. But when one looks at what is happening in this world, there is no doubt, there is trouble. So except for some funds in Vanguard and Nuveen, I am pretty much all cash. I just turned 68 and I should have enough to get by on. I must say, when the Democrats were controlling the higher office of the country, I was all cash. But you are right–times are tough. I feel very sorry for the younger generations.
God Bless,
Dan Markle

kerry blasdel May 23, 2018

I have been through 3 economic downturns, and lost much of my assets during those times. I am very aware of the possibility of another large downturn coming. My MAIN concern now, is to not lose what I have worked my entire career to obtain and to prosper with, and mostly, to hold on to. I am heavily invested in commercial real estate.

Dave Hjelt May 23, 2018

I believe many investor/ retirees are very concerned about a big sustained downturn in the markets based on world financial conditions. It would be helpful to list certain stocks and ETFs that can help weather the upcoming storm so big losses are minmized. How about silver and key commodities?

Jeffrey Littell May 23, 2018

I’m only interested in trade instructions and am NOT interested in reading page after page for justifying the trade. My time is precious: 2 minutes maximum per e-mail message. And I NEVER watch videos. Just tell me the trade and move on.

James B. Abney May 23, 2018

I’m just waiting for the bubble to pop. The economy is so unpredictable and in such bad shape we as investors do not know what or how to respond. I recently was fired from my job, of sevens years, for being the best employee I could be. My FAM decided I didn’t fit in with his buddy and decided to devise a plan to erase me from the group. My problem is that I have tried all these services and none of them work like they say, I want an investment service to perform and deliver what they say. Just fed up with all the bullshit.

not interested May 23, 2018

not interested

David Gortner May 23, 2018

How do we get rid of the sickest most disgusting president in the history of our country, Donald Trump?

Kerry Craig May 23, 2018

We are on borrowed time, it’s just a matter of time for the other shoe to drop. Long term doesn’t look good, financial stability of the country doesn’t look good, and I am a Republican.

Alan May 23, 2018

1 Little we can do as individuals about the position we see the world in now, but throughout history this is very common, life will go on.
2. Whether I get the promotion I have applied for.
3. My requirements to better understand the principals of trading markets interpreting the news and impact that will have on my investments, whether that’s stocks, shares or Crypto.
4. Provide me with the knowledge and tools to better understand news and its impact on financial investments, short and long term.

Richmond Nunn May 23, 2018

Dear Martin: Thanks for reaching out to me. I would like to have some investment guidance on penny stocks ( I can afford some of those). I have a few dollars saved for investments..I was looking to the Lithium, Graphene/Graphite and silver markets. I would like to expand my portfolio but right now I am keeping my $$ in a brokerage account. there are many areas in which I need some guidance..Is there a book Investing for Dummies” ??

gerry quigley May 23, 2018

Hi Martin

I am all in cash at the moment. Back in 2007-8 I bought a number of blue chips and realized 150% on a sizeable amount in relative short time . Since then I have tried a number of Mike s recommendations on and off and other as well only to have broken even. For a while now I am waiting for a bust which is long overdue . Please let me know when to back up the truck again.

jacques May 23, 2018

Martin , I read all your briefings , but I have a cancer and I’m 80 years old, i don’t like to buy anything , but when I have a good day than I pleased me to read your comments , and this of M Armstrong .

Thanks you for your briefings

Raymond May 23, 2018

My biggest concern is not losing my value in my IRA’s and 401K. I just was forced to retire and have only these investments that I can control.

Claire Merrick May 23, 2018

I am worried that my savings are not growing-in fact taking steps back. I worry the stock market is going to crash anytime and I won’t know ahead of time to take my money o